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In 2008, #IndianArmedForces Veterans organized under the platform of Indian Ex-servicemen movement (IESM) to raise their voice against disparity in pensions asking the UPA Govt (led by @INCIndia) to adopt... ImageImage
One Rank One Pay. OROP essentially means that at any given time the pension of an armed forces person with same rank and service will be equal, irrespective of the time of retirement. This means that a sepoy who retired in year 2008, his pension will automatically be annually... Image
...increased to become equal to pension of the sepoy who is retiring in later years 2009 onwards…so on and so forth. To understand #OROP difference from traditional system of pension we can consider Pakistan. In #Pakistan Armed Forces pensions are fixed at the time of....
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Highlights from the keynote address made by Mr. Deepak Bagla, Managing Director & CEO of Invest India at the Standard Chartered Treasury Leadership Forum 2023.

A thread! (1/n)

#India #economy #GDP #highlights #thread
India is going through the most unprecedented transformation of human history in the free world today. (2/n)

#india #economy
This is the first time in the history of India’s 5000 years of existence, that the 3 pillars are going through a rapid transformation at the same point in time.

The 3 Pillars:
- Economic
- Social
- Political (3/n)

#india #economy #social #political
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Set a reminder for my upcoming Space!…

We are going live in 5!

Follow the thread below for slides!

#nifty50 #NiftyBank #corporateindia
Before we begin, here is the Disclaimer
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Here are some highlights from the Voices of Tomorrow Bangalore Chapter! (1/n)

#VoicesofTomorrow #VoT2023 #ithoughtVoT #ithoughtVoT2023
Session #01

ithought Way – The Journey by Mr Shyam Sekhar

Mr @shyamsek answers the question, ‘What pain points does ithought address & solve?’ (2/n)

#ithought #portfoliomanagement #financialplanning
“We want to make Millennials as $ Millionaires – a well-managed wealth corpus for the 90’s born.” - @shyamsek on what ithought wants to accomplish.

Watch Mr Shyam Sekhar’s talk ‘ithought Way – The Journey’ here… (3/n)

#investors #investearly
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9 things to know about Senior Citizen Saving Scheme:

• What SCSS offers?
• Eligibility
• Interest Rates
• Account opening procedure
• Taxation
• Maturity Period
• Minimum & Max Deposit
• Tenure
• Lapse of Scheme

– A Thread🧵⤵️ –
• What SCSS offers?

This scheme comes in as a viable investment option for retired as well as Senior citizens. It is one such parkway which aims at delivering safe & viable investment options.

#Seniorcitizen #IndianEconomy
• Eligibility

The Eligibility criteria of individual investors must be at least 60 years & above. This scheme also includes retired defence personnel with a minimum age of 50 yrs.

People who are not allowed to invest in SCSS are NRIs & HUFs.
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We're breaking #Budget2023 down for you.

Sit back, relax, and have a great read! 👇

Infra gets boost:

- Highest ever capital outlay of Rs. 2.40 lakh crores for Railways

- 50-year interest-free loans to states one more year for infra spends

Agri & Fisheries to benefit:

- Agricultural accelerator fund to promote agri-startups

- 10,000 bio-input resource centres in next 3 yrs to promote natural farming

- 6000 Cr outlay for Animal husbandry, dairy, and fisheries
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The US Dollar stands at INR 82.82 as of today.

Ever wonder why the Rupee always depreciates against the Dollar?

Let’s find out in a 🧵:

#USD #Dollar #forex #investing Image
One of the major reasons for INR depreciation is India’s massive exposure and dependence on one single commodity:


Almost 70% of our imports in value is just crude oil, as we’re the third-largest consumer globally.

There are two ways this affect our economy and currency.
1. Global crude oil market is denominated in USD.

This means we have to sell INR to buy USD in the Forex market first, and then pay the same to OPEC to import oil.

As demand for USD rises, and supply being controlled by The Fed, its value too rises against the INR.

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The Correct answer is (D)
(1/3) A corporate tax is a tax levied on the profits of a company/firm, and is paid on a company’s taxable income. Corporate taxes are collected by the government as a source of income.
(2/3)These taxes are based on taxable income, after expenses have been deducted.
Corporation Tax is an appropriation out of profits from business, interest on securities and dividends of the company.
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A look at India Vs the Rest of the world!

A Thread!

#india #economy #globaleconomy #inflation

India is emerging as one of the relatively better-off economies in the post-COVID world.


Looking closely, we find that India’s inflation is well controlled, ATH FX reserves have acted well as a shock absorber against volatility, and our GDP growth expectations is one the highest in the world!

