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This week's vote in Parliament against making the future immigration status of EU/EEA citizens & their dependents automatic will have dire long term consequences. But why?
[Thread] A long read👇
The EU/UK Withdrawal Agreement allows for two ways to issue a new status to EU/EEA citizens:

The choice between the two is political.

But what's the difference and what are the consequences?
With an application process a new status will only be granted to those who successfully apply by the set deadline. A document proving the status will be issued afterwards automatically.
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Tomorrow MPs are debating the Withdrawal Agreement Bill in Parliament.

The bill will put Settled Status into primary law.

It will also cement the application process into law.

Officially breaking the Prime Minister's referendum pledge of automatic status for EU citizens.

Part 3, Article 7(1) of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill refers to "application" ten times.

Application for Settled Status will become primary law via this Article despite the huge concerns raised by several parliamentary committees & #citizensrights orginasations including us.

Going down the application route to grant status is not prescribed in the EU/UK Withdrawal Agreement.

It is a political choice.

The Agreement allows for it but does not mandate it:
"The host state *may* require [...]".

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Many of us have known this for a while now but it's quickly becoming apparent that, especially after the recent #GeneralElectionResults2019, #Racism in the UK is, not only going to increase, but become even more brutal, widespread & acceptable, as #racists become emboldened by /1
the fact that the Gov itself & those right in the heart of it, not only don't *effectively* condemn #racism but are, in fact, guilty of it *themselves*.

Get ready to see A LOT more (and a lot WORSE) than the examples below, in the future (near & otherwise) against *every /2
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Dutch House of Representatives raise alarm over discrimination & deportation threat for EU citizens.

Key concerns raised about the treatment of EU citizens in a letter from its European Affairs Committee to Lord Callanan, Minister of State at the Department for Exiting the EU.
The letter raises three key issues: the lack of a physical document to show EU citizens’ immigration status; the threat of discrimination through secondary legislation that could curtail their entrepreneurial rights; and what will happen to those not applying by the deadline.
While you are here:

We are a nonprofit organisation run by dedicated activists fighting for EU #citizensrights.

We are holding the Govt to account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We take no breaks.

Please support us here:…
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Like with @antoni_UK, @Scotkraut's, mine and probably about 50 other people, this is what gets you blocked by @Independent's Europe correspondent Jon Stone. I am honestly lost for words. 1/
My view on this is clear: the terms are not synonymous and both are loaded in their own right (in very different ways). Expat is generally wrong in this context is what I would always argue (it has a more specific meaning in my view). But that is something one might debate. 2/
Many scholars do. But how a journalist can decide to just block so many people simply for mentioning this or expressing concerns about the use of the term 'expat'... wow. That at least three of the people blocked are #citizensrights campaigners keen to improve the language 3/
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Why does @UKHomeOffice refuse to engage with us at @the3million about our concerns with settled status?

Why does it keep insisting how successful the scheme is, and almost dismiss as fake news the daily stories of people struggling with it? 1/
@ukhomeoffice @the3million Why does @UKHomeOffice go on the offensive against the EU, and talk about its shiny settled status scheme, ignoring all reported issues?

Is it that they are politicising us, treating us as bargaining chips, still see us just as numbers? 2/

@ukhomeoffice @the3million The @UKHomeOffice is very keen to throw around statistics and big numbers, but refuses to engage with the human side, or to listen to us about how the system should have been designed.

(This is not aimed at the EU Settlement Resolution Centre, only at @UKHomeOffice itself) 3/
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The panel is ready for @The3Million to explain to us @LibDems the issue of #citizensrights / #Brexit at the #LibDemConf.

You can watch it live on their Facebook.
Key points from @The3Million
⭕ Guaranteeing #citizensrights into law with primary legislation
⭕ Physical proof for Settled status
⭕ Keeping voting rights

The current EU settlement scheme is failing a third of EU citizens by forcing them to accept the wrong status.
What will happen to the EU citizens who miss the deadline to apply for Settled status?

⭕ They will become unlawful residents subject to the Hostile environment from the @ukhomeoffice

👉 We need a declaratory system where EU citizens are considered lawful per default.
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The Home Office PR team really don't like concerned EU citizens or laywers going on radio & TV and criticising their EU Settlement Scheme. They tweeted no less than 4 times about 1 single radio programme today. Trying to control the media message seems like their full time job.
Keep them busy. Speak to the media whenever you can and ask the difficult questions they want to avoid:
- Why aren't our rights guaranteed in primary legislation?
- What will happen to those who won't apply by the deadline?
- Why don't we get a physical document to prove status?
Here are some resources for you:

✅On why we need registration, not application…

✅ On why we need phsyical proof

✅ On why we need ringfencing…

✅ On keeping voting rights…
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European parliament to attack UK treatment of EU citizens

"The parliament’s resolution 'expresses its concern at the implementation of the UK’s settlement scheme and the high levels of applications … who are only accorded pre-settled status'."

