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1. Just in from SDF Commander: "Continuing the previous operation, terrorist Abu al-Hassan al-Muhajir, the right-hand man of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and an ISIS spokesman, was targeted in the village of Ein al-Baydah near Jarablus, in direct coordination between the SDF intelligence
2. and the US military.This came as a continuing pursuit of ISIS leaders."

That would put US operating in area that is part of Turkish MIT al-Qaeda terrorist base. IMO this announcement is more significant than the Al-Baghdadi announcement. It means that all the effort to prove
3. Erdogan is ISIS may have woken US defense and intelligence policy makers up from their AKP delusions. Erdogan is a US enemy. He is not an ally. He works for ISIS and the global jihad. #ThisIsNotADrill.
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1. @RTErdogan is a Islamist jihadist enemy of humanity. He is $ISIS. #Turkey's people will pay the price for following him. They want to be treated like Ottomans? Okay they surrendered and will again. Ottoman empire must be finally & permanently destroyed. Turkey broken apart.
2. First step is to remove @POTUS @realDonaldTrump & @VP via impeachment for Section 1091 Conspiracy to Commit Genocide. Make the trial about murdering #Christians and #Kurds. Will Americans seek revenge against the Ottoman ISIS murderers who Trump conspired with? I think so.
3. Ottomans brutality dehumanizes the Turks that makes it easier for forces of justice to what must be done. This might be a time for the #armenians to be heard from to show that the Ottomans are serial genocide violators. @ANCA_DC
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1. Why Trump can't stop the #Turkish attack on #Christians and #Kurds in Syria:

#Putin and #Erdogan own him and his family. @FBIWFO @DefenseIntel @CIA @ODNIgov @RepAdamSchiff @MarkWarner @DefenseIntel @EsperDoD
2. Here is the Trump Giuliani link the heart of the NYC Putin Trump criminal enterprise I p.
3. But it's not just @Trumphotels: It's about all of Trump's money from the Russians beyond the Hotels.

Erdogan is helping Putin run Trump as Kremlin intel asset. The damage is now done and likely too late to reverse course for Trump. Here is how they did it.
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1. It is generally being reported that the IC Whistleblower Protection Act protects the whistleblower. Yes and no. They are protected from personnel actions and loss of security classification but they may have no recourse if Kremlin asset is in control of the @WhiteHouse
2. and wants to destroy their life. And I'm sure Putin wants @POTUS Trump to make an example of anyone who threaten Putin's control of the @whitehouse. With an apparently corrupted director of @ODNIgov we are very close to losing Republic. #ThisIsNotADrill @FBIWFO @NSAGov @ODNI
3. The most urgent threat is the @SenateGOP. Every intelligence officer should consider every member of the GOP in the Senate as an existential threat to their lives and families. They should burn Kremlin assets, @LindseyGrahamSC @RandPaul and @senatemajldr without delay.
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1. What should concern every American is that Trump and his @whitehouse attorneys are clearly committing the crime of obstructing a congressional committee witness in violation of 18 USC 1505. #Lewandowski has said they have.
2. Indisputable, @PTOTUS Trump and his attorneys can all be charged in 2021. So what's their plan? Or said more accurately what's the Russkies' plan? And the scary answer is Trump and Putin are planing a coup and people like the @ODNI and @JudiciaryGOP are part of it. @FBIWFO
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1. Trump is likely taking kickbacks from Scottish airport fueling. After testing his debts in 2015, I concluded he was insolvent. He still is & it's gotten worse. Real billionaires don't commit procurement fraud but Russian mob money launderer shut down by being @POTUS would.
2. Congress needs to quietly tell the 4 star DOD command that they will lose their pensions if the don't expose every dime this Russian mobster has embezzled from the treasury. No exceptions. Make it clear that in 2021 they will all be working at McDonald's.
3. Leave the lower command to the four stars. Don't blame enlisted members who are caught up in this. Putin wants to destroy our military and we can't help him do it. Make the ones looking at at $250,000+ a year pensions own this.
