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AG Barr calls out an irresponsible media on FISA abuse reporting. #FISAabuse
So IG Horowitz believed what he was told and didn't bother to investigate further. And he supposed to be good. Whatever! He was just lazy. #IGReport
Clearly the Trump campaign was soued on and the FBI knew it and so did Obama. Cuff’em all! We need justice! #IGReport
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The focus of the #IGReport was #FISAabuse the IG identified “at least 17 significant errors or omissions” in the #FISA warrant used to spy on @CarterWPage.

Although many media organizations are trying to focus on the IG’s finding that the @FBI was within its rights in opening the initial counterintelligence investigation, it should be noted that this was not the focus of the IG’s investigation.
However, Horowitz did note that he had material concerns about the @FBI’s legal ability to open an investigation into the campaign of a presidential candidate:

The #IGReport highlighted several different areas of misconduct and identified a number of errors.
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You want the #IGReport broken Down for you? You do not want to Read the 434 pages of It?
Here's the #HorowitzIGReport Broken Down using the Feb 2 218 @DevinNunes Memo
It's the Same shit in the OIG Report
Q prepped u 4 this…
Here's my Preview of It!
I read it.
#IGReport is a #NothingBurger Arrests are Imminent if #Durham is Who he Say he is!

Even @seanhannity broke down the #IGReport 4 everyone Even the losers!
Watch Video
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The Alphabet Agencies #FISAabuse #IGReport
#Impeachment is a Hoax!!
😂😂 #TickTock⏱️⏱️🍿🍿
It's all a show.
#HorowitzIGReport #IGReport
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Good Morning Family!!
The prize we Run to Win is to hear these Words - Well Done!!
2 Tim. 4:7 I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith!

#RunTheRace #FinishTheRace #RunToWin #WellDone #MondayMorning
President Trump and General Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
In case you wondered - I save these daily for historical purposes and to note any changes.
#TwitterBanners @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
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Q. Where Are We in the Justice Tmeline?
How long before the Arrests?

A. Within Phases 1 & 2.
Before 2019 ends, We will see Phase 3 Begin. 2020 will see most of Phase 3.

#FISA #Fisareport #FISAabuse #Spygate #DarkToLight #Justice #PAIN #WWG1WGA #ItsShowTime
2/3 📣 WE ARE AT PHASES 1&2...
#FISA only Brings Public Awareness (1). DOJ Brings its own Investigations (Almost Finished.) (2), then Arrests (3), then PROSECUTIONS (4).
If & When Found Guilty, the Prisoners go on to U.S. Federal Prison, GITMO Incarceration for Life, or ...
3/3 or the Traitors Face the Death Penalty. (Phase 5)
Justice TO ALL, FOR ALL,
Shall. Be. Restored.
SO! There's still much for us to do... Stay Strong. Chin-Up! Encourage One Another! We've come a Long Way, Patriots! #TrustThePlan #UnitedNotDivided
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@RepAdamSchiff @RepSwalwell
Regular American citizen here. How can you be mad, when you're using the SCIF to discuss UNclassified information, keeping out most of the other congressppl, not allowing transcripts.
@senatemajldr @SenTedCruz @RepMattGaetz @RepDougCollins @Jim_Jordan
@RepAdamSchiff @RepSwalwell @senatemajldr @SenTedCruz @RepMattGaetz @RepDougCollins @Jim_Jordan You're only allowing a small selection of people to discuss prepared talking points to the American people, and I'm not the only one seeing this and thinking, "This is not democracy".
@RepAdamSchiff @RepSwalwell @senatemajldr @SenTedCruz @RepMattGaetz @RepDougCollins @Jim_Jordan 👇We're not as easily fooled as you might think.👇
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Let's take a look at the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court ruling that the FBI's use of FISA 702 Queries was unconstitutional violating the 4th Amendment and the FISA statute. This thread will look at the DOJ process of 'auditing' FBI compliance with FISA minimization rules
In the past the DOJ National Security Division gave the FISC a less than clear level of transparency into how the FBI used FISA 702. But in April of 2018, the Trump DOJ gave more details & lead the court to not like what it saw! Leading them to rule it unconstitutional.
First the FBI is running more than 3 million queries per year! But they are only auditing about 10% of those queries to ensure compliance with FISA. Which might be adequate if there were good processes in place, but it gets much worse!
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1) No one should be surprised:

“...Mueller Gang Threatened @GenFlynn’s Son, Forced General to Sacrifice Himself or See His Son Destroyed”

2) Yet...
Most Americans still have faith “in the system”.

This is misplaced faith in the face of facts.

Until forced into the [in]justice system, as a “good” American, you believe.🇺🇸⚖️

#PardonFlynnNow @GenFlynn
3) The incredible @SidneyPowell1 exposed the weaponization of the [in]justice system and the devastating destruction of “Prosecutorial persecution” in #LicensedToLie.
It continues against @GenFlynn

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#Ukraine call, AG Barr, US Atty Durham, #Spygate & #ItalianSpygate

1. This article is very important to me, because it gives us a glimpse on what's REALLY happening.

AG Wiliam Barr is actively supporting US Att. Durham probe:
(cont. >)…

2. Why did #POTUS45 ask #Ukraine President #Zelensky about #Biden's illicit activities?

For the same reason he asked #Australia's PM re: matter related to #Mueller probe:


US officials can't go directly...


