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FINALLY…I have confirmed that A-29 Super Tucano light attack aircrafts is finally cleared & now deployed to NorthWest region for air operations against terrorists. Here comes the festival of 🔥. #Kaduna #Kano #Katsina #Sokoto #Zamfara #Jigawa 💪🏽
The Super Tucano is the nightmare of terrorists (now decimated) in NE region. Troops of Operation Hadin Kai recorded massive successes against terror groups in #Borno #Adamawa #Yobe states with the Nigeria Air Force Super Tucano Aircrafts. The game changer is welcome to NW region
Lastly I commend Nigeria Army Ground Troops & Combat Pilots of the Nigerian Air Force, testament of collaborative successes & effective synergy btw NA & NAF is visible for all in the North East region counter Insurgency war. It’s now all family affairs btw the Service Chiefs 👏🏾
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1. Here’s a new update on #IS’s global Ramadan campaign.

In the last week, #IS has deployed more attacks than at any other point since last Ramadan.
2. Since 17 April, #IS has carried out some 132 attacks as part of this campaign.

That's nearly three times more ops per day than usual.
3. #IS’s attacks have been spread far and wide, but with four clear front-runners: #Iraq, #Nigeria, #Syria, and #Afghanistan.

#Iraq: 43
#Nigeria: 34
#Syria: 19
#Afghanistan: 13
#Niger: 5
#DRC: 4
#Egypt: 5
#Somalia: 4
#Pakistan: 2
#India: 1
#Libya: 1
#Uzbekistan: 1
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#Nigeria: ISWA images from their ambush of the relief convoy to Askira Uba, #Borno (Not the raid on the town itself)

Seems that the NA lost a Steyr 4K 7FA APC (w/ PK), Isotrex Phantom 2 APC (IED strike) & 12x AKM(S)/T56(-1) AKs, 3x PG-7V/VM projectiles, quantities of HMG ammo. ImageImageImageImage
3 dead soldiers can be seen (as claimed from the ambush) as well as Brigadier General Dzarma Kennedy Zirkusu. Seems that ISWA also stripped a HMG (Usually W85/DShK) from the Phantom 2 before burning it, and took the 4K 7FA for later use.

ISWA Technical w/ NSV/M02 can be seen. Image
Your weekly reminder that ISWA (Lake Chad Area) are the only branch of the Islamic State worldwide known to operate heavy armour and artillery howitzers in 2021.

No other branch comes close since Spring 2018 when the Baghuz Pocket lost it's last hardware.
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#Nigeria #Borno Capture from ISWA after a large attack (incl. an ambush on reinforcements) on the town of Askira Uba, including a fascinating semi-standardised armoured troop transport made by grafting armour from a Panhard VBL scout car (plus additional plate) onto a technical.
V. fascinating; represents current progression of the complexity of ISWA's Armoured Vehicle production, quite reminiscent of developments in Iraq/Syria. Isn't the 1st time- we saw a v. similar type recently- suggests they're producing a (limited) fleet.
Ofc, who can forget this up armoured vehicle back in late June. Suggests that (w/ possible IS-C engineering guidance) ISWA have made a sustained ability to produce improvised armoured vehicles with good reliability/speed from their considerable captures.

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[THREAD] #Nigeria: ISIS released a video covering activities of ISWA in the Lake Chad region. It's entitled "Makers of Epic Battles 5", part of a series covering IS activity in various locales.

It shows attacks in #Borno & #Yobe, mostly from the 1st half of 2021.

Some notes👇 Image
This propaganda can be observed to serve multiple purposes; a) To show to the global IS "Community" that the group remains strong over the world, b) For local audiences and to serve as a visual counter to constant NA-affilated claims that ISWA is about to collapse, weak, etc. ImageImage
To that end, modern captures are very prominent in this video; an example is this speech by a commander, in which he holds an ex-Chadian Galil ACE 32 & Bulgarian GHO-1/2 & GHD-2/3 nades are in abundance. We also see Type 80 MG, AKM(S) & potent RHEF-7MA/RHEF-7LDMA RPG projectiles. ImageImageImageImage
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#Nigéria vidéo de 16:51 de l’#EI sur les opérations dans le #Borno & #Yobi sur plusieurs mois. Extrait 1 qui confirme encore une fois l’usage de blindé en tête des troupes pour percer les défenses de l’armée
#Nigéria #EI Extrait 2 qui confirme encore une fois l’allégeance absolue au calife Ibrahim en full gear. S’il faut encore le rappeler, si les dynamiques locales priment l’allégeance et la filiation sont bien réelles
#Nigéria extrait3 démonstration de force depuis plusieurs localités suite à l’absorption de la majorité des forces du #JAS [#BokoHaram] suite à la mort de #Shekau. Discours du porte parole en fond. Mise en scène rappelant la période d’apogée de l’EIIL puis #EI en #Syrie #Irak
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#ISIS announced that the Brigadier General of the #Syrian army and 6 soldiers were killed in the Deir ez-Zor desert. Image
Brigadier General Bashir Ismail, commander of the 137th Regiment of the 17th Division, was killed in ambush by ISIS cells while conducting reconnaissance and surveying in the desert of Al Mayadeen.
#ISIS announced that it has attacked the town of Agiri in the Nigerian state of Borno.
It is alleged that the attack was against a militia loyal to the Nigerian army, but there are no militias in the area.
There are armed villagers who do not pay allegiance to ISIS. Image
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This #SOASLangs week, we'll delve in our #African languages holdings @SOASLibrary and @SOAS_SpecColl, or rather just brush on their surface: with several 100s of languages and dialects represented, it is our most #multilingual collection!

