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🚨🚨 HELP Syria 🚨🚨
Russian Intelligence Service: #US uses #terrorist groups to undermine situation in #Syria
Russian Foreign Intelligence Service has announced that the #US continues to use #terrorist groups in #Syria to undermine positions of the Syrian government.
“The Central Command of the #US forces is planning to form battalions of terrorists to carry out hostile acts against the legitimate #Syrian government”
-Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergey Naryshkin-
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This is Prisoners in Al-Sina'a prison, and they were transferred to the prisons of the #PKK militia in #Hasakah, which is
#Jerkin _ Prison
#Alaya _ prison
#Chinese _ quantum_ prison
#Shaddadi prison

Abdul Raouf Hadhrami, Yemen
Muhammad Bahjat Saleh, Yemen
Ahmed Monti, Yemen
The names of those who were transferred to Al-Kam Al-Sini Prison in Shaddadi
Fahad Abdullah Al-Otaibi
Mishaal Awad Al-Enezi
Ismail Muhammad Binyamin
Hassan Jawed Al-Raimi
Habib Murhaf Jabar
Those who were transferred to Alaya prison in #Qamishli

Muhammad Sail Al-Ajeel Al-Raqqa
Abdul Karim Nasser Al-Omar #Manbij
Samer Al-Alou #Manbij
Fayyad Zaher Al-Bushi #Qalamoun
Sattam Issa Al-Hijr #DeirEzzor
Jassim Al-Aifan #Mayadeen
Hamad Al-Sayer #Raqqa
Ammar Mikhlif Al-Hamdo
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5 years ago I wrote this tweet. It was a few days after Russians and Assadist forces tried to take over the Al Omar oil fields in eastern Syria by attacking US-backed SDF troops. It was a disaster for the Russians. PMC Wagner lost an entire battalion within few hours.
What happened before this fateful event:

SDF was successfully advancing south. By that time a significant part of the oil fields had been under SDF control and more fields further south, which were under Islamic State control, were in reach.
The Assad regime forces as well as Russians understood that it was important for them to thwart that. So Assad and Putin cooked up a plane to attack SDF, directly, and seize the very lucrative Al Omar oil fields.
#DeirEzzor #Syria
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A convoy of relief aid sent to the earthquake- affected people, #DeirEzzor

#Syria ImageImageImageImage
Deir Ezzor governorate sent a convoy of relief aid provided by the locals of the governorate to those affected by the earthquake in Lattakia, Aleppo and Hama.
The convoy provided by all social, industrial, commercial actors & local community includes eight trucks loaded with various types of health, food & relief materials.
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NEW: Guilty verdict for a #Brooklyn #NewYork man who joined #ISIS, rising through the ranks to become one of the terror group's emirs

Ruslan Maratovich Asainov, now 46, was convicted yesterday on all 5 counts against him, per @TheJusticeDept
Asainov had been charged with:

-conspiracy to provide material support to ISIS
-providing ISIS expert advice/assistance/weapons
-receipt of military-type training
-obstruction of justice
-material support to #ISIS that resulted in the death of 1 or more person
Asainov "was so committed to the terrorist organization’s evil cause that he abandoned his young make an extraordinary journey to the battlefield" per US Atty Breon Peace

