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2022 #Midterms Simulation: #ArtoftheGerrymander

A Republican House win will be built on gerrymanders (TX/GA/FL/TN/LA, etc.)

To illustrate the need for fair maps, I'm calculating the results using the 2022 votes, but if every state had a Democratic gerrymander. #ElectionTwitter ImageImageImageImage

I’ll apply the difference in Presidential margin to the House result. Thanks @davesredist @mikemathieu @vest_team + @DKElections @PoliticsWolf

Keen to see how my maps perform over the decade; tried to comply with state law if partisan intent were allowed to stand.
#ArtoftheGerrymander: #Alabama
Trump 62.0% - Biden 36.6%
Real delegation: 6R-1D
Gerrymandered: 5R-2D
Δ Share of D seats: 14% => 28%
Easy Democratic pick-up of a safe new African American seat.… ImageImageImage
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The magic numbers: 5⃣ and 3⃣0⃣

5⃣: Average point swing improvement for Dem candidates in House Special Elections Dem over 2020 Presidential margins.

3⃣0⃣: Number of GOP-held House seats Trump won by five points or less, or that Biden won.

🧵👇 Image
Race: #TX34

Democrat: Vicente Gonzalez (@VoteVicente)

Republican: Rep. Mayra Flores

2020 Margin: Biden +15.7

Donate:… ImageImage
Race: #CA22

Democrat: Rudy Salas (@RudySalasCA)

Republican: Rep. David Valadao

2020 Margin: Biden +13.1

Donate:… ImageImage
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BREAKING: here’s the new NJ congressional map that throws #NJ07 Rep. Tom Malinowski (D) under the bus and shores up Reps. Andy Kim (D) #NJ03, Josh Gottheimer (D) #NJ05 and Millie Sherrill (D) #NJ11 for a likely 9D-3R split.
*Mikie, not Millie (damn autocorrect)
Meaningful partisan shifts in this new map:

#NJ03 Kim (D) - Trump +0.2 to Biden +14
#NJ05 Gottheimer (D) - Biden +5 to Biden +12
#NJ07 Malinowski (D) - Biden +10 to Biden +4
#NJ11 Sherrill (D) - Biden +7 to Biden +17
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NEW List of Dem candidates running for Congress in 2022 against GOP incumbents! Please take a minute and follow them! It’s the least we can do to show our support for the folks who are literally trying to save our democracy! RESISTERS RESIST #VoteThemAllOut2022
@abbybroyles vs Stephanie Bice House #OK05 electoral objector
@adammgentle vs Mario Diaz Balart House #FL25 electoral objector
@AlishaKShelton vs Don Bacon House #NE02
@AndreaRSalinas House #OR06
@AngieNixon vs Scott Franklin House #FL14 electoral objector
@AnnieAndrewsMD vs Nancy Mace House #SC01
@anthonyjtristan vs Michael Cloud House #TX27 electoral objector
@ashley_ehasz vs Brian Fitzpatrick House #PA01
@AramisAyalaFL House #FL10
@atticaforky House #KY03
@baxterstapleton vs Michael Turner House #OH10
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NEW JERSEY: has a 10D-2R House delegation after starting the last decade 6D-6R. Since 2016, Dems have picked up three suburban seats in the north (#NJ05, #NJ07 and #NJ11) and one in the south (#NJ03), confining Republicans to just #NJ02 and #NJ04.
However, NJ uses a bipartisan commission for redistricting, w/ each party's insiders getting to pick six members and the state Supreme Court picking a 13th independent "tie-breaker." If the tie-breaker sides w/ a GOP-favored proposal (as in 2011), Dems could be at risk.
Dems would probably be lucky to get away w/ a 10D-2R incumbent protection map. Such a plan (right) would shore up Reps. Andy Kim (#NJ03), Josh Gottheimer (#NJ05), Tom Malinowski (#NJ07), and Mikie Sherrill (#NJ11) by giving them all double-digit Biden seats.
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DEAR KENNEDY FANS: Here's 2 ways to get back into the game!

1. Donate to Amy Kennedy for #NJ02!
2. Donate to Brynne Kennedy for #CA04!
DEAR KENNEDY FANS: Here's 2 more ways to get back into the game!

3. Donate to Jim Kennedy for #FL08!
4. Donate to Rick Kennedy for #TX17!
Don't forget about Sheryl Kennedy for MI-HD048!
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Yesterday, you took 🌊@BlueWaveCS #COTD
from 134.5k followers to 134.9k!

🤯You are amazing!

Today's #COTD is @BarbaraBollier against Roger Marshall.🤮

She's at 31.5k followers.
Think we can boost her to 32k?

FOLLOW: @BarbaraBollier
You can learn more about our
@BlueWaveCS #COTD, @BarbaraBollier, find voting resources, listen to our podcast, sign up to volunteer, and support us as well.