#inflation #volatility #GDP

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साधारण २ वर्षांपूर्वीची गोष्ट आहे.
covid च्या वेळी चौथे lock-down चालू होते आणि ठप्प झालेल्या अर्थव्यवस्थेला पुन्हा चालना देण्यासाठी अर्थमंत्री निर्मला सीतारामन यांनी २० लाख कोटी रुपयांचे एक पॅकेज जाहीर केले होते.
त्याचे तपशील बाहेर येताच सगळीकडे मोदी आणि सीतारामन यांच्या घोषणेची थट्टा उडवणारे खूप सारे जोक viral होऊ लागले होते.
त्यातले काही उदाहरणादाखल मी इथे दिले आहेत.
आज या गोष्टीला २ वर्ष होऊन गेल्यावर काय परिस्थिती आहे ते आपण बघू.

Every action has an equal and opposite Reaction. 👇
एखादी गोष्ट जितकी वर जाते तितकीच खाली येते हा निसर्गाचा नियम आहे.
हा नियम जितका Physics ला लागू पडतो तितकाच तो अर्थव्यवस्थांना सुद्धा लागू आहे.
याचे भान बाकी कोणाला नसेल तरी मोदी आणि सीतारामन यांना नक्की आहे.
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Today is #WorldPopulationDay, which reminds us that while #ElonMusk is determined to contribute to increasing the population, he has also managed to upset the existing one, by backing out of the Twitter deal. Good thing that the markets were more stable, than Musk’s mood. 1/7
Talking about the “impending recession” seems to be the trend. So, it was a surprise last week, when both the #Sensex & the #Nifty went ↑ by almost 3%. Potential reasons? Maybe the cooldown in the prices of #commodities. This helps sectors like #Auto, #Realty, & #FMCG. 2/7
So naturally, both the #NiftyFMCG & #NiftyRealty were ↑ over 5%. #NiftyAuto was also ↑ 3.5%. In fact, every sectoral index was painting the town green. Global indices were also mostly up. The S&P 500 was ↑ 1.94% & the #NASDAQ100 ↑ by 4.6%. 3/7
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How India fought back when the United States imposed sanctions on India.

A thread 🧵 - 1/17

#India #nationaltechnologyday #pokharan #sanctions #Indianeconomy
Though the war between Russia and Ukraine is being fought with weapons, Russia is fighting another war with a different set of weapons. The United States and its allies are in an economic war with Russia with sanctions.

Almost 24 years ago, India faced a similar situation when the United States and its allies imposed sanctions on India.

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Who said #hesitancy was not a prob? My comorbid wife delayed taking shot by a month. Sr citizen neighbour pastered doctor son against vaccine. #Covaxin was not mocked? It was done till early April. Hesitancy was so common that bengal went slow on covax indent 1/n
Why all health staff, Sr xitizen didn't queue up 4 #vaccine in Feb-March? Centres wr idle. Data proves, Thr ws not equal push from all states either. All rushed 4 vax as #SecondWave struck. As in end April 50% on queue for vax wr above 60. This contributed to overcrowding. 2/n
Yes thr is now a #VaccineShortage. But part of it is perceived. Do we have enough manpower & other necessary infra to inoculate 3 USAs (90cr adult) at one go? V got feb-april. Cud USA vaccinate all in 3 months? On April 18, only 50% Americans wr vaccinated. De started ahead. 3/n
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#IndianEconomy In a Group Discussion of my Alumni, most of who are industry seniors or leaders, what is emerging that India is on its recovery path. Salaries that were reduced by as much as 50%, is on the uptake and is going back to pre-covid levels.
Another person mentioned that large MNCs are signing contracts and closing them. In another case, no salary reduction.
To quote another, "Hurried layoffs and furloughs are making it harder to come back online. People are realizing the value of human capital and bench strength".
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Right now DR @APanagariya speaking at @BenCham1833 Leadership Series on the impact of the pandemic #ArvindPanagariya #BengalChamber
2/n Dr #ArvindPanagariya endorses the government's decision not to front-end the "demand stimulus" - because with labour not being there and enterprises shut - Supply Curve being vertical - it wouldn't have worked. #COVID19India #BengalChamber
3/n Dr #ArvindPanagariya thinks it was the right decision to focus first on food security and controlling infection spread. Next, the interventions by RBI on liquidity and credit lines was the logical second step #COVID19India #BengalChamber
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In an atmosphere of doom and gloom, refreshing to hear industry leaders and bankers at the launch of Akhil Gupta's "Some Sizes Fit All" sound more optimistic than our economists and commentariat @bhanshireen @rajivmemani @Kalpnamorparia @kakunakhate #books #economy #IndianEconomy Image
Talking of a SWOT #KakuNakhate of @BankofAmerica thinks India is far better geo-politically today - though she sounded a word of caution on the situation at the borders. #KalpanaMorparia of @jpmorgan appeared to be bullish on banking reforms and RBI interventions. @CNBCTV18Live
The best came from @rajivmemani of @EY_India, who highlighted the "talent pool" from India providing critical services around the globe at this time of the pandemic. That combined with the technology progress can be a differentiator in the postcovid world. #SomeSizesFitAll #books
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In an otherwise grim #economic outlook, #Cement stocks shine as a ray of hope in the market - basis better than expected performance of cement companies in Q1 21 and banking on government infra spends to boost #economy post #Covid19 #indianeconomy…
#IndianEconomy Return of #migrantlabour could turn out to be a boon for #ruralIndia. Better availability of labour, good harvest, MNREGA and PMGKY etc spends could augur well for #ruraleconomy. Besides, availability of manpower also helped in sowing season. #COVID19India #economy
#IndianEconomy Per current outlook on #Covid19 Cities and user states can’t wait indefinitely for normalcy and #migrantlabour to return (even at higher pay). They will have to adopt new construction practices and technology. That is also an opportunity for re/upskilling. #economy
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"Economic growth accompanied by worsening social outcomes isn't success, it's failure"- @jacindaardern
by his Uneducated Mental Mess is Catapulting India 2 a #SocialSuicide
The #DeathKnell
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We a group of nationalistic professionals have written a letter to Honble PM @narendramodi giving some suggestions to a) tackle urgent distress b) generate demand c) usher in policy changes in view of stress on #IndianEconomy due to #coronavirus