3. contact foreign authorities without an introduction by #POTUS.

Why did AG Barr do that?

Because he's supporting US Att. Durham's probe.

Hold on, it's wider than we think.

What is Durham investigating?

#Spygate #ItalianSpygate
#Ukraine #Italy #WWG1WGA
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1/👉BOOMERANG DNC party failed attempt 2 connect Trump w Russia '16 election

👉Chalupa did illegals things 2 get info on Manafort/Trump

👉Even tried 2 enlist help of #Ukrainian President 2 help @HillaryClinton
by targeting @POTUS campaign Mgr Manafort…
2/👉Chalupa sought info on Manafort's dealings in #Russia 2 push issue in Congress
👉Amb Chaly says her request->"inappropriate solicit of interference in the US election"
👉Amb Chaly surprised of her capacity w DNC & interest in Manafort's case
👉"It was her OWN CAUSE" Terrorism
3/👉Chalupa's intent was 2 initiate hearings on Manafort or #Ukraine 's Pres answer reporter ? about Manafort during speech Wash DC
👉Acknowledgement by Ukraine->AMERICAN tied 2 DNC sought help w '16 election
👉Corruption coming out SO SERIOUS 70% need deals
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Several Investigations by OIG are no longer listed under "Ongoing Work" - this would indicate they are completed

FISA abuse
FBI Misconduct
FBI's Confidential Human Source Program
FBI's Covert Contracts

Link on 2/2

@almostjingo @watchful1
Including this here - interview with @jsolomonReports & @seanhannity

Listen to interview & then you will know why those OIG Investigations all wrapped up at the same time.

Thank you @g_occhionero for post

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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
#QAnon 3472...
It's certainly way past time for the big win against the conflicted fabrication, which is the #RussiaProbe #WitchHunt.
Don't interrupt 'em just yet...
It'll all come back 2bite 'em soon.
2) #QAnon 3473...
One way or another, #Mueller's a puppet.
The attempt 2regain control of a corrupt #FBI, using @Comey failed.
The conspirators, set in motion, plans 2establish the SC as a firewall type protection, preventing the #DOJ from easy access 2FBI data sets prior
3) #QAnon 3473 cont...
2review by corrupt officials.
With the establishment of the SC, #FBI intel became protected under those investigators.
#Mueller's long & sordid history of illicitly targeting innocent ppl is a stain upon the legacy of American jurisprudence. His judgment &
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Here's some questions for those who believe #QAnon is bullshit:

Why is it that l research I did prior to Q arriving on the scene corralates with info Q drops?

Why is it that my writing/vlogging/podcasting Q drops/my research that I am actively silenced WHILE RECORDING? (Con't)
Why is is that the app I use to record and the app I use for podcasting no longer recognize my mic, despite uninstall/reinstall?

Why is it that I was silenced after reading the title of a Senate presentation on Civil and Human Rights in America?
For reference and recommended reading (10 pages long)…

This obviously contains important info that douchebags want you to remain ignorant about.

#humanrights #civilrights #USSenate #ti #TargetedIndividuals
#TortureByContract #FISAAbuse
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THREAD I cut a lot from my #FisaAbuse piece @FDRLST today b/c it was clouding up the new news. But since I already drafted it and have the links at a ready, let's recap all of the incidences of, and evidence of, FISA abuse as backdrop for today's piece.… 1/
2/ Nunes memo stressed FISA application & three later renewals) failed to disclose DNC/Clinton campaign funded Steele dossier; FISA applications also did not inform court of Steele’s bias & desperation that “Donald Trump not get elected.” Additionally, Nunes faulted DOJ for
3/ relying on a Yahoo News article in FISA application to corroborate Steele’s
supposed intel since Steele source of Yahoo story. Nunes further charged DOJ and FBI abused FISA system by relying on Steele’s claims when corroboration of dossier
was still in its infancy.
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Here's the 2 pages 132 & 133 of Liars, Keakers, & Liberals by @JudgeJeanine I think these are the most Important pages in the Biok. I use these pages as Reference to everything going on in #FisaGate 😎
Retweet thanks
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q @TipsyPianoBar
Here's the 2 pages 132 & 133 of Liars, Leakers, & Liberals by @JudgeJeanine I think these are the most Important pages in the Biok. I use these pages as Reference to everything going on in #FisaGate 😎
Retweet thanks
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q @TipsyPianoBar
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@POTUS is far from being #DerangedDonald He is 100% correct. There were 4 contractors and large scale #fisa abuse ordered by @BarackObama.
4 years ago their spying game began. They use FIVE EYES outside of the US so there is no login/ data
@realDonaldTrump The @POTUS is about to release the already ordered to unredacted "20 pages" of the #FISAabuse
Fisa applications that was used to illegally spy on a presidental candidate or 2 or 3.
You get so mad at #Trump because you are crooked and about to be exposed
You are jealous that
@realDonaldTrump has a better relationship with your wife then you do.
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@DevinNunes tells @MariaBartiromo last week about 8 Criminal Referrals he sending to #AGWilliamBarr. Nunes Sent the 8 referrals on Wednesday. Refer to Q drop 1125 "FBI burning midnight oil"
@SaraCarterDC it was released on @seanhannity show the announcement. #FisaAbuse
Q drop 1828 names released. Prep for future events
Q 1125
“FBI burning the midnight oil”

What was just released to Nunes?…

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