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(THREAD) #Nigeria: In this thread I will be posting all #ISWAP attack claims and everything connected to Nigerian Army's fight against the terrorists in northeastern part of the country. It will be better to have everything in one place. Stay tuned.
Here is part of my work about #ISIS in December. The number of ISWAP attacks reported by their media has doubled compared to November:
The map of #ISWAP control in Borno. The situation has changed since - Baga, Cross Kauwa and Kukawa have been recaptured by Nigerian Army:
A photo release from the attack on Nigerian army in Damasak:
Geolocation of Nigerian Air Force airstrikes near Auno:
Another photo release, this time from area near and in Baga, photos were probably taken in December, but were released on 10/01, after Nigerian Army recaptured the town:
Official #ISIS video release from "Wilayah West Africa" on the same day:
#ISWAP claim about attack in Gajiram on 16/01. I expressed my concern that if the town had been lost, Maiduguri would have been in danger:
18/01: A claim of #ISWAP attacking Nigerian Army in Malam Fatori:
The same day: As part of my ISIS attacks heatmap, I uploaded this map of Lake Chad area:
24/01: #ISWAP claimed attacking Nigerian Army in Geidam, briefly taking control of the town:
Yesterday #ISWAP claimed attacking Nigerian army in Ajiri two days ago. According to the statement, seven Nigerian soldiers were killed, several were wounded. ISWAP also claimed capturing a 4x4 vehicle and some ammunition.
While most reports said the attack happened in Ajiri in Konduga Local Government Area (S of Maiduguri), I got a confirmed info that the attacked settlement is in Dikwa LGA, closer to the border with Cameroon. The correct location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
"The Nigerian Army said it killed at least four Boko Haram insurgents and recovered weapons in a clearance operation on the sect’s suspected hideout along Makinta Meleri in Konduga Local Government Area, Borno state.": guardian.ng/news/army-kill…
The location (makes it seem like the insurgents were from JAS (Shekau faction) rather than ISWAP, but I was unable to confirm it. Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
I also got an information about a JAS attack on Banki IDP camp last night. Nigerian and Cameroonian soldiers repelled the assault. According to the info there were no injuries among soldiers and civilians. Location of Banki: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
I looked through all claimed ISWAP attacks in that period (27/10-24/01) and the numbers are: at least 198 soldiers killed, at least 22 wounded, 11 captured, 7 tanks captured, 8 destroyed, 1 damaged, 26 vehicles captured, 16 destroyed, 1 damaged.
Also at least 4 military barracks burned, 1 Howitzer captured, 1 APC destroyed and 2 BMP destroyed. Detailed list: pastebin.com/kjRprU1c
198 isn't 280, but in many attacks "several" soldiers were claimed killed (phrase ISIS uses when they don't know real number of killed).
ISWAP also claimed killing 140 soldiers in 5 days of Baga offensive, so total number could be even higher than claimed there. In my opinion it would be impossible to confirm 200 killed soldiers via official sources. However, ISIS is known for inflating the casualty count.
#ISWAP claims killing 30 Nigerian soldiers in an attack yesterday in Logomani, Ngala LGA. Info I received this morning was the attack was repelled by Nigerian Army.
Short info about Logomani - the town is on the road from Maiduguri to Gamboru and the border with Cameroon. Both ISWAP and Shekau's faction (JAS) are said to be operating in that area.
In fact, ISWAP claimed the attack in Logomani recently - on 23/12 they said they killed 5 Nigerian soldiers in the assault.
Air Force ‘destroys’ terrorists’ hideout in Borno town: premiumtimesng.com/regional/nnort… I couldn't find the reported "Kaicungul" village, about 100 km northwest of Monguno. It's probably in one of those LGA's: Guzamala, Mobbar, Abadam. Will post it if found.
"Many civilians were feared killed and dozens missing after Boko Haram insurgents attacked Ran of Kala-Balge Local Government Area of Borno State yesterday": dailytrust.com.ng/many-soldiers-…
Info I received from the locals confirms what is in the article: Nigerian Army withdrew from Rann on Sunday, about 40% of the population fled towards Cameroon and crossed the border. Those who remained were attacked yesterday, up to 60 killed, many abducted and buildings burned.
Currently JAS (Shekau faction) is said to be in control of Rann.
In September, "the Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Tukur Buratai, on Tuesday restated that the Boko Haram terrorists had been “highly degraded”[...]." How bad does it look now. Currently I'd probably not trust him if he told me 2 plus 2 was 4.
#Update: Nigerian Army entered Rann, JAS probably withdrew some time ago.
#Nigeria: "The Air Task Force (ATF) of Operation LAFIYA DOLE has destroyed another terrorists’ hideout at Limberi." Similarly named village, "Limbori" is shown in OSM in that area("92 km NW of Monguno"), likely the same. Location: bit.ly/2Bk8dsz
The #Nigeria n air force’s air task force (ATF) of operation Lafiya Dole has raided and destroyed #BokoHaram’s logistics base in #Sambisa forest, #Borno state.

#Nigeria: #ISWAP claims killing 15 and capturing 2 Nigerian soldiers in an attack in Dikwa, #Borno State.

The ISWAP attacks seem to have its target changed, recently they have attacked a number of positions near Maiduguri-Gamboru road.
The local info I got is yesterday evening the Nigerian Army convoy was attacked 2 kilometers from Dikwa. Can't confirm if it's about the same attack as no date was given in the statement.
#Nigeria: Suspected Members of dreaded #BokoHaram sect on Friday morning laid ambush and abducted unspecified number of passengers along Damaturu-Buni Yadi-Biu road.
Buni Gari, attacked in recent weeks by #ISWAP, is on this road: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…

#Nigeria n Army denies reports mentioned in the previous tweet, says no passengers were abducted: m.facebook.com/story.php?stor…
#Nigeria: "Group dismisses report of #BokoHaram attack in #Rann"
"A civil society group, Save Humanity Advocacy Centre has accused Amnesty International of spawning fake news."

Wait, what? I talked to a person who was near Rann and saw the terror there. People had to hide in order to survive. Everything I heard from that person was confirmed by @AmnestyNigeria. It's not fake news.
That group is so delusional, it suddenly became Iraqi Army circa 2014.
Pardon my French, but what the massive fuck...
"Contrary to AI's claims, at no point of the assessment, was any report of the killing of 60 civilians made either by the civilians themselves [...] or by the members of the Joint Task Force"
#ISWAP claims killing 3 Nigerian soldiers and destroying a vehicle in an IED attack on Marte-Dikwa road, #Borno State.
Location of the road: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
#ISWAP claims destroying 3 Nigerian Army tanks yesterday near "Mile Four". If I'm not mistaken, it's the same base near Baga, where a video for #Amaq was filmed.
Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
#BokoHaram kill six in southeast Niger. "“Six people were killed on Friday night by Boko Haram at Bague Djaradi,” a village in Toumour commune, the official told AFP, adding the assailants were on foot."
Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
#ISWAP claims a yesterday's attack on Nigerian Army positions in Malam Fatori, killing and wounding several soldiers.
It's probably this attack. If in #ISWAP terminology "several soldiers killed/wounded" means "we had to withdraw because Nigerian Army repelled our assault", then I'm ok with it.
And photo of dead #ISWAP members, killed in Malam Fatori
"The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) yesterday said the Air Task Force (ATF) of Operation Lafiya Dole has destroyed an Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP) logistics base near Arge in the northern part of Borno State."
Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Some worrisome news from #Adamawa State, as #BokoHaram (presumably Shekau faction) has atttacked Michika.
Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Sahara Reporters says five towns were captured by #BokoHaram - Madagali: bit.ly/2S9dXzK Shuwa: bit.ly/2TuIkNC Michika (location in previous tweet) Gulak: bit.ly/2MNQspS Baza: bit.ly/2RFWJ7M
I've seen some tweets saying the Nigerian Army has repelled the attack and all towns are under its control. Although I would very much like this to be true, when in December ISWAP took control of Baga, the Army also has said that attack was repelled.
Chadian soldiers reportedly captured Ngoboua and other areas from ISWAP. This side of fight against them is really unreported.
Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
#ISWAP reportedly attacked Nigerian Army in Kanamma, #Yobe State. According to these reports, the attack was repelled.
Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Thread about geolocation of NAF airstrike east of Arege:
"Soldiers yesterday repelled an attack on Shuwa town in Madagali Local Government Area in Adamawa State."
"the militants took over the town until the arrival of soldiers [...] who engaged them in a battle that lasted for two hours and subdued them"
#ISWAP claims a yesterday's attack on Nigerian Army position in Kanari/Konari (كناري, #Borno State), in which 2 Nigerian soldiers were killed. The barracks are also claimed burned.
I don't have confirmation about the location, will post it when I'm 100 percent sure.
#ISWAP claims an attack on Nigerian Army in Malam Fatori, "several" Nigerian soldiers claimed killed/wounded.
Deleted previous tweet.

Info I received is: Attack happened early in the morning (after 6 a.m.). Both ISWAP members and Nigerian soldiers are said to be killed in the clashes, the number of the dead is unknown.
Nigerian army says they repelled an #ISWAP attack in Malam Fatori yesterday morning, several ISWAP militants neutralised/wounded.


cc @CalibreObscura
Reports about an attack in Ngowum, east of #Maiduguri, attackers unknown, rather JAS (Shekau) than #ISWAP, but no confirmation about that.
Location according to OSM: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
And another information about attack along Maiduguri-Gamboru road, with attackers also unknown.
This is where areas of ISWAP and JAS activities overlap, with ISWAP recently claiming attacks near Dikwa and JAS attacking closer to Maiduguri.
#ISWAP claims attacking Nigerian Army position in Malam Fatori yesterday, "several" soldiers claimed killed/wounded. Second claim of attack there in three days, third in a week.
#ISWAP claims killing three Nigerian soldiers and wounding several yesterday in an attack in Gum (غوم) in Borno State. They also claim seizing two vehicles, weapons and ammunition.

So far I can't confirm the location, but, I will post it when it's fully confimed.
Confirmation: The attacked village turns out to be Ngowum: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…. The attack, suspected to be carried out by JAS, was in fact commited by ISWAP. Sadly, their attacks are coming closer and closer to eastern entrance to Maiduguri.
"A soldier and a local chief were killed in Boko Haram [Shekau faction] attacks in Madagali, Adamawa State on Saturday, military and civilian sources said on Sunday."
Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…

"Three soldiers were killed when Boko Haram jihadists raided a military base in northeast Nigeria, security sources said on Saturday."
This is the confirmation about the attack in Ngowum.
"Lt.-Gen. Tukur Buratai has vowed that the military will break the unholy alliance between the Boko Haram terrorists and Islamic State West Africa or ISWA."
I'd love that to be true, but I once said I wouldn't trust him if he said 2+2=4, so I'm not sure.
"Troops Pursue Boko Haram in Buni-Yadi Axis"
That's important, ISWAP has been attacking Nigerian Army in that area in recent weeks, the Army needs to secure it.
Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…


It is almost impossible to geolocate because of very low quality, but it is somewhere east/northeast of Malam Kaunari: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
#ISWAP claims killing 3 Nigerian soldiers, capturing 3 others and burning the barracks yesterday in Buni Gari (#Yobe State).
Just as I tweeted about need of clearing that area from ISWAP militants.
Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
"Boko Haram Opens Fire On Borno Governor's Convoy"
Details are still scarse, the attacking group is unknown. ISWAP has claimed attacks near Gamboru in the past, but JAS are also known to be operating nearby.
#ISWAP claims an attack on Nigerian Army near Monguno, no claim about killed Nigerian soldiers, although they say they captured some mortar shells and ammunition.
I guess they attacked this base near the town: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
More about attack on Governor Shettima - according to this article his convoy was attacked near Gajibo - wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Meanwhile, #Nigeria n Army says they repelled JAS (#BokoHaram) attack yesterday near Madagali (#Adamawa), killing 5 terrorists. In the morning 6 more bodies of neutralised attackers were found. The Army has also published the photos of captured equipment.
Back to attack on Governor's convoy, #ISWAP (as suspected) says they killed at least 42 members of the convoy and destroyed 10 vehicles yesterday in the ambush.
The official sources still say only 3 people were killed.
More info from #ISWAP, who in the official statement (previous was from #AmaqAgency) claim that among the dead are the Nigerian soldiers. 2 people and 4 vehicles also claimed captured.

