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Unacceptable event


It has potential to derail India China relations

@China_Amb_India your pronouncements of friendship are hollow

#XiJinping is on self destruct mission #CCPChina is most destructive & unholy regime

@MFA_China @SpokespersonCHN
Inexplicable conduct

3 possibilities

- #XiJinping is not in control of #PLA in internecine conflict between factions


- #WuhanCoronavirus Pandemic has caused vacancies ( Death) succession struggle at all levels


- Engaging external enemies to forge internal unity
India needs to

- Freeze out China in all aspects

- #MirrorApproach all aspects Military, Trade, Diplomatically & International Fora

To start
- Forge Diplomatic & Trade relations with Taiwan

- Forge Anti China alliances of open Democratic Countries
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Why you should #BoycottMadeInChina

• China through its Economic + Expansion policy is affecting other countries strategically.
Let's see how it affects India and others thru its high Export to Import Ratio in Trade. Termite would be the correct term for them.

2/n...Why you should #BoycottMadeInChina

• Astoundingly, India’s share in China’s imports stood at a menial percentage in comparison to exports. Means insignificant presence of Indian products in Chinese markets. Reason?
#AatmNirbharChina? Yes.
3/n...Why you should #BoycottMadeInChina

• In this way, they secure jobs for locals. Jobs might be hard on terms but better than unemployment.

• Software and Hardware export from China to India shares big % as compare to other sectors.
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So this tweet generated quite an interesting discussion on my mentions earlier today.
Even though the circumstances regarding the WHO meet have changed by now, yet I will take some time to take this chain of thoughts forward.
Here goes ..
Let me share my thoughts on whether it is time for India to change her policy on Taiwan.
Firstly, why the current policy?
Well, this is due to the Paranoid Republic of China's insistence on the world recognizing Taiwan as their province, basically the 'One China Policy'
Never mind that the Taiwanese have been administering themselves for the past 71 years in a democratic republic that the Communist overlords of China can only find threatening to their very survival!
After all, how can a 'renegade' province of the Middle Kingdom be democratic!
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Many who contract novel COVID19 are asymptomatic
#WuhanVirus • MAY 15 2020


2,597,076 Active

4,536,513 Confirmed

302,818 Deaths

1,636,619 Recovered


1,112,166 Active

1,451,477 Confirmed

86,701 Deaths

252,610 Recovered
John Hopkins University COVID19 map


4,560,457 Cases

304,309 Deaths

1,723,550 Recovered


10,341,775 TESTED

1,455,029 Cases

86,822 Deaths

246,414 Recovered

More positive results doesn't speak to severity / lethality

*US data may be off
348,790 New York 27,251

142,704 New Jersey 9,946

84,694 Illinois 3,928

82,182 Massachusetts 5,482

74,871 California 3,052

62,105 Pennsylvania 4,288

49,582 Michigan 4,787

44,485 Texas 1,235

42,210 Florida 1,875

35,903 Maryland 1,866

35,977 Georgia 1,545
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@realDonaldTrump I have lived through 13 different Presidents & for the first time in my life I am witnessing our @POTUS having to fight our own government to protect us from tyranny of our own government. The followers of those tyrants are an immoral & lazy bunch seeking a free
ride instead of having a desire to work & build America. I was raised by a father & mother with strong work ethics who taught me nothing is free in this world & someone is always footing the bill. Why do so many feel the world owes them a living? Why do they think their college
should be free when the rest of us busted out a$$es to pay off our own student loans? I’ve worked hard all my life for what I have now & fight tooth & nail to keep it. These basement dwelling generations are a pathetic waste of humanity. They live off of someone else shirking
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1. New #QAnon Targeting of @realDonaldTrump served to protect from prosecution Hillary Clinton (and now Obama, Biden, McCabe, Brennan, Corney, Schiff, etc) and their enablers/co-conspirators.


"Locked on target"

2. #QAnon target [painted] #Q Image
3. #QAnon Planned and immediate.
#Q Image
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- US abstains from the meeting, however,

- BILL GATES was on the video conference representing the Gates Foundation

And while we are at it...

WHO Director General, Tedros Ghebreyesus, can go suck on a popsicle!!!!

The WHO FAILED at protecting ANYONE from this “pandemic” when the opportunity was there. The WHO focused on STIGMA, not actual pandemic protection!

F**k the WHO / UN!
From February 11, 2020: WHO won’t call the #WuhanCoronaVirus a pandemic; main focus is making sure the virus name doesn’t carry any STIGMA!

