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🚂 Good morning from Hua Lamphong Station. Today is the 126th anniversary of the opening of the first railway in #Thailand and the founding of the State Railway of Thailand on 26th March 1897.

This is a live THREAD of my steam train trip to Ayutthaya.

#RailTourism #Thailand Image
[2] There are six steam train trips a year on important dates. They go to three different locations: Ayutthaya, Chachoengsao and Nakhon Pathom. Tickets are 299 Baht for 3rd Class (8 carriages) and 799 Baht for 1st Class (2 carriages). ImageImageImageImage
[3] Guide to Steam Train Excursions in Thailand – Thai Train Guide…

#RailTourism #Trains #Thailand ImageImageImageImage
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🔴#DIRECT - #AssembléeNationale : #Commission sur l'indépendance énergétique de la #France et la gestion du #nucléaire : L'audition de l'ancien président Nicolas #Sarkozy vient de commencer, disponible canal 13 de la TNT sur @LCP, François Hollande suivra #énergie #LCP #DirectAN
@LCP 🔴#DIRECT - #AssembléeNationale : #Commission sur l'indépendance énergétique de la #France et la gestion du #nucléaire : Il fallait recruter 1200 ingénieurs de + /an dès 2010 ; le projet de la centrale de Panly arrêté par Hollande puis repris, "12 ans perdus" (#Sarkozy) #DirectAN
🔴#DIRECT - #AssembléeNationale : #Commission sur l'indépendance énergétique de la #France et la gestion du #nucléaire : "La succession de périodes d'investissements et d'arrêts" destructeur pour la filière, cela a découragé les "meilleurs étudiants" français (#Sarkozy) #DirectAN
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Feb. 28:
2/ #Russians #Rob #Grain in #Ukraine

In the morning, a #Train of more than 30 #Train #Wagons/[#Cars] was moving from the temporarily #Russian-#Occupied #Zaporozhye/#Zaporizhzhia towards ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Scandal .@ua_parliament…
Feb. 28:
3/ #Russians #Rob #Grain in #Ukraine

..towards the [#Crimean] peninsula.

Similar [#Train] #Wagons/[#Cars] were seen in #Berdyansk in Dec. 2022, taking #Grain out of #Warehouses on the territory ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Crimea #Robbery…
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Good morning from Bangkok Railway Station. Today I’m on the KiHa-183 excursion train to Chachoengsao. This is a THEAD of the trip. More information here:… You can also find more train photos and videos by following @ThaiTrainGuide.

#RailTourism #Thailand ImageImageImageImage
The KiHa-183 trains were donated by Japan. They were then refurbished in the Makkasan Workshops so that they look as good as new. They kept the livery the same as when it was used in Japan. There also kept the information signs. The KiHa-183 trains will be used as tourist trains. ImageImageImageImage
The trip today is a package tour to Chachoengsao. The ticket price is 1,999 Baht which includes breakfast, lunch and a bus/boat tour. #Thailand ImageImageImageImage
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For new followers, you may hear the term "loading gauge" and question the meaning. Will explain in a brief thread with this photo by @christofspieler at Roselle Park, N.J. a) the definition, and b) why it matters for passenger rail service. #trains #railroading
As opposed to track gauge, which measures the width between the rails (for which "standard gauge" is 4'8 1/2" for much of the world), loading gauge is the width of the widest part of the *train.*
For passenger rail lines that are shared with freight operations, the wider loading gauge for the widest freight cars impacts passenger platforms, particularly high-level platforms, which need clearance for a bit of swaying for these cars, which tend to be wider than pax. coaches
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#Mumbai #India #Bollywood Mumbai is a really cool, hip city that's India's most populous but richest. It's home to Bollywood, movie stars, with great food, a bounty of Indo-Gothic, #artdeco and modern architecture, beautiful ocean sunsets, etc. Here's some of the good and bad. 1/ ImageImageImageImage
2/ #Mumbai #Bombay #ThenAndNow #BeforeAndAfter I overlaid maps from 1750, 1893, etc. atop my Google Maps composite. The original "fort" is still visible. Note Victoria Terminus (now Shivaji Terminus), Churchgate Station, etc. Click to zoom for detail. Image
3/ #Mumbai #architecture #trains – Mumbai/Bombay, India’s massive and soaring 1878 Shivaji Terminus (formerly Victoria Terminus) train station is a #UNESCO site and took ten years to build. You might recognize it from movie #SlumdogMillionaire! Jai Ho! ImageImageImageImage
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1/ #Trains #Trainspotting #TrainThursday #Railways - Who likes trains? I always have... Here are some from Chattanooga, Tennessee at the Tennessee Valley Railroad and Museum! #TN225
2/ #Trains #1940s #1950s #forests - Admission gets you on to a 40 min. train ride through the forest, Missionary Ridge Tunnel and bridges in a vintage train... Each compartment is different, but all are from the 1940s to 1960s or so IIRC.
3/ #STEM - @tvrail's turntable operation at the second station at the "end" of the ride is great. It takes ~15 minutes. Then we all re-board for the 20 min. ride back to the first station. Nicely done and worth the $22/person tickets!
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Pretty excited, I’m taking the train from Chicago to Kalamazoo to visit a friend this weekend. First time taking my bike on @Amtrak #bikechi ➡️ #bikezoo Trek bicycle in chicago uni...Bicycle in front of an Amtr...
Journey started on the @cta blue line from Jeff park. I forgot how many stairs there were at the Clinton stop lol (4 flights!) but there’s a nice bike path for the last couple blocks to union station! ImageImageImage
Arrived early just in case, and got a little ticket for the bike. They announced a delay but then the line started moving and we ended up leaving pretty much right on time anyway! So far so good 😊 ImageImage
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🚂 Special Express No. 7 from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (8:30am-7:30pm). Three 2nd Class Daewoo carriages with air-con and reclining seats.

