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@12bobbyboucher @mandel17 @emrazz Uhhhh...
Wait what?
White dudes, calm DOWN.

"Everyone" doesn't "hate you."

But societally, you're experiencing something new that many other people are used to but you haven't had to deal with.

Let me explain.
">" Means "to be continued"
@12bobbyboucher @mandel17 @emrazz When I, as a Black man, read about a reprehensible crime being committed, at my core, all my brain starts repeating is


@12bobbyboucher @mandel17 @emrazz It's a visceral, illogical fear that strikes me because I know if the perp IS, the media (esp @foxnews, etc), #maga, and even some "good" folks will (or may) ingest that news and think it's the group (Inc me) and not just a person.

@12bobbyboucher @mandel17 @emrazz @FoxNews If you think I'm lying, I refer you to how many times an unarmed Black person has been killed by the same police that can, when the spirit moves them, arrest white AK47 toting mass shooters.

@12bobbyboucher @mandel17 @emrazz @FoxNews Or why Black ppl barbequing, babysitting, or just living in their own apartment get the cops called on them or killed. We are an automatic "threat" because of the way we're portrayed.

And now, for the first time in history, White men are getting the similar
@12bobbyboucher @mandel17 @emrazz @FoxNews And I can tell you from a new lifetime of experience, it F*CKING SUCKS.

I hate that I have to take extra seconds that to play out what a normally innocuous gesture might convey, or have a moment of "oh sh*t" when I see a cop car pull alongside, or how I carry myself in mtgs.
@12bobbyboucher @mandel17 @emrazz @FoxNews Because I, like it or not, am now representing an entire race/gender group. And I know, like it or not, that positive or negative actions don't just reflect on me as an individual but on Black men nationwide from now until the end of time (or until we're all beige)😂
@12bobbyboucher @mandel17 @emrazz @FoxNews White people in this country have done some great 💩.

And White people in this country have done some heinous 💩.

But one thing you've been able to do is get credit for the great 💩, and chalk the heinous 💩 up to individuals (mentally ill, violent, etc)

That's over now.
@12bobbyboucher @mandel17 @emrazz @FoxNews You White folks, as a group, have single-handedly, demographically elected one of the worst, most inept, most soulless human beings alive to the highest office in the land.

You ALL didn't vote for him, but it's literally YOUR vote that's done this. No one else comes close.
@12bobbyboucher @mandel17 @emrazz @FoxNews So your fellow countrymen and women who don't share your pigmentation have now gone from "baseline fear" to regularly, openly, and publicly being called racists, thugs, & worse, verbally assaulted on the street @ a rate that was held in check by decency.

That decency is gone.
@12bobbyboucher @mandel17 @emrazz @FoxNews And, while it may not be YOUR fault as an individual, YOU are now representing an entire group.

It doesn't mean your group is hated any more, per se, but you're now held accountable for your group's actions.

It's not fair.
But it's what youre feeling.🤷
@12bobbyboucher @mandel17 @emrazz @FoxNews So when a mass shooter or #maga bomber hits the headlines, you're hit with that "OH SH*T" feeling and start the odd process of saying


For the first time in history.

It sucks.
Get used to it.
It's not fair.
@12bobbyboucher @mandel17 @emrazz @FoxNews All I can tell you to do from experience is DON'T internalize it (it's toxic and leads to self-hate...or worse), try to set a good/positive example (you're #representing now...yes, that's where that slang comes from) & try to balance the negative ppl see with positive.
@12bobbyboucher @mandel17 @emrazz @FoxNews And For God's sake vote Blue.

Help us fix the 💩 your folks broke 2 years ago.

As long as he's there stoking the flame, there's more bombers, killers, and crazy #maga coming.

Let's all fix this sh*t so we can build a better country together.

@12bobbyboucher @mandel17 @emrazz @FoxNews Oh, PS, if you REALLY want to understand WHY things are sooooo f*cked up racially in America, watch this video.

Get past the "#whiteprivilege" title as I know it triggers a lot of folks.

It's origin of racism & what we can do to end it.


@12bobbyboucher @mandel17 @emrazz @FoxNews And a shorter, funnier version.

It's not White/Minority, its Rich/Poor.


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