"The parliament calls on the UK to adopt a 'declaratory' scheme in which the burden of proving an EU citizen does not have the right to permanently stay is placed on the Home Office."

It is great to see that the European Parliament is picking up the issues around the EU Settlement Scheme we have been highlighting for months.

We agree, calling for a declaratory system and changing the Settlement Scheme from an application to registration is crucial.

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Yesterday @BrandonLewis, Minister of State for the @ukhomeoffice, published an inaccurate & misleading opinion piece on EU #citizensrights & the EU Settlement Scheme in the @guardian.

Let's have a look at his claims in detail.

“The [application] process can be completed in as little as 15 minutes.” the Minister claims.

This is misleading. He makes it sound like applying for Settled Status is a doddle. Evidence from NGOs & charities shows it isn't for everyone.

“You will still be able to work and access services and benefits as you do now"

Not quite accurate:
EU citizens will enjoy the same rights to live, work, and healthcare, but pre-settled status does not count as “right to reside” for the purposes of welfare benefits.

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Interesting @CommonsEUexit evidence session.

@Wera_Hobhouse questioning Michael Gove on the uncertainty Brexit and the Settlement Scheme has caused EU citizens.

Michael Gove reiterates that EU citizens are our friends, neighbours & family members and says everything possible must be done to safeguard their rights.

The same line, like a broken record.

@michaelgove goes on reminding us of his & the Prime Minister's objection in 2016 to rendering the position of EU citizens uncertain or made a bargaining chip.

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Early morning start for a day of work on #citizensrights that will take me to Bristol via stops in Peterborough and London. A good moment to recognize and thank @NorthumbriaUni for supporting the research and related policy and knowledge exchange work I do with @the3million.
Northumbria University is focused strongly on examining the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. A new campaign will launch soon where we Northumbria researchers explain how we #TakeOnTomorrow. As a historian I do it by using knowledge of the past, specifically of 2/
migration, ethnic communities and identity. Brexit has created a very specific context for these three themes I examine. What happens when a large group of people - EU citizens in the UK - become 'others' overnight? People at home here who suddenly have to apply to stay? 3/
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On @VictoriaLIVE Conservative MP @kevinhollinrake concedes that the EU Settlement Scheme does not always work perfectly for everyone.

He's also making a good case for EU citizens to receive physical document proof of their status at the end of the process.

#GettingPhysical proof of status is vital for EU citizens to protect them from discrimination from landlords, employers and to guarantee easy access to public services.

You can read more about our call for physical documents here:…

While you are here:

We are a nonprofit organisation run by dedicated activists fighting for EU #citizensrights.

We are holding the Govt to account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We take no breaks.

Please support us here:…
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Listen to our activist @KatiaWidlak on @VictoriaLIVE explaining why EU Settlement Scheme application process must be changed to a registration process with rights secured in law now.
The consequences for those EU citizens, who fail to apply at arbitrary deadline, are dire.

You can read more on how to stop Brexit causing another Windrush Scandal in this excellent article by @smismanss in @freemovementlaw.…

While you are here:

We are a nonprofit organisation run by dedicated activists fighting for EU #citizensrights.

We are holding the Govt to account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We take no breaks.

Please support us here:…
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The Home Office have produced a document hitting back at the criticism levelled against EUSS (the scheme most EU citizens must apply under to remain in the UK after Brexit). A few points on the objections to a declaratory style system: /1
Many have made clear that the consequences of forcing people to apply to stay in the UK will lead to people missing out on acquiring status. The @CommonsHomeAffs published a key report recommending citizens rights be granted automatically:… /2
The Home Office attempt to address this in the piece, let’s unpack why their interpretation and rebuttal of a ‘declaratory system’ is wrong /3
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Shamefully misleading rebuttal by the Home Office about long term resident EU citizens receiving Pre-settled Status rather than the Settled Status they are entitled to. They knew this would happen and they took the conscious decision to launch anyway. Here is why we know...

On January 23rd the then Home Secretary @sajidjavid informed Parliament that during the beta trial phase only 90% of EU citizens received the expected status. This was under controlled testing environment with low volumes.

