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Let's continue our story of the "The Kaiser's Last Raider: Exploits of the notorious Wolf". 🚢🐺🏴‍☠️

If you haven't read "Episode One: Relief", read the thread below to keep up with Cpt. Jon and the Wolf's adventures.
#boardgames #rpg #adventure #wargames #narrative #ww1
Episode Two: Odyssey 📝

2nd Officer @JohnLyn83159113 scratched his beard. What was the Old Man up to? Why had they returned to the Gulf of Aden after encountering Admiral Sturdee in these waters not long ago? He didn't know. Captain @hexandcountdown didn't always tell the crew.
In fact, most of the time he didn't. 1st Officer @OberstWKlink had the privilege of knowledge, and this suspicious @Johkmil, of whom nobody really knew what his role on board of the Wolf actually was, often seemed to know things even before the captain did.
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1. Pare accertato che i #missili caduti in #Polonia fossero ucraini: si è trattato di #fuocoamico. Nella sua grottesca tragicità, per quanto smentisca coloro che ieri sera irresponsabilmente pigiavano sull'acceleratore della #terzaguerramondiale, come si trattasse di #wargames, > Image
2. non è una buona notizia: è l'ennesima dimostrazione della estrema pericolosità dell'#escalation in corso. Dove anche un errore o una provocazione può generare l'irreparabile. Un #vicolocieco dal quale non se ne esce con l'#occhioperocchio che rende il mondo cieco >
3. ma con l'interruzione dell'#escalation.
#Cessareilfuoco, #negoziatosubito e Conferenza internazionale di #pace, con un ruolo di #mediazione dell'#Europa.
Lo abbiamo detto il #5novembre a Roma, lo ribadiamo con maggior convinzione oggi.
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More distractions, try again ..
It’s A cover up for something else happening. .

Any news of war, war of any kind, False ..
Pretty much all “news” no matter where it’s coming or who it’s coming from is only A way to relay messages ..
Do your own research, see beyond. Face value.
#42, Closing Act.
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Microwave Weapons, Electromagnetic Weapons, Electronic Weapons, Psychotronic Weapons, Neuroweapons: Call it what you will but these are NEUROHACKING and BIOHACKING Weapons: Basic Education for "Law" Enforcement employees who KNOWINGLY use DEWs yet hope no-one notices the FACTS 👇
Those responsible for setting up a Smart Grid, for approving the use of Electronic Weapons on people (without telling them so) in #PublicSafety #CommunityHealth #CommunityPolicing #WeaponsTesting et al Covers are All #TopCrims, who've sanctioned, ok'd, approved, allowed TORTURE.
Those engaged in #TechSurveillance #CIA #MK projects, #DARPA Neuro Disruption projects, #NSA & Univ Mindreading projects, all know perfectly well they're doing things they shouldn't be: They're harming people, remotely, with conducted energy, RNM, REA, etc. #Amoral and #Inhumane.
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Well as my last attempt⤵️to #StopTheWar in #Ukraine failed to get any traction I thought my 2nd attempt should start with a bang or in the words of #DrStrangelove"How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb"
2/n It seems I am not scary enough to scare sense into some participants of the current war, I thought trying to use a selection of #GNUTerryPratchett words from #Discworld #Jingo & #Hogfather along with some horrors of war concepts might persuade #WarCriminals in the conflict
3/n that a better path might be available to them and others if the war ended quickly but as another Author @Kurt_Vonnegut said of horrors in another War #SoItGoes🤷‍♂️
I started with the words
From the #WarGames film
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🇺🇸🇨🇳 "Les militaires veulent encore des tanks et des navires qui ne servent à rien."

Le Français @NicolasChaillan a été conseiller #cyber du secrétaire à la Défense US et Chief Software Officer pour l'US Air Force/US Space Force. Confidences !

