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#ABTVtoStopBrexit isn't about affecting the balance of power or forcing a General Election. #ABTV is about sending a message to the Tories, and *especially* to Labour that people don't support *any* #Brexit. Not a #HardBrexit, #SoftBrexit, #NoDealBrexit, #Lexit, or *any* Brexit.
The Tory's control more than half of councils, nearly double Labour. Losing control of even half of them is unrealistic, and even if it happened under fixed term government I can all but guarantee it won't result in a General Election.
A Prime Minister calls a GE under two circumstances:
1) They are miles ahead in the polls and think they can increase their majority (as in 2017)
2) They have suffered a humiliating defeat or scandal.
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To those who believe we should roll over and "accept" the ref/vote... Do you know how democracy works? #ABTV #FBPE #BrexitIsPersonal
It's a PROCESS. Not an end product. You don't do it just the once. Remainers/leavers who insist we should respect the vote are either not aware of the threat democracy is currently under or they don't understand the concept of democracy.
"You don't get to keep voting until you get what you want". Well actually that IS kinda the point. You want your vote to count. And you want your values and policies to be realised.
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Odious man with exactly the same profits ftom backing brexit as rees mogg.
We need to be clear they will make a huge profit selling you out and damaging our countries.
Holiday in Caledonia
Dead democracies

So, you've been to school
For a year or two
And you know you've seen it all
In daddy's car
Thinking you'll go far
At Eton your type don't crawl
Collect Bagpuss dolls
To parade your snazz
in your 7 mill mansion house
Braggin' that you knowHow the poor feel coldAnd the scum got so much soul

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Thread on why I think anti-Brexit tactical voting (#ABTV) for anti-Brexit parties is necessary at the local elections in England on 3rd May. 1/
TL:DR - In an ideal world we wouldn't. That we need to is a shame and shows the failing in our system and the main two parties. Brexit is a local issue as well as a national one, and votes for pro-Brexit parties will be used to justify Brexit. 2/
I don’t like tactical voting in general. In principle, you should vote for who you think will make the best representative, and which party would form the best majority in whatever assembly or parliament the election is for. 3/
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I've seen a few tweets recently from #AntiBrexit campaigners feeling a little on the down side... A little fatigued and weary of this big battle we are fighting. #FBPE #ABTV
I have been feeling it too. First of all I want to say very emphatically that it's OK to feel this way. Any feelings about being one of ca 20m people sidelined, abused, denied and rejected are totally valid. #FBPE #ABTV
This is an important point. We're not just "moaning". We have been systematically marginalised and silenced. It's no small thing. #ABTV #FBPE
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It's excruciatingly embarrassing that our press has pumped out so much bilge about the EU that .@EUlondonrep had to have a page on its website dedicated to "A-Z of Euromyths".

As it's Friday, I've picked out my top-ten stupid stories by the British press on the EU #Thread
In at N°10 in the Brit EU-#FakeNews Hit Parade: The S*n claimed the EU wanted to ban BAGPIPES. I'm sure Her Majesty the Queen would have had something to say about that, of whom more anon...

#BrexitShambles #FBPE #WATON #ABTV #BrexitIdiocy
At N°9 in the Brit EU-#FakeNews Hit Parade: The Daily Telegraph, which is now almost as bad as red-tops for fake news when it comes to the EU, claimed the EU wanted to ban that most famous of British icons, the doubled-decker bus.

#BrexitShambles #FBPE #WATON #ABTV #BrexitIdiocy
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The point that we keep missing is that Cons, Lab, etc no longer care about the referendum result. They are claiming overwhelming support for Brexit on the results of the 2017 GE when over 80% of those who voted, voted for parties which had Brexit as a part of their manifesto. 1/6
Similarly, the BBC are reporting only pro-brexit stories and, for example, relegating coverage of AIQ/CA to the tech pages on their website because 80%+ expressed their preference for Brexit to go ahead. That’s how manifestos work. 2/6
In the UK, there is only one way for an ordinary person to express their political wishes and that is by voting. In the GE, that resulted in most of us voting for pro-brexit parties in the hope of trying to get the tories out to end austerity. Boy was that a foolish move! 3/6
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Why are we all getting so worked up about a bit of advertising & advertising overpend? A short thread to try to explain why adverts matter. 1/n

