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#SubSunday #Submarines #Technology
1. Russian government considering several options how to lift the sunken Project 645/November-class SSN K-27, that was scuttled in 1982 in the Kara Sea off the northeast coast of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago at a depth of 30m.
@CovertShores @Capt_Navy @The_Lookout_N @TayfunOzberk @FORONAVAL @IBallantyn @Aviation_Intel @USN_Submariner @R_P_one @BarentsNews 2. Project 645/November-class SSN K-27 was the first Soviet submarine to use lead/bismuth liquid metal-cooled reactor (LMR). K-27 was written off in 1979 after suffering a major radiological accident in 1968, full story here:
@CovertShores @Capt_Navy @The_Lookout_N @TayfunOzberk @FORONAVAL @IBallantyn @Aviation_Intel @USN_Submariner @R_P_one @BarentsNews 3. First plan to recover the K-27 resting at depth of approx. 30m utilizes foreign heavy-lift floating crane to recover the hull from the seafloor and then transport it using a semi-submersible vessel👇
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Mar. 1:
1/ Many #Russian #Warships in #BlackSea

#Crimea report:
New #Russian #Missile #Attack could be #Pinpoint or in #Multiple waves

This was announced by the head of the #Joint ..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Warships #Ukraine .@oleksiireznikov…
Mar. 1:
2/ Many #Russian #Warships in #BlackSea

..#JointCoordinatingPressCenter of the #DefenseForces of the #South of #Ukraine, #NataliaHumenyuk on the air of the telethon.

According to her, the #Russian..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Ships #Ukraine…
Mar. 1:
3/ Many #Russian #Warships in #BlackSea

.#Russian #Ship #Grouping on #CombatDuty in the #BlackSea continues to be unchanged.

“These are 15 #Russian #Ships, among which there are 5 #Missile #Carriers..continued

#UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine #War…
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❗️#NavalNews #Submarines
1. Izvestia agency reports Russian Navy will create a new division of nuclear submarines in Kamchatka - it will include "Belgorod" (K-329) & Project 09851/Khabarovsk, as well as a support vessel.
Note that final decision has yet been made on this. Image
@CovertShores @Capt_Navy @RSS_40 @The_Lookout_N @TayfunOzberk @FORONAVAL @SubBrief @USN_Submariner @Aviation_Intel @KaptainLOMA 2. Izvestia also reports documents confirming the completion of coastal infrastructure construction for the Projects 09851 Belgorod & 09852 Khabarovsk and a Project 20183 support vessel in Krasheninnikov Bay.
@CovertShores @Capt_Navy @RSS_40 @The_Lookout_N @TayfunOzberk @FORONAVAL @SubBrief @USN_Submariner @Aviation_Intel @KaptainLOMA 3. Both Projects 09851 Belgorod & 09852 Khabarovsk submarines are designed as a nuclear-powered carriers for the "Poseidon" intercontinental nuclear-powered nuclear-armed autonomous torpedoes.
More info:………
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#SubMonday #Submarines #Technology
1. Unrealized #ColdWar project of the Soviet Navy - Project 602 Skat, underwater launch platform for ballistic missiles, short 🧵:
@CovertShores @Capt_Navy @RSS_40 @The_Lookout_N @R_P_one @TayfunOzberk @FORONAVAL @SubBrief @USN_Submariner @TheSubHunter1 2. Project 602 Skat (not to be confused with the Project 670 Skat/Charlie-class SSGNs) was a proposed underwater launch platform for UR-100M SLBMs (modified UR-100/SS-11 Sego ICBM).
Development began in 1964 in bureau TsKB-18, future design bureau "Rubin", St. Petersburg.
@CovertShores @Capt_Navy @RSS_40 @The_Lookout_N @R_P_one @TayfunOzberk @FORONAVAL @SubBrief @USN_Submariner @TheSubHunter1 3. Designed to carry 8 SLBMs, Project 602 double-hulled launch pad's calculated displacement was ~2300t submerged, width 17m, height 21m & length 18m. Pad was designed to withstand depth of 100m & manned by the crew of 24 sailors.
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❗️#NavalNews #Submarines
1. Project 941UM Akula/Typhoon-class SSBN "Dmitriy Donskoi" (TK-208) was decommissioned from the Russian Navy.
This was reported today to TASS by the head of the All-Russian Fleet Support Movement Vladimir Maltsev.
@CovertShores @Capt_Navy @RSS_40 @The_Lookout_N @TayfunOzberk @FORONAVAL @SubBrief @USN_Submariner @navalnewscom @IBallantyn 2. "The submarine Dmitriy Donskoi has been decommissioned from the Russian Navy. It will await disposal at the naval base in Severodvinsk, along with two other submarines of this project," - he said.
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#Submarines #USNavy #ColdWar
Spring of 1982, in the vicinity of Kings Bay. Two Soviet Project 861/Moma-class AGIs following very closely unidentified US Navy's James Madison-class SSBN.
AGI "Ekvator" (418) is in the background. Photo was taken from AGI "Seliger" (SSV-514).
@CovertShores @Capt_Navy @RSS_40 @SubBrief @USN_Submariner @The_Lookout_N @TayfunOzberk @FORONAVAL @Aviation_Intel @wachteldean54LV Call out to US submarines, anyone able to ID the James Madison-class SSBN?
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#SubWednesday #Submarines #Accidents #OTD
#Nuclear horror story, short🧵:
1. Soviet submarine K-320 was a Project 670 Skat/Charlie I-class SSGN. Designed by Lazurit design bureau, these submarines were intended to carry surprise attacks on Western/NATO high-value naval assets.
@CovertShores @Capt_Navy @RSS_40 @SubBrief @USN_Submariner @TayfunOzberk @FORONAVAL @The_Lookout_N @R_P_one @FPSchazly 2. Charlie-I SSGNs were armed with P-70 Ametist/SS-N-7 Starbright SLCMs housed in two rows of four missile tubes on each side of the bow & outside the pressure hull as well as 4x533mm & 2x400mm torpedo tubes capable to launch variety of torpedoes & decoys.
@CovertShores @Capt_Navy @RSS_40 @SubBrief @USN_Submariner @TayfunOzberk @FORONAVAL @The_Lookout_N @R_P_one @FPSchazly 3. K-320 was laid down at Krasnoe Sormovo Shipyard as K-302 on 30/04/1968, launched on 27/03/1971 & commissioned 15/09/1971.
At the beginning of 1970, the submarine was still on the slipway, when a serious radiological accident happened on 18 of January.
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#Submarines #ColdWar
1. In the late 60s, Soviet submarine design bureau "TSKB-16 Volna" began designing a large nuclear-powered amphibious transport submarine, Project 717. The idea was for the submarine to travel hidden under the Arctic ice & unload troops & equipment... Image
@CovertShores @Capt_Navy @RSS_40 @TayfunOzberk @FORONAVAL @IBallantyn @The_Lookout_N @CislakJaroslaw @USN_Submariner @R_P_one 2. on the North American coast. The preliminary design was completed in 1971 - powered by two nuclear reactors & enough internal space to accommodate nearly 500 marines and ~20 armoured personnel carriers. Proposed length of the submarine was 190 m, displacement 18.000 t... Image
@CovertShores @Capt_Navy @RSS_40 @TayfunOzberk @FORONAVAL @IBallantyn @The_Lookout_N @CislakJaroslaw @USN_Submariner @R_P_one 3. maximum diving depth ~300 m and maximum speed 18 knots. Submarine was planned to have six 533 mm torpedo tubes and two retractable A-21 cannons installed at the base of the sail. Designers also included a mine-laying capacity with onboard store of 250 mines. ImageImage
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#SubmarinesSaturday #Submarines #Accidents
Another #nuclear bedtime story, short 🧵:
1. Russian ROSATOM agency recently announced a plan to recover two sunken nuclear submarines: K-159 (Project 627A/November class SSN) & K-27 (Project 645/November class SSN).
@CovertShores @SubBrief @USN_Submariner @TayfunOzberk @FORONAVAL @Capt_Navy @RSS_40 @HMUboff @The_Lookout_N @R_P_one 2. K-159 was one of 12 Project 627A class SSNs - a slightly modified Project 627 Kit, that produced the first Soviet nuclear submarine Leninskiy Komsomol K-3.
Assigned to the Northern Fleet, K-159 was laid down at SEVMASH shipyard in 1962 & commissioned a year later.
@CovertShores @SubBrief @USN_Submariner @TayfunOzberk @FORONAVAL @Capt_Navy @RSS_40 @HMUboff @The_Lookout_N @R_P_one 3. K-159 was finally decommissioned in 1989 & laid up in Gremikha naval base with both of her VM-A reactors not defuelled for the next 14 years, awaiting disposal, with little to no maintenance whatsoever. The hull of the submarine deteriorated extremely over the years...
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#Submarines #SubmarinesThursday #technology
🧵A short #nuclear nightmare bedtime story!
I really shouldn't be reading this stuff before going to bed.

