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Thread: One public peeve of the rebel #ShivSena legislators led by #EknathShinde is that it diluted it's commitment to Hindutva by allying with “secular” parties like Congress & NCP. However, the Sena has always allied with parties across the ideological divide #UddhavThackeray
The #ShivSena's tiger has changed its stripes almost incessantly since its birth in 1966. Its positions have been dictated more by political expediency and opportunism than any ideological commitment.
It began by breaking bread with parties like the Praja Socialist Party (PSP), the Republican Party of India (RPI) and the Congress. It also had a brief dalliance with the Muslim League.
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BREAKING: According to sources, the #MVA has moved a plea before #SupremeCourt seeking suspension of 39 ‘rebel’ MLAs till their disqualification petitions is decided by the Deputy Speaker.

#MaharashtraPoliticalCrises #UddhavThackeray #EknathShinde
The plea mentions “there could be no better way of rewarding defection than offering its leader the post of Chief Minister."

#EknathShinde #Maharashtra
The plea is likely to be mentioned in the #SupremeCourt today.
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कोणी विचारले ठाकरे सरकारने काय कामे केली त्यांच्यासाठी

🥳ठाकरे सरकार ने केलेली कामे

१ हिंदुहृदय सम्राट बाळासाहेब ठाकरे समुद्री मार्गच ७०% काम पूर्ण झाले आहेत
२ रायगड जिल्यातील रेवास्ते ते रेड्डी पर्यंत महामार्गाचा चौपद्रीकरण करत आहोत
३ मुंबई सागरी किनाऱ्या महामार्गाचे ५०% काम झाले आहेत
४ पहिली ते बारावीच्या विद्यार्थ्यांना दिशा अँप द्वारे विषय निहाय्य अभ्यास साहित्य प्रसारित झाले आहेत आणि ह्यापुढे अजून साहित्य प्रसारित करायचे चालूच आहे
५ पुण्यात रिंग रोड च काम चालू आहे
६ दुसऱ्या राज्यात नदीत मृतदेह टाकण्यात आले पण महाराष्ट्र राज्यात जंबो कॉवीडसेंटर आणि तातडीने सेवा पुरवून जनतेची सेवा केली आणि अजून करणार
७ गिरगाव येथे दिमाखदार मराठी भाषा भवन सुरु करण्यात येणार आहे
८ बीडीडी चाळीतील लोकांचा प्रश्न मार्गी लावला
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#Explosion im #Chempark Leverkusen bei @BAYER

#Fragen, die sich aus der heutigen #Pressekonferenz des @lanuvnrw, von @CURRENTA und von @leverkusen_de ergeben (Thread) - an die Konzerne und an die @ArminLaschet Regierung:

1. Warum wurde das LANUV erst heute morgen (1/X)...
... also drei (!) Tage (!!) nach der Explosion der #Sondermüll-#MVA-Tanks, per E-Mail über den Inhalt der Tanks informiert, wie Hans Gennen für @CURRENTA auf der PK mitteilte?

2. Warum wurden diese "Datenblätter", die die Information ...
... über die Sondermüll-Rückstände des Leverkusener Chemparks enthalten, noch nicht veröffentlicht?

