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Weer een bijzonder sterke column van @leondewinter:

Zo goed dat ik hem hier integraal plaats.

#coronavirus #WuhanLabLeak #lableak…
Eindelijk iemand in Nederland die openlijk durft te praten over de mogelijkheid dat het SARS-CoV-2 virus (per ongeluk) ontsnapt is aan het Wuhan Institute of Virology. Image
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De hele serie achter elkaar:

Ik heb mijn best gedaan.

Ik hoop maar dat het sommige mensen de ogen opent.

Maar zeker ben ik er niet van.

#coronavirus #lableak #WuhanLabLeak……

Ik zou graag terugkeren naar de wereld van voor december 2019, en gewoon een vader zijn voor mijn kinderen en als neuroloog mensen adviseren.

Vaak voor kleine kwaaltjes, soms voor grote kwalen.
Wat vond ik dat eigenlijk leuk, realiseer ik me nu.

Maar ik weet niet of die wereld nog bestaat, of dat er nog een mogelijkheid bestaat dat die wereld terugkomt.…
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"Instead the lab leak theory sank under the weight of a concerted campaign by heavily conflicted scientists, leading to a “year of biased, failed reporting” by science journalists and journals."

#coronavirus #lableak #WuhanLabLeak
Hallo @MarionKoopmans. Ik heb nog een stukje 'laster' voor je uit de British Medical Journal.

Irritant, nietwaar? Maar zo ben ik, ik kan er ook niets aan doen.…
Machtig irritant.

And you haven't seen nothing yet.
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If #LabLeak #OriginsOfCovid types were smart, they’d take this as a win.…
This is just objectively true. I know the #LabLeakTheorytypes really want the facts to show something else, but right now they’re arguing about what’s possible, not what we know.
And facts don’t care about your feelings. Lab leak loons have succeeded in creating the debate they wanted, but not in producing the substance to keep it going. There’s no data and no plausible hypothesis.
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Well this is definitely a sign that #LabLeak discourse is healthy and responsible and not an obvious trolling operation with no goal but to interfere with science.
It’s just about ethics in science journalism, IYKWIMAITYD.
wHY d0nT seyeuhntests tAkE uZ zEriosLeeeeeeeee? we’re just gamifying trolling them and getting them to block us.
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What are biosafety levels. Quick review, as relates to coronaviruses. Thread...
There are four of them, BSL-1 (really, "no containment at all") thru -4, shown above, where you must chemical-shower your suit on the way out the door. The level you use is determined by the threat of the bug under study. BSL4 is for...
Pathogens of significant epidemic potential, usually quite lethal, for which there are few vaccine or treatment options. Think Ebola, Marburg, Machupo... there aren't that many of them. Yet universally lethal rabies doesn't need it. Why? There's a vaccine, antibodies...
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Nu genoeg van alle grappen en grollen, @MarionKoopmans

Je beschuldigt mij van laster: goed.

Dat is een uitspraak die je als hoogleraar en hoofd van de vakgroep virologie van de Erasmus Universiteit zou moeten kunnen onderbouwen. Of niet?

#WuhanLabLeak #coronavirus
Het is heel goed mogelijk dat ik uit alle beschikbare publicaties en de #FauciEmails de verkeerde conclusie trek.

Mocht dat zo zijn, corrigeer ik dat onmiddelijk.

Dit is de gedragscode van de Verenigde Samenwerking van Nederlandse Universiteiten.…
Bij mijn weten heeft ook de Erasmus Universiteit deze verklaring ondertekend.
Mocht dat niet zo zijn, ik hoor het graag.

Pagina 10: Reikwijdte van deze Gedragscode:
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So... @LastWeekTonight @iamjohnoliver

@washingtonpost has been covering #LabLeak since Nov

@colbertlateshow @StephenAtHome @jonstewart talked about the novel coronavirus having the same name as the Wuhan institute (first name & last name)

@nytimes broke today

You up? 🧪🧪👩‍🔬
@LastWeekTonight @iamjohnoliver @washingtonpost @colbertlateshow @StephenAtHome @jonstewart @nytimes I have just been informed that the proper way of doing this is:

U up?
.@LastWeekTonight covered the growing risk of a natural pandemic this Feb.

It would be great if a future episode informs the public of the 21st century risk of a lab-based pandemic.

