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Geopolitical Analysis: A 🧵on Obama Administration's Bombing Campaign in Asia, specifically in the Middle East. The bombing campaign in the Middle East is a major foreign policy legacy of Obama!
#UnitedStates #Obama #MiddleEast Image
In 2016, the USA dropped a staggering 26,000 bombs in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Yemen under President Obama's authorization. This thread explores the implications of this extensive bombing campaign and its impact on civilian populations. #Geopolitics #MiddleEast #Obama
The sheer scale of the 2016 bombing campaign is staggering. On average, the US military unleashed 72 bombs per day, amounting to three bombs every hour, 24 hours a day. #syria #Iraq #Afghanistan #Libya #Yemen
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Starting now! "Climate Change and the Future of Europe" is our public debate co-hosted with @EuroInstRomania and we're LIVE on @YouTube!

Head over there to hear our experts' analysis first hand, or stick around for the Twitter highlights

This public debate takes place in the context of the latest book TEPSA has published: "Climate Change and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals", co-edited by today's moderator Michael Kaeding (@unidue) alongside @JohannesPollak and @_PaulSchmidt

/2 Image
.@EuroInstRomania Director-General Oana-Mihaela Mocanu gives an overview of the Institute's extensive and impressive research on #climate issues

To learn more about the Institute and its work within the TEPSA Network, check out our website! 👉…

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1/ A fascinating presentation by General David Petraeus unfolded today at the Qatar Economic Forum's panel: "Return of the Multipolar World." His observations were both profound and timely, shedding light on the shifting global landscape. #QatarEconomicForum

🧵 Image
2/ "Once upon a time, we bathed in the serene waters of benign globalization," the General remarked nostalgically. "Now, the seas have become tempestuous. We find ourselves navigating choppy waves of change." #Geopolitics
3/ Turning to the Eastern horizon, Petraeus noted the friction between China and the West as the most crucial issue of our era. But he dismissed the notion of 'decoupling' as impossible, reminding us of last year’s record-breaking US-China trade volumes. #ChinaWestRelations
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Receiving much pushback for calling out #GenMilley's @thejointstaff comment on Ukraine as 'landlocked'.

Critics argue that 🇷🇺 control over the #BlackSea renders 🇺🇦 effectively landlocked.

However, even a broad interpretation of 'landlocked' is flawed. Here's a 🧵why:
Claiming UKR is landlocked militarily requires overlooking Crimea's significance to Putin. It's key in controlling access to the crucial Caspian Sea, Don-Volga Canal, and a major portion of Russia's extensive inland waterway system. #Ukraine #MilitaryPerspective
In 2021, Putin emphasized the waterway's importance, pledging billions for development to connect the Black Sea and the Baltic.…
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Списання вийшло з-під контролю: Росія зняла зі зберігання Т-54
Команда CIT отримала фотографії потяга, який везе військову техніку з Далекого Сходу. Ми ідентифікували їх як радянські середні танки сімейства Т-54/55: в одному ешелоні були і Т-54, і танки, які могли бути пізніми Т-54 або Т-55 (див. ілюстрацію).
Як стало відомо, нещодавно цей ешелон вирушив з Арсеньєва Приморського краю, де розташована 1295-та центральна база резерву і зберігання танків.
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CHECKMATE! Saudi Arabia & Russia Just Countered The US & EU Oil Sanctions!

Investing Future
82.1K subscribers
234 views 16 Mar 2023 #china #geopolitics #investingfuture
Russia started exporting diesel to Saudi Arabia, its ally in the OPEC+ group, in February, after Moscow’s key fuel export outlet, the EU, enacted an embargo on seaborne imports of Russian oil products on Feb 5, Reuters reported on Tuesday, quoting traders & ship-tracking data.
Ahead of the EU ban on Russian petroleum products, Russia began to divert its oil product cargoes to North Africa and Asia, ...
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"It's disturbing how ill-informed & naive the average American is on China."

@USNavy Admiral publicly states #China is the "number one challenge" of the 21st century and represents the most dangerous trend in #geopolitics.

Eye-opening speech.

I cut the 60 mins down to 5 👇
Rear Admiral and Commander of Office of Naval Intelligence, Mike Studeman, delivered a chilling address on the threat posed by China.

"It's mind blowing how big the problem is. It's very unsettling to see how much the US is not connecting the dots on the challenge."
"The problem is so massive most people don't know how to have a framework for it. We need to have more conversations with the country to understand the problem."

The Adm. says it's a tougher problem than the US faced against the Soviet Union in the Cold War.

Let that sink in.
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As the first anniversary of Russia's war against Ukraine approaches, I am eager to present a detailed thread 🧵exploring key geopolitical assessments and takeaways. Join me in this critical reflection on the war and its implications for Europe and the world. #Geopolitics 👇
Ukraine faces the difficult choice between war and complete subjugation. Each successful military counteroffensive improves the chance of regaining lost territories and achieving full territorial integrity and sovereignty, as recognized by the international community since 1991.
However, for Russia, the choices were limited to a short war that failed in the first phase, & a war of attrition, which is the current reality. To adapt to the new situation, Russia has resorted to mass mobilization of reservists & air bombing critical infrastructure in Ukraine.
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Israeli political and economic columnist Doron Peskin said that according to the data he received, 14 facilities in Iran had been attacked.
These are UAV factories, IRGC headquarters, Qods Force headquarters and other industrial facilities that possibly serve Iran's defense industry. The attacks were carried out using UAVs.


