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PM Modi: Govt has no business to be in business.

The Govt has to focus on development projects. When government engages in business it leads to losses.

The Govt is bound by rules and lack of courage to take bold commercial decisions.
PM Modi says the amount collected from #monetisation and #divestment will be used for funding development projects.

Asset monetisation and privatisation decisions will help empower Indian citizens, he adds.
Need feedback on the #privatization and #monetization initiative for swift implementation: PM Modi
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This FT piece on deb #cancellation is interesting and poses a few interesting questions.

Let me begin with what I do not like.

The case against cancelling debt at the #ECB…

#monetization 1/
The excessive focus on Italy is off the mark. Any serious discussion on sterilizing this exceptional debt linked to the pandemics should concern all EMU countries. All have had a spike in deficit

Nor I like the argument that debt sterilization would not bring fresh cash. It would not, and of course it would not be needed. EMU public debt is today (and for a long period to come) in excess demand. On top of that the ECB will keep the PEPP umbrella open for a while

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Time & again most #MFDs & FT itself letting Actual Investors of these 6 schemes know that even in times of #COVID they have accumulated more than ₹11000 crores without #monetization but still few people are having unnecessary doubts. (2)
I personally believe that if #History will be written, the #historians will focus on the solution not on the problem.

Saying Yes, to both Winding Up Consent & Active #Monetization is only & solely in the best possible move for #investors. (3)
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This is going to be a very important thread.

#SavingCapitalism with

Let's start here, with this misleading article shared by the GT account.
To start. From the article:

"The theme of this year’s gathering in #Davos is “#stakeholders for a cohesive and sustainable world”. According to the forum’s website, leaders will meet to discuss ideas and improve our global progress on climate change."…
What is not shared is the primary focus:

"Focus of the meeting will be on renewing the concept of stakeholder #capitalism to overcome income inequality, societal division and the #climate crisis."

This #WEF release is new (Jan 14 2020) - but the focus & theme is not.
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On July 18, 2010 ArtForz started mining bitcoin with GPU, reducing drastically the reward for the rest of the miners. The result was pretty interesting: instead of putting them out of business, the price jumped 10x to fully compensate the new difficulty.…
The subjective theory of value states that the value of a good is determined by the importance an acting individual places on it. ArtForz was not selling, so he restricted the offer forcing buyers to reconsider the subjective value of bitcoin and buy at CPU miners price.
Pricing collectibles such as #gold or #bitcoin is very different from pricing other objects. When #offer is depleted #price can quickly jump orders of magnitude. #monetization #hyperbitcoinization
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