"... & even after being captured still pledged his allegiance to ISIS’ murderous path"
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There were clashes between ISIS militants and Kurdish militia on the outskirts of the village of al Zar in eastern #Deirezzor.
The fighting took place in the irrigation canals fields in the agricultural area outside the village.
#Syria #SDF #Syrianarmy🇸🇾
Kurdish militia shot 1 person was killed and injured on the Euphrates shore near the town of Zagir Shamia in western #Deirezzor.
The Kurdish patrol caught the group attempting to smuggle diesel to Syrian government controlled areas on the other bank.
#Syria #SDF #Syrianarmy🇸🇾
A U.S. military convoy of weapons and logistics equipment consisting of about 40 trucks entered #Hasakah via the al Waleed crossing with northern Iraq.
#Syria #Syrianarmy🇸🇾
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Syrian Ministry of Defense: Two terrorist fighters were killed and 2 were injured with 1 was captured in a Syrian ambush in the #Lattakia countryside today.
#Syria #SyAA #Syrianarmy🇸🇾
There has been increased activity in thus area of #Lattakia with both strikes and infiltration attempts by militants.
#Syria #SyAA #Syrianarmy🇸🇾
Syrian security authorities in Daraa foiled the smuggling of quantities of narcotic hashish substance that was prepared to be smuggled across the border into Jordan
Several dozen packages were seized along with 2 assault weapons and a amount of ammunition.
#Syria #Syrianarmy🇸🇾
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3 elements of the Kurdish militia were shot by ISIS militants after their military vehicle was targeted with machine guns near the roundabout junction near the village of Hassan located west of #Deirezzor city.
#Syria #SDF #Syrianarmy🇸🇾
After extensive protests by parents and teachers, the Kurdish administration #Deirezzor Civil Council Education Committee has started today the distribution of classroom heaters / warmers to the schools of Forat Educational Center.
#Syria #SDF #Syrianarmy🇸🇾
There was an unidentified aircraft in the atmosphere over the city of #Qamishli along border zone between northern Syria and Turkish territory in northern #Hasakah province this afternoon.
#Syria #Syrianarmy🇸🇾
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The fuel crisis continues with no service at fuel stations in most population centres with public transportation cut for most areas with minimal taxis or mini busses available.
#Syria #Syrianarmy🇸🇾
People have been killed and injuried in accidents with overloaded vehicles and public events cancelled and government hours cut.
#Syria #Syrianarmy🇸🇾
A Syrian military barrier opposed an American patrol and prevented it from passing through the village of Khuild located near to the town of Tel Brak in the #Hasakah countryside.
The U.S. patrol changed direction and departed the area.
#Syria #SyAA #Syrianarmy🇸🇾
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Three Kurdish elements were injured after being shot by what’s likely ISIS militants riding a motorcycle along the main roundabout junction in the town of al Hassan located in western #Deirezzor province.
#Syria #SDF #Syrianarmy🇸🇾 Image
There was a joint US Army and Kurdish militia patrol that roamed a,ong parts of the M4 road and surveyed a'ong the Turkish border in the #Hasakah countryside.
#Syria #SDF #Syrianarmy🇸🇾 Image
4 Kurdish militia were killed after ISIS attacked a Kurdish military barrier in eastern #Raqqah.
ISIS targeted the Kurdish checkpoint with small arms and RPG’s then abruptly dispersed before Kurdish forces could organize a response.
#Syria #SDF #Syrianarmy🇸🇾 Image
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A Russian Ka 52 attack helicopter was absorbed at different points in the day today over the city of #Qamishli in northern #Hasakah province.
The aircraft traversed along the border region and tracked to the Qamishli airport.
#Syria #Russia #Syrianarmy🇸🇾 Image
Things have remained quiet in the city of #Sweida after protesters attacked Syrian government buildings leaving three dead including a police officer.
#Syria #Syrianarmy🇸🇾 ImageImageImageImage
A number of Syrian elements were killed among them an officer, after multiple simultaneous attacks by ISIS on a grouping of Syrian military points on the outskirts of al Sukhna in eastern #Homs province.
#Syria #SyAA #Syrianarmy🇸🇾 Image
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On this day 11 years ago (15/03/2011) the Syrian people rose up against one of the most brutal regimes of modern history & launched a revolution for freedom & democracy.

Today, across the liberated areas of #Syria, people are coming together like here in #Raqqa to mark this day.
#Syria: thousands have come together in #Idlib to mark the 11th anniversary of the Syrian revolution.

Some Syrians have also come to voice their solidarity with the people living under occupation in 🇵🇸🇺🇦.
#Syria: video of the moment the #FreeSyria flag was raised over #Idlib, in celebration of the 11th anniversary of the Syrian Revolution.