The IDF's special operation in the cities of Judea and Samaria (West Bank) against Iranian terror infrastructure continues.
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(1/23) This thread is mainly addressed to my #German followers, but it could also be interesting for those who always wanted to know how Germany could become the most culturally leftist country on the European continent. Accordingly, this thread is a #political #commentary by me.
(2/23) It is about the historical personality of the first post-war chancellor, Konrad Adeneauer. I also would like to finally dispel a myth that still plagues German conservatives, by which I do not mean recationaries, but all those who do not want to destroy their own country.
(3/23) This myth is the myth of the "good old", #50s and #60s, #CDU (Christian Democratic Party) and the question of what role a post-war #Germany could have played if #Adenauer and his party had not made completely wrong decisions about essential political directions.
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@PwC @PwCUS just released their 2023 Annual Global CEO Survey — here's a thread of the top takeaways from the survey, including the fact that "40% of CEO's don't think their companies will be 'economically viable' in the next 10yrs"... 🧵/👇🏼

#macro #Stockmarket #DataAnalytics
1/🧵 "Roughly 40% flagged the transition to new energy sources and supply chain disruption." @PwC @PwCUS

#macro #Stockmarket #DataAnalytics #commodities #supplychainmanagement #tech
2/🧵 "#inflation and #macroeconomic volatility stand out more prominently than other key threats in the next 12 months than over the next five years." @PwC @PwCUS

#macro #Stockmarket #DataAnalytics #commodities #supplychainmanagement #tech #CPI
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What were #India’s major hits and misses in #ClimateAction in 2022?


1. As per the requirements of the #ParisAgreement, India submitted its plan for #NetZero #emissions by 2070 and also updated its NDCs.

🔖 Bookmark this #thread!

2. Long-term strategy (updated) + Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), which reaffirm attention to #climate policy. #India also consolidated its position on climate #geopolitics globally.

3. #India announced some big policy changes to upgrade for planned #renewables expansion.

The draft new electricity plan increases the 150GW target of installed #solar capacity by an additional 36GW to 186GW by 2027.

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“President Xi’s visit with Saudi and GCC leaders marks the birth of the petroyuan” — Zoltan Pozsar.

Americans are crying about the imaginary melting of glaciers, while oblivious to the dollar hegemony melting away.

#China #multipolar #geopolitics
Some more Zoltan:

“President Xi Jinping’s three- to five-year horizon means that by 2025, the GCC may be paid in renminbi for all of the oil and gas”!

“Invoicing of oil in renminbi will hurt the dollar’s might, but also means more inflation for the West.”
“Russia, Iran and Venezuela account for 40% of world’s oil reserves… and they are all now selling oil for Yuan.”

(Petroyuan = a reality)

Putin: “The creation of an international reserve currency based on a basket of currencies of our countries is being worked on.”

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#Thread #geopolitics #IranProtests2022

A quand l’effondrement du régime iranien ?
Face à la violence d’État qui s'amplifie et ne résout rien, des voix discordantes se font entendre jusqu’au sein même des autorités religieuses
2/6 Devant une révolte qui ne faiblit pas, les autorités iraniennes s’enfoncent inexorablement dans la répression la plus violente. Les commerçants des bazars eux-mêmes, traditionnellement fidèles au régime, ont fait la grève à Téhéran, Machhad et Ispahan #IranProtests2022
3/6 Pas anodin : lors des révolutions de 1909 & 1979, le grand Bazar de #Téhéran pt de départ de mvmts politiques & sociaux. Il apparaît également de forts clivages ds les rangs des gardiens de la révolution, pourtant considérés comme le bras armé du régime #IranProtests2022
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#Taïwan : comment la #Chine planifie l’invasion