To clarify, the Governor is said to be safe, the attack targeted the end of his convoy.
A great article by @PremiumTimesng about the attack on Governor's convoy. It seems ISWAP used the same vehicles they previously captured from Nigerian Army to attack the convoy.

2 conclusions: First, ISWAP utilized the same tactic as in attacks on military bases (dressing as soldiers and ambushing those not expecting). Second, nobody in the convoy should be travelling that road in the dark. Ignoring the warning is the reason why so many people died.
I am salty, because listening to the military is the most important thing in the warzone. They tell you not to go, you don't go. It doesn't matter if you're a civilian or a governor. They know better.
BTW. I'm waiting for the statement from the Army, I wonder what they'll say.
"Nearly 200 Cameroonians who were members of Nigeria's Boko Haram jihadist group have returned home and surrendered to the authorities after breaking with the organisation, the government said Thursday."

#ISWAP claims killing/wounding "several" Nigerian soldiers yesterday in an attack in Gajibo.
First an attack on Governor's convoy nearby, now this. I don't want to sound too obvious, but that area is NOT SAFE.
Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Additional official #ISIS statement says a mortar, some ammunition and a BMP were captured (please anyone confirm, I don't know Arabic, the only few words I know are terrorism and battle-related and I see a word "ghanima" in there).
Five people were killed as a result of suicide bombing and gunshots in Jiddari Polo area in #Maiduguri (#Borno State) this morning. The attackers' affiliation is unknown, but they were neutralised. There are photos of a recovered IED (or perhaps a SVEST).

The location (southern Maiduguri) suggests the attacking group is JAS (Shekau), but that is still to be confirmed.
Approx. location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
TheCable says (and I have a confirmation via sources) that the attack started in a mosque, where two suicide bombers detonated their explosive vests.
And another #ISWAP claim of attack in Malum Fatori (#Borno State, #Nigeria). This time they say they killed/wounded "several" Nigerian soldiers and destroyed a vehicle in an ambush.
#ISWAP claims killing a Nigerien soldier, wounding others and capturing 7 vehicles yesterday in an attack on Nigerien Army outpost in Chétimari.
Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
231, 331 Bn and SF Brigade Biu of Op LAFIYA DOLE have on Saturday the 16th of February, 2019 ambushed Boko Haram around Warawara in Borno State.

Captured: 2 AK47's, 5 AK magazines and... a poster (?) of Gov. Shettima.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Nigerian Army says it has neutralised 5 terrorists near Buni Yadi yesterday evening. 4 soldiers (including an officer) were killed in the clash, 5 wounded. ISWAP will surely claim the attack.
Captured: 9 AK-47's, 4 IED's, a technical and more:
As @A_Salkida notes, there were two more ISWAP/JAS attacks in the same time - one in Gajigana (north of Maiduguri) and the other in Gajibo. The info is limited, so far the military has not spoken about these attacks.
#ISWAP claims the attack in Gajigana (as expected). In the statement they say "several" Nigerian soldiers were killed/wounded.
As the attacked was repelled by Nigerian Army, it further confirms that if ISWAP doesn't use the number for killed/wounded soldiers, the attack failed.
Nigerian Army repelled an JAS attack near Banki (Bama LGA of #Borno State, near the border with Cameroon). 2 terrorists were killed (rest fled), 2 motorbikes and 7 bikes were captured.
Update: Punch via AFP says 2 Nigerian soldiers were killed in that attack.

I received an information that actually 3 soldiers died there. 6 other soldiers were wounded. It's likely JAS losses were higher than reported (no info about actual number).

Adding yesterday's thread about geolocating NAF strike in Malkonory on 10/02.

Sahara Reporters: 18 people were killed in Koshebe (Jere LGA of #Borno State), northeast of Maiduguri. They were attacked while collecting firewood and charcoal they would later sell.
JAS is probably behind that attack, as ISWAP doesn't target civilians.

Info I received: About 30 residents of Gongulong were ambushed near Koshebe on Monday. 5 of them returned safely, the rest didn't. The next day 8 bodies were found, with 5 more bodies in the evening and a person badly injured in the evening. That person later died in hospital.
In total: 14 people died, 11 are still missing, possibly kidnapped.
Gonulong: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Koshebe: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Two Boko Haram militants neutralised this morning by MNJTF near N1 road between Goulma and Gassama. (via L'Oeil du Sahel)
Goulma (approx. location): wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
One person killed, five wounded in a suicide attack today in Kerawa (via L'Oeil du Sahel)
Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1… (shown as "city in Cameroon" lol)
"One survivor said he saw about 40 bodies; another estimated that as many as 100 died. The militants also took between 100 and 200 people captive, officials said." (h/t @RobertPostings)
"Boko Haram jihadists killed five people, wounded five others, and kidnapped nine — including six women — in attacks on two villages in western Chad, an official source told AFP Thursday."

Update: Attack repelled, some residents are already back in Zabarmari, but some are indeed in Gongulong Lawanti. One Nigerian soldier killed in the attack, several attackers were neutralised after their vehicles got stuck.

L'Oeil du Sahel said Chadian soldiers crossed into Cameroon near Kousseri (video below). Confirmed information that this evening they entered Nigerian territory in Gambaru as part of the Operation Yancin Tafki.

About Operation Yancin Tafki - "the operation [...] is to take the battle to the remaining last hideouts of Boko Haram Terrorists within the designated area of responsibility of the MNJTF and subsequently rout the terrorists"

Reportedly (from both officials and my sources) situation in Maiduguri was *just* military and not insurgents. Really unwise from the Army, however people are now voting, may it stay that way.

Also, the situation in Geidam (#Yobe State) is now said to be calm, as #ISWAP withdrew/was repelled from the town after attacking this morning. However, many people had to flee.
Nigerian Air Force says it has destroyed #ISWAP camp in Zanari (#Borno State). More in this thread:
While Nigerian Police refuted reports about bomb attacks in Maiduguri, #ISWAP now claims they targeted the airport in the capital of #Borno State with 5 Grad missiles and Nigerian Army positions with 2 missiles. That's interesting.
Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Also, 3 rockets were targeting "Federal Secretary" (?, "فيدرال سكتيري"). No info about casualties.
I received an information that Nigerian Army started shooting when they spotted several armed insurgents near the city, this could explain both shelling and Army reaction.
#ISIS #Amaq Agency released a video showing targeting Nigerian military with GRAD rockets in Maiduguri this morning.
For those interested, they were shelling from the west. Not surprising, given the location of Maiduguri Airport, but indicating ISWAP is capable of launcing attacks from both east and west of the city.
#ISWAP claims two attacks from yesterday "in attempt to disrupt elections" - one in Geidam and the other near Monguno (presumably somewhere in Monguno LGA). "Several" Nigerian soldiers claimed killed/wounded.
Also in the statement, ISWAP said they killed 21 "apostates", wounded many in yesterday's shelling of Maiduguri.
#ISWAP also claims the attack in Zabarmari two days ago, says 3 Nigerian soldiers killed, their weapons captured.

I admit, I thought it was JAS that was behind the attack.
3 claims from #ISWAP, all of them being mortar shelling: Goniri (#Yobe, 10 shells, no info about casualties), Buni Yadi (Yobe, 10 shells, 1 Nigerian soldier killed) and Damboa (#Borno, 8 shells, no info about casualties).
#Nigeria n Air Force says it has neutralised several #ISWAP members during a meeting in Kolloram (Borno State).

Haven't found the location yet, will update, if it's found.

From 2 days ago:
"The Air Component of the Multinational Joint Task Force has attacked the Boko Haram logistics base on the border between Nigeria and Republic of Niger"

Location: around Dorou, west of Damasak (nowhere to be seen on maps)

And, obviously, found it a minute after tweeting...

Shown as Douro, in Diffa region of Niger: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
I assume this is from where the attack on Chetimari was launched, the only other possible way could be a raid across Komadougou Yobe river, but it's unlikely because, well, it's a river.
#ISWAP claims yesterday's attack on Nigerian soldiers in the village, I assume, called "Mana Ti", "Muna Ti" or "Mina Ti". I didn't receive any information about the correct name, I can't find it on the map, it's probably a typo, but I can't confirm that either.
The statement also says a number of Nigerian soldiers were killed/wounded, in the attack "various types of weapons" (typical ISIS statement phrase) were used.
Confirmation: The location is Mile Ninety, north of Monguno, big thanks to @ba_zannah for pointing that out.

#ISWAP claims ambushing Nigerian soldiers in Cross Kauwa, killing 3 of them, wounding many.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
The Grad attack on Maiduguri is the main article in weekly #ISIS newspaper, al-Naba. #ISWAP is also the wilayah with the most claimed killed people this week (62).
At least 5 people killed in an attack in Khaddamari (northeast of Maiduguri) yesterday evening. Can't confirm which BH faction is responsible, but #ISWAP attacked nearby village of Zabarmari last week.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
#ISWAP claims Khaddamari attack ("Atidmari" in the statement), says 10 "apostates" killed in the assault on Nigerian Army barracks, several wounded, a 4x4 vehicle destroyed and weapons and ammunition captured.
BTW. I think that is the first time I've seen ISWAP statements so early in the day, usually they are posted in the late afternoon/evening local time.
ISIS Media has also published two photos from "Wilayah West Africa" - first (shown here) is this Nigerian Army technical captured by ISWAP; no details given about where it was captured. Second - a killed Nigerian soldier - for obvious reasons won't be shown here.
A convoy of civilians, escorted by Nigerian soldiers, was attacked yesterday on the road from Bama to Banki (southeast of Borno State). Two civilians killed, some wounded.
Approx. location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
On Friday there was a suicide bombing (PBIED) in Madagali LGA (northern Adamawa State). Sources say a number of people were killed/injured.
Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
After five days of silence from #ISWAP, today they claimed an attack on Nigerian Army in Damboa (southwest of Maiduguri), killing 1 soldier.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
A new issue of #ISIS newspaper (Al-Naba) is out, the only mention of #ISWAP is the report about the attack in Khaddamari, originally claimed on 02/03. Nothing about the change in leadership of the group, we still have to wait.
Despite photos from that attack circulating in the internet for days, only today the Nigerian Army made a statement about countering the BH attack in Ngwom 3 days ago. 5 attackers neutralised, 2 technicals and a number of weapons captured.
In the same statement the Nigerian Army said it stopped a JAS attack in Kubu (Shani LGA in southern part of Borno State), killing 1 attacker and capturing his AK-47. The attack also happened 3 days ago.