A pandemic in 1977 was lab-based. SARS classic leaked 6 times from labs.
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Preprint Go Boom - Clouds

During the course of my research, I read a paper by Farkas et al... that analyzed SARSCoV2 deep sequencing data from the Sequence Read Archive (SRA) which is a repository maintained by the NIH’s National Center for Biotechnology Information. The first>
supplementary table lists all SARSCoV2 deep sequencing data available from the SRA as of March 30, 2020.
The majority of entries in this table refer to a project (Bio- Project PRJNA612766) by Wuhan University that is described as nanopore sequencing of SARSCoV2 amplicons...>
I performed a Google search for “PRJNA612766,” and found no search hits... Searching for “PRJNA612766” in the NCBI’s SRA search box returned a message of “No items found.” I then searched for individual sequencing run accessions from the project in the NCBI’s SRA search box...>
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1. Tracking Live Bats Story Impact #DRASTIC
1,431,746 views in 6 days:
Footage proves bats were kept in Wuhan lab

Followed up by Newsweek @Samantha__Lock…
and Fox news @TuckerCarlson…
2. Tracking Live Bats Story Impact #drastic

China accused of 'astounding cover up' as footage emerges of bats caged in Wuhan lab

745,046 views•Jun 14, 2021
3. Tracking Live Bats Story Impact #drastic

Wuhan bat video shows much of pandemic origin information was ‘Chinese disinformation’

317,167 views•Jun 15, 2021
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I continue to find it irresponsible to treat "field worker breathed in bat poop and then coughed" as a "lab leak" rather than simply zoonosis. I mean, it's exactly the same as if a miner in the same cave got sick, which is definitely not a lab escape.…
I say "irresponsible" because it actively confuses the #LabLeak discussion. At one end, the US State Department inquiry was premised on SARS-CoV-2 being a bioweapon engineered by the PLA at WIV to target the West. Claims circulate that it was intentionally released!
Other claims about a lab escape involve questions about how safety protocols were applied in a research center. Those international protocols are a product of extensive discussion among scientists and ethicists, but are relatively recent and may not be perfect yet.
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Yes but there’s more. I’m realizing that phony #LabLeak arguments have morphed into justifications to bully and intimidate prominent American scientists. The far right (but increasingly the mainstream GOP) are adopting antiscience as a major platform. I’m working to stop this
For instance, where is the condemnation of @DailyMailUK @DailyMail for their disgusting and unjustified hit piece on @PeterDaszak it’s nothing more than their capitulation to far right extremism and promotion of an antiscience agenda in order to sell newspapers
Or the condemnation of the attacks I’ve experienced from the “army of patriots” who say they will “hunt” me down? I’m looking at models like the Southern Poverty Law @splcenter but an organization to defend biomedical scientists vs far right (or even not so far right) attacks
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This Science letter has been cited by many, including in my conversations with @dandrezner and @JamesSurowiecki, as a reason to take the “lab leak” more seriously. That’s not what this signer intended:…
We don’t do science by petition, so these letters are only marginally important to begin with. People are publishing research exploring zoonotic origins and debunking the main arguments advanced for a #LabLeak. Nothing in peer reviewed research literature requires #LabLeakTheory.
Worth comparing the recent Science letter with the letter a year ago that supposedly cemented groupthink forever and blocked lab escape research. They basically make the same points: support Chinese researchers, do a full investigatjon, don’t spread conspiracy theories.
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“Last time the #G7 met there was no mention of China. But this time there is mention of China,” #Biden said He also said the “G-7 leaders agreed to call out human rights abuses, to coordinate a strategy to “deal with China & to take action against forced labor”.
#G7Summit (1)
#JoeBiden said there is “plenty of action on China” in the joint communique, I think you’re going to see straightforward dealing with China. “And again, we’re not looking, as I’ve told Xi Jinping myself, I’m not looking for conflict.
.@TV9Bharatvarsh #China #US #India #G7UK (2)
Biden also called on China to “act more responsibly in terms of international norms on human rights and transparency” and mentioned the need for access for international experts to help determine the origins of the coronavirus. #Covid #WuhanLab #China #COVID19 (3)
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#Wuhan #lableak
Le complotisme, c'est d'imaginer que tout relève d'un projet élaboré. Mais généralement, la réalité est encore plus tragique : c'est la stupidité au pouvoir et la crédulité face aux manoeuvres grossières pour couvrir les erreurs et l'incompétence. 1/n
Il fallait être stupide pour croire que des expériences en laboratoire visant à "améliorer" un virus avaient plus d'intérêt que de risques. Il fallait vraiment ignorer que les fuites de laboratoire était des évènements fréquents. Pourtant, les Chinois n'était pas les seuls.. 2/n
dans cette entreprise. Quand la théorie du "wet market" est arrivée, il fallait être extrêmement crédule pour continuer à la prendre au sérieux quand on a appris qu'aucune chauve-souris n'y étaient vendue. Si l'étude de l'origine la plus plausible, la fuite de laboratoire .. 3/n
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/10/2021…
Food systems offer huge opportunities to cut emissions, study finds…

