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A good little documentary on the subject of the war for independence that the #PKK fights for the #Kurds And also a war against oppression. Many people will have you believe that the PKK are Terrorists but that is just not true at all.
The PKK was founded as an answer to mostly Turkish oppression of Kurds that had been going on for centuries before. The Court of Cassation has already confirmed in 2020 that the PKK is a not a Terrorist Organisation but a "Party in an armed conflict".
There are many people that often point out the innocent lives lost in attacks by the PKK and while that is true, we need to face the fact that they are fighting a war. A war which the PKK, especially Abdullah Öcala, has often tried to end by offering peace to the turkish State.
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#THREAD #RANT on #Turkey foreign policy

Another article (not surprisingly on Al Jazeera) trying to convince us that #Ankara is the victim and Turkish foreign policy is on the defence. The approach is superficial at best and ignores a number of facts >>…
That Turkey unofficially abandoned regime change in #Syria is not the point: same author, in 2013 Hinnebusch & Tur book wrote "Turkey saw an opportunity to bring abt regime change in Damascus at Iran's was a matter of geopolitical competition between Ankara & Tehran"
Regime change was an unprecedented policy for Ankara to adopt & a revisionist one; by the author's admission, for the purpose of regional power. 4 interventions later it's inaccurate to say that "Turkey's ability to influence the course of the conflict was reduced to a minimum"
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5 years ago today, the 2.5 year-long peace process between the Turkish state & the PKK ended.

Since then, tens of thousands have been killed & hundreds of thousands displaced.

The trigger was the unresolved and now unravelling assassination of 2 police officers [THREAD] Forensics at the house where the 2 police officers were assa
On the morning of 22 July 2015, officers in #Ceylanpınar police station, a town in Southeastern Turkey bordering Syria, grew suspicious after 2 of their colleagues who lived together didn't turn up to work. The officers went to their house but nobody answered the door.
When they entered with the help of a locksmith, they found their colleagues shot dead.

At around 11:00 am the news broke.

At 13:50, the PKK posted a press release endorsing the killings as a revenge for the ISIS #Suruç bombing which happened 2 days before in the same province.
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Bien sûr, je peux te décrire le contexte historique qui a mené à la création du #PKK. Ta question me donne l'occasion de rédiger un thread. 📝⬇️

#Kurdistan #TwitterKurds
Tout d'abord, la lutte pour les droits & l'autodétermination du peuple Kurde n'est pas quelque chose de nouveau. L'histoire des Kurdes est une succession de soulèvements aux quatres coins du Kurdistan. Cela n'a pas commencé avec le PKK et ne se terminera pas avec le PKK.
- 1806 : la révolte de Baban
- 1830 : La révolte du Mîr Mohammed
- 1840 : la révolte de Bedir Khan
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Thread recording every known #R9X Hellfire (aka #NinjaMissile & #FlyingGinsu) strike.

The AGM-114R-9X is an inert variant of the AGM-114 "Hellfire" developed by #Lockheed that is meant to reduce risk of civilian casualties while using pop-out blades to maintain lethality.
The #R9X has received much attention since a @WSJ article by @glubold & @wstrobel last year where it was said to have been used "about a half-dozen times" against high level terrorist targets in "#Libya #Syria #Iraq #Yemen & #Somalia"…
Its extreme precision, exotic nature, and increasingly visible usage by what is presumed to be #JSOC and #CIA according to a piece by @FranticGoat for @thewarzonewire have kept it in the spotlight though.…
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30.05.2020, #ABD'li bir general Irak'ın Kuzeyine ziyaretini #KürdistanBölgesi olarak isimlendirmiş. #PKK #KCK #PYD #YPG #FETÖ'ye destek veren #ABD'li yetkilinin açıklamasına şaşırdık mı? Hayır
02.12.2004, #ABD Hv.Ulş.K.lığında fotoğrafı çekilen anıttaki görevlerde ne yazıyor?++
#NATO/#Müttefikler arasında işbirliği kapsamında da olsa #ABD'nin kirli planlarını dikkate alarak, yakıt ikmali desteği bile yapılsa, #Suriye'de ortak devriye yapacak kadar işbirliği içerisindeki #Rusya ile özellikle #Karadeniz' konusunda #ABD yüzünden karşı karşıya gelmeyelim.
@veryansintvcom haberi çok daha güzel detaylandırmış.
#ABD'li General #EricHill’in “#Kürdistan” sözü kişisel bir tarif ya da gaf değil. #ABD'nin ve #Pentagon’un resmi politikası.👇👇…
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1. #NES #Syria: I see what appear to be propaganda based reports amplifying a perceived conflict developing between #Russia and #Turkey. There are reports citing Pentagon source but I can find no Pentagon statement to confirm it. Absent that, I'm considering it propaganda.
2. ENKS appearing with Turkey and appearing to have rejected reconciliation in Syria is a serious development. Because I conclude Turkey is a fully corrupted society I suspect #ENKS has been co-opted. The point of this is it appears that ground is being prepared for another
3. Turkish attack on US force areas. Yesterday's strident propaganda piece in @kommersant that I read as an official statement that includes more propaganda to alienate Syrians and create a more dangerous situation for US forces supports Turkey's goal to advance ISIS restart
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1. I remember Nasser. As a boy I thought he was cool.

Imagine an integration of Iraq, Syria & Lebanon as members of the United States of the Levant. Oil, gas, hydro and fresh water with motivated educated populations. None of that is possible under Islamist extremism.
2. Absent an integration, the great powers will forever use this region to compete. Clearly an international integration is a dream. But the federalization of the independent states, particularly Iraq & Syria, would result in a decentralized political system that is
3. self-defending. These nations will not survive outside of a secular society. They will continue to erupt on a regular predictable basis.

I have not seen any study on it so I will comment from my own observation based on mostly anecdotal evidence. Regions of Syria that
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[Thread] The press conference btw @realDonaldTrump and @EmmanuelMacron today has been fascinating at many levels. The #ISIS part was in particular an excellent summary of the state of play...1/
While many commentators focused on the “#braindead” comment on #NATO in @PedderSophie ’s itw for @theeconomist, most of them missed the topic Pres. #Macron wanted to address with it...2/…
The real question was : is the spirit of the alliance respected when a member (#Turkey) acts unilaterally in Northeastern Syria, endangers the fight against #ISIS and doing so harms a key security interest of other NATO members ? 3/
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