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gm, lets create smth else? ✨ Image
And it starts again! 🤌🏼
This is the boring part, but the most crucial. Prepare the “matrix” base

1. start by filing the sharp edges and corners
2. use oil and special tools to smoothen the edge to the mirror like surface

#hardlabor #printmaking #firenze #fakegotchi Image
Nex stage is to polish, polish, polish, polish and one more time pooolish. Do it until you see yourself reflecting on the surface 🪞👀 “#superfun” process
💪🏽 #LeonaardDaGotchi #fakegotchi #IRL Image
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Please, #TRUST !

Yes, I know Trust is an arrogant thing sometimes & Remembering is just A Game but in times like these it’s needed for me to SHOW what bad has done in the world because it’s doing A lot of good. .

It’s waking A lot of People up to how the world around them
Has been created …

Now imagine showing what bad did in the world to misdirect 1 BUCK, Then imagine what I have not shown yet that is the counter moves to all the bad that has been done to try misleading me—It’s all seen crystal clearly by those whose minds are now trained to
See as I have always seen ..

There is A reason why you Know who was the lead character in the movie “Marry Me” …

We’re Going Black & White, Which makes Grey & once the Gray Chapter concludes it’s time for ‘Color On Grey’ …

I’m #RED/SANTA & Trinity is on the Right, she
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Yellowstone, Johns Family …

The Duttons used to tell Jr’s Story.
Ranch/Farmer (IMPORTANT) Used to represent United States/World/World Stage, just like Wrestling does it with the ring being the world stage ..

My grandfathers letter, #FAMIL-Y—The #Y is #YELLOW because he
Was crying when he was writing it, it was one of the last letters he wrote before he died.

“Never forget the #Y

Cold Play —#YELLOW
The Simpsons family =
- John/Homer
- Marge (My grandmothers name was Margaret)
- Bart/The Son
SANTA has Reign Deer, The Y ..

This is Gods CountryY & it belongs to the people ..
God is the only way that everything gets returned back to the people, anyone else who tries it’s always endless WARS or endless something else, GOD PUTS AN END TO #ENDLESS
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I just found out this week is #MentalIllnessAwarenessWeek and I'm an advocacy person :( \\ I wondering what will it take to make these awareness campaigns more effective? I’m attending an Anti-Stigma Grand Challenge Design Summit next week w/ 100 orgs Image
Good mission and vision >> "The mission of #StopStigmaTogether is to unite to end the stigma around mental health and substance use disorders."
and "Our vision is a world free from stigma and suffering." see & follow @westopstigma
thanks to @uofu_hmhi Huntsman Mental Health Institute for hosting the summit next week 10/9-11; look forward to collaborating and innovating on #mentalhealth cf. "A Grand Challenge is a social change movement that shifts beliefs, attitudes, and behavior."
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Il est pas évident de trouver LE projet #NFT qui va sortir du lot vu les centaines de collections #NFTs qui sortent chaque jour⚠️

Par contre certains indices (#redflag) permettent en général de détecter les projets #scam

En effet les projets NFT pullulent et il est parfois compliqué de détecter les scams au milieu des projets sérieux..

Les redflags que je vais évoquer ne permettent de détecter tous les scams, ce sont juste des indices qui pour moi sont révélateurs et pertinents...
La liste n'est bien entendu pas exhaustive 📃
Il s'agit simplement des critères que je retiens pour choisir les projets dans lesquels j'investis 🔬
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🎉Le week-end prochain, c'est @PlayAzur à Nice pour rencontrer vos vulgarisateurs préférés.
Le @cafe_sciences et l'@Asso_Conscience y seront en S1 et S2
Le #CollectifConscience y fera même PLEIN de 🔴#live

#PAF2022 #twitch #vulgarisation #science #IRL ImageImage
@PlayAzur @cafe_sciences @Asso_Conscience Staring, from Z -> A (et pkoi pas) : @VChabrette, @TheoRooot, @spasdelou, @Space_Thomalice, @robin_isnard, @EleoBellot, @aetiom, et sans doute plein d'autre, avec le programme en cours de finalisation.

#PAF2022 @PlayAzur #twitch #vulgarisation Image
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July 16, 1999 (716)=43(7)316(16)=7
San Jose, California


Like Kim said, SIGN Language ..

So many fell for EVERYTHING that is happening !!!
So many fed into all of it that wasn’t real, now those people are so lost & on the verge of self destruction.