3. Handelt es sich um Produktionsrückstände von @BAYER?

4. Drängt #BAYER auf die Geheimhaltung der Sondermüll-Datenblätter der explodierten CURRENTA-Tanks?
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More shocking details on #MVA propaganda against #ventilators by #PMCaresFunds at Govt. Medical College & Hospital, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, are as follows,
औरंगाबाद वैद्यकीय महाविद्यालय आणि रुग्णालयाच्या खुलाशात अनेक बाबी गायब. खुलाशात सरकारी व्हेंटिलेटर खासगी रुग्णालयात लावल्याची बाब का दडवण्यात आलीय?
खासगी रुग्णालयात सरकारी व्हेंटिलेटर कुणाच्या आदेशाने लावले? यावर खुलाशात मौन का? विभागाचे मंत्री पण का गप्प?
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The lies of #MVA over faulty #Ventilators at Aurangabad Medical College is exposed in an audit report. @PIB_India has shared the details. Read the thread
१९ एप्रिल २०२१ रोजी औरंगाबाद वैद्यकीय महाविद्यालयाला १०० व्हेंटिलेटर पुरवले गेले.
यापैकी, २३ व्हेंटिलेटर सरकारी रुग्णालयातून खासगी रुग्णालयात वळवले गेले.
औरंगाबाद वैद्यकीय महाविद्यालयाच्या रुग्णालयात वापरात असलेले २० व्हेंटिलेटर गुपचूप एमजीएम रुग्णालयात लावले गेले.