#FoodSystems #opportunities #GreenhouseGasEmissions #reduction #ClimateChange
Community assembly and coexistence in communities of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi…

#CommunityAssembly #MycorrhizalFungi #coexistence
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A gist of what Dr #Fauci said last night in a Zoom chat abt #COVID19 & #science organised by @niemanfdn
A thread:
Asymptomatic transmission has been most worrying when it comes to the #pandemic. Interested to understand long #Covid going forward, the profound impact it can have.
#Science is a self corrected process but had been interpreted as flip-flopping. If you don't evolve with data you're doing something wrong.
People should not confuse #socialmedia for media which has no quality control. Classic #journalism hasn't changed. We are looking at a battle between distorters and truth-tellers.
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1/👉19. Februar 2020
Wir dürfen nicht vergessen, dass gerade @c_drosten gemeinsam mit Jeremy Farrar (#GlaxoSmithKline-Stiftung #Wellcome) sehr früh mit vollem Einsatz und an forderster Front gegen die #Wuhan-#Lableak-These vorgegangen sind.…
2/ #Drosten und Farrar kamen, neben Vertretern von #WHO-, Bill & Melinda Gates Stiftung u.a. #Globalisten bereits am 07.06.2019 in der #Charite zusammen:… Image
3/ Hier wurde munter über "Global Health" sinniert und wie man #Deutschland zum Vorreiter im Versenken von Steuergeldern und Umschlagplatz von Produkten der global agierenden #BigPharma machen kann.… Image
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There goes the mask of reasonableness. Dr. Gottleib is now amplifying @DailyCaller. He might as well be Tweeting links to the @weeklyworldnews. It’s no less bonkers, but at least it’s entertaining and not hard right wing propaganda.
I mean, even if I believed #LabLeak was the most likely origin of #SARSCoV2, I wouldn’t cite @DailyCaller in support of it.😂🙄🤦🏻‍♂️
And, yes, I know he’s Tweeting a as link to Daily Caller’s story on his appearance on TV, but damn. Surely there are other sources citing his as appearance? And he should ask himself why such a crank conspiracy site is so approving of his message. 🤦🏻‍♂️
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Read 👇 Dear Journalism:Does this pass muster @VanityFair? Innuendo, implications, Eban teases as breaking story. Zero new evidence. Lots of fmr Trump admin people saying there's a cover up, with no evidence. How is this not just spreading misinformation?…
YES we need more info on #COVID #Origins. Yes a lab leak is a possibility, but as many have said it has not been high on priority b/c there is quite literally no evidence for it. Eban doesn't find any either. But she does fall for all sorts of canards...
For example, Eban falls for the one about how @WHO didn't appoint US officials suggested for the independent expert team. This has been being shopped around by Trump admin folks for months. Eban takes the bait, reports it as if it's a shocking piece of new information. But...
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BREAKING: my months-long @VanityFair investigation on #COVID19 origins is live. Interviews w/ over 40 people, review of hundreds of pgs. of U.S. gov't docs. incl. internal memos, meeting minutes, email correspondence, found....… /1
Conflicts of interest, in part from large US gov't grants supporting controversial virology research, known as "gain-of-function," hampered U.S. gov't investigation into #COVID19 origins, and legit. questions on #LabLeak hypothesis, at every step. /2
In a 12/9/20 @StateDept meeting, officials say they were explicitly told by colleagues not to explore Wuhan Institute of Virology’s gain-of-function research, because it would bring unwelcome att'n to U.S. gov't funding of it. /3
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Not exactly. Scientists have always conceded that #lableak was *possible.* The problem is, it was never very plausible compared to a natural origin for #SARSCoV2. It tended to be dismissed for other reasons, too.
Basically, from the very beginning, the arguments made in favor of #lableak tended to range from appeals to ignorance to risible misunderstandings of molecular biology and evolution to outright conspiracy theories. And nothing has changed.…
Zoonotic transfer has occurred many times and caused a number of pandemics. It just requires nature to be nature and do what it's always done. #lableak, OTOH, requires a massive cover-up by a vast network of scientists, civilians, and government officials.…
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Over the last month, there has been considerable chatter about the #COVID19 #lableak hypothesis for the origin of #SARSCoV2, and President Biden even ordered US intelligence agencies to look into it. What, if anything, has changed? Is there new evidence?…
Spoiler alert: There's no new evidence to support #LabLeakTheory, and the arguments and evidence behind the claim that #SARSCoV2 was engineered is really weak. Bottom line: it's possible that the virus escaped from a lab, but far less likely than natural origin.
As an aside, I'm predicting that the comments section after my post will be turning into a real shitshow soon, once the #lableak trolls discover it. I apologize to our regular moderator, who will have to deal with it.
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