During the flag raising the Arab anthem Mawtini was played on speakers, a song many hope to see as the national anthem of a post-#Assad Syria.
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Still no comment from #ISIS - nothing in the just posted issue of al-Naba - more than a week after a US raid in NW #Syria led to the death of Amir Muhammad Sa'id Abdal-Rahman al-Mawla aka Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi

via @JihadoScope
The only possible reference is to what #ISIS called a “zero error airstrike” by the US that killed children, though per @JihadoScope there was not any mention of ISIS leadership
In the new edition of al-Naba, #ISIS claimed 42 ops in #Hasakah, #DeirEzzor & #Raqqa, saying its fighters killed or wounded 115 enemies, per @siteintelgroup
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JUST IN: US @StateDept condemns #ISIS attack, attempted prison break in #Hasakah, NE #Syria

"Attacking the detention facility was a top ISIS priority for more than a year" per @StateDeptSpox Ned Price, praising #SDF for limiting "the severity of this one [attack]" Image
UPDATE: Pro-#SDF @RojavaIC, citing SDF officials, says #ISIS attack on al-Sina'a prison in #Hasakah killed 22 SDF soldiers & wounded 17

45 ISIS members killed, including 22 on Saturday

5 civilians & 1 journalist have also been killed

110 ISIS prisoners were recaptured
MORE: @RojavaIC also reporting fighting continues at the al-Sina'a prison in #Hasakah, w/ #SDF getting help from US Apache attack copters.

Observers say Bradley Fighting vehicles also spotted in the area

On Friday, @DeptofDefense confirmed it was launching airstrikes vs ISIS
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Il ne s’agit pas d’une résurgence, car l’#EI n’a jamais cessé ses activités en #Syrie, où ses actions vont crescendo depuis plusieurs mois, notamment dans la province de #DeirEzzor
Quelques réponses aux questions @Darcmaou @France24_fr…
⬆️On n’a pas eu de la place pour garder (1/2)
-l’usage de la zone administrée par la #Turquie comme une zone de refuge/repli clandestine de certains cadres de l’#EI. Plusieurs ops conjointe avec les Turcs ont été conduites, la dernière avec l’#Irak suivie d’un transfert à #Bagdad
(2/2) l’#EI s’attaque quasiment tous les jours aux camions citernes de pétrole de Qaterji. Un homme politique #Syrie-n qui était l’intermédiaire avec Damas au moment où l’EI contrôlait les puits de #Deïrezzore. Aujourd’hui il est l’intermédiaire du régime avec le YPG.
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1. The latest issue of #IS's newspaper contained another nine reports of attacks in #Syria.

This means that, across the last week alone, #IS has reported 17 ops in #Syria.

That’s more attacks in a single week than were reported across August, September and October combined. Image
2. #IS is framing the recent surge in attacks in #DeirEzzor governorate as 'a strong comeback.'

The question remains as to whether or not it will be sustained in the coming weeks. ImageImage
3. Significantly, and in stark contrast with recent weeks, #IS also reported ops across #Raqqa and #Hasaka as well as in #DeirEzzor.