(it'll be a long thread - it always is)
#CambridgeAnalyticaUncovered #BrexitGate #FairVote
We have advertising law in the UK & most countries. It covers goods & services bc we know that adverts influence people. eg we are not allowed to use cartoons to advertise to kids, or to advertise cigs on TV. There is 7 day cooling off if a sale happens in your home. 2/n
So - everyone who knows anything about the psychology of advertising - knows that advertising works. Anyway - why would anyone spend all that money on it, if it didn't? Large companies routinely spend millions of £ to influence what you spend your money on.
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1. When will those craven MPs, who fail to put natl interest 1st, wake up to the harsh reality; the #Brexit vote & process was subverted & flawed, the Will of the People unclear & misrepresented & that our country can only end up Poorer, Weaker with Fewer Rights & less Control.
2. There's no way any politician can justify proceeding with this #BrexitShambles w/o at least Retesting the current Will of the Ppl.
W/o offering a Binding #FinalSayForAll on the Autumn Deal + a #StopBrexitSaveBritain option, no #Brexit can be deemed legitimate. #FairVote #ABTV
3. Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour leadership are being equally disingenuous & like the Tories putting the ideology of the Far Left before the interests of their own ppl.
They can't be in power forever & future Tory Govts can do what they want outside the EU.
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1. It is time it is made clear that one limb of our constitution - the judicary - will be thrown into legal chaos on exit day. No ifs, no buts, no coconuts! We all know civilised society depends on a functioning legal system; we're unlikely to have that. #FBPE #lawlessBrexit #FBR
2. Brexit has created divisions in Parliament and the public domain. Regardless of whether someone is Pro-EU or Pro-Brexit, there are far-reaching aftereffects relevant to the UK’s exit that must be addressed to ensure continuity and legal certainty on and after exit day.
3. The UK leaving the EU poses a significant challenge not simply for the Government and Parliament but also for the legal systems in the four Nations; it is a legal undertaking of a type and scale that is unique and unprecedented. Its a nightmare. #ABTV #WATON
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1. Do you want to HURT the Tories for Brexit?

Well, here's how in a short thread:

The Govt’s proposal to delegate primary law making powers away from the scrutinising gaze of Parliament (thro the EUW Bill) relies heavily on local councils.

#FBR @nickreeves9876 #ABTV #FBPE
2. The legislative task presents at a national level offers an opportunity for Local Government to stake some claims. The local elections give US the opportunity to scuttle that plan. Put simply, Local Councilors have an eye on a bit of a power grab of their own here. #ABTV
3. Local authorities will have to take powers from Brussels (well, London) if Brexit plans are to be successful - the Govt doesn't have many options to implement the legislative power grab from our sovereign parliament - the task is just too vast. #ABTV
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1. All of this flagged up by #Remain before A50 passed by the CONS & Labour..I remember distinctly our warnings that if it went thru Control passed to the EU27. It goes to prove how much damage both parties are prepared to inflict on our country to impose their ideology on us all
2. This price to buy a Transition that merely allows our politicians to kick the real impact down the road so they can con ppl into thinking things will be fine after #Brexit. If we don't #StopBrexitSaveBritain we'll be out on 29/03/19 & it will be too late to avoid the cliff.
3. This is all about leaving the EU 29/03/19..once out we've lost our BEST POSSIBLE DEAL, it will be Pay & Obey No Say on many issues ad infinitum; we'll never get back in. At that point we lose Rights...we're already losing jobs to the EU as companies relocate at least in part.
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Here's a short thread, concerning #ABTV...
I strongly believe that #ABTV is the only trump card which #Remainers hold, to effectively #StopBrexit.

Unlike other hashtags which denote affiliation with groups of users or shared sentiment, it's promoting an actual real-life strategy to confront politicians at the ballot box.
Pleading with the Conservative or Labour Party leaders to change their pro-Brexit stances is a waste of time & energy.

Haranguing their supposedly pro-EU MPs to speak-out won't work either. MPs could have crossed-the-floor to pro-EU parties months ago, but haven't.

