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Everyone is talking about the @CSIS #Taiwan wargame. So let me share some thoughts as a #wargame designer and analyst on how to "interrogate" a wargame. Context is key. A thread 🧵. 1/x…
I will caveat everything that follows with the fact that I did not participate (due to conflicting schedules) and have not seen it played so I will only discuss what I have read in various articles and have heard from first person accounts. 2/x
In terms of design, there are promising signs to this wargame. The iterative approach, the expertise of players, and the fact it takes an unclassified approach to inform the public. All good signs. 👍 I am looking forward to the final report to dive into the details. 3/x
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"This complex daylong war game demonstrated how destructive any attempted Chinese invasion of #Taiwan could be across the Indo-Pacific—and what a forbidding challenge the island would be for #Beijing’s military forces."…
“No one thought this was realistic until the last few years,” said retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Paula Thornhill, one of the participants. In the past, she said, war gamers were sometimes accused of being “warmongers,” ...
... but since then, China has increased both its military capabilities and aspirations.
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@DNC is getting desperate. A raid at #PresidentTrump’s home!?!?! After trying to trap him for 7 years? Must be hoping they will find his campaign plan on that computer.

And giving #Taiwán to #China?!? Must be part of the payback for the #2020Elections’ fraud.
@DNC is getting desperate. #Pelosi to #Taiwan right before they said, take it to #CCP …. Scuttlebutt it is the @DNC trying to get the #TaiwanChipManufacturer to move to the USA from #Taiwan….
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Despite the #PLA's large-scale air and sea exercises around #Taiwan, life across the island remains largely unaffected. I talked to @che_huai, @albertowu, @kuokuomich and others about how they perceive the rising military threats from #China. My latest:…
"I think many Taiwanese people, including myself, are vigilantly following China's military exercises around Taiwan, but we have a measurement in our mind regarding how much threat this is towards Taiwan," @che_huai said.
"We will view most of the military moves as acts of intimidation until the PLA's actions reach the brink. But when certain indicators emerge, it will trigger more reactions from Taiwan's civil society," he added, referring to China's People's Liberation Army.
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A #Taiwan non si mette bene.
Dovevano terminare domenica, invece proseguono per il 6° giorno di fila le esercitazioni della #Cina intorno a 🇹🇼. Di più: Pechino afferma che "la linea mediana dello Stretto" non esiste. Il motivo? Semplice:"Taiwan è parte del territorio 🇨🇳". Image
A Taipei si guarda con sempre maggiore apprensione alle mosse cinesi. Non è un mistero che l'obiettivo del Partito Comunista Cinese sia quello di riportare #Taiwan sotto il pieno controllo della #Cina entro il 2049. Con le buone o con le cattive.
"Entro" non signifca "nel".
La "riunificazione" designata dalla Cina come obiettivo strategico può avvenire molto prima. E a dare voce ai timori che queste esercitazioni possano tradursi in una prova generale d'invasione è il ministro degli esteri di #Taiwan, Joseph Wu, secondo il quale "dopo che le Image
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By @michael_ASPI: "But in the real world, Chinese military aggression shows us that Beijing is intent on changing the peaceful status quo across the #Taiwan Strait—something that is a flat contradiction to #China’s stated policy of wanting peace."…
It’s surprising that no one in Beijing or in the PLA higher command seemed to consider the effect on Japanese policy and public opinion that’s flowing from the disastrous decision to launch ballistic missiles into Japan’s EEZ.
If China had wanted to really energise Tokyo’s efforts to strengthen Japan’s military power and to think through the close connection between Taiwan’s security and its own, these missile launches would have been the best way of achieving that.
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A poll conducted by Japan's NHK shows more than 80 percent of respondents think #China's increased military activities following US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to #Taiwan will affect the Japanese security…
NHK conducted the telephone survey on 2,577 randomly chosen citizens aged 18 or older from Friday through Sunday. Of them, 1,223 people responded.