Time for the world to have 1 last GIANT #PUSH into the right direction, after this PUSH, I’m going to go start living my life again !

Do what you want with this info, handle with care !

Actually care about the lives that dedicated their entire lives
Too saving this world !

VKM created Stone Cold in his MIRROR IMAGE rising against the deep state/“THE ESTABLISHMENT”…
VKM = Played the role of the DEEP STATE/ESTABLISHMENT acting with STONE COLD going up against THE ESTABLISHMENT.
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🧵Thread : l’application des NFT en IRL.

Contrairement aux idées reçues, les NFT ne sont pas seulement des JPEG spéculatifs qui disparaîtront demain. Les NFT sont bien plus que cela, et voici quelques opportunités qui le prouvent :
1. L'industrie du luxe :

Un NFT est un actif numérique enregistré dans la blockchain. En tant que tel, Il dispose d'un historique sans faille de toute son existence. Imaginons maintenant que vous achetiez une Rolex ou un sac Chanel d'occasion.

Produire un faux certificat est simple. Mais si Rolex a émis un NFT lors de la vente initiale, vous pouvez maintenant demander le NFT en même temps que le rachat de la montre, ce qui vous donnera un certificat authentique et l'historique des achats fait sur la Rolex.
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📣Nu te lezen: “Audience Perceptions of COVID-19 Metaphors: The Role of Source Domain and Country Context”! @BrittaBrugman @DroogEllen @GReijnierse en Saskia Leymann, Giulia Frezza en Kiki Renardel de Lavalette.…
In deze studie vonden we dat verschillende metaforische omschrijvingen voor de coronapandemie (zoals de pandemie als een oorlog 🪖, een overstroming🌊, of een marathon🏃) anders werden gepercipieerd door mensen uit Duitsland 🇩🇪, Italië 🇮🇹 en Nederland 🇳🇱 2/7
We vonden vooral verschillen in waardering qua geschiktheid. Deelnemers vonden omschrijvingen van de pandemie als een dans💃of een boottocht🚣 geschikter dan het gemiddelde. De andere 7 metaforen werden minder geschikt gevonden. 3/7 Image
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1/ Merry #TweetorialTuesday to all our #MedEdTwagTeam, #MedEd, and #MedTwitter friends!

Today we will be chatting about how to fit in teaching when on an #InpatientTeaching service.
2/ As @JenniferSpicer4 outlined two weeks ago, we are going to structure our upcoming content in terms of different times when teaching can occur.

However, today is going to be an overview of structuring one’s day, and is part of our foundational skills section.
3/ And, as with all #MedEd, what I do will NOT translate directly to your practice, as learning contexts are so unique and specific. However, the big ideas and concepts are transferrable.
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A partir das 08h, ao vivo na Globo, SporTV e BandSports!
#Tokyo2020 #JogosOlímpicos
20 MINUTOS! Bruno e Ketleyn já estão no preparo!

📸 Christian Dawes/COB
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FALTA POUCO! Vai começar o Remo em #Tokyo2020!

Luca Verthein será o representante do #BRA e será na primeira bateria!

gostei do GC

e estamos muito bem na prova!
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Dear #MarketingTwitter Colleagues,

The data-driven argument for continued growth in #digital activity and online behavior is flimsy and needs to be scrutinized. (👀@eMarketer & @Merkle)

Let us tell you why:
At the @Merkle #DigitalMarketing event today, we posed this question:

How probable is a reversal in digital activity totals in 2021 Q3&4? How confident can we be in projections for digital behavior in the post-pandemic period if data is based exceptional pandemic-era behavior?
Appreciate @Merkle VP Ryan Gibson’s bottom-line answer:
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I'm doing a "virtual" visiting scholar stint w/ @ubcMedCHES this week. Today was a day full of exciting new connections & great discussions.

Ended my day with a talk: "Digitizing Health Professions Education via #SoMe

I am now going to TWEET my lecture as a #tweetorial. Image
I began by situation myself as the current Assistant Dean of #FacDev within the @MacHealthSci Faculty. Much of my content would eventually revolve around what I've learned from #FOAMed and how it's translated to our recent digital transformation of @MacPFD. ImageImage
Shout out to @sherbino who opened my eyes to @Twitter as a community of practice for myself as a clinician AND an educator. The #FOAMed, #MedTwitter, and #MedEd tweeps have been instrumental in helping me develop as a practitioner, scholar, and now faculty developer. ImageImageImageImage
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Si, lors du #confinement, vous êtes plutôt #TeamNude, alors ce #thread écrit par @MathieuS31 est fait pour vous.

