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Fakta-fakta Penting tentang Autisme: Memahami Kondisi Ini…
Autisme adalah kondisi neurologis yang memengaruhi komunikasi, perilaku, dan interaksi sosial seseorang.
🌎💙 #Autisme #ASD #FaktaAutisme #PahamiAutisme
Meskipun ada berbagai jenis autisme, gejala-gejala umum termasuk kesulitan dalam berbicara dan berinteraksi dengan orang lain, ketertarikan pada aktivitas atau hal-hal tertentu secara intens, serta kesulitan dalam memahami atau mengekspresikan emosi.
🧩 Fakta pertama: Autism spektrum disorder (ASD) adalah kondisi yang terjadi pada 1 dari 54 anak di AS. Tidak ada tes medis yang dapat mendiagnosis autisme, sehingga diagnosis didasarkan pada observasi perilaku.…
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What this survey doesn’t tell you— is the huge “hidden waiting lists” with children waiting years for an assessment of a neurodevelopmental condition #ADHD #Learning #Tics #ASD
Many children also have underlying genetics and/or medical conditions, educational and social needs— and hence their emotional wellbeing deteriorated whilst waiting on the list..

With wider family impacts
We need a real reflection of the situation on the ground, which is becoming untenable post pandemic..

Biggest at risk groups in the population are adolescent girls l..

The data speaks for itself👉🏽 Image
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1/8 Are all synapses created equal? @clembrnrd in @Rico_lab and @MarinLab has found that the building of new synapses is controlled in a cell-type and even synapse-type-specific manner. This is the story @ScienceMagazine… ⬇ thread @dev_neuro @MRC_CNDD
2/8 We approached this question by investigating the wiring of PV+ and SST+ interneurons in the mouse neocortex. These cells have highly related developmental trajectories but play very different roles in adulthood, making them an attractive model for studying synapse specificity Image
3/8 We found that the mTORC1 inhibitor Tsc2 is required in PV+ but not SST+ interneurons to develop excitatory synapses targeting these cells. Notably, Tsc2 is not needed to make PV+ inhibitory output synapses: its function in this context is cell-type and synapse-type-specific. Image
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Robert Bransfield, MD: Thousands of peer-reviewed journal articles demonstrate the causal association between infections and #mentalillness 400+ peer reviewed scientific articles demonstrate the causal association between tick-borne disease and mental illness. #ILADS2022 #Lyme
2/Bransfield: Up to 40% of patients w/ #Lyme develop peripheral or central nervous system involvement. Psychiatric reactions include: #paranoia #dementia #schizophrenia #bipolar #panicattacks #depression #anorexianervosa, and #ODC #ILADS2022
3/Bransfield: Lyme is over represented in psychiatric patients. #ILADS2022
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Just posted an update on ASD Token via the @_AscendEX twitter, but wanted to provide a bit more insight on the recent price movement....🧵
Last night, we identified that number of users had been performing unusual transactions to manipulate the price of the ASD token. Specifically, users exploited a reference price error to convert altcoins to ASD at heavily discounted prices on AscendEX.
Upon converting their assets to ASD, these individuals sold large amounts of ASD on the exchange, which resulted in significant market impact and price depreciation.
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Teoria das Colheres em Autistas 🧵👇

A teoria das colheres foi pensada por Christine Miserandino para explicar a uma amiga como era viver com lúpus.
Numa conversa informal, num restaurante, ela usou colheres para explicar o gasto de energia com coisas simples em seu cotidiano, como preparar o desjejum ou arrumar-se para ir trabalhar. O texto em que ela conta sobre isso se popularizou entre a comunidade PCD.
Algum tempo depois, Marguerite - personagem autista do livro A Diferença Invisível - usa esta teoria para defender suas necessidades de adaptação no trabalho e explicar que ela não era antissocial, apenas autista.
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Autismo e o mundo das Fadas 🧵👇

Existe uma antiga lenda celta que diz que quando as fadas visitavam o mundo dos humanos, trocavam seus filhos pelos filhos destes, levando as crianças humanas ao seu mundo.
As crianças fadas tinham dificuldades de se adaptarem ao novo mundo e muitas vezes ficavam presas entre os dois.

Ficar perdido neste meio, dificultava sua comunicação com os humanos.
Algumas até conseguiam falar; outras apenas repetiam o que lhes diziam, como se fossem o reflexo de um espelho mágico; haviam também aquelas que falavam uma língua inteligível pelos humanos, provavelmente, o idioma das fadas; e existiam também as que não soltavam um único som.
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Phone calls don't work for some of us. I have intense difficulty w/ unfamiliar social situations, language-processing difficulties, & other challenges due to ASD. Old trauma is also involved. Phone calls are, for me, an absolute last resort. (A thread.)