#AfricanLanguages #Multilingualism ImageImageImage
Let's start with #Swahili also known as #Kiswahili.

This @SOAS "Language for Lockdown" video is a great introduction to the 1,200 years history of Swahili: .

#SOASLangs #SOASfromHome Image
@SOAS @CAS_SOAS @SOAS_SpecColl hold a great collection of Swahili manuscripts, see

Among them figure a few copies of al-Inkishafi "The Soul's Awakening", a 19th cent. poem by Sayyid Abdallah bin Ali bin Nassir.

#Swahili #SOASLangs #SOASfromHome #Inkishafi Image
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#Nigéria l’#EI affirme s’être déployé hier dans la ville de #Monguno #Borno après « une attaque sur 2 axes et appuis de feu par mortiers, d’avoir brûlé un poste de police, 2 casernes, 3 checkpoints et libéré des prisonniers » avant de se retirer ImageImageImage
#Nigéria (1) vidéo de l’attaque de #Monguno #Borno // on remarque l’appui mortier et 12,7 au début de l’offensive, le véhicule piégé qui a échoué et le contrôle sur une partie de la localité
#Nigéria (2) vidéo de l’attaque de #Monguno #Borno // on remarque la destruction de chars/blindés et la rencontre avec certains habitants pendant la brève présence des jihadistes de l’#EI dans la ville
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a) On his 1st day in office, @ProfZulum of #Borno met the NLC and directed payment of accrued salaries and allowances. That’s the day on which @Maimalabuni019 of #Yobe ...

... married his predecessor’s daughter as 3rd wife.

b) On the 2nd day, #Zulum paid an unscheduled visit to government offices, recorded those present & rewarded them. He promised to punish those absent. This visit would send a strong signal to Borno civil service.

The same day, #Buni slept, according to @thecableng, in Kano after his wedding:…. He’s PROBABLY on honeymoon.

The difference has began to show. Buni declared a State of Emergency (SoE) on inauguration but started with advancing his personal interests.

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This is an important conversation for us to have.

#Nigeria can scarce afford to be looking to project influence when our primary challenges are at home, so in the geopolitical game, we are toast. @FulanNasrullah @bigbrovar @andrewfootie @chrisngwodo
Like #Zamfara, like #Borno, like #Benue, like #Kogi (last night), like #Ebonyi, like #Adamawa.

Looking at a few maps and our issues become quite clear. They are no accident. This is a map of #Nigeria's subnational HDI. We'll come back to it later...
In the 1960s, the government conceived of two economic corridors largely following the colonial rail lines. We didn't build on them, but the 2NEC was completely abandoned.

It is no accident that until #Zamfara, the majority of our internecine conflicts were along the old 2NEC...
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Nigerian States and their Natural Resources

Is your States as rich as Its natural resources?
Nigerian States and Their Natural Resources:

#Abia State

#Adamawa State

#AkwaIbom State

#Anambra State

#Bauchi State
Cassiterite (tine ore),

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2018 #FAAC Shared to States - TOTAL GROSS AMOUNT:

#Delta - N237.81bn
#AkwaIbom - N216.29bn
#Rivers - N186.53bn
#Bayelsa - N172.61bn
#Lagos - N157.80bn
#Kano - N90.18bn
#Edo - N75.79bn
#FCTAbuja - N73.62bn
#Kaduna - N73.59bn
#Ondo - N72.33bn
#Katsina - N68.82bn

Source: OAGF

#Borno - N67.35bn
#Oyo - N67.18bn
#Bauchi - N65.98bn
#Niger - N64.74bn
#Imo - N64.59bn
#Jigawa - N62.60bn
#Benue - N62.05bn
#Abia - N60.96bn
#Sokoto - N60.59bn
#Kogi - N60.42bn
#Kebbi - N58.22bn
#Plateau - N57.69bn
#Anambra - N56.83bn
#Enugu - N56.33bn

Source: OAGF

#Crossriver - N55.51bn
#Adamawa - N55.50bn
#Zamfara - N55.31bn
#Yobe - N54.37bn
#Ogun - N54.12bn
#Taraba - N52.94bn
#Gombe - N52.07bn
#Osun - N51.92bn
#Nasarawa - N50.64bn
#Ebonyi - N50.03bn
#Ekiti - N50.00bn
#Kwara - N49.86bn