Following is an excerpt from "Russian Nuclear Power Plants for Marine Applications" by Ole Reistad & Povl L. Ølgaard from 2006👇 Image
@CovertShores @Capt_Navy @RSS_40 @FORONAVAL @TayfunOzberk @SubBrief @USN_Submariner @TheSubHunter1 @EmbersOfSuns @R_P_one 1. "The first Alfa-class submarine K-64 became operational in 1970, but suffered a loss-of-coolant accident in 1972 when a leak developed between the secondary water-steam circuit and the primary liquid metal circuit, exposing the primary circuit to a pressure of 70 atm. Image
@CovertShores @Capt_Navy @RSS_40 @FORONAVAL @TayfunOzberk @SubBrief @USN_Submariner @TheSubHunter1 @EmbersOfSuns @R_P_one 2. As the pressure relief system failed to function, the high pressure caused a rupture of the piping of the primary circuit. Two tons of liquid metal coolant flowed out into the reactor compartment, where it solidified. Image
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#SubmarinesTuesday #Submarines #NavalWarfare
1. Fictional scenario by Lars Wedin, author on strategic studies & retired surface warfare officer of the #RoyalSwedishNavy published in Tidskrift i Sjöväsendet in 2021:

Year 2030. The submarine HMS Blekinge lies forward & scouts. Image
@CovertShores @FORONAVAL @TayfunOzberk @The_Lookout_N @HMUboff @GrumpyLars @vcdgf555 @Aviation_Intel @USN_Submariner @SubBrief 2. She lies quietly on the bottom but has a reconnaissance drone that examines the Russian sensors that are on the now unused gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and 2. They regularly lose information. Image
@CovertShores @FORONAVAL @TayfunOzberk @The_Lookout_N @HMUboff @GrumpyLars @vcdgf555 @Aviation_Intel @USN_Submariner @SubBrief 3. The reconnaissance drone can also map the coast or archipelago before the landing of divers and scout out mines and sensor chains. Blekinge also has a security drone (UUV) as close protection. Image
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Germany’s strategic blunders in its relationship with #Russia are currently hurting all of Europe. We take a look at the parallel relationship between #Germany and #Turkey and the real risks this poses for the West. A thread by #theHELC #NoSubsForTurkey 1/17 Image
The German / Turkish relationship dates from before #WWI, when the #YoungTurks turned to Germany as the most plausible international ally for their decomposing Empire. A secret treaty between the two powers was concluded on August 2, 1914 2/17
The German #Kaiser #WilhelmII visited the #OttomanEmpire three times in total, pledging to the Sultan and the '300 million Mohammedans scattered over the globe and revering in him their caliph, that the German Emperor will be and remain at all times their friend' 3/17 Image
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South Carolina, Civil War and Gamecock trend. Charleston, SC is home to USS CLAMAGORE (SS-343). She’s a WW2 Balao-class / Cold War GUPPY II then GUPPY III submarine now being scrapped. Let me show you her today and take you on board… 1/ #WW2 #Submarines #Coldwar #CivilWar
2/ #USNavy #ships #shipping #shipspotting - #VirtualTour of USS CLAMAGORE (SS-343), a WW2 Balao-class / Cold War GUPPY II then GUPPY III submarine being scrapped. @USN_Submariner @CovertShores @submarines4ever @RLitwiller
@USN_Submariner @CovertShores @submarines4ever @RLitwiller 3/ I only toured Clamagore once. It's by the #WW2 / #ColdWar aircraft carrier CV-10 Yorktown. As we approach, note the smaller sail of USS Drum (top), which Clamagore would have resembled as first built in 1945 and the GUPPY III conversion sail (bottom).
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"Cost of #agedcare could double" according to .@GuardianAus headline. But what if it was an investment .@AnikaWells .@Tony_Burke .@mark_butler_MP ? #auspol 🧵 1/8
Despite world’s highest number over 80s in #agedcare (~20% v 14.6% in NZ, 6% in US), #auspol only between ~1.2 per cent of GDP aged care – about 2/3 of the OECD average of 1.7 per cent, according to OECD in 2019. 2/8
Average now ~1.5%. Scandi countries spend 3.5% of GDP on #agedcare, "reflecting more advanced, gov managed LTC systems." Switzerland, France, Belgium, Finland, the United Kingdom, Germany & Japan spend 2-2.5%.… 3/8
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48 hours after the #AUKUS announcement, it's surprising there's not more analysis/coverage of the REAL transformative deal, which has NOTHING to do re subs but about US deployment of forces in Oz.…