Statement: m.facebook.com/story.php?stor…
#ISWAP claims the attack on Nigerian Army in Disaman (name unclear, دسمان in Arabic, I need help from locals) yesterday, several Nigerian soldiers claimed injured.
#ISWAP also claims the attack in Ngowum, the same the Nigerian Army posted photos today. The statement says a number of Nigerian soldiers were killed/wounded.
Update: The first attack happened in Dusuman, northeast of Maiduguri.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
In a third statement today, #ISWAP claims killing 30 Nigerien soldiers and capturing two 4x4 vehicles in an attack in Toumour in Diffa Region, northeast of the town of Diffa.
Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
"Several people have died in an attack by the jihadist group Boko Haram in southeastern Niger, local sources said on Saturday. "There have been deaths, including police, and also some wounded, in this attack by Boko Haram""

The ISWAP statement is the only place that mentions Toumour, most of the sources say the attack happened near Gueskerou (in village called Woulwa), 30km SW of Toumour. ActuNiger says only 5 gendarmes were killed.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…

More about the attack in Gueskerou, the Nigerian Army says 27 terrorists were neutralised, 6 gun trucks were destroyed, equipment, guns and ammuniton was captured.

Link to the statement: facebook.com/NigerianArmy/p…
In the same statement the Army says the MNJTF forces confronted ISWAP near Abadam, neutralising 23 terrorists and capturing 1 alive, also capturing more guns, motorbikes and gun trucks. Good to see the MNJTF cooperation in the area.

cc @CalibreObscura
Premium Times reports (via NAN) a Boko Haram attack in Mafa on Friday night. The attack was repelled by the Nigerian Army and despite the attack, the next day many people went to vote in the election. "Scores" of attackers were reportedly killed.

A series of suicide attacks in Madagali LGA of Adamawa State on Sunday morning: First, an attacker killed himself and another person near a church in Shuwa.

Second, a triple botched suicide attack in Gulak, also targeting a church in the village. Two suicide vests exploded, killing the attackers, while third reportedly "ran into the bush". There were no casualties among civilians.

Nigerian Air Force: "The Air Task Force (ATF) of Operation LAFIYA DOLE has destroyed Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP) terrorists’ vehicle and some logistics infrastructure at Tumbun Sale and Tumbun Allura on the fringes of Lake Chad"

Source: facebook.com/hqnigerianairf…
In both locations there were air strikes against #ISWAP in the past, sadly nothing helps in conducting a good geolocation. It's still possible, but might take a while (unless someone already knows where those villages are).
#Cameroon: Boko Haram kidnapped the son of a village leader in Waro village, near Sagme yesterday night. On the same night a person was killed in Magam Arabe. (via L'Oeil du Sahel)
Sagme: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Magam Arabe:
15 kilometers west of Sagme, in Nigeria, lays Zanari village, where NAF conducted airstrikes targeting ISWAP camp on 20/02. It doesn't prove ISWAP is behind this attack (might as well be JAS), but makes it seem likely.
More about airstrikes in Zanari:
Nigerian Army says it has neutralised a number of Boko Haram terrorists who attempted to infliltrate their position around Bula-Yobe, near Banki two days ago. A technical and several motorbikes destroyed, another technical captured.

Source: facebook.com/NigerianArmy/p…
"NAF ISR platforms and Alpha Jet attack aircraft, working in synergy with [...] the Nigerien Air Force, supported surface troops of the MNJTF to pursue and decimate fleeing ISWAP fighters around Tumbun Rego area [...] on 12 March 2019."
Tumbun Rego: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
"The effectiveness of interdiction and close air support missions conducted by the attack aircraft of the 2 countries facilitated the routing of the terrorists at Arege, resulting in the killing of 33 fighters"

Arege: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…

Source: prnigeria.com/2019/03/13/mnj…
Arege was, to my understanding, under ISWAP control, the Nigerian Army never claimed they recaptured it (to be fair, they never said they lost it). Tumbun Rego is in the middle of ISWAP-held area, the MNJTF land offensive against them there is a great info.
Very important development - #ISWAP claims a SVBIED (!) attack, targeting Nigerian troops near Arege yesterday. Mustafa al-Ansari, according to the statement, killed/wounded a number of Nigerian troops.

cc @HKaaman @BokoWatch @A_Salkida
The newest issue of ISIS newspaper - al-Naba - gives some more info about the SVBIED attack near Arege. Targeted troops were allegedly Chadian soldiers.
2 informations from Nigerian Army:
1. Cameroonian, Nigerien and Nigerian aircrafts destroyed ISWAP positions in Tunbun Rego
2. More info about the clash in Arege:
MNJTF forces killed 33 terrorists, destroyed an APC, captured 2 technicals, a mortar and a number of AK-47's.

Source: facebook.com/story.php?stor…
#Cameroon: Three people found dead yesterday in Sandawadjiri after a #BokoHaram attack (via L'Oeil du Sahel)

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
#Niger: #ISWAP claims shelling Diffa airport yesterday with three Grad missiles.

Location of the airport: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
"The deposed leader of an IS-backed faction of Boko Haram has been detained by more radical elements who seized control of the group, three well-informed sources have told AFP."

Information from yesterday: Two people killed in an attack in Zeleved (#Cameroon, via L'Oeil du Sahel).

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Michika LGA (Adamawa State) currently under JAS attack (h/t @yerima_goni)
"Eight people were killed in Borno state, northeast Nigeria, near the border with Cameroon on Monday when a vehicle hit a roadside mine, security sources told AFP."

Warabe, the location of the attack (in JAS area of operation): wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…

More information about the attack in Michika from SaharaReporters, the info about "takeover" should be taken with a pinch of salt, as it's probably nothing more than just a raid.

#ISIS released a new photoreport from "Wilayah West Africa", showing their attack in Toumour (#Niger). What is the weapon used in the second photo?
Nigerian Army says it repelled the assault on Michika and neutralised several Boko Haram (JAS) terrorists. Three vehicles and one motorbike were also captured.

Source: facebook.com/story.php?stor…
Premium Times (quoting NAN) says the attackers burned a bank in Michika. I understand that before they set in on fire, they managed to steal lots of money.

The report about stolen money is confirmed by Vanguard, a number of civilians were also killed in the attack.

Newest issue of al-Naba has an article about two SVBIED attacks commited by #ISWAP recently. One was mentioned previously (Mustafa al-Ansari, near Arege). The other (Abu Adam al-Ansari) detonated his SVBIED during an attack in Toumour.

cc @HKaaman @BokoWatch @A_Salkida
The date of the second attack is "6 Rajab" (March 13). There was an attack in Toumour recently, but it was claimed four days earlier. I did not receive any info about a second attack in Toumour, so I don't know how to understand it.
Nevermind the last tweet, I found the information about the suicide attack. The source actually says several soldiers were killed. ISIS claimed the attack killed just 1 soldier:
"Four farmers were killed in an attack by Boko Haram insurgents in Borno state, witnesses said on Wednesday"

Lassa: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…

"The Borno Government has warned fishermen and fish merchants against aiding Boko Haram insurgents so as to fast-track successful implementation of the counter-insurgency campaign"

Not that easy to implement, I don't think fishermen aid them willingly.

#ISWAP claims killing 5 "Crusader African Alliance" (MNJTF) soldiers yesterday in an attack on their position in Monguno (Borno State).
#ISWAP also claims shelling two Nigerian Army positions yesterday - in Malam Fatori they fired six mortar shells, in Monguno - four.
#ISWAP with a fourth claim today - 10 Nigerian soldiers killed and a vehicle destroyed in an ambush on Monguno-Gajiram road (also yesterday).

Regarding the first attack reported today - Amaq says three of the killed soldiers were Chadian and two were Nigerian.
Lots of #ISWAP reports today - these photos show shelling Diffa airport with Grad rockets.
"Boko Haram militants killed at least 23 Chadian soldiers overnight [...] in what appeared to be the deadliest such attack inside Chad by the Islamist insurgents."

Can't find Dangdala on map, DM me if you know the location.

On the same day the Chadian soldiers were attacked, 8 people (7 men, 1 woman) were killed in an attack in Dewa Kargueri (Diffa region, Niger).

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…

Important development: ISIS' "Wilayah West Africa" released a photo showing "soldiers of Caliphate" in Burkina Faso.
I see two options there:
1. ISGS is regarded as part of Wilayah West Africa
2. This very small cell (7 fighters) pledged allegiance to or was sent there by ISWAP.
#ISWAP claims attacking Nigerian Army in "Kologamana" (كولوغمانا) near Monguno yesterday, says 2 soldiers killed, third wounded, a tank destroyed. Terrorists also claim burning the Army position.

Can't find the village on map, DM me if you know (DM's are open).
Before I hear the word "FAKE NEWS" - there was a big attack near Monguno yesterday evening. The Nigerian Army repelled the assault.
Some updates I didn't post, for the sake of clarity. (all via L'Oeil du Sahel, all in Cameroon):
19/03: A man killed in BH attack in Goubouldi
25/03, Morning: A woman killed in BH attack in Goulouzivini
25/03, Evening: 17 BH members arrested in Amchide (bit.ly/2Ym0Cnb)
"Suspected Boko Haram insurgents on Monday evening made an attempt to capture Kopa Village in Madagali Local Government Area of Adamawa State.

However, they were repelled by troops of the Nigerian Army."

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…

"Boko Haram jihadists killed at least seven villagers in a series of attacks in southeastern Niger[...], a local official and an NGO said on Sunday.

The attackers carried out three separate raids overnight Saturday[...]."

"The Chiefs of Defence Staff of the United Kingdom and France [...] respectively have alerted the Nigerian military that the Islamic State terrorist group in the West African region (ISWAP) was a larger threat of violent extremism than Boko Haram."

12 people killed (AFP says 10, both not including attackers) killed in double suicide bombing in N'Guigmi. ISWAP has not claimed responsibility (yet). Unclear if it will at all - victims are civilians, not soldiers.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…

New issue of "al-Naba" - An article about ISIS activities in "Wilayah West Africa" in last week. No new attacks reported, each has been claimed recently.
The photo is from the attack in Toumour, also previously published by ISIS.
In the same number - a big article about ISIS (technically ISGS) actions in Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso. There are people with much bigger knowledge about that region (like @MENASTREAM) - I'll leave it to them.
In that article - two claims about suicide attacks (most likely SVBIEDs):
1. Targeting French soldiers on Menaka-Anuzagren road (attacker: Hasan Usman al-Ansari).
2. Targeting French soldiers in Akabar, south of Menaka (attacker: Omar Sinda).
Also in that article, ISIS published photo of documents of two killed US Army personnel (one of them killed in Tongo Tongo ambush; couldn't find any information about the second one) and a killed Canadian geologist. Because it's sensitive information, decided not to post them.
"Many people are feared dead while hundreds of residents fled their homes, as suspected Boko Haram terrorists attacked a military checkpoint in Biu LGA of Borno State on Wednesday night."
Can't tell if it's ISWAP or JAS.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…

"[Babagana Umara, Borno Governor-Elect] said his administration would initiate sound programmes to address the root cause of Boko Haram insurgency, providing job opportunities to the teeming unemployed youth, promote discipline and social rehabilitation."