Dès aujourd’hui, on vous raconte tout sur la nudité des Grecs et des Romains 🍑

D’abord, en France, se montrer nu est puni par la loi, être habillé est une norme sociale.

L’article 222-32 du code pénal dit que "l’exhibition sexuelle imposée à la vue d’autrui est punie d’1 an de prison et de 15000 € d’amende"⛔️
La nudité, comme les vêtements, est porteuse de sens : social, moral ou religieux.
Selon l’époque, elle peut signifier la puissance physique, le sacré, la perfection mais aussi la honte.
Dans tous les cas, elle ne laisse personne indifférent.
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Email 1

Her: “I hate we had to cancel your visit.”
Me: “Me, too.”

Email 2

Her: “Any chance you’d be open to lecturing virtually?”
Me: “You mean the Grand Rounds lecture? I would.”

Email 3

Her: “What if . . . we made the whole visiting professorship virtual?”

What if a pandemic stopped you from going to a long anticipated visiting professorship?

What if a determined #chiefresident reimagined a way for you to still have a meaningful visit—on a virtual platform?

And . . what if your prior experiences allowed you a comparison?
Admittedly, I was curious. Plus, I love an adventure.

Sharing my experience as a (virtual) visiting professor this week.

Yes, yes y’all. This is the REMIX. . .

You ready?
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#Potterheads, vous avez lu/vu l’intégrale de la saga #HarryPotter 18 fois en 4 semaines.

Saviez-vous qu’elle est largement inspirée de mythes et philosophies antiques ?

Le @MSR_Tlse étant fermé, nous vous proposons de suivre ici la visite #HarryPotterRevelio de @loussiadt 👇
Notre visite commence au 1er étage du musée. Il est réservé à l’exposition d’une partie des décors exceptionnels provenant de la villa de Chiragan et ressemble à ça👇…
Pour retrouver les photos non légendées de ce thread, rdv ici 👇
Approchez-vous et prenez place devant les grands reliefs des travaux d’Hercule.

Si vous comptez il y en a ... 9 !
Rassurez-vous, il y en avait bien 12 à l’origine.
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19. November 2019 - es wird die lange Nacht der Lostöpfe für die #EURO2020.

Schauen wir Mal aus deutscher Sicht auf die Möglichkeiten.

@sportschau @Dagobert95 @platschinho @tierimtor @Scherben81 @uersfeld @SDittl @eckenkoenig @Matthias_Friebe @AlexTruica


@sportschau @Dagobert95 @platschinho @tierimtor @Scherben81 @uersfeld @SDittl @eckenkoenig @Matthias_Friebe @AlexTruica 1. Annahme: #GER schlägt #NIR und #NED schlägt #EST.

Dann ist #GER in Lostopf 1. Mögliche Gegner:

▪️ Topf 2: #FRA #SUI #CRO #POL
▪️ Topf 3: #POR #TUR #AUT und nach jetzigem Stand #SWE #CZE
▪️ Topf 4: #HUN

@sportschau @Dagobert95 @platschinho @tierimtor @Scherben81 @uersfeld @SDittl @eckenkoenig @Matthias_Friebe @AlexTruica 2. Annahme #GER gewinnt nicht, #NED gewinnt mit drei Toren Differenz.

Dann ist #GER in Lostopf 2. Mögliche Gegner:

▪️ Topf 1: #UKR
▪️ Topf 3: #POR #TUR #AUT und nach jetzigem Stand #SWE #CZE
▪️ Topf 4: #HUN

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*ATTENTION PLEASE*#AI #digitalhealth #tweeps Today @IndraJoshi10 and I at @NHSX are launching our new "Artificial Intelligence: How to get it right report" with help from A LOT of people across the digital health ecosystem… 1/ 14
The report goes into detail on our plans for the NHS AI lab but, more importantly, the research that sits beneath that - particularly the work on governance: ethics and regulation with invaluable input from @reformthinktank @oxfordethicslab @turinginst @FutureAdvocacy 2/14
We (@IndraJoshi10 & me) hope that the report makes it clear WHY we think #AI is important for health and care & HOW we can make sure it is utilised in the 'right' way - not just for the sake of it - within safe & ethical boundaries 3/14
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