एमजीएम रुग्णालयात व्हेंटिलेटर लावताना उत्पादक कंपनीला कसलीही कल्पना दिली गेली नाही.
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#BestCM to chair cabinet tomorrow and sources state that the statewide lockdown could well be extended till May 15. But the bigger issue facing #MVA is whether to give vaccines free for all citizens. And the internal mess in communication (as usual) has made things worst
Loud mouth Nawab Malik has already announced the free scheme. Prince did the same and deleted the tweet. #BestCM seems to be in favour, but the finance ministry held by Ajit Pawar seems be more worried about the Rs 7000 crore 'burden' on the state. So what will be the final call?
The state budget is over Rs 3 lakh crore, fixed deposits of BMC are around Rs 60,000 crore. Then why this indecisive approach till the last few days? NCP is over excited to cancel loans of farmers all the time, so why talk cost now?
Truth - there are NO elections in #Maharashtra
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#RamMandirNidhiSamarpan isn't just a "Donation Collection Campaign", it's a Nation Building Exercise, it is the culmination of years of struggle to proudly reclaim the Hindu Identity of #Bharatvarsh. To reignite the light of hope in every single #RamBhakt's heart.
10s of generations, spanning centuries together have eagerly awaited the restoration of Bhagwan Shri Ram to his rightful abode. The #RamMandirNirman thus is something absolutely near and dear to every #Indian, and everyone wants to be involved in it in one way or another.
While everyone would love to take part in the #RamMandirNirman directly, it isn't possible just yet. Precisely why people from every social strata are willingly & generously presenting whatever they can to their #RamLalla with pure devotion, who's given them everything.
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Is the #MVA government in Maharashtra replaying #IndiraGandhi’s Emergency? Where are self-appointed guardians of #FoE in this #ArnabGoswami episode, which goes above & beyond ideological/political differences with a fellow journalist? No media ‘guilds’/Associations/Unions today?
The ‘LeftLib’ brotherhood, which spawns itself in media outlets abroad is quick to comment on the @BJP4India central govt + @PMOIndia. How much longer will they ignore worse attacks on #FoE by provincial governments run by @INCIndia & their allies?
@WSJ @nytimes @FinancialTimes
Despite over a decade of vile abuse, which also stooped to cheap & personal, against @narendramodi from some sections of media, has he or the @BJP4India done anything remotely comparable? Shame on @INCIndia.
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29 days since CM @OfficeofUT ji (via VC), Dy.CM @AjitPawarSpeaks ji declared that 1950 beds spread across 3 Jumbo Centers are ready to treat critical #COVID19 patients in #Pune.
It is infuriating to know that almost 45% beds are still inoperational today (1/5)
AS of today COEP Jumbo #Covid Hospital has only 330 Beds (270 Oxygen, 30 ICU, 30 ICU Ventilator) operational instead of 800 (600 Oxygen + 200 ICU) expected to successfully treat critical patients with advance stages of infection & help reduce the mortality rate of #Pune (2/5)
Currently there are only 4 ventilators available for #Pune City across Govt & Private Hospitals. These numbers are all from official dashboard, the on-ground situation is even worse. Everyday patients are losing their lives due to lack of early intervention & ventilators. (3/5)
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It is plain & simple, @OfficeofUT ji led #MVA Govt has betrayed the citizens of #Pune.
Even after 6 months, they have failed to build a #COVID19 medical infrastructure that can save lives of critical patients. The launch of Jumbo Hospitals can only be called as deception (1/4)
Built by spending over Rs.200 Crores of public funds the Jumbo hospitals were supposed to be dedicated Treatment centers for critical patients, but unfortunately they are woefully understaffed, untrained and reek of impropriety & corruption (2/4)
Such is the antipathy & insensitivity of the #MVA Government towards Pune, that even after 5 days of bringing the mismanagement to notice, not one cabinet minister has made an effort to physically review the situation & hold accountable those responsible for this failure (3/4)
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Today unfortunately Pandurang Raikar a young reporter with @TV9Marathi lost his life to #Covid19...once again highlighting the complete failure of the @OfficeofUT Government to build sustainable medical infrastructure to gain control & help reduce mortality rate for #Pune. (1/6)
Hon. CM @OfficeofUT ji & Dy. CM @AjitPawarSpeaks ji even inaugurated 2 Jumbo #COVID19 Hospitals at COEP and PCMC last week. Built by spending over Rs.200 Crores of public funds these hospitals are supposed to be dedicated Treatment centers for critical patients (2/6)
Built after weeks of follow ups, these Jumbo #COVID19 Hospitals with 200 Ventilators & 600 Oxygen beds each, were supposed to drastically reduce the COVID mortality rate of #Pune and thus instill confidence in the citizens to finally begin to their journey back to normalcy. (3/6)
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Shiv Sena is now Kosher. Totally Paak. A new liberal cause. Commie journos affiliated to Mumbai Press Club, who called Balasaheb Thackeray a fascist for decades, have forgiven and forgotten. Sena is the new liberal cause since yesterday. Rise up everyone! Save the Thackerays
Narrative - entire #SSRcase is BJP plan to topple #MVA. ED did not find anything. Rhea is innocent. AT will come out of this safe. There is nothing in this case.
Heard this from senior editors. Same guys who hated Sena. Who buried Sena/BJP stories in inside pages. Unbelievable
Marathi MSM media is in deep mourning. NCP linked journos have been told to go offensive against CBI. Wait for discrediting CBI stories now. #SSR case is exposing deep nexus between media, police and Bollywood. All trying hard to bury the truth. Structure collapsing. Let's watch
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Yes ! #BJP holds majority in the @PMCPune . I will be the first one to agree that not just #BJP but Councillors across all political parties have done a commendable job during this pandemic by being front line warriors for their respective wards of #Pune. (1/8)