I will be getting off in Phitsanulok at 1:12pm. Ticket for me is 479 Baht which includes a meal.

#thaitrain #railway #trains #Thailand
[2] The seats on the No.7/8 recline and there’s a reasonable amount of leg room. The drop-down table on the seat-back looks reasonably clean but I would bring soft wipes. Luggage space is adequate if your bags are not too big.

#รถไฟไทย #thaitrain #railway #trains #railfan
[3] The toilets are clean enough. You have the choice between squat toilets and Western style. There’s a washbasin with a small bar of soap. There’s also a microwave where the attendant for our carriage is already warming up our meals six at a time.

#trainphotography #Thailand
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#Japan is making grand plans of creating interplanetary #trains and champagne flute-like glass habitats in its bid to send and host humans on the #Moon and #Mars!


📸: Youtube SC/Kajima Corp.

Thread. 👇
An interplanetary transportation system dubbed the 'Hexatrack', which maintains a gravity of 1G during long-distance travel to mitigate the effects of prolonged exposure to low gravity, has been proposed by #Japanese researchers.
The #trains will also possess 'Hexacapsules', which are essentially hexagon-shaped capsules with a moving device in the middle.
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Good morning from Bangkok Railway Station. Today I’m on an excursion train to Suan Son Pradipat Beach:…

This is a live THREAD 🧵 of the day trip. Follow @ThaiTrainGuide for more photos and details.

#BKKdaytrip #thaitrain #railway #trains #Thailand #rail ImageImageImageImage
Tickets for the day excursion to the beach cost only 120 Baht in 3rd Class fan or double if you want air-con in 2nd Class. I prefer with open windows as easier to take photos. However, this time I’ve booked an inward facing seat as it gives more leg room for this 5 hour journey. Image
Breakfast on the train today is my usual. Stir-fried basil with minced pork. The cost with a fried egg was 30 Baht. Not the most generous of portions but good value for the price. Anyway, there will be more food opportunities later.

#thaitrain #railway #trains #ThaiFood Image
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Good morning from Wongwian Yai Station in #Bangkok. Today I’m on a #BKKdaytrip to Samut Songkhram by train. This is a live THREAD 🧵 of the trip. Also follow @ThaiTrainGuide for more photos and information.

#รถไฟไทย #thaitrain #railway #trains #rail #Thailand ImageImageImageImage
[2] Even if you are not catching a train, Wongwian Yai Railway Station is a great place to explore and buy some food.


#thaitrain #railway #trains #BKKdaytrip #Thailand ImageImageImageImage
[3] Tickets for the one hour train trip to Mahachai (Samut Sakhon) are only 10 Baht in 2nd Class with fan. The seats are hard but it doesn’t really matter as the journey is short.

#Thailand #thaitrain #railway #trains #BKKdaytrip ImageImageImageImage
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A Poem for @Crossrail fans struggling to sleep tonight:

(1/7) Twas the Night before Crossrail, and all through the town
The Platforms stood ready, some 100ft down.
Roundels, display screens, maps, set out with care
For thousands of passengers soon to be there. A spacious train platform.
(2/7) The new #trains were nestled all snug in their sidings,
Ready to move out at five-minute timings;
Commuters and tourists were ready to master
Nine brand-new stations … and Bond Street soon after. An aerial shot of trains parked up.
(3/7) It’s been a long wait: thirty years in the making,
But the passenger journey will now be breath-taking:
Bright stations, time savings, and better connections,
New possibilities in every location. The purple symbol of The Elizabeth line.
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🧵We are a group of volunteers exploring existing and non-conventional options for moving #Ukrainian #grains, #wheat and #agricultural products into the #European #Railway Network for distribution to EU #Export terminals, primarily, but not exclusively on the #Danube Waterway.
Why, what's stopping this?

Similar to @Apple, @Microsoft or @Android Operating Systems, #Ukraine's and #Europe's #trains, #locomotives & #wagons operate on physically different track widths.

While having similar functionalities, they don't "play well with each other".
Specifically, a Ukrainian train cannot travel on a European railway (track) and European trains cannot travel on Ukrainian railways.