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Folks, sharing some thoughts about the Post-WuhanVirus world that have been playing in my mind.
Will talk about some happenings that are commonly known, without giving any links since that will be too much work at this time.
I'll share some links at the end of the thread tomorrow
Thoughts are still random and unstructured.
But I hope it'll make sense eventually.
Here goes ..
Firstly, let there be no doubt that it is a virus that has originated in China.
I'll not debate the veracity of this claim that I make, but I merely echo the general perception of the common man on the ground all across the globe when I say this.
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Several Questions arise on what was the research going on for Development of SARS-CoV2 i.e. Covid-19 or what we call #WuhanCoronavirus or #CCPVirus ! Lets glance through scientific research going through the time lines.
In October 2007,Chinese scientists published a paper in Journal ‘American Association of Laboratory Animal Sciences’ where they claimed to have introduced a human ACE2 (hACE2) gene into mouse & infected them with Sars COV & found virus replicated for efficiently with lung damage.
In April 2010, in a paper coauthored by Shi Zhengli (Batwoman) they say we found several Bata Coronaviruses and tested with Human SARS-CoV Spike Protein using both HIV type based Pseudo types & SARS infection. 2 Bat Cov ACE2 receptors actually helped S Protien Entry entry.
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Time for a thread regarding the #CCP/China & their friends in America, including:
1) the #FakeNewsMedia
2) academia
3) elitists
4) #DirtyDems
5) sellouts in sports, business, etc.
2) Make no mistake, but @realDonaldTrump is at WAR with the Chinese Communist Party. By virtue of the fact that #Trump is president of the United States of America, #WeThePeople are fighting the invisible war alongside our president.
3) Until @realDonaldTrump became president, we Americans lost virtually every battle against the #CCPChina.

Our losing streak began during Slick Willy’s administration. Bill Clinton looked the other way when missile technology was sold to China through DNC donors & friends at
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Some people whose advise I cherish have taken issue with my choosing to align with @realDonaldTrump and begin calling the pandemic the #WuhanCoronaVirus. I understand the concerns, and yes, being reactionary goes against many of the values I hold onto.
But, history has shown that there are certain people who only understand fire for fire, even if your own fire is weaker, that is what they respect.

The Chinese are one of such.

They initially tried to do a PR blitz claiming that it was the US that was the origin of the virus.
That failed, so what are they now doing?

They are turning on "defenceless Africans" as they know that to a large extent our broke governments a) do not care about their people, and b) are only concerned about what they can get in terms of handouts, so will look the other way.
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The history doesn't support this my brother. Both @HQNigerianArmy, and recently @PoliceNG have a habit of disobedience and mutiny.

It's the reason why PIG's since Musiliu Smith have ordered patrols off highways when they come into office, only to find those orders disobeyed.
But too many of our people don't understand why our security services tend to behave like armies of occupation, rather than being placed there to protect and serve the people.

There is a historical reason for it, so let's talk about that...
On 16/12/1929, a man was killed around Opobo in the Aba Division of Southern #Nigeria.

His name was Aromasodu Alimi, and he was Yoruba by ethnicity, the only official male casualty of what the colonial authorities branded as the Aba Women's Riot. He was a policeman.
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1/ After US & EU thanked #Taiwan’s donation of millions of masks, #China is now tightening its grip on freedom of speech even on video games in Taiwan. Swordsman Love 3 or JX3, is developed by Chines company Xishanju and its operation in Taiwan is proxied by Wanan International.
2/ But on April 4, Taiwanese players were banned from mentioning words like #Wuhancoronavirus and #LiWenliang even on Taiwan server! Taiwan’s players were snitched by Chinese cyber warriors, with thousands of their accounts frozen. It sparked an outcry on Taiwan’s social media.
3/ The Chinese developer put pressure on Wanin to “handle the issue with real action”, but Wanin defied the political pressure and vowed to defend the freedom of speech of Taiwan players. Less than 30 minutes, the Chinese side decided to terminate the cooperation agreement.
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China is the most racist country on earth.

What you see in this video is not an exception. This is the norm all across #China today, and not just for medical supplies (see thread👇).

Can you imagine any other country banning foreigners from stores, restaurants, etc?

In this video a foreigner stands outside a shopping mall and asks the guard,

"I cannot enter? I cannot enter?"

The guard responds, "No, foreigners are not allowed in."

This is on or about March 24th, 2020.
A non-Chinese woman is forced to eat outside a restaurant while her family eats inside.

Can you *imagine* what would happen if a restaurant in America decided to only let white people in?!?

Meanwhile, the Chinese government supports this!

This video is from March, 2020.
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Amazingly for a regime that PUNISHES free speech and has banned Twitter itself, the comrades in China seem particularly 'sensitive' to twitter hashtags such as #ChinaVirus, #ChineseVirus, #ChinaLiedPeopleDied, #MadeInChinaVirus, #WuhanCoronaVirus, #ChinaCoronaVirus etc.
The 'counter attack' to preserve 'face' by the minions of Xi 'Winnie The Pooh' Jinping is led by none other than his own Ghafoora who recently returned from a stint in Terroristan.
But then, he is hardly doing any good to the cause.
However, given the way this #ChineseGhafoora goes about his business, one cannot help but wonder if he is suitable to be even a clerk in the foreign ministry, let alone their spokesperson!
Or maybe he is deliberately sabotaging Shri Xi? 🤔
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THREAD (1/n)👇👇👇

Is it reasonable to call #coronavirus the “Chinese virus” or "Wuhan virus"?