🇺🇸 "Le niveau de protection [infrastructures critiques] contre les #cyberattaques est proche de zéro. D'abord les USA comptent 600/700 entreprises de service assurant la distribution d'électricité ou de l'eau ; elles sont impossibles à auditer" @NicolasChaillan
🇺🇸🇨🇳 "Je suis persuadé que des #malwares chinois sont d'ores et déjà implantés dans le système de distribution électrique et que les Chinois peuvent appuyer sur le bouton quand ils veulent pour tout faire planter" selon @NicolasChaillan. #cyber
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I certainly do Ms @KimKardashian. Allow me to introduce you to some of my faves, a 🧵:
If you love @AmandaSeyfried’s performance in Hulu’s The Dropout. I recommend The Inventor: Out For Blood in Silicon Valley.
You remember the movie Steve Jobs, written by Aaron Sorkin, directed by Danny Boyle, starring Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, and @Sethrogen? Check out this riveting documentary, Steve Jobs: Man in the Machine.
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At this very moment Venus is conjunct Uranus while the Scorpion Moon is in direct opposition to their position in Taurus.
This is a tumultuous moment indictive of a sudden reversal in monetary policy effecting the public at large. A decision has been made. ImageImage
The effects of this decision will be played out into the coming Full Moon cycle which starts tomorrow and ends Friday the 17th. This cycle peaks on #FlagDay June 14.
Today as the Scorpion Moon opposed the Venus🔴Uranus position in monetary Taurus, #Bitcoin lost ground. As a matter of fact, as the alignment grew stronger, and the moon opposed exact, #BTC took a sudden nosedive.
Uncanny? ImageImage
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#SaveTheDate ! Le CReC @SaintCyrCoet organise le 14/06 une journée d’étude sur « Guerre et Fiction. Les effets de la fiction sur la conduite de la guerre ». @Inflexions10, @IRSEM1, @defense_ouest, @e_rioux, @mbourlet, @PhChapleau, @jean__michelin👇
Il s’agira notamment, avec la #RedTeam, @staillat, @ABRGLL, en présence de @JulienNocetti, @DidierDanet, @SandraCureau et de quelques autres, de renverser les perspectives :
Non pas la manière dont, de façon très attendue, la guerre inspire la fiction, mais comment les diverses formes de fiction influent sur la manière dont on fait (ou prépare) la guerre.
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An fascinating piece by @BarrickTim and @TheKrulakCenter on their continuing series of Ukraine #wargames. Highlights potential challenges like dwindling PGMs, ever increasing attrition, and escalation risks. 1/x…
The authors are careful (and responsible) to stress that this does NOT PREDICT the war -- but gives an opportunity to explore what MAY happen to inform present discourses. Games can highlight unexpected surprises and explore branches of decisions. 2/x
I love that these #wargames are iterative and evolving to examine different dimensions of the war as more information becomes available. This last game shifted from a tactical POV to a more operational timeline. 3/x
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Let's try this again.

@hexsides @hollandspiele

It's 1987, USSR has declared war on NATO. First contact is imminent along the inner German border, thousands of Soviet tanks pouring west.

#wargames #boardgames #soloboardgames #solitairewargames #sologaming Image
NATO AirCmd has a number of US, UK, CAN, NL, BEL, GER planes with Precision Guided Munitions (PGMs) available to take off and support NATO ground forces in GER and AUT against the luming assault by large Warsaw Pact (WP) formations. More currently being relocated to arrive soon. ImageImage
Turn 1:

Central Army Group (CENTRAG) immediately asks AirCmd to initiate Close Air Support (CAS) missions in support of US V Corps and WG II Corps in thrustlines CHARLIE and FOXTROT for a total of 6 CAS hits.

Recon for Battlefield Surveillance fails due to WP air superiority. Image
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1987, the USSR has declared war on NATO to prevent the breakaway of Soviet republics due to use of tactical nuclear weapons in Pakistan.

I've been appointed NATO Air Commander. How long can we withstand (the build-up scenario)?

#wargames #boardgames by Brad Smith @hollandspiele
Turn 1: SACEUR and NORTHAG call for CAS missions against WP ground forces, for a total of 5 raids with 3 hits in BRAVO (A2 Hannover-Berlin).

Battlefield Surveillance grants some minor loss prevention before getting cancled by enemy interceptors. Nothing mission relevant.
Air assets are assigned to five raids with emphasize on BRAVO (1), ALPHA (2) and ECHO (3). However, not enough assets are available to negate Enemy Air Defenses in all thrustlines.
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A sunny day in June 1863. A Union corps is getting into position at Gettysburg to fend off a Confederate corps marching onto the city from the south. Just a quick #AAR!