Forty percent of the respondents said they think the developments will significantly affect Japan's security environment, while 42 percent said they will have some effects.
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"In facing the #China's joint military exercises, #Taiwan's people, military and government have displayed resilience and confidence and calm. #China's continued attempt to intimidate Taiwan will not panic us, nor will they defeat us," said Joseph Wu.
"To #Taiwan, the values of freedom and democracy can't be taken away. They are built into our DNA. Taiwan will staunchly uphold its free and democratic way of life. Acting upon its belief with the same determination, Taiwan will keep defending its sovereignty, ...
freedom, democracy and prosperity. We also hope nations around the world and the international community will support #Taiwan and put a stop to #China's irresponsible threats and ambitious expansion, and jointly safeguard a free and open, stable and prosperous Indo-Pacific."
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The CDC in #Taiwan said it is paying close attention to the development of a novel Langya henipavirus (LayV) in #China after reports of at least 35 infections…
Following reports of the infections in the Chinese provinces of Shandong and Henan, the CDC will soon establish a standardized procedure for domestic laboratories to conduct genome sequencing and strengthen surveillance.
Taiwan's labs will embark on establishing a standardized method for genome sequencing soon, which is expected to be completed within a week or so, Chuang said.
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Washington has not changed its assessment on #China's timeline for potentially taking #Taiwan militarily, a senior Pentagon official said on Monday, sticking by previous statements that Beijing would not try to take it in the next two…
Asked if the Pentagon's assessment that China would not try to retake Taiwan militarily in the next two years had changed since Pelosi's trip, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl said: "No."
"Clearly the PRC (People's Republic of China) is trying to
coerce Taiwan, clearly they're trying to coerce the
international community and all I'll say is we're not going to take the bait and it's not going to work," Kahl said.
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Zahlreiche Konflikte toben derzeit in der Welt.
Hier nun ein Überblick zu:
- #China weitet Manöver rund um #Taiwan aus;
- #Azerbaidjan meldet Vorrücken in Bergkarabach;
- #Israel beginnt Operation "Morgendämmerung" in Palästina;
- schwere Kämpfe im #Donbass .
Thread 👇
Vorsitzende des US-Repräsentantenhauses Nancy #Pelosi hat #Taiwan verlassen.
Ihre Visite auf der Insel, die von #China als sein Territorium betrachtet wird, dauerte nicht mal 24 Stunden, löste aber eine der schwersten US-China-Krisen seit Jahrzehnten aus.
Als Reaktion auf Pelosis Besuch startete #China umfangreiche Manöver rund um #Taiwan , darunter massive Artillerie- und Raketenschießen.
Mindestens zwei ballistische Raketen wurden direkt über der Insel hinweg geschossen.
#pelosi #pelositaiwan
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By @BethanyAllenEbr from #Taiwan's Xiaoliuqiu: "When asked if they were nervous about the close proximity of Chinese ships warships and planes, numerous people laughed and shook their heads.…
Others said the drills were only intended as a show of intimidation rather than a serious military threat."
"They are putting political pressure on us, but me personally, I don’t think anything bad’s gonna happen," said Chi Tsao, who came to Liuqiu with a group of friends. "If they wanted to do something militarily, they would have done that a long time ago."
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In an interview with @CNN, #Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said #China's threat to Taiwan is "more serious than ever," but the island will stand firm to protect its freedom and democracy -- including by welcoming those who support it.…
"China has always been threatening Taiwan for years and it's getting more serious in the last few years," Wu said. "Whether Speaker Pelosi visits Taiwan or not, the Chinese military threat against Taiwan has always been there and that is the fact that we need to deal with."
key part of Taiwan's strategy to counter China's attempts to isolate it from the international community -- regardless of the potential backlash from Beijing, Wu said.
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#Taiwan. A thread within a thread.