Source: OAGF

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(THREAD) #Nigeria: In this thread I will be posting all #ISWAP attack claims and everything connected to Nigerian Army's fight against the terrorists in northeastern part of the country. It will be better to have everything in one place. Stay tuned.
Here is part of my work about #ISIS in December. The number of ISWAP attacks reported by their media has doubled compared to November:
The map of #ISWAP control in Borno. The situation has changed since - Baga, Cross Kauwa and Kukawa have been recaptured by Nigerian Army:
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1/ The country’s profile got bleaker this week for a host of reasons - impetuous regulatory behaviour, refugees left out in the cold, a needless rise in public recurrent spending and an unshackled rogue police squad.
2/ Nothing illustrates #Nigeria’s dysfunction as much as the minimum wage palaver. The ₦27,000 ($75) or even ₦30,000 ($83) is not much – those that earn it will hover around the poverty line.
3/ The issue is that even such a wage is beyond the capacity of @AsoRock to pay, and for many small businesses as well, this will represent a massive upswing in cost. There is a disconnect between value creation by the workforce, and how much they earn.
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In a week where Nigeria’s government outmanoeuvred trade unions but inevitably booted the ball up the pitch, questions still arose about its budget.

Meanwhile, security dominates the discussions next door, amid concerns that Nigeria may be inadvertently breeding a militia.
On the minimum wage palaver, the key point to note is that @AsoRock has been unable to fund salary payments at the ₦18,000/month level from its revenues, and most states need to be bailed out periodically at that amount.
An analysis by @BusinessDayNg projected that an acceptance of ₦30,000 minimum wage (a 66% rise) by @MBuhari will cost @AsoRock an additional ₦1.25 trillion annually, a move which renders the proposed #budget2019 obsolete, and plunges #Nigeria deeper into the debt conundrum.
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#NIGERIA: Tragic abduction and killing of Maj Gen Idris #Alkali (rtd), while traveling between #Abuja and Bauchi, adds to growing list of RETIRED GENERALS #kidnapped, shot or #killed, over last decade. The most notable cases…
2009: Maj Gen Peter #Ademokhai (rtd), ex-GOC 1 Division, ex-member, Armed Forces Ruling Council (AFRC) was abducted at Iguoriakhi, Ovia North East LGA, Edo state, 23 April 2009; paid ransom, released after 2 days. Earlier, shot by robbers 9 April 1994, hospitalized for 8 months.
2007: Maj Gen Joseph Ayango #Aondo (rtd) was #killed in the federal capital, #Abuja, 14 June 2007. He had been chairman of the political campaign group, #Yar'Adua Associates, was seized at the entrance to his house, driven 5km on the Kubwa expressway, then shot dead in his car.
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It must be noted that this crisis is not the first this year to engulf Kasuwan Magani, #Kaduna.

At least 12 persons were killed and 1,000 houses destroyed in a religious crisis that erupted on 26 February over the conversion of a Christian girl to Islam by her Muslim boyfriend.
65 persons were subsequently arrested and charged to court by @contactkdsg.

The history of #Kaduna is filled with crises cutting across religious, economic and tribal lines, and various governments, both military and civilian have been unable to prevent the lawlessness.
The state government’s helplessness was laid bare during the 2016 crisis between herdsmen and farmers in #Godogodo.

The payment of compensation only for cattle killed in the crisis exposed the unwillingness of @contactkdsg to confront these security threats head-on.
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On the evening of 7/9/18, fighters loyal to ISWAP raised their flag over #Gudumbali, HQ of Guzamala LGA, #Borno.

Soldiers and policemen in town abandoned their positions, and in some instances discarded their uniforms as they sought to escape the advancing terrorists.
What was striking was the speed with which @HQNigerianArmy lost control of Gudumbali, a strategic town that lies on the road between Damasak and Monguno.

This attack was less than a week after 145 Battalion was attacked in Zari, 51km away, leading to the loss of 48 soldiers.
Belatedly, @HQNigerianArmy launched a counter-attack to retake #Gudumbali on the evening of 8/9/18.

As of the time of writing this report, the operation is still ongoing with fighting having spread as far as Kukawa, 43km away.
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Growing up as a child between #Biu and #Maiduguri in the 80's and 90's left me with vivid memories. There were clear memories of affinity, of love, of trust, of sharing and good neighbourliness. #Maiduguri, to me, is the only place I want to retire to.

Today, the epitaph - home of peace, mock the state, its citizenry and govt. A crisis we all saw coming and I, in particular, wrote articles and reports in the New Sentinel and the Daily Trust, alerting the state of an impending threat to law and order, long before it occurred.
The official lines, then, was, the crisis "would fizzle out soon." Today, officials are pushing the same narrative. This is the wish of every well meaning citizen, but wishes are not horses. The evidence in Borno, especially rural areas, contrast sharply with official lines.
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“I got that sunshine in my pocket
Got that good soul in my feet” 🎼💃

We legit brought #Maiduguri to #Lagos 😍🙏
To my friend and team lead, are amazing. You don’t have a digital footprint and i adore you for that. All you try to do is the job. Maybe one day, you will see this. Maybe...❤️
Pics not clear but they are sooo us. Decision making on the go...#girlpower💪🏾
“They put their sunshine in our pockets and the good soul in our feet” 😆❤️
sorry oh fellow Timberlakians 🙈
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