Distress Management

1 Suspend FRBM Act and Prudential Norms for MSMEs for one year
2 Loans to MSMEs without considering external rating requirements
3 Provide credit facilities to returning migrants to set up their ventures train them on their skill development programs

Distress management

4 Provide interest free crop loans to farmers (including animal husbandry) having holding up to 5 acres for the current year
5 Involve philanthropists, intermediaries, Self-Help Groups and NGOs for effective last mile delivery of relief measures

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Many of the long standing societal rules were re-written at times of crisis. We are undergoing one of the biggest crisis of our generation. Wonder what rules will be re-written in the post COVID world. Trying to predict few changes in the new world

Thread 1/n
AI and Digital transformation will lead the way in the post Covid world as people will finally wake up to the potential of technology in optimizing their respective businesses.
#COVID #coronovirusindia #economy #recession #IndianEconomy #startups
The de facto delivery of education will change to online mediums now that the education institutes will start seeing the potential of online education delivery. Low impact in K12, high impact in higher education.
#COVID #education #edtech
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The peculiar thing about Crude oil price collapse & bloodbath in equity markets across the world is that, no one saw it coming, no one had expectation/expected OPEC+ & Russia fallout would result in so big mrkt crash - Why would b that ? 1/n #marketcrash #COVD19 #IndianEconomy
Such highly volatile markts r real challenges to traders & risk manager even though risk scenarios r built & MTM @ VAR r calculated, despite of that margin calls going to banks/dealers - This has resulted into domino effect 2/n
Are we into a grand lab of behavioral experiment - How could crude oil collapse lead to such a huge loss, today Indian investors lost 11 trillion rupees & Globally mrkts lost $ 5 trillion in last 2 months -thr were no signs of recession or global contagion like 2008 3/n
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Guy at BSNL office was worried over his personal issues, started talking to me on his own, about lay offs, privatization, future of LIC, a lot. Said govt unable to control but later said, 'look at Pakistan, they've to mortgage all, even roads, we're much better' #Media #Narrative
He was explaining to me that in India, we're yet to sell railways but in Pakistan even 'roads sold' to keep the country's economy afloat'. Must have picked up from channels. So this comparison always makes people content, 'unse behtar hain', without stepping foot out of India.
This is the super narrative--comparison has to be with Pakistan, look at how others have sunk & we are still not doing badly. Even within locality it happens, people are sometimes more jealous about neighbour's accomplishment. So playing on these emotions. Truly amazing.
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Long thread on Budget FY-2020: How difficult is finance minister’s job in #India. If you’re amongst those who think the budget doesn’t do much for people, you need to understand this in detail. Why do we struggle to solve national problems? #Budget2020 #NirmalaSitharaman
Let me simplify things for the readers as to how the budget looks like & what the numbers mean. Below is the graphic that I have created for the revenue & expense heads for govt of India.Left side is govt INCOME & right side is how it SPENDS for the year. Size Rs 27.8 lac crores Image
Income of govt:
1) Taxes & non-tax revenue is 61% & 10% respectively. Additionally, another 4% comes by selling govt shares in PSUs. All this adds to 75%.
2) Borrowings forms the balance 25% of Income. This is our govt borrowing money to spend which of-course carries interest.
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1. As the daily hysteria about the decline of Indian economic growth continues , I'll share few unorthodox theories and interesting data trends about everything economic development and...…
2...and some of the many fixes—some straightforward and obvious to everyone and some not so much—India can pull to prevent going down the road of low growth rates and start imitating the growth pattern of China, South Korea and Taiwan. #indianeconomy #economicdevelopment #india
3. Most economists earn their living working in sectors that are free of market forces and end user criticism. So time to time we have to dunk on the economists worldwide for being so inept at what they do and for making the subject crude, out-of-touch with reality and...
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