"The Nigerian Army has said that its troops are conducting fighting patrols and raids in Adamawa State and in the North-East Theatre of Operation generally to stop the onslaughts of the Boko Haram terrorists in the region."

The attack in Miringa, reported today by SaharaReporters, now claimed by ISWAP. Several Nigerian soldiers killed/wounded, an armored vehicle destroyed according to the statement.

Information from yesterday evening, saw some reports about the attack being repelled, but no statement from Nigerian Army.

Nigerian Army has posted an update regarding their campaign against ISWAP:

"1. MNJTF troops operating around Damasak, Garunda and Gazabure destroyed a vehicle smuggling petrol and other logistics for Boko Haram"

Garunda: bit.ly/2WwZ5sz
Gazabure: bit.ly/2U2pSQN
"2. Acting on intercepted Boko Haram communication, a coalition of MNJTF Air Forces conducted air interdictions in Madayi, Meri and Tchoukou-Bol and destroyed Boko Haram logistic equipment concealed in thickly forested areas."

Waiting to see the airstrikes. Locations below:
Madayi: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Meri: Couldn't find, the only one in the nearby area is in Kanem region, too far away from Lake Chad.
Tchoukou-Bol: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1… (Can't confirm the location in 100 percent, source: GeoNames)
"3. MNJTF troops in conjunction with national forces operating in Mallam Fatori - Bosso axis discovered and neutralized 3 road side bombs planted by Boko Haram Terrorists. Also recovered were a Gun Truck and assorted ammunition abandoned by fleeing Boko Haram fighters."
"4. Similarly, troops of the MNJTF and national forces operating in Doro Naira and Ngolom environs made contact with Boko Haram Terrorists and at the end of the engagement 5 terrorists were killed, 3 captured, while others fled."
"2 out of the 3 captured terrorists were eventually killed when the vehicle conveying them went over a road side bomb planted by Boko Haram themselves."
Doro Naira: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Also, being killed by an IED they planted themselves really deserves a Benny Hill theme. 😂
Despite being hilarious, this part is also important. In December Doro Naira was said to be under ISWAP control. I didn't receive any information about it, but it sounds like a push from Baga towards north - Kangarwa, Metele and evetually meeting troops pushing from Malam Fatori.
"5. Tired of waiting for the unrealized Boko Haram Caliphate, three (3) Boko Haram Terrorists have Surrendered to troops of MNJTF Sector 1 in Balgaram, Cameroon."

I don't like that kind of language, it just sounds bad. Cameroon suggests they were rather from JAS than ISWAP.
"At least 13 soldiers were killed and an unconfirmed number of them severely wounded in Borno State on Monday when they stepped on a landmine planted by Boko Haram"

The photos can be found online, but are indeed too gory to post them.

Approximate location of the attack: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
#ISWAP claims an attack in "Mayarari" (مياراري) in Borno yesterday, says several Nigerian soldiers killed/wounded, the Army position burned.
Can't find the location on map. As always, if you know where it is, DM me (DM's are always open).
From yesterday: "Another deadly attack on Kuda-Kaya [Adamawa State] has led to residents fleeing their homes in fear of being killed."

"Contact was made with Boko Haram Terrorists at Andakar Camp. [...] Malloum Moussa; Boko Haram Commander, along with 15 of his men were neutralized. 5 Gun Trucks were also destroyed."

Every news about ISWAP/JAS members being neutralised is good news.

Locations mentioned:
Daban Masara: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Kirta Wulgo: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Still can't find Koleram (NAF attacked ISWAP in Kolloram, is this the same village?)
Also, is "Kerenoa" shown on the maps as "Kirenawa"? Sounds possible to me, it's south of the area.
#ISIS Amaq Agency released a video showing the execution of five Nigerian soldiers in an unknown area of Borno State. Obviously, I won't upload the full video here.
Notice the red suits, similar to those worn by western ISIS hostages (orange) and used by ISIS in Yemen (blue).
#ISWAP claims targeting Nigerian soldiers with six mortar shells. No claim about casualties.
Just noticed I didn't mention the location of the attack. It's Malam Fatori, near Lake Chad.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
#ISWAP claims: killing an MNJTF "spy" in Diffa area yesterday, killing a "crusader" (Nigerian or MNJTF soldier) "near Lake Chad" (likely in Nigeria, although that is unknown).
#ISWAP also claims destroying a well belonging to a "mukhtar" (village head) in Damasak yesterday.

That one might be more important, as ISWAP doesn't claim attacks on non-military targets. Explanation behind this attack: Terrorists called him "a spy for the Nigerian Army".
#ISWAP claims killing several MNJTF soldiers and destroying a vehicle they were travelling in by an IED near Toumour.
From yesterday evening:
"Breaking: Boko Haram sets Chibok village on fire"
"Boko Haram Insurgents Raid Chibok Village, Cart Away All The Animals"

Kaumutiyahi: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Kontinyar: Unknown, in the same area.
And good news:

"Some repentant members of the ‘Boko Haram’ sect on Wednesday pleaded with Nigerians for forgiveness over their past unwholesome activities. [...] Training took place [...] in Malam-Sidi town of Kwami Local Government Area in Gombe State."

In new issue of al-Naba there is an article about ISWAP attacks in last week. Most of the claims are in that article. No claims about new attacks though (it's important to check, sometimes there are things not claimed either by Amaq and Nashir).
#ISWAP claims attacking Nigerian Army in Jakana and Mainok yesterday, killing a number of Nigerian troops and destroying six vehicles.
Jakana: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Mainok: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
From last weekend (didn't have time to post them):
(1) L'Oeil du Sahel: Violent clashes against Boko Haram in Ardebe (Cameroon) and Dambore (Nigeria).
(2) "Mr. Abdulkadir Ibrahim confirmed that the suicide bombing was triggered by two suicide bombers on Saturday’s evening."

Suicide bombers (especially women) imply JAS is behind this attack.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…

(3) "In Northern Borno, ISWAP terrorists were neutralized in Tumbun Alpha, one of the islands on the Lake Chad."

I would really love to see the video, unless it's already released and I missed it.

#ISWAP claims killing/wounding 20 Cameroonian soldiers near Fotokol (close to Cameroonian-Nigerian border) yesterday. It's the first claim from Cameroon since November.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Sources report that 5 soldiers were killed and 5 were injured in that attack. Looks like it's another example of ISIS claiming more killed/wounded than in reality. I always wonder if they do it willingly. Perhaps we'll never find out.
Sources also say that a Special Forces vehicle was targeted by an IED on Ngoshe-Pulka road. The attack reportedly happened this morning. At least 10 soldiers were injured as a result of the blast. JAS is operating in that area.

Approx. location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Nigerian Air Force says it destroyed an ISWAP hideout and neutralised some of its members in Tumbun Zarami in airstrikes today.

Location is unknown, as trying to find a Tumbun on Lake Chad based on a video with no coordinates shown is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
As part of series of attacks called "Revenge for al-Sham", ISWAP claims shelling Diffa airport and one of military bases using Grad missiles yesterday, killing/wounding 20 soldiers (unknown if only Nigerien or other MNJTF countries as well).
#ISWAP also posted a photo of a Cameroonian technical, captured near Fotokol. Gun on trunk appears to be ZPU-2.
L'Oeil du Sahel now reports bodies of two Cameroonian soldiers missing after the attack in Ardebe were found by locals (just a reminder, this is the same attack as claimed by ISWAP, Ardebe is near Fotokol).


"Many" terrorists killed (no photo), 2 technicals, a mortar, 4 AK-47's and a machine gun captured.

Premium Times says the attackers were also present near Fori, 20 km from Damaturu. ISWAP is present south of Damaturu, but it's still worrying they can use the darkness to attack towns and villages.

#ISWAP claims an inghimasi (suicide commando) attack targeting Nigerien Army HQ in Diffa last night, killing/wounding "dozens". The statements says the attackers were: Abu Saad al-Ansari, Abu Musa al-Ghidami, Muhammad al-Ansari and Abu Hamza al-Bahirawi.
ISWAP in the statement also claims killing a mayor/head of "Ghiamari" (غياماري) yesterday and setting his home on fire.

There are three "Gamari" villages west of Diffa, the attack probably happened in one of them.
ISIS also posted photos of the inghimasiyin from Diffa.
ActuNiger says 3 of 4 attackers were immediately neutralized. Two soldiers killed, several wounded. The village where the killing of a village head took place is said to be Tam Abounga: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…. In Tam 2 people were abducted.
And ISWAP claims attack in Damaturu, says a number of Nigerian soldiers killed/wounded in the assault.
#ISWAP also claims a killing of a "mukhtar" (town/village elder) in Gajiram yesterday.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
In addition to previously mentioned attacks in Damaturu and Gajiram, ISWAP also claims shelling Nigerian soldiers' positions in Goniri with 23 mortar shells. All those attacks are claimed to be part of offensive "Revenge for al-Sham".

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
An article in al-Naba about "Wilayah West Africa" about its attacks in the last week. Every attack claimed by ISWAP in that period has been mentioned. No new attacks previously not claimed.
Very important - #ISWAP claims killing an officer in Movement for the Salvation of Azawad in In-Kiringya, south of Menaka (Mali). His associate also claimed killed, 3 rifles captured.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
This claim further proves that ISGS has offcially become part of "Wilayah West Africa". It doesn't change much, as there's probably no proof of cooperation, but may show ISIS' strategy in the region.
#ISWAP claims killing seven pro-Nigerian government militiamen and two Nigerian soldiers yesterday in Gajiram.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
ISWAP also claims killing of 7 MNJTF soldiers and destroying their vehicle by an IED yesterday near Toumour.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
ISWAP posted photos of a Ford F-150, captured during an attack in Damaturu.
Two updates from L'Oeil du Sahel (both from yesterday):
1. A Cameroonian army vehicle hit by an IED in Kerawa - 1 killed, 8 wounded: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
2. 4 Cameroonian soldiers killed after their vehicle hit an IED on Gouzda-Vreket-Vouzi axis: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
"Two people, including a soldier and a vigilante, were killed when two female suicide bombers detonated their explosives in Borno state"

May sound like an JAS attack, but it happened west of Monguno. Interesting. No claim from ISWAP yet though.

ISIS Media posted photos from "Wilayah West Africa", showing shelling of the airport and military base in Diffa. That attack was claimed 4 days ago.
ISWAP claims destroying a MNJTF tank near Toumour yesterday, killing/wounding those on board.

The amount of ISWAP claims around Diffa in recent days is worrying. Let's hope it's only temporary and everything comes back to normal.
Note: The tank was destroyed by an IED.
Extensive propaganda campaign in "Wilayah West Africa" by ISIS (or simply today they received all the photos) - the third photo report today, this time showing mortar shelling near Monguno.
ISWAP claims killing three Nigerian soldiers, wounding several and capturing two vehicles, weapons and ammunition in an attack yesterday in Sabon Gari (Borno State).

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
ISWAP now claims killing 23 Nigerian soldiers yday, repelling a Nigerian Army assault and a SVBIED attack in "Tubum area" (presumably one of Tumbuns north of Baga).
Nashir statement will probably also release the attacker's name.

cc @A_Salkida @HKaaman @BokoWatch @VincentFoucher
Just as I was posting the tweet, the Nashir statement was also released. According to it, the attacker's name was Musa al-Ansari.
"Troops of Sector 1 Operation LAFIA DOLE [...] on the 13th of April 2019 had a fierce encounter with Boko Haram terrorists at the Northern part of Wulgo, Tumbuma, Chikun Gudu and Bukar Maryam villages."