Chinese Americans & refugees I queried are saying yes. But others are saying it's racist.

It originated in #China. Why is African swine fever virus named so?

But let's go deeper…
(2/n) After having massively mishandled #coronavirus in #China & hiding it for at least a month & a half, the Chinese communist party has gone into overdrive with pro-#CCP and anti-American propaganda.

Here's our own @EpochTimes thread documenting this:
(3/n) According to the #CCP, it's a savior both internally and globally. In reality, the CCP's #coronavirus statistics are highly suspect; it's questionable has actually been contained; draconian measures were taken internally; & the #CCP's secrecy has cost thousands of lives.
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Are you are watching m*therf*cker @SenSchumer speaking from the floor of the Senate (claims to represent 27 of his "colleagues") BASHING the President right now.

You sorry sack of Schitt trying to scare people who don't know the WORLD WIDE NUMBER of deaths has not even met the
the number of US INFLUENZA DEATHS.

That's right boys and girls THIS IS @TheDemocrats and there is NO LIMIT to what they will not do.


Today's numbers:

That's right 0, NADA, NIL, ZIP

And the walking PLAGUE that is the democrats are trying to sow more fear and tank our stock markets. This is CUCK Schumer's MO.

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@netre25 shared great advice for the pandemic, "The important news/information from Israel on how to manage the spread of the virus is this. Those carrying the virus and unintentionally spreading the virus are young healthy people in the 20/30 age group." 1) #COVID19
They get the virus & have excellent immune systems to resist & not fall victim to the virus. But they are powerful carriers of the virus & infect other, more vulnerable, people they come in contact with, including parents & grandparents & members of the public...2)
who have much lower levels of immune systems.
These are the ones that fall victim to the virus. From Israel the news is clear. Force the young people to take more personal responsibility because they are the main carriers.
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This, right here, is the crux of the question.

Then read this, by the amazing and awesome Victor Davis Hanson, one of the few bright lights at what's left of National Review. (sorry for all the homework)…
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.@MarkSteynOnline making a good point: time to revisit reusable fabric tote bags?

Since we're taking critical steps to protect our seniors. we should keep in mind if you're using a reusable tote bag you are likely bringing germs BACK into the grocery store

@MarkSteynOnline "A 2011 study ...found only 3% of shoppers with multi-use bags said they regularly washed them. The same study found bacteria in 99% of bags tested; half carried coliform bacteria while 8% carried E. coli, an indicator of fecal contamination."…
"These reusable tote bags can sustain the COVID-19 and flu viruses — and spread the viruses throughout the store."

Do your part: Use plastic bags to stop the spread of the #WuhanCoronavirus…
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#Corona Unmasked: Chinese intelligence officer reveals truth that it's a #BiologicalWeapon China developed and was to use to end Hong Kong protests but it backfired. If it's true, world must come together to end #biologicalweapons #CoronavirusOutbreak…
Disturbing questions about #coronavirus and China's role in #CoronavirusOutbreak how come 'all is well' in many parts of China while #WuhanCoronavius wreaking havoc world over? #CoronaKoDhona…
190 new cases of Covid-19 reported in Malaysia, almost all infections linked to an Islamic event in a Tablighi Mosque.
#Coronavid19 #coronapocolypse #WuhanCoronavirus…
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Good morning, China is our enemy #CoronavirusPandemic #WuhanVirus

The attempt at Free Trade to make their regime less evil has failed.

Time to reintroduce the Containment doctrine that we used against the USSR but this time to China. #ChinaVirus
Corporations and countries will be forced to choose...USA 🇺🇸 or Communist China 🇨🇳

We as taxpayers will have to help these companies and allies make the right what, that's life
This election might not be Anti-China but the next one surely will be. Of course the corporations who love Chinese slave labor will line up against that candidate

But the people will know...If Apple or Google or Disney want Chinese money over American money they can leave
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In this worldwide battle against #CoronavirusPandemic originated from #China. we can fight together & overcome this war.

1/ For #HKers, we have learnt a bitter lesson during 2003 SARS outbreak with 299 deaths. Ppl know that the Chinese government often cover up the outbreak.
2/ Learnt from our experiences, #Hongkongers share some secret remedies to combat the virus - wearing masks, staying at home, travelling less and being critical about the government’s words.
3/ While HK leader #CarrieLam acts against medical experts’ advice & asks ppl not to wear masks, we simply disregard unscientific restrictions & secure mask supplies by ourselves. We even call for border seal with China to stop spread of #WuhanCoronavirus originated from #China.
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