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1. The mob hit that was already tipped by @TheJusticeDept before Whitey Bolger was relocated evidences that the BOP is infiltrated. We know Barr was part of murderous corrupt era at CIA and when he was learning about the Constitution he was working for an organization that did
2. not abide by it under Nixon. Barr is much more dangerous than Trump. If I was the NYPD murder detective assigned to the Epstein investigation I would not give Barr time to watch the case and facts evolve to form his cover. I would go to Barr's home and interview him. Today.
3. Same with Trump. Both had motive and Barr had opportunity. That makes them both prime suspects. Nail it down. Today. Ask him if he'll take a polygraph. #ThisIsNotADrill @NYPDCT @NYPDONeill @NYPDSpecialops
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1. We have a President who is actively & knowingly radicalizing terrorists. If @TheJusticeDept says we're powerless to stop that via federal law enforcement so it falls to the House to act.
2. I think we need to impeach Trump for incitement and domestic terrorism. If we don't history will blame @TheDemocrats. Impeach and just let it sit so history will note we acted and the Kremlin infiltrated @SenateGOP did nothing to stop the monster lose in our society.
3. Federal law defines Domestic Terrorism to include:
"Activities that . . . involve acts dangerous to human life and are in violation of the criminal laws of the US or any state and "appear intended: to intimidate . . a civilian population."
See 18 USC 2331(5).
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1. Here’s a link to US Senate impeachment rules. I think @TribeLaw has the right approach: Impeach Trump and then move on to defeat @POTUS @Trump on policy and morality. Don’t hold the trial.…
2. So simply stated, the House just needs 218 votes and they can impeach Trump. I would make it for treason. Go big or go home. Name all @SenateGOP in #2016Class who took Russian money as material witnesses so @senatemajldr will have to think twice about messing with the rules.
3. The evidence of the Russian money is sitting in he #SDNY Natalie Edwards case with a ~recused USA Geoffrey Berman running the case. The @HouseJudiciary needs to move on that grand jury for the 6(e) material. The next move should be to create a massive social media storm
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1. Trump engaged in multiple RICO predicates in the past year as set forth in the #MuellerReport. They occur on a regular basis. Trump Family criminal bribery enterprise has structure and clear long term continuity. Bribery and obstruction have five year statutes but
2. Trump's statute of limitations under RICO has not even started to run because he's continuing to tamper with witnesses and obstruct investigations. USA & many states can charge him for Treason without any limitation. Time can't save Trump from prison.
3. Trump and his kids are all going to prison if Trump leaves office and he and they know it. That's why he's likely planning to kill us all. And Putin will be happy to help. Somebody has to charge McConnell. Virginia has a treason statute and likely has venue. #ThisIsNotADrill.
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1. Why is @POTUS Trump attacking @RepCummings? Now that he's aware @FBIWFO is engaged in multiple investigations of his Kremlin recruitment he's writing the final chapter of his despicable life. I warned about what @Trump was before the election & he's trying to start a race war.
2. I lived in the era that this degenerate's mind devolved to the monster he is and it was greatly assisted by LSD. This is what a rich loser stoner looked like. 100% Trump's mind was destroyed by multiple misuses of LSD. It's a very dangerous drug and can have long term impact.
3. Some became John Lenin. Some became Charles Manson.
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1. My major take from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report released yesterday. My scan did not find the word "Trump" in the heavily redacted PDF. The structure of the index leads me to believe much of the redaction relates to White House being held by a traitor.
2. The timing of that release, with Trump's @seanhannity babbling about the Barr giving the Russian intel asset Devin Nunes our classified intel says to me that the intercepts are soon to be be disclosed. They will have Trump on the phone committing treason. 100%.
3. This crew in yellow were the recipients of Russian money in 2016 who went to Moscow over 2018 4th of July to advance the conspiracy to overthrow US Republic. The problem for Trump and why he's going after Coats is he was in 2016 cycle and assisted the FBI in the investigation.