Despite the revelation that 10% of Home Office EU Settlement Scheme status decisions during the trial were wrong the Home Office launched anyway 9 weeks later. Never clarifying whether the issue of granting wrong status to large numbers of EU citizens had been resolved.

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📣Important: EU/EEA citzens

➡️ Applying for Settled Status?
➡️ Lived in the UK for 5 years or longer?

⛔DO NOT accept lesser Pre-Settled Status when automated checks indicate that there are less than 5 years of Govt records.

✔️DO provide further evidence!

After the automatic system check you will be given the option to provide more evidence to show that you are entitled to Settled Status (red box in picture).

Were you granted pre-settled status despite having lived in the UK for over five years? Please email us at We’re starting a new research project investigating cases like yours!

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@the3million Something that I have not seen mentioned anywhere & that I think is *extremely* important on *why* people should NOT SETTLE for #PreSettledStatus, if they believe they're entitled to #SettledStatus instead, is that, apart from the principle of it, NO ONE knows whether or how /1
@the3million the requirements/criteria to "convert" it to #SettledStatus in the future, might change. Again, apart from the fact that people will have to *apply* AGAIN, there's NO GUARANTEE *anywhere* that in a few years or even a few months, the process won't become more strict/demanding! /2
@the3million When it comes to the #Tories & @ukhomeoffice in general, rules/laws change *all the time* &, esp because of the secondary legislation's ease to amend them without Parliamentary scrutiny, chances are that, as the new general #immigration policy is developed & re-structured, /3
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Settled Status - we EU citizens must get physical documents.

The Home Office is saying online is simpler, online is the future.

Compare and contrast the process employers will have to go through to check status of EU citizens.

Make up your own mind.


With the new online only immigration status the Home Office are forcing employers to go through a 10-step process (which includes googleing Govt website, no kidding) to check right to work of their future EU citizen workers.


With a physical document for EU citizens to prove their right to work it would be a simple 1-step process for employers.


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An extremely worrying tale about @ukhomeoffice strong arming the press.

This morning the New European published our below opinion piece.

As with all our pieces we get our legal team to check for accuracy. The piece was 100% accurate.

And then this happened... [Thread]

Shortly before 10am the New European received an email from the Home Office calling our opinion piece "misleading" & "incorrect throughout".

The Home Office then went on to point out the inaccuracies.
They raised three points, non of which reflected what we wrote in our opinion piece.

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📢 EU/EEA citizens

No deal Brexit looming

The next few weeks are crucial

Be informed
Be proactive

Follow us
Join us
Support us

Please retweet & tag any EU/EEA citizens you know. We need to ensure people are informed.

📢EU/EEA citizens

Join us on Facebook:
Closed forum for support:…

Like and follow our Facebook page for up-to-date news, videos, activities:


📢EU/EEA citizens

Support us financially

We're a small but mighty nonprofit organisation run by dedicated activists.
Holding the Govt to account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We take no break.

To continue our work we need funding:…

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Why are we EU citizens calling ending Freedom of movement on November 1st reckless politics?

Afterall, it should only affect EU citizens arriving after Oct 31st.

A thread...

Ending freedom of movement = switching on the #HostileEnvironment for anyone who cannot prove the right to stay in the UK.

Both the EU and the previous Govt under Theresa May were aware of the consequences ending freedom of movement would have on EU citizens already living in the UK.

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Little Twitter break at this end. Make sure you follow @the3million for updates on #citizensrights — for EU citizens at home in the UK, Brexit isn’t something in the future, it’s been happening every day for 1100+ days now. Without @the3million we’d be in a much worse situation.
So while I’m away, don’t forget to continue to support this amazing group. You can:
✅ Become a supporter — anyone can:
✅ Become an #EUcitizensChampion:…. To learn why I founded that campaign in support of @the3million, see:
So please continue to help make sure the group can keep going — your donations make a real difference to the lives of EU citizens. Ultimately, the road ahead is a steep one and we need @the3million more than ever. Thank you very much for your ongoing support.
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It feels like 2016 referendum re-run with all the anti-immigration misinformation & language from that dreadful campaign reappearing.

@BorisJohnson vows push on immigration points system and makes some sweeping an misleading comments.

Let's start at the top.
"We restore democratic control of immigration policy [...]" Mr Johnson says.
1) Freedom of Movement is not an immigration system but alongside movement of goods, services & capital a vital part of the Single Market, driven by Thatcher in the 80s

2) Freedom of movement was entered into democratically, has been part of what is now the EU since the Treaty of Rome way before the UK joined the EU. Also, sharing sovereignty on the issue with other EU member states is still democratic.

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