Maaaany weapons. Good to see. cc @CalibreObscura

This report from the Nigerian Army actually disproves my claim about the ISWAP SVBIED north of Baga yesterday. Instead, it seems like it happened south of the city, actually closer to Gamboru.
I'd like to end the day on a positive note for once (I know it's still late afternoon in Nigeria and many things can be reported), but ISWAP also made a claim today.
According to the Amaq statement, a tank and three vehicles were destroyed in an ambush in Cross Kauwa yesterday.
"Tukur Yusuf Buratai on Monday said Boko Haram activities have been confined only to the Lake Chad area and the Sambisa forest in north-eastern Nigeria."

With all respect, but Damaturu, Geidam, Buni Yadi and Jakana aren't even close to Lake Chad.

Two more ISWAP claims: One from Baga (several Nigerian soldiers killed/wounded, medium and heavy weapons used), and the other from Malam Fatori (mortar shelling with four shells). Both attacks, quoting the statements, from yesterday.
ISWAP claims killing/wounding a number of MNJTF troops in Cross Kauwa yesterday.
In the new number of al-Naba - an article about ISWAP attacks in last week. No new claims to report.

I'll be posting all the updates from the media and the Army tomorrow. I'm aware of both, but have been busy lately.
And the update, trying to do it in chronological order:
1. "Seven Chadian Soldiers have been killed in an attack by Boko Haram, Azem Bermendoa Agouna an army spokesman said on Monday."

Kaiga Kindjiria: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…

Source: vanguardngr.com/2019/04/boko-h…
2. "Troops of Multi National Joint Task Force (MNJTF) [...] on Tuesday 16 April 2019 have neutralized 39 members of Boko Haram Terrorists in Cross Kauwa village in the Lake Chad Region."
In the same clash 2 Chadian soldiers have reportedly been killed.

Source: punchng.com/over-50-boko-h…
From this morning: At least 9 people killed in an attack in Tcharkarmari last night (can't find the location and therefore attribute the attack to either JAS or ISWAP) - via L'Oeil du Sahel.
#ISIS Amaq Agency uploaded a video from the clashes in Cross Kauwa. Judging by the sounds (and especially the number of killed ISWAP members, mentioned earlier) this wasn't a small skirmish.
#ISWAP claims killing 8 MNJTF troops and destroying their 4x4 vehicle by an IED yesterday in "Tamboba" ("تمبوبا") area, in Nigeria, near Lake Chad. Can't find it on the map, but, as usual, if you know the location, tell me either via DM or in comments.
ISWAP claims repelling the Nigerian Army attack in Matari, near Geidam (Yobe State). Can't find the village, but at least the approximate location is known. No official statement from Nashir, maybe we'll know more from it (if it's released).
ISWAP claims an attack from yesterday, says it destroyed a Nigerien Army vehicle near Toumour.
ISWAP also claims killing several Nigerien soldiers in Toumour. The attack is also claimed to have happened yesterday.
And a third claim from Toumour, this time (I assume) from today. A Nigerien tank destroyed by an IED, several soldiers (i.e. everyone on board) killed/wounded.
Amaq Agency released a video, showing the beheading of an MNJTF soldier near Monguno. For obvious reasons, please do not watch it.
New issue of al-Naba and new article about "Wilayah West Africa. Apart from the attacks claimed previously, there is also one yet unclaimed. On 18th April ISIS fighters stormed Chibok and burned a local church.
Nobody was hurt because, as said in the article, the Christians were evacuated before. The attack was justified as a revenge for killings of Muslims in Plateau State. The article said the attacks against Christians will continue.
Interesting. I don't recall any attacks against Christians when Abu Musab al-Barnawi was the leader, but before the change in leadership we rarely saw suicide bombers as well.
Currently the only difference between ISWAP and JAS is that the former doesn't attack civilians.
Location of Tumbun Gini: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1… (based on a video from 3 years ago). Shown on OSM as "Bula Bul". Great to hear it being captured from ISWAP, but it's also so deep into Lake Chad, I won't be surprised it the soldiers pull out.

And of course Baga... We had photos and celebrations, but now it's the sad reality back again. I thought the terrorists can't be defeated if they hold towns, but if the military knows better, I won't argue. If anyone wants an angry rant... DM's are always open.
1. Cameroon
From L'Oeil du Sahel):
23/04: 4 people killed in an attack in Madagascar village
26/04: 2 BH members surrendered in Bargaram
26/04: 1 person killed near Malloumri
2. Niger
A local MSF facility in Maine-Soroa set on fire by unknown assailants (likely ISWAP).
Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…

3. Chad
Four Chadian security services members killed, six wounded in an attack in Tetewa.
Info I received is the attackers were neither from ISWAP or JAS, likely from an unaffiliated group.
Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…

4. Nigeria
4.1. "Buratai said the offensive had pushed them to the remote Islands on the Lake Chad basin."

Once again, I didn't know Damaturu, Jakana and Chibok are remote islands.

BTW. If I debunked this lie, can a documentary about me be made?

Seriously though, I don't have anything against "The Legend of Rolbiecki".

4.2. JAS workshop destroyed by NAF airstrikes in Sambisa Forest.
Once again, why not showing the coordinates? Make NAF Videos 2016 Again.
4.3. I wanted to post about an attack on Bama-Konduga road, but the Nigerian Army is already shouting "FAKE NEWS", so I won't. Anyway, even if this time he was wrong, I'd still trust Mr. Salkida more then Mr. Buratai.
4.4. A great report by @FulanNasrullah et al. about current ISWAP capabilities. Up to 20 000 fighters is probably the highest estimate about the size of the group, but the other estimates I've seen are from before the recent surge, so I can't disprove it.

#ISWAP claims a big attack in Sabon Gari from yesterday. According to the statement, 10 Nigerian soldiers were killed, many wounded, 1 captured. 3 tanks were destroyed, 2 others and 5 4x4 vehicles captured.
ISWAP claimed two attacks today (both happened yesterday):
1. 33 MNJTF soldiers killed/wounded, 5 vehicles destroyed near Baga. 2 IEDs claimed used during the assault.
2. 5 Nigerian soldiers killed in Gajibo.
Apart from the casualty count (as usual, inflated), both are confirmed.
ISWAP released a new photo report, titled "Diary of a Mujahid in Wilayah West Africa". Part 1: Guns, guns and learning of Islam.
Part 2: Watching the al-Baghdadi video (shameless plug) and Jihadi Cuisine. I wonder if they have satelite internet connection or did anyone have to travel to a town, download the video there and travel back to the camp.
Late yesterday evening ISWAP claimed the attack in Baga, said 3 MNJTF soldiers killed and an armored vehicle destroyed.
Two updates from L'Oeil du Sahel, both from Cameroon:
27/04: An old man killed in Bourouvare.
28/04: Kofia Island attacked by Boko Haram - at least 4 killed, 5 injured.
"At least 26 innocent citizens were killed in a raid on Kudakaya Village, Madagali Local Government Area on Monday evening by Boko Haram who came from Sambisa"

Typical JAS attack, sad to see the high death toll.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…

"Boko Haram jihadists have killed 14 loggers as they collected firewood in northeast Nigeria."

ISWAP attack, but because the dead were civilians, they won't claim it (they can always lie that the victims were soldiers).

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…

More from ISWAP, this time they claim destroying a 4x4 vehicle by an IED near Malam Fatori.
A new issue of al-Naba (180th) and a weekly rundown of ISWAP attacks. Apart from those already claimed, in the article there is a claim for the attack on MSF facility in Maine-Soroa ("10 MNJTF troops killed, 5 vehicles burned").
More about the attack here:
The terrorists even explained why the facility was attacked - According to them, during their medical work, the MSF workers asked the locals to report the movements of ISWAP to the military. Obviously, I can't confirm such practice taking place, but I understand if it happens.
ISWAP claims killing 10 Nigerian soldiers and capturing a 4x4 vehicle in the attack in Mameri (Magumeri?).
Yesterday ISIS media center released photos from the attack in Magumeri. Not posting all photos because on many of them are dead Nigerian soldiers.
I'm not a military guy, but I see the style of the ISWAP attacks (WWII Soviet-like, I'd say) once again - a big attacking wave in order to overwhelm the defenders. If the attackers-defenders ratio is high, even the airstrikes wouldn't be enough to stop them.
ISWAP eulogizes its dead fighter - Abu Khalid al-Ansari - as part of the so-called "Caravan of the Shuhada'". It's a first such recognition in a long time.
ISWAP's article in al-Naba. No new attacks claimed. The only thing that can be added is that ISWAP claimed taking briefly (for about 5 hours) control over Magumeri during the deadly Friday attack.
By the way: Sorry for lack of updates in the last days, have been very busy lately, but tomorrow everything important from the last week will be posted.
A promised update:
1. "‘Many Killed’ As Boko Haram Raids Borno Town, Magumeri, Without Opposition For Four Hours"

I can only add that this matches the ISWAP claim about four-five hour-long control over the town.



Making the attackers retreat only because of the reinforcements isn't "thwarting" the attack, but ok.

3. "At least four persons were killed on Tuesday evening in Molai and Bukarti villages after gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram attacked the outskirts of Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, residents said."

A location attacked by JAS a number of times, their style of attack as well. They probably raided Molai to get supplies.

4. "Darkness may persist in some parts of Maiduguri, following Tuesday’s attack on [...] transmission substation at Molai"

5. "Boko Haram attacks in Chad have increased since 2018, calling into question the effectiveness of national military responses to counter violent extremism."

A very good report from ISS.

ISWAP claims killing 11 Nigerian soldiers in an attack on their base in Gajigana. The statement also says two 4x4 vehicles were captured and two tanks were destroyed.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Yesterday ISWAP released a new photoreport, showing "results of the attack on Nigerian Army in Borno". Uploading only part of it, but the rest is the same - vehicles/armored vehicles being captured or burned.
As it was pointed out to me, the photos might be from the attack in Sabon Gari rather than the one claimed yesterday (in Gajigana). See those two photos - one uploaded on the day the Sabon Gari attack was claimed, the other from yesterday's photoreport.
I see that @ferguskelly found the same thing in his article for @DefensePost - I think that is confirmed.

"Musa said that troops had cleared Surdewalla, Ranwa, Baladayo, Sabon Gari and Shetimeri villages, where the jihadists previously operated in."

Shetimeri, I assume, is shown on the map as "Shettimari". It's also on the Monguno-Maiduguri road.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Also in the article:

"The Army’s 177 Task Force Battalion, in collaboration with Civilian JTF, also cleared Mboa, Mboa-Kura, Yarchida, Bombula, Tshata and Bamzir villages."

The location - just west of Chibok, about there: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…

In the first tweet Nigerian Army acted against ISWAP, near Chibok - likely against JAS (although ISWAP is also present nearby).
"Boko Haram, on Saturday, morning killed four persons on the outskirts of Maiduguri, Borno State"

Njimtilo: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…

I'm suspecting JAS as the perpetrators, since it looks like a raid for food. Despite ISWAP presence, I doubt they did it.