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1. My problem with Brian Williams @11thHour is he appears to have no understanding or concern that he is amplifying propaganda. We are at war with Russia. @FoxNews is a Russian propaganda organ. Any act to show Fox as real news is, in fact, propaganda and allows its sponsors
2. off the hook. We should start looking at cross-network sponsors and force any company on Fox to have no other place to advertise. Destroying Fox should be the strategic goal of every loyal American who wants to defeat Russia. We need a phone ap
3. that logs the Fox News sponsors and can be used to quickly determine who is subject to the boycott. The total destruction of the @rupertmurdoch family as a vector for Russian infiltration can't wait. Fox is a clear and present danger to the Republic. #ThisIsNotADrill.
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1. Does @POTUS @Trump also sexually assault little boys? Is it what Putin has on him & @senatemajldr @LindseyGrahamSC @RandPaul? Trump's pedophilia could confirm my theory Fred Trump was pedophile & assaulted his boys. I think that may have been why Bavaria shunned the family.
@POTUS @Trump @senatemajldr @LindseyGrahamSC @RandPaul 2. Family photos tell a lot. What I noticed is there are very few photos of Fred with the family. I can say that we also had very few photos of my dad with the family but that was because he was an @AP wire-service photographer and usually took the picture. Not the Trumps.
3. They had professional shots done in studios. Who would do that without the father? A family who all shared a terrible secret about a monster.
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1. What is Trump up to? White House invites GOP senators to meeting on potential sanctions against Turkey…
2. Here is the full text of the Senate Resolution Introduced yesterday by two @SenateGOP @SenRickScottFL and @ToddYoungIN. A powerful appropriate reaction to Turkey's dictator acting with full knowledge that US sanctions would be imposed over the S-400 purchase.
3. Now @POTUS @Trump is asking only @GOP Senators to a Tuesday meeting? It appears Trump may be trying to stop the sanctions and the GOP are being asked to help him. But here's why just going to this meeting could be the straw that breaks the GOP camel's back and results in
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1. Though the host @PeterAlexander did a good job, @MSNBC allowing Mark Lotter on to spout talking points is unhelpful. Trump is inciting political violence that is a crime and the actions of a commander in chief who is a clear and present danger to our military forces in the
2. field. @SpeakerPelosi should considering putting opening the impeachment proceedings to a vote. Use incitement to riot and Civil Rights violations as the basis along with the obstruction to hide his treason. Put it to a vote to open the hearings.
3. The House can moderate Trump by making him pay a price when he threatens violence. We have to do this. He must know that when he touches the stove he will get burned. We can't afford to wait until violence breaks out.
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1. If they were fake accounts then they weren't really users were they?
Twitter is sweeping out fake accounts like never before, putting user growth at risk…
2. In recent weeks I have noticed an alarming increase in Russian-style troll accounts. Russians know to not come near Hawaii accounts due to the topology of our network so IMO presume these are Brad @parscale's San Antonio franchise of the St. Petersburg sock-puppet boiler room.
3. What to do? @TheDemocrats could decide to match it but that is a loss for democracy and likely the death-knell for @twitter.

I had been forced on to the new Twitter browser client front-end and it stopped the functionality of @cbouzy fine work @BotSentinel.
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1.Professor: I am fairly certain #Putin covered @realDonaldTrump sizable flanks by putting money in most, of not all, of the 2016 @SenateGOP campaigns. Take a look at the original criminal complaint filed in the #FinCEN employee Natalie Sour Edwards SAR @BuzzFeed leak case
2. pending in #SDNY. Putin holding #Kompromat on these Senators (NB some no longer Senators) gives Trump the impeachment protection that is keeping him in power. When you start looking at this case as a coup and not just dirty tricks you will be able to analyze how to fix it.
3. IMO only the states can. Here are some pages from the Edwards complaint. NB Geoffrey Berman should have been recused due to the obvious Mueller connection but, as you can see from the letter, he is running the case.