cc @marcaross

the #submarines deal is a small facet of a much larger shift towards a NATO-style linkup in the Indo-Pac region. When FR furor calms down, there's a high level of probability that FR&EU will be integrated to #AUKUS, FR is the natural partner given its presence in the region.
Japan's constitutional constraints re military engagements make it a nominal partner, Korea is much less constrained and both will also be integrated in #AUKUS, because geography > short term snafus.
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#SubFriday #Submarines #USNavy
1. In 1976, a special purpose nuclear-powered submersible NR-1 was tasked to recover AIM-54A Phoenix missile from an F‐14 fighter plane that fell from the deck of the carrier USS John F. Kennedy (CV-67) during a NATO exercise Sept. 14. 1976.
2. Photo shows the missing F-14 upside-down on the bottom with rope pendant around the landing gear.
3. This photo shows the dropped F-14 right side up with the cockpit open for inspection
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First confirmation that the German defence committee has approved the procurement of (among other things) #Bundeswehr Type 212CD #submarines w Norway, five P-8A Poseidon MPA from US via FMS, two new oilers and three SIGINT hulls to replace Type 704 and Type 423 respectively.
Worth noting here that these projects need to pass both the defence and the budget committees. So technically speaking individual efforts could still get canned. That being said it would be a relatively remarkable statement of disarray for the present government if it happens.
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What if great power competition extends to the ocean moons of the solar system? 🤔

"Mission Europa: The Atom-class XE"…

#autonomous #submarines in #space

(A thread - 1/8)
Beijing's agenda for deep space exploration derives from sweeping and unchecked expansionist policies here on Earth, which could in turn drive the nature of deep space strategic competition. 2/8…
Part of this competition will include the search for extraterrestrial life, an achievement that promises untold national prestige, and which will come to be focused on the ocean moons of our solar system. 3/8…
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#SubWednesday #Submarines #RoyalNavy #SilentService #SovietNavy #ВМФ #ColdWar
1. In the early 1977, Royal Navy's Swiftsure class leader HMS Swiftsure (S-126) shadowed Soviet Navy's Project 1143 Krechyet class aircraft carrier Kiev during the Northern Fleet's exercise Sever-77.
2. Swiftsure's Captain John Speller ordered the submarine to approach the carrier from behind, moving only a few knots faster than the carrier. As the Swiftsure approched close enough the crew
could only see massive waves created by Kiev's propellers.
3. Swiftsure slipped under the hull of the carrier and maintaing her speed she started to record the noise footprint of Kiev so that
she could be identified by the SOSUS network & other Western submarines.
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Focus on #China & #Russia = 2 most significant geopol threats to global peace & prosperity—

Clear stakes:

"China has implemented a strategy & revisionist approach that aims at the heart of the US’ #maritime power."…
"... our three #Sea Services have watched with alarm the growing #naval #power of the People’s Republic of #China & the increasingly aggressive behavior of the Russian Federation.

Our globally deployed naval forces interact w/ #Chinese & #Russian #warships & #aircraft daily."
"We witness firsthand their increasing sophistication and growing aggressiveness. ... The People’s Republic of #China represents the most pressing, long-term strategic threat."…
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#Submarines #ВМФ #RussianNavy Remembering the Kursk.
1. 20 years ago, the Project 949A Antey/Oscar II class SSGN Kursk (K-141) sunk after one of her torpedoes exploded. She sank at the bottom of the Barents Sea, killing all 118 personnel on board.
#Submarines #ВМФ #RussianNavy Remembering the Kursk.
2. This is the last photo of the Kursk departing the port to meet her destiny on 11/08/2020
#Submarines #ВМФ #RussianNavy Remembering the Kursk.
3. Following are rare images of divers diving to the sunken submarine
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