"145 Battalion, operating at Zari – Kasake and Jumachere villages in Damasak general area of Mobbar Local Government Area of the [Borno] state, discovered and destroyed two Boko Haram terrorists’ logistics vehicles"

Zari-Kasake: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1… (ISWAP area).
“On the 11th of May 2019, troops cleared Ma’allasuwa and Yaga – Munye villages in Borno State. No encounter was made as they [BH] run away before troops’ arrival leaving behind 54 suspected kidnapped victims."

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1… (JAS area)

ISWAP claims attacking MNJTF soldiers in Cross Kauwa two days ago with five mortar shells.
L'Oeil du Sahel 4 days ago: 67 houses, 11 food storages and a church burned in an JAS (likely) attack.
Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Not related to Lake Chad area, but related to ISWAP - the group claims killing/wounding 40 Nigerien soldiers in an ambush in Tongo Tongo (yes, this Tongo Tongo). The statement says the attacked soldiers were tracking those who attacked the prison in Koutoukale.
In 182nd al-Naba issue there's a big article about the assault on Nigerian Army base near Sabon Gari. I don't want to get into details, but the article makes it sound like Mosul scenario, albeit on a much smaller scale.
There is also a second article, about the other attacks claimed by "Wilayah West Africa" in the last week (including those in western Niger, claimed today). No new attacks reported.
Oh, and I almost forgot, tomorrow's Friday (and no, I'm not singing that Rebecca Black song). In last 3 Fridays there was a big attack on Nigerian Army bases (Magumeri, Sabon Gari, Gajigana). Let's hope this doesn't happen tomorrow. Hope is all we have.
Last night ISWAP claimed damaging a Nigerian Army armored vehicle with an IED near Baga.
ISWAP claims an attack on Nigerian Army base in Gubio, says 20 Nigerian soldiers were killed, 3 armored vehicle captured.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
.@YerwaExpress said the attackers came from the direction of Magumeri. It's another worrying sign that Nigerian Army in that area is not capable of containing the threat of ISWAP.

And ISIS media center announced a release of a video from "Wilayah West Africa" "soon". I'd like to know if it's a kind of a "battle" video and, if possible, try to identify possible attacks featured... but I have to leave to work soon. So, if released, expect a thread from me.
Ok, the video is released. Two things I needed to do:
1. Censor the photo of a dead soldier
2. Make myself the new watermark champion.

All memes aside, until I come back from work (~5 hours), I can only retweet others.
Earlier today ISWAP released photos showing what they have captured in an attack "in Borno". Can't confirm fully, but it matches the claim from Gubio.
And, as if this day couldn't end, ISWAP claims two more attacks - killing 10 MNJTF soldiers in Dikwa and targeting Nigerian troops in Malam Fatori with 4 mortar shells.
al-Naba doesn't report new attacks from ISWAP. Even with those already reported it's simply too much.
Some better news - Nigerian Air Force says it, together with MNJTF allies from Niger and Chad, inflicted "heavy casualties" on ISWAP in Tumbun Hamma. Can't fully confirm the location, but it seems to be around here: apps.sentinel-hub.com/eo-browser/?la…
At night ISWAP claimed a couple of big attacks in Lake Chad area in Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad. I still haven't processed them fully, so I'll have to post them one by one.
In Chad, in Blarigui they claimed an attack from two days ago, killing 30 Chadian soldiers. ISWAP also shelled the town with with five mortar shells.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
In Cameroon, ISWAP claims clashing with the Cameroonian Army and killing five soldiers yesterday. The location is said to be "Sawirim" ("صويرم"), but can't find it. Even the old Russian maps give no answer. Anyway, it's "near Fotokol".
About the first location: this might be actually Balkaram and not Blarigui, see this tweet, sorry about my mistake:
In Kanamma (Yobe) ISWAP claims killing of three "pro-Nigerian government militants" (I assume they mean CJTF) yesterday.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
I saved the attack that "didn't happen" for the last. There might be some truth that "25 soldiers" weren't killed in an ambush near Sabon Gari. But that's because ISWAP *only* claims 15, also 3 vehicles captured.
There's also a photo showing dead soldiers, I assume from that ambush (can't confirm though).

I think I said it more than once, but for God's sake, how are Army's statements less credible than those from fucking terrorists?
I spoke to @GuardianNigeria about the Borno ambush that Nigerian Army said didn't happen.

Nigerian Air Force destroyed a building in Bula Korege (Bama LGA of Borno State), where a Boko Haram (JAS, judging by location) meeting was said to have taken place.

Very low quality video, but a big building in the village is identifiable.

Location: satellites.pro/#11.363127,13.…
ISWAP posted photos of captured vehicles and weapons that weren't captured in an ambush on Nigerian Army soldiers who weren't ambushed (aka the "fake news" ambush near Sabon Gari). Left out the photo showing killed soldiers, too brutal.
Friday means a new Naba issue and an article about ISWAP attacks in the last week. Nothing new reported.
ISWAP claims a big attack on Marte, Kirenawa and Dikwa - says fourteen Nigerian soldiers killed, six vehicles and four armored vehicles destroyed, two captred. The statement also says that Nigerian soldiers fled the area.
Despite being unable to fully follow the conflict in the last few days, I saw this morning a report about Marte being even captured by ISWAP (but waited for the statement from the terrorists). Those reports need to be carefully checked though, so let's not be drama queens.
The other part of the statement says Nigerian soldiers in Kala-Balge were targeted with 13 mortar shells. For me it's very important info since Kala-Balge is away from ISWAP-attacked areas.
Oh, and the rest of the reports (I mean from the local media) should be posted tomorrow. Stay tuned.
Yesterday ISWAP claimed they repelled the MNJTF attack in Lake Chad area (I assume that one near Malkonory), killing/wounding 30 soldiers. During the clashes, an SVBIED was used (attacker: Abu Bakr al-Ansari).
Also yesterday, ISWAP claimed a double Inghimasi attack in Diffa - three attackers stormed Diffa Airport, killed/wounded 25 people and destroyed a helicopter and weapons. A fourth one attacked the Oil Refinery, killing a number of people.
And here's the claim itself.
About the Marte-Kirenowa-Dikwa attack, it appears that the first two bases were indeed sacked, the attack on Dikwa failed, a day later troops came back to Marte (nothing about Kirenowa).

It's another example of the current ISIS strategy - the battle of attrition. They don't really need to be in control of the cities they attack, as long as they keep attacking the opposing armies (I'm not talking just about ISWAP and Nigeria) and steal/destroy their weapons.
"The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) says its Air Task Force (ATF) of Operation LAFIYA DOLE, has destroyed terrorists’ structures and logistics facilities at Tumbun Kaiyowa in Northern Borno."

And here's the other side of the attacks in Diffa - ActuNiger says the attackers were neutralized before they reached their intended targets. Hmm, that's interesting...

ISIS claims an attack from two days ago, when they stormed a military base in Delwa, southwest of Maiduguri, along the road to Damboa.

Location: satellites.pro/#11.657469,13.…
ISWAP claims they captured and killed a Christian in Bosso.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Nigerian Air Force released a video showing an airstrike on a JAS (proof: location) command center in Alafa, on Sambisa Forest fringes.

Location: satellites.pro/Alafa_map.Born…
This part of the world just can't get enough good information.

L'Oeil du Sahel reports that ISWAP attacked Cameroonian troops in their base in Darak - 7 soldiers and 2 civilians killed, many soldiers are missing.
Some new information about the attack in Darak - AFP says "at least 26 people" killed, L'Oeil du Sahel writes about 37 victims. Everything indicates that the attackers withdrew unopposed after the assault. ISWAP hasn't claimed the attack so far.
ISWAP claims an attack on the Nigerian Army base in Kareto. The statement says 20 soldiers were killed (I know that a commanding officer is among them), a tank and a Shilka were destroyed. ISWAP also captured 7 4x4 vehicles and burned the base, then "withdrew safely".
I deleted two tweets that included info I shouldn't post. Sorry for an angry outburst. Anyway, Premium Times confirms that CO has been killed: premiumtimesng.com/news/headlines…
ISIS released a new video from "Wilayah West Africa" - ""And the Best Outcome Is for the Righteous" (h/t @Seamus_Malek). It's a "talking" video (so no separate thread), focusing mostly on repledging the bay'ah from ISWAP fighters (including those from Mali and Burkina Faso).
"At least 20 people have died with about 30 more critically injured after Boko Haram suicide detonated [...] in Konduga, Borno state."

Both location and style of attack (female suicide bombers involved) mean it's JAS.

Location: satellites.pro/#11.660527,13.…

Daily Trust now reports 30 people killed, 42 wounded in that triple suicide bombing.

Earlier today, Nigerian Air Force uploaded a video, purportedly showing a Boko Haram (JAS) hideout in Sambisa Forest being destroyed by NAF airstrikes.
SaharaReporters says ISWAP is attacking Gajiram right now. My reaction to yet another attack on a military base in Borno in June:
AFP reports 15 Nigerian soldiers were killed in the attack, may they rest in peace. No claim of responsibility yet but I expect ISWAP to issue a statement in the coming hours.
ISWAP claims injuring Cameroonian soldiers near Fotokol two days ago. Still no claim for attacks in Darak (and there won't be any, unless in al-Naba) and Gajiram (the one from two days ago).
Spoke too soon about Gajiram, now claimed too - 12 Nigerian soldiers claimed killed, 3 armored vehicles, a tank and a number of 4x4 vehicles destroyed, some 4x4 vehicles also captured. Weirdly, they claimed less killed soldiers than it was reported by the media.
At night ISWAP claimed repulsing the Nigerian Army attack INSIDE Baga. It doesn't prove the terrorists are in control of the city (simply because they don't need to hold it), but I think it does prove NA isn't as well.
For sure, the best way to motivate the soldiers is accusing them of "insufficient commitment". And this guy is the chief of staff...

"The communities highlighted for major attacks by Boko Haram and Islamic State (IS) in West Africa are Damasak, Mallam Fatori, Magumeri, Gubio."

"Every base in N Borno is under constant threat from ISWAP" should be a rule no. 1. It's not just those four.

I feel safe about Damasak and Mallam Fatori though. Of all the attacks they faced in the last months, I think they repelled every single one of them. I see no reason why this time it should be different.
MNJTF (Nigerians and Chadians) embarked on clearance op at Cross Kauwa-Baga-Doron Naira on 21 June 2019.

42 ISWAP members neutralized, 1 Chadian soldier died, 12 wounded.

Approx. op area and the only two photos I can post here shown below.

More here: facebook.com/story.php?stor…
As usual, ISWAP claims the attack was repelled, says 15 soldiers were killed when a suicide bomber (Abu Hurayrah al-Ansari) detonated his SVBIED near Garno (Alagarno, I assume). What's more important, this time we also have a photo of the SVBIED.

cc @HKaaman
There were some developments in the last few days, an update is needed:
1. Nigerian Army says it rescued 42 women, 51 children and 2 men from JAS (erroneously called ISWAP) in Kobe-Boboshe area of Mafa LGA.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…

2. "At least seven people were killed including three terrorists while two soldiers sustained injuries when Boko Haram terrorist clashed with troops in Borno state Monday night"

Location: Mafa.
Photos: Nigerian Army/Facebook.

ISWAP killed 20 farmers in Ngamgam (Mobbar LGA) and 9 people in Kaula (Guzamala LGA). Can't find neither village, but I assume they are both near each other, on the border between both LGA's, "50 kms from Damasak".