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1. @GOP may be playing a game by saying how scared they are of @KamalaHarris. But simply from the facts of the US electorate, I dont' think anyone can claim that Harris has a better chance to defeat the #orangemenace than @JoeBiden. I'm not saying she isn't qualified
2. Just that Trump has a better chance to beat her than Joe. I get that we want change and the time is long overdue for a woman, but we risk electing the person who will be our last elected president if we don't pick Joe. That's a simple fact. So my suggestion is
3. make your case but don't tear down other democrats and fall into the hands of the Russia dominated @GOP. #ThisIsNotADrill
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1. We don't like to admit it but Comey's violations of 6(e) and clear DOJ policy, that essentially threw the election to a candidate being assisted by our mortal enemy, was more than grounds for his dismissal. Trump ordered it for corrupt purpose. But Comey signed his own ticket.
2. And he was under a Hatch Act investigation when he was fired. How do I know that? I filed the Hatch Act complaint. Before the election. Why did Comey violate the rules? IMO he's #TheKochBrothers' boy. And as long as they are on the street
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1. To save himself @realDonaldTrump he will start a global war. Here's a possible scenario. Trump attacks Iran that will immediately attack the Gulf Kingdoms. That will close the Straights of Hormuz and Oil will spike to over $200 bbl. Price at US pump will reach $10 per gal.
2. Trump's Russian mob boss Putin gets his high oil prices. He and the Iranians will then move to seize the the Gulf Kingdoms. I would expect a massive armor and infantry attack on Kuwait as Iran races to move into Saudi Arabia. The Shatt Al-Aarab crossing will be
3. strategic objective. Iraq will have to make a quick choice to join the Shia jihad. Assume they do, US forces will be likely forced to withdraw from Iraq leaving only the Qatar as a base for US forces but with the Straights under attack unlikely that a naval force could
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1. @realDonaldTrump admitted he intends to commit a felony and every member of @TheDemocrats running for president in 2020 is a potential victim. Because Barr has taken the postilion that the President can commit crimes in office with no way for citizens to defend from it,
2. Trump needs to be sued by @TheDemocrats to seek an injunction and at the same time seek a declaratory judgment that the 2000 DOJ memo is unconstitutional and evidence of a conspiracy to commit federal crimes by the @POTUS @TheJusticeDept AG and political appointees.
3. Trump needs to be sued by every member and the US attorneys need to be free to charge the Trump crime family including @POTUS, Barr and the K&E political appointees as co-conspirators. #ThisIsNotADrill
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1. Barr knows full well his actions are dangerous, threaten national security and the very survival of the free Republic. I'm starting to believe his motives are related to Taliban-like Catholic cult he is reported to be a member of. This is what Catholics said would never happen
2. when JFK ran. NB there have been no Catholic elected since 1960. Barr's extremism plays to KKK Anti-Catholic narrative. NB #KochBrothers favor candidates who were raised Catholic but then reject the Church and converted to Protestant sects. See Reagan, Pence, Gorsuch & Comey.
3. The GRU could be planning to employ Barr, who I believe is a mole, to create an ideal Catholic threat to democracy that is then exposed. Guess who is the greatest threat to the Kremlin and their installed puppet? @JoeBiden. A Catholic. #ThisIsNotADrill. @CatholicBishops
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Do @AnnCoulter @TuckerCarlson @foxandfriends @seanhannity @laura @rupertmurdoch @IngrahamAngle @SteveDoocy @JudgeJeanine also support baby murdering #DPRK? Do they support feeding babies to dogs like @realDonaldTrump does? Why not be proud of who your are. Be evil. Be proud.
Rather than a scattershot boycott of numerous Fox News sponsors, my thought is to pick one large sponsor. An insurance company. They are state regulated that makes all carriers pay for an insolvent one. If we kill one, we may kill them all. Regulators will be the boycott vector.
Once insurance carriers are forced to all shun Fox it will create environment to take out the rest of the sponsors. We are at war with Russia and Fox joined the enemy. Any company giving aid and conform is a fair subject for economic destruction. #ThisIsNotADrill. @foxandfreinds
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