Per its comms at least, #IS has been totally inactive in #Raqqa and #Hasaka since June. Image
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April 1, unknown assailants targeted the Zamla oil field, under the control of #Iranian militias, south of #Raqqa, with a barrage of Grad missiles, as part of an attack considered the #1st of its kind with 3 missiles, after the Iranian militia took control of the region. 1/6
6 Grad missiles غراد targeted at once an area near Al-Manhalin 7 and 9 in the Al-Zamla field.
This was also followed by the bombing of 2 #Iranian militia HQs at the southern entrance to the field, & 4 missiles near the garage in the field, which had 1 killed & 7 wounded. 2/6
The #Iranian militias transferred the dead & injured to the Palmyra Military Hospital this morning, after they refused to reach the target site for fear of ambushes, while the #Russian warplanes spotted areas in south & east of the Zamlah field, hours after the targeting. 3/6
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#Iran smuggles #weapons inside vegetable shipments between #Syria and #Iraq.
Legal and illegal border crossings between Syria and Iraq, west of the Euphrates, witness the entry and exit of trucks "loaded" w/ fruits, vegetables, and other commercial goods on a daily basis. 1/10
At a time when various provinces in #Syria, within the sphere of influence of Assad regime live in catastrophic conditions, the commercial movement btw the Iranians & Tehran loyalist militias in #Iraq continues. #Iran continues to establish its presence in Syrian territory. 2/10
#Iranian militias also work to exploit this commercial movement frequently to bring arms shipments to their areas, including in trucks of vegetables and fruits. 3/10
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🇸🇾#DeirEzzor—Tuesday, March 9, the leaders of the #Syrian regime held a meeting with officers of the #Russian forces inside the headquarters of the Secretariat of Deir Ezzor Governorate in the Al-Joura neighborhood.
🇷🇺The meeting came at the request of the #Russians and was attended by the Syrian regime: Major General Nizar Al-Khader, commander of the 17th Division, Fadel Al-Najjar, Governor of #DeirEzzor, Secretary of the Baath Party branch in the governorate, Raed Al-Ghadhban.
#Syrian intel; the head of the State Security, Abdul Rahman al-Najm, the head of the Air Force Intelligence, Brigadier Gen. Jihad al-Zaal, the head of the Political Security, Brigadier Gen. Ayman al-Ahmad, & the head of the Military Intelligence, Brigadier Gen. Ahmed Khalil.
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#DeirEzzor district—
Another American strike in Deir Ezzor province will probably be answered by an attack on 🇺🇸American targets.
On Sunday morning, March 7, 2121, senior members of the #IRGC-QF met in Deir-Ezzor to update new orders coming from #Iran to forces on the ground.
1. Haj Askar, commander of the IRGC-QF at al-Bukamal.
2. Haj Dahqan, commander of the IRGC-QF in al-Mayadeen.
3. Hajj Askar's deputy, along with the first and second threshold commanders.
Meeting took place in one of the new headquarters established after the last strike in #DeirEzzor province, in a town on the eastern side of the city of al-Bukamal.
The seniors arrived at the meeting in civilian vehicles.
The meeting lasted about two hours.
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Fearing the bombing, an #Iranian militia waved the Syrian regime’s flag in eastern #DeirEzzor.
The "47th Regiment" militia of the #IRGC militia raised the flags of the Assad regime at its HQs in Albu Kamal countryside, east of Deir Ezzor.
The headquarters, located in the Ashayer area in the countryside of #AlBukamal, includes more than 40 members, most of them from the Al-Sukkariyah area, with the exception of 6 Afghan nationals. They are under the leadership of an official called “Abu Mahdi Al-Mashhadani ”.
The members of the 47th Regiment militia have recently raised the flags of the Assad regime instead of the Iranian militia flags, for fear of the international coalition or Israeli air strikes. @coalition @IDF @IAFsite
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#Iran appoints a new #IRGC official in #DeirEzzor.
About a month after the death of “Hajj Dehghan,”
the chief of staff of the Revolutionary Guards in the Eastern Province; Tehran appointed Amir Abbas to the post.
Hajj Abbas is considered one of the new leaders in the governorate and he came to Palmyra in 2019. He is known as al-Hana al-Askari, with cunning in managing combat operations.
According to the new position, Abbas is responsible for overseeing #Iran's military operations in the province, and responsible for coordinating with the Assad regime and Russia.
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UN Commission of Inquiry report on #Syria finds "Syrians continue to be killed on a daily basis & suffer gross human rights violations, war crimes & crimes against humanity at the hands of all parties"
.@UNCoISyria assessment based on 538 interviews, official documents, photos, videos & satellite imagery, per its report
In NE #Syria, @UNCoISyria found ongoing clashes between #Turkey forces, #PKK & Syrian Nat'l Army "further destabilized the region"

"Security situation also deteriorated" in #DeirEzzor "...where the [#SDF} increased raids & arrests of civilians w/alleged links to" #ISIS
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#Syria escalation is rising in SDF-held #DeirEzzor especially the eastern countryside. Locals of al-Hawayge and Thiban attacked SDF HQ in the area after its patrol shot at protesters&injured some. SDF personnel retreated and the fighting stopped
Protested erupted after some locals accused YPG\SDF-affiliated sleeper cell of assassinating Matsher al-Hafel a prominent tribal leader of al-Akidat tribe on Saturday while another prominent figure from al-Akidat (Suleiman al-Kassar) was assassinated on Thursday (claimed by ISIS)
Protests also reached al-Shheel city as the protesters cut off the main road connecting it to al-Basira town, the recent assassination added to the ongoing anger of the locals pose a threat to stability in NE Syria.
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