Check out the International Kriegsspiel Society at
#kriegsspiel #wargames #iks #thread
After making early contact Major-General Sickles' (me) cavalry falls back behind deploying Birney's 1st Division to regroup, form a reserve and scout to the west. Turns out, we are facing Pickett's Division. 😀 Image
Meanwhile, and that's where the gamble begins, Humphrey's 2nd Division is ordered to go on a left hook. They are getting into a position to attack the Rebell's right from Schoolhouse Road. We still have no clue where the second Confederate Division is.
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La procédure dite «d'urgence absolue» prévue par la loi de 2015, i.e. autorisation du Premier ministre sans avis préalable de la CNCTR, n'a été utilisée qu'une fois, en décembre de la même année. Image
Quelques éléments sur les contrôles «sur pièces et sur place» effectués par la CNCTR : DGSI et DGSE ont droit à deux visites par mois. Image
Le président de la CNCTR a fait état dans son audition de trois «irrégularités sérieuses» depuis 2015. Une en 2018 : surveillance d'une personne «non visée dans l'autorisation initiale» + 2 en 2019 sur lesquelles la DPR n'avait pas d'éléments au moment de boucler son rapport. Image
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Kicking off live tweeting the #Wargaming Lessons Learned panel, moderated by CNA's Jeremy Sepinsky, during day 1 of #ConnectionsConf
First panelist @elliebartels comments on the big factor right now posed by #COVID19 - the bar is very high for what would merit an in-person #wargame right now
.@elliebartels: need to think about what #wargame designs will work best for the virtual space right now, not everything will translate to our current limitations
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[Thread] Des nouvelles du «modèle français de cyberdéfense», i.e. doctrine de séparation entre attaque et défense, dont il fut question la saison dernière dans une poignée de chroniques #Wargames, par exemple là…
Au #FIC2020 G. Poupard, DG @ANSSI_FR, est revenu sur l'ouverture future (à l'horizon 2025) d'une antenne de l'agence à Rennes. Où se trouve déjà le @ComcyberFR, tandis que la DGA-MI est depuis longtemps à Bruz, pas loin.
En conférence de presse, il prend les devants : «Ça ne veut pas dire remettre en cause le modèle qui est le nôtre. [...] On va rester très clair sur les fondamentaux.»
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From wargames in Washington to bridges over the Baltics, 1990s L0pht hackers to 1950s nukes on the moon — here's a thread on our favorite #DefenseOneRadio podcasts of 2019:
In February we looked beyond South China Sea tensions to hear from @GregPoling, who told us "So far so far [China has] ridden roughshod over international law in the SCS and they’ve paid very little price for it.”
@GregPoling Also in February, we took a look at Zheng He voyages, Chinese military action films, and historical revisionism with @daicing, @NavalWarCollege's Andrew Wilson + more.
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[@libe] Chronique #Wargames, s01e24 : «L'attaque, faille de la cyberdéfense». Où l'on revient sur la gestion des vulnérabilités des deux côtés de l'Atlantique…
Côté FR : comme le soulignait @AudeGery (), le seul critère évoqué par le patron de l'@ANSSI_FR pour la notif. d'une faille à la partie défensive est la possibilité de remédier ou non à la faille. Premier pb : qui en décide ?
Deuxième grosse question : combien de temps ça prend ? Ce n'est pas une petite affaire : tant que ce n'est pas notifié, tu peux exploiter la faille (mais d'autres peuvent le faire aussi).
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[Thread] [Team #Wargames] Comment est gérée la question des vulnérabilités dites "zero-day" en France, où on sépare les missions d'attaque et de défense ? Le 5 avril, @pierre_alonso écrivait ceci, à propos de la visite d'Emmanuel Macron dans les locaux de la DGA-MI à Bruz :
@pierre_alonso Du coup, comme l'@ANSSI_FR tenait aujourd'hui une conférence de presse pour la publication de son rapport annuel, j'ai demandé des précisions #DroitDeSuite ;)
Réponse de G. Poupard : «En pratique la doctrine française est très claire. Ça a été mentionné à plusieurs reprises. A chaque fois qu’il y a doute, le doute bénéficie à la défense.»
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Imagine a web of hostile nations ruled by dictators stretching from pole to pole, cutting the Pacific in half.
#risk #wargames
This is why Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei are so critical and vulnerable.…
@911CORLEBRA777 @karolcummins
@911CORLEBRA777 @karolcummins Now imagine a vertical web through that ancient hub of trade, Istanbul (no Constantinople).…
@911CORLEBRA777 @karolcummins Now you see why Georgia and Azerbaijan are so critical, yes? They connect Russia to his friends in Turkey, Syria, Iran.
The 'stans are the buffer, such as it is. Israel has prime sea ports for whoever can befriend it. Watch closely.
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#Appeasement👇🏽is easy & cheap in short run,but very costly in long run. Hard #Deterrence is most cost-effective #NationalSecurityPolicy. But it has to be credible in the eyes of aggressive enemy. Credibility is demonstrated by willingness to bear costs:
2/ There is >50 years of theory (starting with Thomas Schelling's Strategy of Conflict… )& empirical evidence relating to this👆🏽 Defence strategists & military experts, play these theories out in #WarGames, constrained & guided by the empirical evidence!
3/ In contrast, our public debates on foreign policy focus on (1) Logical consistence of every sentence & action of our own govt (not of our enemies), (2) On the morality of our foreign policy & national security actions viz those hostile to us. 🧐
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[Thread] Des nouvelles de la doctrine FR en matière d'attribution :

Si vous avez lu le dernier épisode de #Wargames sous la plume de @pierre_alonso, vous savez que F. Parly a évoqué vendredi des tentatives d'accéder aux boîtes mail de 19 cadres du minArm…
Or ce n'est pas du tout habituel pour la France de faire de l'attribution publique. Faut-il y voir une inflexion ? Et, par la désignation d'un attaquant "russophone", un message envoyé à une grande puissance en particulier ?
Réponse du patron de l'@ANSSI_FR en conf de presse aujourd'hui au #FIC2019 : "C'est une mise en tension" et il s'agit bien "de mettre une certaine pression sur ceux qu'on pense être à l'origine d'une attaque, de dire que ça ne se fait pas"
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