Led by our dynamic Mayor @mohol_murlidhar ji, #PMC Councillors have each contributed in this war against #COVID19, many of whom have even been infected with the virus themselves while working in close proximity of patients and the underprivileged during the last 4 months. (2/8)
All PMC Councillors have supported & followed through on directions set by the Executive Body (Administration). The Councillors have also approved & allocated Rs.200 Crore for #Pune's fight against #Coronavirus while the State Govt. has only contributed Rs.3 Crore till date (3/8)
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Trolls, BJP haters & @ShivSena supporters keep asking me that why is it that am only calling out CM @officeofUT ji for his failures & do not criticize NCP, especially DyCM @AjitPawarSpeaks ji who is also Guardian Min of #Pune, for the collapse of our Medical Infrastructure.(1/6)
Shri. @OfficeofUT ji is the CHIEF Minister of Maharashtra. He is not only the head of our state government, but he is also responsible, accountable and answerable for the failures of the administration and his cabinet including DyCM & #Pune Guardian Min @AjitPawarSpeaks ji (2/6)
Or will CM @OfficeofUT ji publicly acknowledge that :
1)Pune is on the verge of catastrophe & administration has failed woefully to ramp up medical infra.
2)Pune was the sole responsibility of DyCM @AjitPawarSpeaks ji, and @CMOMaharashtra has no say & no control over #Pune (3/6)
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In the past 2 months I have raised several issues, and written multiple letters to Hon. @CMOMaharashtra ji on various concerns including Repatriation of Citizens from UAE & other Gulf Countries, the lack of co-ordination between the state & city administration, and more.. (1/n)
Other than acknowledgement of receipt, I have not received a single reply to any of my queries that I have officially asked the Hon @CMOMaharashtra ji. If I as an elected representative face such a dead-end, I can only imagine the plight of the common citizens of our state (2/n)
I can understand not getting affirmative answers to my requests, or the solutions to citizen issues not being what I had hoped for.. but having ZERO communication from the leader of our State especially during a Pandemic is a scary situation to be in. ( 3/n)
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As we begin our long journey back to normalcy, focus will be & will have to be on revival of #Economy. #AtmanirbharBharat & initiatives like #VocalForLocal will undoubtedly help industry & spur demand. Foreign investments & companies are also going to be major boosters (1/4)
In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity. The deep distrust against China is causing companies to explore other countries to shift their manufacturing. It is a golden opportunity for state governments to attract investments & support cos in relocating their base.(2/4)
I have been reading about all major manufacturing states in the country being proactive in taking advantage of this opportunity and announcing major reforms, allocating land parcels, signing MoU’s and forming leadership groups to attract investments. (3/4)
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Granted #MVA has failed at governance, but am surprised that 3 leaders with decades of experience failed to remember one of @Dev_Fadanvis ji’s biggest strengths. Since '99 his 1st term as MLA, whenever he shares numbers, they are always backed with deep research & infallible data
The countless hours of ground work, his unique ability to understand numbers and accurately recall every little statistic gives his statements substance and veracity. It is this truth that makes @Dev_Fadnavis ji fearless, it is this truth that makes him the fearless leader.
Oh how I wish @Twitter introduces the #Edit function... even if it's for a shorter period, or just basic corrections .
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Who is really heading Maharashtra ?
HM @AnilDeshmukhNCP ji last evening tweets "It’s extremely ill-advised to reopen airports...will add COVID stress to Red zone"
Defying all logic since trains, shramik specials, buses are already coming in and out of Mumbai every day ! (1/4)
Today afternoon Hon. @CMOMaharashtra Uddhav Thackeray ji communicates with the MOS Civil Aviation @HardeepSPuri ji that MIAL needs time to prepare and that only flights that are purely emergent in nature should be allowed to and from Maharashtra (2/4)
Today evening NCP National Spokesperson & Cabinet Minister @nawabmalikncp ji contradicts @CMOMaharashtra, says that Maharashtra Government has agreed to allow 25 take offs and 25 landings every day for domestic flights from Mumbai starting tomorrow.(3/4)
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"The Lancet‘s fraudulent concealment of genetics, and its own conflicting interests, while condemning #coronavirus conspiracy theorists, gives the appearance of “crisis capitalism,” and complicity in the COVID-19-SARS/HIV-1 #Wuhan ‘Event 201‘ biocrime." Image
The 'Scientific' arguments going on behind the scenes on #Covid_19 should be a wake-up call to the 'TRUE' dangers the world is being exposed to! 'BOTH' sides of the argument are labelling the other 'Conspiracy Theorists'. Only one of them can be! Image
The Lancet writes that "Conspiracy theories do nothing but create fear, rumours, and prejudice...." #Covid_19 Image
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Today is 1st day of the Maharashtra Assembly's Budget Session. I as the representative of people of #Shivajinagar constituency & citizens of Maharashtra will be a part of a constructive opposition that will ensure #MVA Govt works in the best interest of our state and our nation.
I will also be asking several questions related to #Shivajinagar to the concerned ministers & their department and working towards resolving the same
I will be stationed in #Mumbai from Monday to Friday till the 17th of March and will only be available at my #Pune office on weekends. If you have any issues or concerns, you can always approach my office during the week and the team will help resolve the same.
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