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a. The HoLs Constitution Committee stated the EUW Bill ‘risks fundamentally undermining legal certainty’. The statement echoes concerns that are reverberating through the UK legal system whilst being overlooked in the Brexit debate. Here are the issues:
b. The Committee’s view echoes mine: crucial sections of the Bill are ‘conceptually flawed’ & that ‘retained EU law’ should form part of an Act of Parliament on Brexit day in order to safeguard legal certainty.
c. There is an insidious fallacy from Brexiteers that we are returning sovereignty to Parliament and 'taking back control' of our laws. The harsh legal and constitutional reality of the Bill demonstrates this to be nothing but a fetish. We will be doing nothing of the sort. #FBR
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I was conned and duped by Russia Today this is a short thread for anyone interested in how Russian propaganda is and was in my case used to help change the #Brexit result plus help destabilise western democracies 16 parts

#ABTV #FBPE #brexit #trump #labour #conservaties @LibDems
1 Russia Today was setup and run by the Russian government it`s sole aim is to spread pro Putin propaganda and sow discord in western democracies.
How does it achieve it`s aims ?
2 It has setup this TV channel in many western countries in a number of languages mainly English, French and Spanish to give it the legitimate look of a standard free impartial western news channel with sport, documentaries and so on, this is it`s cover
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1. The EU (Withdrawal) Bill the most important bill Parliament has deliberated for decades; its a constitutional and legal minefield. At present, my job is to amend several modules on an LLB Law course to prepare for Brexit. This thread highlights some issues.

2. The EUW Bill does 3 things: repeals the ECA 1972; turns existing EU law into UK law; and gives govt Ministers the power to amend, discard and replace 'retained EU law' (EU laws converted into domestic law by the Bill). The latter equates to unprecedented Executive power.
3. The Bill's crucial for Brexit to happen, not least because the ECA 1972 has acted as a conduit for EU laws to be enshrined in domestic law for over 40 years. We've not the time to replace them with new legislation between now & March; a cut-and-paste approach has been adopted.
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Here's Alexander Yakovenko, the honorary president of the Russo-British Chamber Of Commerce...

Oh. I should add that as well as heading an organisation to strengthen trade between Russia and The UK, he has a regular day job...

He's also The Russian ambassador to The UK, and has been since 2011.

He meets all kinds of interesting people in his role at The Russian Embassy in London...

...People like Nigel Farage in 2013.

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As a movement - we have one aim. That is to #StopBrexit. Within this movement there will be people of all political persuasions (nearly) & people who may dislike each other for other reasons. 1/n
There will be people who like different management styles, & people who like to work alone. 2/n
There will be people who are in relationships with each other, or used to be.

There will be people who wish to be in relationships with others in the movement. 3/n
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Don’t think local elections matter? Read this piece by @paulwaugh on Cabinet Ministers bricking it that they’ll lose key Councils. 1/

You can bet your bottom € that the @labouruk leadership is paying just as much, if not more attention than the Tories. Local election gains are a key way for them to bloody the nose of the government and build support 2/
But here’s the thing. They are only expecting to win key councils because they assume the 70% of their voters who voted remain to keep on voting for them regardless of their Brexit policy 3/
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There are NINE THOUSAND parish councils in England. By the end of February we could have NINE THOUSAND referenda and NINE THOUSAND rejections of Brexit #FBPE #WATON #PCSB #LibDems @acgrayling
In the coming days, we will be posting a full HOWTO on organising your parish council to stop Brexit. Please promote the cause, and organise locally - and add #PCSB to your username! Five characters that could make the world of a difference #FBPE #WATON
In this thread I will be posting a quick and easy guide to stopping Brexit with your parish council. I will use the example of Wembury Parish Council but this applies equally to any parish council. #PCSB #FBPE #WATON #ABTV
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.@stephen501 is another #leave voter who wishes he had the chance to vote again now the facts of what #brexit means are becoming clear. Good on you for coming forward Stephen, you are one of millions, just need others to show the same humility! #remainernow #finalsay #fbpe
Here is more from Stephen following his visit to Germany. Highlights the ideologues lies that EU will give us a good deal as they need us more than we need them.
Here is another tweet from #remainernow @stephen501 after he regretted his leave vote he wrote to his MP. Hopefully he can also help persuade other leave voters he knows to do the same now #brexitreality is hitting!
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Long thread sorry 33 parts why my friends and workers are changing their minds now vote remain working class bloke in the north
#brext #stopbrexit #leaveEU #FBPE #voteleave #labour #conservative
1 The mad house that`s #brexit these are just the thoughts and experiences of those around me who speak openly and honestly to someone like them who does not hold grudges and understands the issues that led to their vote.
2 I did a thread why i changed my mind since then i still believe it was the right decision and it is wrong to continue to support #brexit nothing as convinced me otherwise
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