Great news! Our #fridaymorning @BlueWaveCS #COTD, @BarbaraBollier, is tied with her opponent.

This is *Kansas*, y'all!🤯

Please follow @BarbaraBollier and support her campaign if you can.


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A devoted mother of five and a former public school teacher, @AmyKennedy715 has a deep commitment and passion for education and for mental health advocacy and policy that will greatly benefit her work in the House #ForThePeople of #NJ02. Image
.@candacefor24 is a mom and educator whose lived experience informs her commitment to finding solutions in education policy that create opportunity for children and families in underserved communities. She will make history as the first Afro-Latina in Congress. #TX24 Image
Margaret @GoodforFlorida is looking forward to making a real difference in the lives of working families in #FL16 by bringing to the House the same dedication and common sense problem-solving that always guided her service as an attorney, non-profit leader, and legislator. Image
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1) VIDEO: NJ2 Apartheid System Endorsement of #JeffVanDrew by @NJDSC Bosses

March 12, 2016.
2) This was the process used to snub out NJ-2 congressional candidate, Tanzie Youngblood. Hence, this email and secret video are the eyes and ears of the voiceless within the Democratic Party. This video specifically focuses on Salem County but discrimination is systemic
3) runs through the veins of all the counties in NJ-2
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NEWS: Trump met Friday with @CongressmanJVD and urged him to switch parties -- VAN DREW, vocal anti-impeachment Dem, believed to be strongly considering it. w/ @jdawsey1…
@CongressmanJVD @jdawsey1 UPDATED: Dem officials believe @CongressmanJVD WILL SWITCH PARTIES though no papers have been signed and Democrats are furiously trying to change his mind. w/ @rachaelmbade @jdawsey1 @pkcapitol…
@CongressmanJVD @jdawsey1 @rachaelmbade @pkcapitol Democrats are saying this is not a move of principle but self-preservation: Hot doc this afternoon is poll memo sent to JVD's own campaign: 24% of likely #NJ02 Dem voters supported his reelect, with 58% wanting another Dem nominee.…
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Time for super pacs to start running ads in these districts letting voters know if these people vote for impeachment, they get voted out. Period.
We're gonna make these people famous today

From now until Wednesday, it's time to put pressure on these Dems:

You vote with AOC and impeachment, and you're toast. She's in New York City and doesn't give a shit you're in a red district.

Voting for censure is your only way out


Tom O’Halleran #AZ01



(202) 225-3361

Lucy McBath #GA06



(202) 225-4501
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Two House rating changes for Dem freshmen at @CookPolitical this morning in part bolstered by 2019 election results...
Rating change: #VA07 Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D) moves from Toss Up to Lean D at @CookPolitical.
Rating change: #NJ02 Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D) moves from Lean D to Toss Up at @CookPolitical.
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#MarchforTrump 📢👟🇺🇸💯

Men & Women! 💃🕺

October 17th @ 10 AM

US Capitol AND Locations across the country!

#KAG #MAGA #WomenForTrump #stopimpeachmentnow #StandWithTrump #standwithPOTUS

📢We will be having protests outside of congressional district offices in the following districts.📢
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Call & tell these AL & AZ Reps to STOP enabling Trump & being AGAINST @HouseJudiciary #IMPEACHMENT inquiry;
#AL07 @RepTerriSewell 202-225-2665
#AZ01 @TomOhalleran 202-225-3361
Call & tell these California Reps to STOP enabling Trump by being AGAINST @HouseJudiciary #IMPEACHMENT inquiry:

#CA05 @RepThompson 202-225-3311
#CA07 @RepBera 202-225-5716
#CA09 @RepMcNerney 202-225-1947
#CA10 @RepJoshHarder 202-225-4540
#CA12 @SpeakerPelosi 202-225-4965
Call & tell these California Reps to STOP enabling Trump & being AGAINST @HouseJudiciary #IMPEACHMENT inquiry:

#CA16 @RepJimCosta 202-225-3341
#CA18 @RepAnnaEshoo 202-225-8104
#CA20 @RepJimmyPanetta 202-225-2861
#CA21 @RepTJCox 202-225-4695
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Of your 46 Dem House Reps, 22 are afraid of #ImpeachmentInquiry. The only thing to fear is fear itself. Call & tell them: Do your job!

#CA05 @RepThompson 202-225-3311
#CA07 @RepBera 202-225-5716
#CA09 @RepMcNerney 202-225-1947
#CA10 @RepJoshHarder 202-225-4540
Of your 46 Dem House Reps, 22 are afraid of #ImpeachmentInquiry. The only thing to fear is fear itself. Call & tell them: Do your job!

#CA12 @SpeakerPelosi 202-225-4965
#CA16 @RepJimCosta 202-225-3341
#CA17 @RepRoKhanna 202-225-2631
#CA18 @RepAnnaEshoo 202-225-8104
Of your 46 Dem House Reps, 22 are afraid of #ImpeachmentInquiry. The only thing to fear is fear itself. Call & tell them:Do your job!