"At least 11 Chadian soldiers were killed in an attack blamed on Boko Haram jihadists at Lake Chad, the latest in a surge of attacks in the region, authorities said on Sunday."

Location: Mbomouga, in N'Gouboua area.

Yesterday Nigerian Army repelled the ISWAP assault near Goniri (Yobe State), says "heavy casualty" inflicted. Five gun trucks captured, a number of motorbikes destroyed.

More photos/information: facebook.com/NigerianArmy/p…
ISWAP claims killing/wounded Nigerian soldiers near "Mana Ti" (Mile Ninety) yesterday.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
News more related to ISWAP than Lake Chad basin - photos showing the aftermath of the ambush on Malian soldiers west of Gao, reportedly from June 18:
Back to Nigeria - ISWAP claims MNJTF troops killed/wounded in an attack in Cross Kauwa yesterday.
New Nigerian Air Force video, showing airstrikes against JAS in Gobara and against ISWAP in Bakassi (both in Borno). Can't locate either village. Airstrikes reportedly took place yesterday.
How to make a defeat sound like a victory ISIS/ISWAP's style 101 - example: Goniri clash- Claim an unknown number of the enemy soldiers (here: Nigerians) killed and wounded, don't mention the outcome (here: you were destroyed) and voila, here's how ISIS statements are made.
ISWAP/ISGS claims a big attack targeting the Nigerien Army in In-Ates. The assault involved two SVBIEDs, the statement says "dozens" of soldiers were killed/wounded.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
The photos of two suicide bombers have been published as well. Interestingly, there's also a photo, likely from a drone (maybe the footage will be used in the next ISWAP propaganda video).
New claims from ISWAP:
1. Nigerian Army attack near "Duskali" ("دوسكلي"; can't find it on the map, help needed) repelled - "25 Nigerian soldiers killed and wounded"
2. An attack on the base in Wulgo (that's very likely near Gamboru Ngala) - "Nigerian soldiers killed/wounded".
In another statement two more attacks are claimed - one against Nigerien Army in Bosso, the other targeting Nigerian soldiers in Baba Gida (Yobe State, likely location: satellites.pro/Babban_Gida_ma…)
ISWAP has now released the photos from the clash in Duskali, those that I can upload showing captured military vehicles. I still haven't found its location, is it a name used locally? At least now we know it's in Damboa LGA.
Confirmed: The clash took place in Dusala, in Damboa LGA.

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…
Belated post: A few days ago Nigerian Army repelled ISWAP assault in Gajigana. (I didn't tweet about it since I try to avoid posting anything not meant to be posted).
2 days ago news broke out about NAF mistakenly killing a number of civilians.

"The Boko fighters we speak to admit they share the same aims and ambitions as the Islamic State which once operated across Syria and Iraq... only they want a caliphate here, in central Africa."

Really good report from Sky News: news.sky.com/story/bleeding…
An ISWAP article in the new al-Naba - apart from the attacks claimed before, there is a claim about a mortar shelling, targeting the Chadian Army in "Kigau" on 27/06.
I don't have too many reports about Chad but they might be referring to this village: satellites.pro/plan/world_map…
ISWAP released photos from the attack in Marte back in June. It's not hard to assume this footage will be seen in a couple of months in one of the videos.

The tank appears to be a T-72, am I right?
Late yesterday evening the photos from the attack in Kirenawa were also uploaded.

A lot has been said about it so please let me state the obvious - the way the military bases in Borno are set simply doesn't work. It's just some barracks in the middle of nothing.
Look, I have absolutely no military experience but if I were stationed in one of those "bases", I'd be shitting my pants all the time. I'm absolutely not surprised that the soldiers' morale is low.
Reportedly Boko Haram (currently unknown which faction, likely ISWAP) is attacking Jakana, west of Maiduguri. Details unknown.

Update: The attack in Jakana has been repelled after an hour-long battle, a technical/gun truck has been destroyed by Nigerian soldiers.

However, six soldiers were killed earlier in an ambush near Benisheik (Yobe State).

"An aid worker and staff from the local ministry of health, are said to be missing after being ambushed by the Islamist militant group Boko Haram on Thursday."

Earlier today ISWAP took responsibility for targeting the Nigerian Army base in Malam Fatori with eight mortar shells yesterday.
Five women have reportedly been kidnapped by Boko Haram in Dikwa.
Both factions are active in the area and both do kidnap civilians, JAS does it more often though.

Yesterday a new al-Naba issue has been released. In the ISWAP article, three new attacks have been officially claimed - the kidnapping of the Red Cross workers near Damasak and two assassinations of Tuareg tribal chiefs in In-Ates area (western Niger).
The Nigerian Army says they neutralized 10 ISWAP members in Baga this morning, 4 suicide bombers among them.

"But I also saw white bodies among the corpses of the dead jihadists. We think foreigners are joining Boko Haram, which may explain some of these daring attacks."

A must-read article in my opinion.

Nigerian soldiers managed to repel a Boko Haram (JAS) attack in Bama. There's also an ongoing battle against ISWAP in Benisheik.

More: thecable.ng/breaking-soldi…
Sources indicate that Jakana is under Boko Haram (very likely ISWAP) attack. The details are still unknown, but the recent assaults could be related to the 10th anniversary of the 2009 uprising in Maiduguri.
About the attack in Jakana:
"I don’t know how many people have lost their lives, but definitely, many might have died due to how they (the terrorists) were shooting."

ISWAP's claims about Monday's attacks in Borno - 25 Nigerian soldiers claimed killed in Benisheik, 15 in Mile Four (near Baga).
The Nigerian Army uploaded a video showing airstrikes targeting JAS in Alafa (south of Bama). The statement says the strikes took place yesterday and killed "several terrorists".

Link (cause I somehow can't upload it here): facebook.com/watch/?v=30162…
JAS in Alafa were targeted by NAF airstrikes in June, here's a link:
ISWAP claims another shelling of Diffa Airport, this time, according to the statement, four Grad missiles were used.
The second claim in less than 24 hours, this time about "killing and wounding several Nigerian soldiers" in Monguno yesterday.
The attack was indeed reported but only said that five civilians were killed during the clashes.
Nigerian soldiers (Amaq says Chadian) killed and wounded, a military vehicle destroyed by an IED in Malam Fatori yesterday, according to ISWAP.
ISWAP claims 15 Nigerian soldiers killed/wounded, a tank and two armored vehicles destroyed in the attack in Gubio.
Two Nigerien soldiers were killed, five wounded by an IED on the Bosso-Toumour axis yesterday. actuniger.com/societe/15372-…
A video showing a truck destroyed by Boko Haram in Rimi, east of N'Guigmi (Diffa region, Niger).
"The Nigerian Air Force has said that its Air Task Force of the Operation Lafiya Dole has killed several Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP) fighters at multiple locations within Kollaram"

From yesterday: Nigerian Air Force uploaded a video showing airstrikes targeting JAS in Izza, on the fringes of Sambisa Forest.

More: m.facebook.com/story.php?stor…
Also from yesterday: ISWAP released a photo report, showing its fighters celebrating Eid al-Adha, here are some of the photos:
More photos from ISWAP (10 in total). They are purportedly showing an attack on Nigerian soldiers in Borno state. The exact location isn't known, maybe we'll know it in a couple of months if the video from that assault will be released (cause it likely will).
'“Therefore, we now have no troops in Gubio, Magumeri and Kareto,” a senior military source told PREMIUM TIMES."

It seems like effectively, unless it'll be patrolled, NA has lost control over big parts of Damasak-Maiduguri road.

"A female suicide bomber killed six people after blowing herself up in western Chad early Wednesday, a senior army officer said, in an attack attributed to Nigeria’s Boko Haram"

ISWAP says its fighters targeted Chadian soldiers in Litri, near the border with Nigeria.

Location: satellites.pro/plan/world_map…
"Three soldiers are said to have died when troops of Operation Lafiya Dole averted a Boko Haram attack on Molai village in Borno State"

Location of Mammanti: satellites.pro/plan/world_map…

Yesterday evening ISWAP overran Gubio and Magumeri without any opposition, as the Nigerian Army withdrew some time ago. I hate to be proven right this way, but I wrote recently that there's no control over parts of Damasak-Maiduguri road. Now we see that, sadly, that was the case
Punch writes that the attackers withdrew after they caused serious damage: punchng.com/fleeing-borno-…
SaharaReporters has some details about the attack in Gubio: saharareporters.com/2019/08/22/bre…
"The insurgents [...] also control Kross Kawwa also in Kukawa and Kukawa town itself. The insurgents are said to have been in control of Marte and Abadam local government areas as well as substantial parts of Guzamala"

Source: dailytrust.com.ng/thousands-flee…

I'm sorry, but what troops?

I just realized there was this article from a week ago. Right now it sounds like a really, really bad joke: punchng.com/boko-haram-don…
There's no claim about the attacks in Gubio and Magumeri (yet), but here's the group saying they killed five Nigerian soldiers in Gamboru and Dikwa two days ago. Two 4x4 vehicles are also claimed captured.
ISWAP claims the attack on Nigerian soldiers in Buni (also known as Buni Gari) two days ago, says several were killed and injured, a 4x4 vehicle was seized and the barracks were set on fire.

More details: dailypost.ng/2019/08/20/sus…

Location: satellites.pro/plan/Buni_map.…
Yesterday evening and this morning ISWAP claimed two IED attacks against Nigerien Army near Lake Chad, killing a number of them. Their relation to the attack in Gueskerou is unknown, I haven't seen any info about IEDs being used there.

More: aljazeera.com/news/2019/08/t…
Niger: 1 person killed, 3 abducted by Boko Haram in Diffa region yesterday

"[...] four persons were killed and 12 others missing when suspected Boko Haram insurgents attacked Gajiram, the headquarters of Nganzai Local Government Area of Borno State at the weekend"


Have a bad meme, people
ISWAP claims 8 Nigerian soldiers killed, 4 vehicles destroyed and 2 more captured in an ambush near Maiduguri.
SaharaReporters says the ambush took place near Gasarwa, 5 soldiers are missing: saharareporters.com/2019/08/31/bok…
Location: satellites.pro/plan/Borno_reg…
"Residents of Yimirmigza village in Kautikari ward, Chibok local government area of Borno, took to their heels after suspected Boko Haram insurgents laid siege on their village"


Location: openstreetmap.org/node/501494179…
Reupload (the previous version had no sound): Islamic State's Amaq Agency released a video showing the ambush on the Nigerian soldiers in Gasarwa.
This pretty much confirms what @brendauji has said - thick bushes along the road made it really easy for ISWAP to attack
@brendauji ISWAP says its fighters killed three Chadian soldiers and wounded four yesterday in an ambush near Lake Chad. Amaq statement gives a more precise location - between Litri and "Kigau" (the latter village I can't find on map).
@brendauji ISWAP claims responsibility for yesterday's attack in Gajiram, says 10 Nigerian soldiers were killed, more injured. 6 SUV's were also captured.

SaharaReporters said two civilians were killed during the attack: saharareporters.com/2019/09/04/bre…
@brendauji In the Islamic State's newspaper - al-Naba - ISWAP officially takes responsibility for the attacks in Gubio and Magumeri, says the towns remained under its control "for nearly 24 hours". During that period they executed a number of "apostates" and burned their houses.
@brendauji "Boko Haram terrorists have attempted to assassinate Borno State Governor, Babagana Zulum, sources say."