I definitely recommend reading @alessionaval's core thoughts on this. He really does know what is is talking about.

And thanks to @icsc_m for suggesting I might know something on #NavalDiplomacy.

So let me add my thoughts on that.
In my opinion, traditional theories of what navies can do in diplomacy has been too simplistic: binary 'assailant' and 'victim' models with mechanistic approaches of A does something to B and B responds (eg Cable).

I expand on this in my book.
Instead, I think diplomacy is about representation and communication.

So, I define naval diplomacy as:

... a subset of general diplomacy and a means of communication by maritime actors, both state and non-state, in pursuit of their interests.

It's about sending a message.
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#Extradition is emerging as the next frontier of #Taiwan’s outreach to #Europe. My new piece analyzes the status and content of six agreements on legal cooperation between Taiwan and European countries.

Check it out at @CEIAS_eu #CEETaiwanCenter:…

🧵 1/7 Image
In criminal matters cooperation and extraditions, agreements that were signed with #Poland and #Slovakia can serve as models for engaging other #EU member states. 2/7
Among the 6 existing agreements, these two are the only broad-scope legal cooperation agreements, that include even extraditions, as the most visible and politically sensitive area of cooperation. 3/7
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Prova forza su #Taiwan sembra terminata, prossime settimane sapremo se sarà 4° crisi Stretto o rimarrà singolo momento di alta tensione.
Possiamo tirare conclusione su copertura mediatica.
"Eh certo la Pelosi" è stata la principale interpretazione dei media italiani (...)
2 - la provocazione statunitense, o scelta personale di una donna alla fine della sua carriera politica e alla ricerca di una visibilità internazionale sono state delle rappresentazioni onnipresenti nei media italiani. Le pretese cinesi su Taiwan sono state presentate come (...)
3- qualcosa di "dato". Probabilmente eccessivo, ma oramai radicato e quindi immutabile. Da "tutti i cinesi la pensano così" a "punto fermo della dottrina del PCC" il fatto che Taiwan debba diventare cinese è un assioma inconfutabile per i media italiani. (...)
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"Less than 5km away, on the Taiwanese islands of Kinmen, life continued as normal, even as #China announced a series of unprecedented military drills that #Taiwan’s defence ministry says amount to a blockade"…
"This legacy and divergent histories – unlike Taiwan proper, Kinmen has for hundreds of years been entirely under Chinese rule in one form or another – mean few in Kinmen would even refer to themselves as “Taiwanese”"
"They are happy to be part of the Republic of China, Taiwan’s official name, and see no need to declare a separate, independent country."
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"Tension is likely going to continue, as #China announced other military exercises in the Yellow Sea and Bohai. They've issued warnings for ships not entering certain areas and #Taiwan's announced a series of military exercises this week," I told @dwnews.
"The military exercise is for #Taiwan to show its military capabilities while showing its determination to defend itself."
"It's unlikely for #Taiwan to improve relations with #China. Since the current president @iingwen came to power, #Beijing has basically cut off all official lines of communication with Taipei. There have been a lot of different frictions
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(1/) I didn't want to augment her msg but I see some observers failed to see the obvious. Short thread.

She's mobilzing a massive crowd to have an interest on #Taiwan, and providing a path to fulfill their aggresions by using Baidu Map as a crowdsourced data platform (for now).
(2/) Data uploaded by users, in this case, mostly POI (point of interests) and images of TW, are not useable for map data production. That's why we should see this as a novel campaign abt rapid mobilization on a another different dimension⁠—yes, "civilian actions" engaged.
(3/) Internet traffic generated by this type of campaign might be confined within the "Chinese internet" as you can see that it has crashed their own site several times already, but you are not sure when [...]
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On the last day of #China's military exercise around #Taiwan, China deployed 66 warplanes and 14 warships into areas around Taiwan as of 5 p.m, with 22 of the 66 aircraft crossing the Taiwan Strait median line.…
Taiwan scrambled a combat air patrol, sent radio warnings, and deployed defense missile systems to expel Chinese military planes and vessels, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) said in a statement.
The deployment of aircraft and warships followed a playbook similar to that followed by Beijing every day since Aug. 4, when it launched live-fire military drills in six maritime zones around Taiwan a day after Pelosi concluded her 19-hour visit.
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🔴1/ La période de tension entre #Taïwan et la #Chine a suscité de nombreuses réactions sur le statut de l'île et sur les causes de la réaction de Beïjing. L'occasion de revenir sur quelques éléments historiques et géopolitiques de la "belle île".

Un thread ⬇️ Image
NB: Gardez à l'esprit qu'il ne s'agit pas de faire l'histoire des relations entre le parti communiste chinois et le Kuomintang de la proclamation de la république en 1911 à celle de la république populaire en 1949, mais d'embrasser la singularité de l'ile de #Taïwan.
2/ Tout d'abord, sur le statut de l'île. Le mot Taïwan désigne spécifiquement le nom de la province, et désormais fixé de l'île comme entité géographique, et non un Etat souverain. En effet, le nom de l'entité politique qui administre l'île est "République de Chine"
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On Sunday, #Taiwan's military disputed Chinese state media reports saying that People's Liberation Army (PLA) warships had sailed into Taiwan's territorial waters, and urged Taiwanese not to fall for #Beijing's disinformation campaigns.…
Taiwan's Navy said a widely circulated photograph and related Chinese media reports that claimed a PLA A Type 052D destroyer Nanjing (南京艦) sailed within 11.78 kilometers of Ho-Ping Power Plant in eastern Hualien County were not true.
"The Navy has closely followed all Chinese warships since the PLA launched military drills around Taiwan on Aug. 4, and no PLA warships have ever entered our territorial waters during that period of time," it said.
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"But even if #China’s display of military might discourages other Western politicians from emulating Nancy Pelosi, who enraged Beijing by visiting #Taiwan, it also narrows hopes for winning over the island through negotiations."…
"Beijing’s shock and awe tactics may deepen skepticism in Taiwan that it can ever reach a peaceful and lasting settlement with the Chinese Communist Party, especially under Xi Jinping as its leader."
“Nothing is going to change after the military exercises, there’ll be one like this and then another,” said Li Wen-te, a 63-year-old retired fisherman in Liuqiu, an island off the southwestern coast of Taiwan.
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Australia's Shadow Defence Minister Andrew Hastie says he is “open-minded” about visiting #Taiwan, as he weighs up a trip…
Asked whether he would consider a visit, Mr Hastie said he has been invited and will “wait and see”.

“We should be talking with everyone, we should be maintaining good relationships with everyone, and that’s true of Taiwan, as it is of China,” he told the ABC on Sunday.
“I’m open-minded to going there. I have a very full dance card... with a young family and enough travel as it is, but certainly I’m on the record that I would like to visit Taiwan at some point.
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