#CA19 @RepZoeLofgren 202-225-3072
#CA20 @RepJimmyPanetta 202-225-2861
#CA21 @RepTJCox 202-225-4695
#CA24 @RepCarbajal 202-225-3601
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Dear Dem @HouseJudiciary members;
@RepJerryNadler NY, @JacksonLeeTX18, @RepCohen TN, @RepHankJohnson GA; Experts say @SpeakerPelosi’s flat wrong. Think for yourself.

“Democrats Against Impeachment Invite Autocracy and a Loss in 2020”…
Dear Dem @HouseJudiciary members;
@RepTedDeutch FL, @RepKarenBass CA, @RepZoeLofgren CA, @RepRichmond LA; Experts say @SpeakerPelosi’s flat wrong. Think for yourself.

“Democrats Against Impeachment Invite Autocracy and a Loss in 2020”…
Dear Dem @HouseJudiciary members;
@RepJeffries NY, @RepCicilline RI, @RepSwalwell CA, @TedLieu CA, @RepRaskin MD;
Experts say @SpeakerPelosi is flat wrong. Think for yourself.

“Democrats Against Impeachment Invite Autocracy and a Loss in 2020”…
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#116th New Congress convenes soon!
43 HOUSE SEATS FLIPPED BLUE! 🌊🌊🌊 #BlueWave2018
(*Net of 40) 64 New Democratic Members in the HOUSE!
with @TeamPelosi leading the way
What do they stand for?
⤵️THREAD of ALL New Blue Congressfolk⤵️
w/ graphic, campaign website links & Twitter
Arizona #AZ02 #116thCongress
Representative Ann Kirkpatrick

"Proud lifelong Arizonan, former prosecutor & congresswoman, independent voice for working Arizona families."

Arizona #AZ09 #AZ9 #116thCongress
Representative Greg Stanton
Former Phoenix Mayor, Former Phoenix City Councilman & Attorney

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🚨MY MASTER THREAD of #Midterm2018 results analysis, including an array of data dives. Will the country chose to repudiate president Trump? Health care instead of the wall? RT & strap in, folks, tonight could be a wild ride. We get the first batch of results at around 6 PM ET.
Turnout has looked unprecedented for weeks now. Indications today that it could even beat these lofty expectations. At this point I think I’d buy for pickups in Tossup sub/urban seats like #TX07 #TX32 and #TX26, but sell in more rural districts that have looked like reaches.
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Few states give us a greater % of potential red-to-blue flips then The Garden State.

There are currently 5 GOP-held House seats in NJ, AND 100% OF THEM ARE FLIPPABLE.

If we take all 5, we can take the House!

Spread the word!
In #NJ02 Democrat Jeff Van Drew (@VanDrewForNJ) is running to FLIP this open-GOP seat. His opponent is the aptly named, and openly bigoted, Seth Grossman (seriously…Google him). Jeff is a dentist, a state senator, and a small business owner who will fight for ALL New Jerseyans.
In #NJ03 Democrat Andy Kim (@AndyKimNJ) is running to FLIP this seat held by Tom MacArthur. Andy served in the Obama Administration on counter-terrorism and national security matters, and will actually work to protect his constituents’ healthcare, unlike Rep. MacArthur.
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Well done, #NewJersey!
Here are your #PrimaryElection Democratic Candidate Winners
Onward to #Midterms2018!
VOTE NOVEMBER 6, 2018 #VoteBlue
Also Info & links for Voter Registration, Absentee, #VoterID, Poll Worker
Democratic Candidate New Jersey #NJ01
Dem Incumbent Donald Norcross

VOTE NOVEMBER 6, 2018 #VoteBlue
Register by October 16th
Apply for Absentee Ballot by November 5

Democratic Candidate New Jersey #NJ02

Jeff Van Drew, State SenFreeholder

vs Seth Grossman

VOTE NOVEMBER 6, 2018 #VoteBlue
Register by October 16th
Apply for Absentee Ballot by November 5

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Hey #NewJersey! You get to vote in Primary Election on JUNE 5, 2018
Register by May 15 here:…
And here’s a THREAD of All your Democratic Candidates with photos & website links.
#NJ01 #NJ02 #NJ03 #NJ04 #NJ05 #NJ06 #NJ07 #NJ08 #NJ09 #NJ10 #NJ11 #NJ12
Info here:…
Includes links to Applications for each County.
Register by May 15th
County Commissioner of Registration or Superintendent of Elections. Addresses here:…
VOTE BY MAIL (Absentee Ballot) New Jersey
Request by Jun 4, 2018
Absentee Ballot Deadline: Jun 5, 2018
Find Applications for each County here:…
And return to County Clerk. Addresses here:…
Military Overseas?…
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