To clarify, the attackers (judging just by the location) were from JAS (Shekau's faction) and not from ISWAP, like in the February's attack.

@brendauji ISWAP claims an attack on Nigerian Army between "Buni Badi" (a typo, meant Buni Yadi perhaps?) and Buratai (the location said to be in Yobe State, though the latter village is in Borno) yesterday, says two soldiers were killed and an SUV was captured.
@brendauji It took a while to find any information about the attack but Nigerian soldiers were ambushed near Kamuya (home village of TY Buratai's mother) - one of them was killed, three were wounded.


Location of Kamuya: satellites.pro/plan/world_map…
Earlier today, ISWAP claimed a double attack in northwestern part of Borno - in Garunda and between Damasak and Gudumbali (so basically the same area).
The number of Nigerian soldiers killed can't be confirmed, but ISWAP says it killed "dozens" of them.
Nigerian Air Force released a video showing airstrikes on ISWAP 3 kilometers north of Garunda. I couldn't find the exact location (I'm blaming the quality of the video), but in that area there are some small villages.
And here's the ISWAP's part of the story - photos showing the ambush near Garunda, including the captured armored vehicles.
Amaq Agency also released a video showing said ambush. The photos were taken from it. It also included the parts I had to censor, please forgive me for my low-quality edit.
Nigerian Army admits nine soldiers were killed, twenty-seven are missing as a result of the attack in Gudumbali/Garunda.

Older information I forgot to post - "At least three civilians have been killed and two others left injured when Boko Haram terrorists attacked Nganzai area of Borno State on Monday night"

"Troops of the Nigerian Army have shot dead three suspected Boko Haram terrorists during an encounter in the Pulka area [...].

The troops [...] came in contact with the terrorists during a raid on the Kirawa community."

Location: satellites.pro/Kirawa_map

I know it might be too early to call it, but for me it doesn't sound like the "Super Camp" strategy is working well.

ISWAP does claim attacks in Gubio and Gajiganna, says its fighters killed seven Nigerian soldiers and captured four SUV's.

More about those attacks: dailytrust.com.ng/dozens-flee-as…
"The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has destroyed an Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP) training camp near Mallam Fatori on the fringes of Lake Chad in the Northern part of Borno."

I'd love to see a video, hope there is one.

More: dailytrust.com.ng/naf-destroys-t…
Actually, there is a video already, once again very low quality doesn't help with geolocation.
"The army chief did not speak with journalists.

When asked about Gajigana attack, army spokesperson, Mr. Musa, a colonel, said: “You can ask the Theater Commander please.”

The Theater Commander, Olusegun Adeniyi, did not respond to calls."

"At least, nine people have been reportedly killed in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital following attack on a farm at Ajilari community in Mere Local Government Area."

Location: wikimapia.org/#lang=pl&lat=1…

"The Nigerian Army says there is observed massive exodus of Boko Haram and Islamic State of West Africa Province terrorists out of their hideout in Lake Chad Tumbus to North and Central Africa sub-regions."

"here were credible reports from very reliable sources, indicating massive movements of the criminal groups out of the area towards Sudan and Central African Republic."

I can't confirm it, but what if it's their plan to spread terror to those countries and not a retreat?
"The neutralized commanders are said to be Abba Mainok, Bukar Dunokaube, Abu kololo, Abor Kime (said to be of Arab origin – likely their ISIS trainer), Mann Chari, Dawoud Abdoulaye (from Mali) and Abu Hamza."


Check also here:
"A source said the incident happened yesterday at about 6:30pm when residents heard sporadic guns shots, while the Air Force responded promptly to support ground troops."

"The Theater Command of the Operation Lafiya Dole has strongly warned those who are hiding fleeing Boko Haram or Islamic State fighter in some parts of Borno and Yobe states, as doing so would attract severe consequences."

"The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has neutralised scores of terrorists and destroyed their hideouts in separate air strikes conducted at Durbada (also known as Bula Mongoro), Abaganaram and Tumbun Rego in Borno State."

Islamic State's Amaq Agency released a video showing the execution of two Nigerian soldiers captured during the attack in Gajiram on September 5. For very obvious reasons I'm not uploading the full video nor any clips from it here.
"Governor Bello Matawalle of Zamfara has alerted on the presence of elements of Boko Haram allegedly recruited by some politicians to cause havoc in the state."

I remember rumors about ISWAP cells in Zamfara and Sokoto, but for me this accusation doesn't mean anything more than targeting Governor's political opponents. I'd rather listen to the local activists than politicians on this subject.
"The Zamfara State police command has suspended all forms of meetings, procession, partying and unlawful gatherings considering the alleged threats by the elements of Boko Haram to unleash terror attacks on seven local government areas of Zamfara State."

According to a member of House of Representatives from Chibok/Damboa/Gwoza, 27 electoral wards out of 33 wards in his Constituency and 8 out of 10 LGA's in northern parts of Borno State are under control of Boko Haram (ISWAP).

I wouldn't fully agree with the latter part, ISWAP certainly has big presence in those LGA's, but it's not equal to full control over them. Also, ISWAP doesn't seek to hold big towns, as implied by Islamic State's "Battle of the Attrition".
"The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has destroyed a Boko Haram Terrorists (BHTs) camp at Abulam, a settlement on the fringes of the Allagarno Forest, in Borno State."

I'm waiting for a video, may it please be good quality...

Location: satellites.pro/Abulam_map#11.…

It felt weird not to see any ISWAP statements regarding Darak attack, now we know why. Turns out we shouldn't have ruled out JAS, even if it was outside of their zone of operations.

"The Islamic State West Africa Province has executed one of the workers of Action Against Hunger abducted in July."

I haven't seen any reports about it yet, but apparently Nigerian soldiers were ambushed on the Gubio-Maiduguri road today. ISWAP (via Amaq) says its fighters killed 14 troops, wounded others, captured 2 soldiers, an SUV, weapons and ammunition.
SaharaReporters confirms what ISWAP claimed yesterday. SR's sources say there are Nigerian soldiers missing.

"The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has destroyed a major Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP) Logistics Base and Training Camp at Kusuma on the fringes of Lake Chad in Borno."


"At least 10 gunmen suspected to be insurgents with one of them wearing a military jacket invaded an NGO-supported medical facility in Monguno town, Borno State on Tuesday"

As I suspected, Amaq Agency has released a short, 21-second video from the ambush between Gubio and Magumeri. Because the clip only features dead Nigerian soldiers (and doesn't show any fighting), I'm not going to post it here.
"Seven people were reportedly killed along Damaturu, Biu road on Thursday, when a golf car ran into an IED planted on the road by suspected Boko Haram fighters."

Yet another reminder about a threat posed by ISWAP fighters in Alagarno Forest.

ISWAP claims the attack on CTJF in "Maf" (I can't find its location) in Yobe State yesterday, says four people were killed. Probably not related to the attack reported earlier today, no info about IED.
Confirmation: The attacked location is Mafa, in eastern Yobe (about 60 kilometers from Gubio).

ISWAP also claimed the yesterday's attack in Gajiram, says several Nigerian soldiers were killed and wounded (I don't know details yet).
"ISWAP claims" - 17 Nigerian soldiers killed, 7 vehicles destroyed yesterday near Buni Yadi. The statement says the troops were fleeing the base before the attack and while retreating towards Buratai, they were attacked with 6 IEDs.
Correction: The official ISWAP statement says the attack took place "2 days ago". I assume it is the same as the one mentioned in the Daily Post article on Friday.
Another attack on Gubio apparently, ffs...

"Many persons were reportedly killed just as hundreds of residents fled their homes following a fierce battle between Nigerian troops and Boko Haram insurgents in Gubio town, military and local sources said."

Read more: dailytrust.com.ng/b-haram-kills-…
And the claim from ISWAP about the attack in Gubio - 18 Nigerian soldiers killed, 6 SUV's captured.
"The Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai, has said that terrorism and terrorist groups could not be eliminated alone by the military unless religious bodies and organisations in the country come to the “forefront of this spiritual battle.”

That's actually not a bad statement, but I thought Boko Haram has been "eliminated and contained".🤔
"The Nigerian Army have arrested eight illegal immigrants allegedly working for the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) and Boko Haram fighters in Borno State."

ISWAP released photos of weapons and vehicles seized in the attack in Gubio.
Targeting of Christians by ISWAP continues, this time one person was kidnapped and executed after terrorists set up a fake checkpoint on the road from Maiduguri to Benisheik.
ISWAP says its fighters killed four Nigerian soldiers yesterday in an ambush near Gajiram. Two SUV's were also captured.
Similar to what happened last couple of times, I'm expecting an Amaq video tomorrow/on Saturday.
This thread needs updates, blame the internet in my dorm (or lack of it).

1. 22 soldiers accused of desertion during the attack in Gubio

2. "Marte Local Government is totally deserted, you cannot find anybody in Marte. Many of them are now displaced and in camps in Maiduguri."


3. 4 JAS members killed in Gwoza.

4. JAS attack in Mifa.


5. NAF targeting ISWAP in Kirta Wulgo.

11 soldiers killed, 16 injured near Benisheik, 1 person killed, 1 wounded near Frigi, 2 CJTF members killed in Gubio, 2 civilians and 3 vigilantes killed in Banki. All of those ISWAP/JAS attacks are from yesterday...

"Report reaching DAILY POST indicates that rampaging insurgents who attacked Babbangida the headquarters of Tarmuwa local government area of Yobe State have set ablaze Emir of Jajere’s palace."

Location: satellites.pro/Babban_Gida_ma…

As expected, ISWAP claims attack in Babban Gida, but also in Gajiram. In the first the terrorists claim brief control over the town for a brief period, in the second, they say they killed a Nigerian soldier and wounded several others.
The fact I didn't notice yesterday - in the attack in Babban Gida ISWAP claimed the capture of a Nigerian policeman. Today they released a photo showing him after capture, I intentionally blurred it.
I'm confused: ISWAP claims deaths of two civilian JTF members in Bosso - Amaq says "in Borno", official statement - "in Yobe".
There's also a town called Bosso - across Yobe River, in Niger. Honestly, I have no idea which they are in fact referring to.
Update: Two days ago ISWAP claimed the attack in Gubio, said it killed and wounded Nigerian soldiers. The attack has been repelled by the troops.

More: channelstv.com/2019/10/10/ins…
Today they claimed the responsibility for the attack in Tungushe (on the road from Maiduguri to Gajiganna), which took place two days ago. ISWAP said its fighters killed two Nigerian soldiers.

Source: news24.com/Africa/News/ji…
From yesterday: "The Nigerian Army says it has captured 10 suspected key Boko Haram members at Bitta in Gwoza LGA of Borno, trying to escape the troops’ sustained onslaught on them."

Also from yesterday: NAF aircraft have destroyed two ISWAP technicals near Gubio.

The attack in Gajiganna also claimed by ISWAP - the statement says several soldiers killed, a 4x4 vehicle seized.
Another attack in Gubio claimed by ISWAP - two Nigerian soldiers killed yesterday. Apparently, an ISWAP commander was killed during the attack.
Source: (Warning: NSFW)
Oh FFS, ISWAP claims yet another attack in Gubio... It's like a fifth or sixth time in a month.
"The Nigerian Air Force fighter jets have blown off a building in Boboshe area of the Sambisa Forest in Borno State, where some Boko Haram terrorists’ commanders were holding a meeting."

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