The width, called "Gauge", between rails is different. Ukrainian is 1520mm wide, while European is 1435mm.
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This 12(!) car #train arrived at #budapestnyugati from #záhony at the #Ukrainian #border this afternoon, it was a special train for the #Ukrainianrefugees fleeing the #WARINUKRAINE

And I have to say that I am positively surprised by how much help is happening in Eastern Europe!
And to put it in context, the "normal" train back to Zahony had 5 cars...
This is at the #keleti station in Budapest, normally this hall is completely empty, now it full with stands and people who #HelpUkrainianRefugees
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Shunting is a bit like chess. We've always got to plan ahead.

Friday Day Shift is particularly important for us as we don't just plan for the next day, but for the whole weekend and Monday morning.

Let's run through what happens...
#railwayfamily #railway #trains Image
Each week we are sent a Carriage Working Notice (CWN) for each day of that week. This is a working timetable showing every train movement planned for that day at each location.

I can't share the exact document, but @RealtimeTrains looks very similar. Image
Using Saturday as an example, I can see all the trains in the places I'm responsible for (Bognor Sidings, Middle Road and Station).

The CWN also tells us train formations (not shown on Realtime Trains yet for GTR).

From this we can then work out how many trains we need. ImageImageImage
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The North-Western State Railway (NWR) was formed in 1886 by merging the Sind, Punjab and Delhi Railway, the Indus Valley State Railway, the Punjab Northern State Railway, the eastern section of the Sind-Sagar Railway and the southern section of the Sind-Pishin State Railway.
The NWR operated a board gauge network on the following mainlines Karachi to Quetta, Karachi to Lahore, Lahore to Delhi and Lahore to Peshawar. By 1947, it operated 6861 miles of track.
The oldest section of track in the system was opened between Karachi City and Kotri in 1861 by the Scinde Railway. The terminus became the Karachi Cantt Station.
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The East Indian Railway (EIR) was a British company, registered in London, privately owned and financed, operating under license and guarantee from the British Board of Control in India and the East India Company between starting in 1845. Image
In 1849, EIR signed a contract to construct and operate an "experimental" line between Calcutta and Rajmahal, 100 miles long at an estimated cost of £1 million which would be later extended to Delhi via Mirzapur. By 1937, EIR had 4217 miles of broad gauge track. ImageImage
In 1854 that the EIR opened its first section from Howrah to Hooghly, a distance of 24 miles. ImageImage
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Suite à une petite discussion avec @InfosReseaux, @MrBidouille et @VersionNerd, je vais vous faire un petit thread sur le marché européen de l'#electricite (parce qu'il n'y a pas que les #trains qui sont intéressants dans ce bas monde !)
Pour commencer, le réseau électrique européen est composé de 43 réseaux de transport d'électricité, de 35 pays, l'@ENTSO_E.
A tout moment, sur ce réseau, la Production P doit être égale à la Consommation C.
C'est le fameux P=C
Sur le réseau, l'électricité est achetée et vendue sur une bourse par des "balance groups", qui doivent tous garantir qu'ils produisent et achètent autant d'électricité qu'ils en consomment et revendent. Sinon ils doivent payer des pénalités aux gestionnaires de réseaux.
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DAY281: 28/07/2019 it’s @RHDR thread time! My 1st ever visit was on this day having had a lovely weekend camping in East Sussex with friends. We started at #Dungeness behind Hercules #Steam #SteamTrain #TrainTravel #TravelbyTrain
#CoronaAlone #CoronaLockdown
Departure from #Dungeness behind Hercules! It’s situated on a uni-directional loop as we head back towards the beach & the single line section towards Romney Sands via the spring loaded points. #RHDR #Steam #SteamTrain #TrainTravel 🚂 🌊
Past the wonderful #ThePilotInn where you can get cracking fish n chips we chatter across Dungeness past Lydd-on-Sea along the single track section towards Romney Sands. These little engines make a fantastic sound! #Steam #Heritage #Railway 🚂 🌊
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London Underground Photography Pun Thread


Paddington Station #london #paddingtonbear #Paddington Image
London Underground Photography Pun Thread


Bank/Monument Station #london #travel Image
London Underground Photography Pun Thread


St Paul's Station #london #architecture #photography Image
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“HS2 is just 20 minutes quicker to #Birmingham” is a well-trodden myth. #HS2 will transform the UK with the 3Cs: More CAPACITY across the country’s #rail network. A low CARBON #transport network. Better CONNECTIVITY in the #Midlands and #North. Image
Capacity: #HS2 will add vital capacity to our overcrowded #rail network by placing long distance services on their own pair of tracks. This will create thousands of extra seats and space for more local, commuter and #freight services on the existing #railway. Image
Carbon: #Rail is the low carbon option for long distance travel, with #HS2 taking cars and lorries off the road. HS2 emits 17 times less carbon than the equivalent domestic flight and 7 times less carbon than the equivalent car journey.
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