Un plan obsède l’Armée populaire de libération (APL) en #Chine, sur lequel elle planche quotidiennement : « La campagne destinée à prendre Taïwan. Ce plan « hautement centralisé est mis à jour régulièrement » #geopolitics
Mao en 1949 avait demandé à ses généraux de se préparer à une intervention militaire US auprès de #Taïwan. Auj #Pékin s’attend à ce que les « ennemis séparatistes » taïwanais lui opposent une résistance redoutable.
L’APL prévoit d’engager entre 300 000 et 1 M de soldats 2/8
Le plan comprend 3 grandes phases sur 2 semaines avant la prise de #Taipei.
Phase 1 – blocus et bombardements – précédés de cyberattaques
Phase 2 – débarquement de forces amphibies sur les îles de Kinmen et Matsu, très proches de la côte chinoise, avant l’archipel des Penghu 3/8
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It's time for a big thread 🧵 about the global triple crisis in fuel, food and fertilizers.
When it started, how it continues, and what lies ahead amid Russia's war on Ukraine in Europe and the growing Sino-American bifurcation of the global system. #realpolitik #geoeconomics
Food comes first.
@yaneerbaryam is the complex systems scientist who predicted the Arab Spring by indicating in his research in early 2011 that widespread violence would occur if skyrocketing global food prices (surging Food Price Index) were not reduced.… Image
US policies on ethanol which means a huge amount of US corn is used to power cars rather than food & commodity market deregulation in late 90s were major cause of skyrocketing food prices. The peaks in the Food Price Index were the triggers of the food riots and the Arab Spring.
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In this week's special edition Global SitRep, @JacobShap presents CI's net assessment on #Turkey These country-level assessments inform the international allocation of our core Strategic Wealth investment strategy.
"Our view is that Turkey’s geopolitical fundamentals and its geographic position outweigh the short-term risks associated with Erdoğan’s economic mismanagement and Turkey’s political instability..."
"We are looking past the 2023 election and expecting Turkey’s strengths to carry it in spite of the instability..."
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The, perhaps, strangest thing about the #DuginPhenomenon is not something connected to #Dugin himself. It is the high attention he gets not only within the #RussianFederation, but also outside #Russia - including the West. /1
@FFRAFAction @NewFascSyllabus
Read most of #Dugin's texts published until 2007 (when submitting a dissertation on him at @Cambridge_Uni). Cannot remember anything intellectually stimulating, in his many books and articles - unlike in the often interesting investigations of the interwar #Eurasianists. /2
#Dugin often makes pointedly pompous statements that are either trivialities or absurdities, or a mixture of both. When he discusses an interesting theory, it is not his own. He reads & writes a lot, but it is unclear why he does. /3
@FascismJournal @HNationalism @russia_matters
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Since many people asking why the (#US) United States would be interested in de-industrialize #Europe, I just decided, to explain it.
Europe, United states and all other Western states expanded its market access, since the collapse of the Soviet Union,
dramatically, all over the world. Those Western countries were producing goods for the whole world and hindered those "customer" countries to build up an own reliable economy and industry.
#economics #Russia #US #EU #Europe
They were producing with cheap resources and labor from third world, and developing countries (#BRICS). Moreover did they transfer whole industries to these countries, to produce even cheaper and more efficient. By exploiting these countries for their resources,
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Hier meine #BMBF Kürzungsgeschichte. Im November 2020 gemeinsam mit Kollegen einen Antrag auf die Ausschreibung eingereicht. Es waren v.a. in der Apartheid benachteiligte Universitäten angesprochen.…
Es ging um 220.000 für bis zu 4 Jahre. #stopthecuts 1/16
Mitte Juni 2021: Ihre Skizze wurde zum Vollantrag ausgewählt, aber der muss jetzt ganz schnell gestellt werden. Alles stehen und liegen lassen. Es haben neben mir den Antrag noch 4 weitere Personen inkl. Drittmittelverwaltung vorbereitet. 2/16
Juli 2021: Ja, tut uns leid, wir können den Vollantrag jetzt nicht einreichen, weil es sind #Bundestagswahlen im September (Ach wirklich, das kam aber sehr plötzlich?!) Aber die Uni kann in Vorleistung gehen und dann kommt der Bescheid später. Haben wir abgelehnt. 3/16
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"The South China Sea is fast becoming a Chinese lake, given the density of PLAAF and PLAN military bases created within its waters."
In the case of “Mao’s heir” Xi, although almost all such activity remains hidden from the outside world, criticism of the functioning of the Office of the General Secretary (OGS) has been growing inside the higher ranks of the CCP.
More than the party secretariat or the civilian side of the central government, it is the military that has the most influence in the thinking of the present 🇨🇳 CCP General Secretary.
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The villages razed in Rakhine State of Burma are now home to wild vegetation.

It now appears as if they never existed !

20°53'56.88"N, 92°23'28.20"E

Selective destruction in large towns are now being replaced by some sort of pre - fab housing facilities.

20°49'34.12"N, 92°21'54.46"E


Not a trace of lively settlement visible after 5 years.

20°56'9.11"N, 92°21'37.21"E

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Not all realists share #Mearsheimer views on Russia's war against Ukraine. I am positioned in the #realpolitik corner while using #geopolitics and #geoeconomics as the main pillars of #foresight.This is my assessment since Dec 2021 (see pinned tweet) on Russia's plan.
There won't be any peace negotiations no matter how often Germany & France (small-size countries in Europe have no geopolitical weight) call Putin. Once Russia establishes control over Donbas & reaches its war goals in the this phase, Moscow will unilaterally declare ceasefire.
Preventing Russia from winning in this critical phase of the war requires the heavy weapons deliveries to Ukraine to sustain the Russian attacks. If Ukraine has to give up on territories in Donbas for the sake of Western appeasement, this won't stop the war. On the opposite.
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