2/ This is why it's so very, very distressing when a tool that worked—the ability to schedule endocrinology appointments via an app, for example—is removed without explanation.
3/ There might be a good reason to remove a system that gives people agency, but not w/o explanation. Not w/o at least a message saying, "Hey,we had to change this because x."
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Attending the NAPP National Association of Practicing Psychiatrists Gender Dysphoria In Young People Webinar 2 hours now. Will live tweet #live
This is a medical condition because it involves medication and surgery
Presentations by 5 different psychiatrists all experienced and working within the area of gender Dysphoria @dianna_kenny is speaking about intake assessment which is called “gatekeeping”
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🌟Do you write behaviour support plans #BSPs for children/adults with #disability #dementia #ABI #ASD in Aus? We want your input! Research @FlindersCNHS
15min survey:…
Chance to win iPad🙏Please Share! Closes20Dec21 #BSPractitionerSurvey @ApbsAus @AustPsych
🌟Do you write behaviour support plans #BSPs for children/adults with #disability #dementia #ABI #ASD in Aus? We want your input! Research @FlindersCNHS
15min survey:…
Chance to win iPad🙏Please Share! Closes20Dec21 #BSPractitionerSurvey @auaba2014 @theAPBS
🌟Do you write behaviour support plans #BSPs for children/adults with #disability #dementia #ABI #ASD in Aus? We want your input! Research @FlindersCNHS
15min survey:…
Chance to win iPad🙏Please Share! Closes20Dec21 #BSPractitionerSurvey @DevelopmetalEdu
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‘Young girls with #autism are more likely to experience a decrease in symptom severity over time compared to boys’? Uhhhh… nope, girls learn how to #mask and #camouflage #autistic mash’s #actuallyautistic #asd #autisticgirls #neurodivergent…
This is why I’m training professionals what to look for, the questions to ask, social camouflaging, the different subtypes and how 2e gifted kids improve over time.
This is in direct opposition the recent study that #Autism comes out in #adolescence in teen #autisticgirls which is also untrue:… it’s just glaringly obvious in many teens but there are always #redflags autisticwomen #autisticgirls #actuallyautistic #adhd
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There is nothing in this study – nothing – to support claims that #epidurals increase the risk of #autism in offspring. Let’s take a closer look at what the authors have actually found...… @JAMAPediatrics
The authors analysed data from electronic medical records & compared rates of #autism #ASD diagnosis between women who’d had epidurals vs. those who hadn’t.
They found that epidurals were associated with a “37% increased risk of ASD” – which sounds scary. But the actual risk was very similar in both groups: between 1-2%.
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Greta Thunberg’s facial expressions & personal thoughts are not really anyone’s business. However, back in September, a number of #Autists felt that a #BodyLanguageExpert‘s unsolicited projections had so widely missed the mark that something needed to be said. 🧵 1/8
#Autistic people are said to have difficulty reading #BodyLanguage. But this really means they have difficulty reading #Neurotypical nonverbal language. We actually have far less difficulty understanding our own neurotype, despite having been raised to mimic the words ... 2/8
...& mannerisms of the dominant majority.

@milton_damian has written about the #DoubleEmpathy problem - essentially a breakdown in reciprocity & mutual understanding between people with very differing ways of experiencing the world, in this case #Autists vs #Neurotypicals. 3/8
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#Autism "acceptance" can mean two things. Acceptance of people with #ASD, their rights, their best interests. Giving them appropriate support, helping them to achieve maximum quality of life. This is what should be expected in any civilised society. 1/4
But "acceptance" is also used to mean: acceptance that #ASD, and all the severe/devastating disabilities that sometimes go with it, cannot, even should not be treated. That there should be no research into treatments. That all that needs to change are attitudes to #autism. 2/4
We view the second kind of "acceptance" as harmful extremism and wilful neglect, even abuse. Why should for example adults with #autism and severe cognitive/motor impairments have to rely on strangers to change their diapers if treatment could give them independence? 3/4
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Coroner: Could I ask you please to turn to p8 of your bundles, this is another little document you may find useful referring to as we go along, it sets out the various parties involved, the key witnesses, who they are and what they do
Coroner: p11 then pls, let's work our way through the chronology.

Again, this is an agreed chronology, so again it is, it may be useful to you as you hear evidence about events on a particular date, you can refer back to remind yourself what happened immediately before or after
Coroner: Sasha had review w Dr Shuttleworth and decision made prescribe propranalol

30 Sept she took her first propranalol and paracetamol overdose
2 Oct she took second propranalol and paracetamol overdose and presented at Frimley Park

< other instances - missed >
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Every person exhibits behavior. Everything we do is behavior. Everything we don’t do is behavior. Behavior is a form of communication. For nonverbal individuals diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, behavior may be their only form of communication.
I know this because I communicate with my six-year-old son based on his behavior, every day.
We take a clinical approach to his mental health all day, on a daily basis. We are constantly observing his behavior in hopes to figure out what he is trying to communicate to us.
He attends Applied Behavior Analysis therapy for 2 to 3 hours a day, after his full day of school. There, he is learning to learn, learning to be motivated, learning to follow instruction, learning to toilet himself. This is a list of behaviors that are innate to most people.
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على مدى شهر سوف نستعرض إنجازات مركز القلب بمستشفى الملك فهد للقوات المسلحة بجدة

This month, we will highlight some of our many accomplishments
@WalidAbukhudair Image
١ هل تعلم أن أطباءنا ترأسوا الجمعيات السعوديةالتالية:
جراحة القلب
جمعية نظم القلب
قسطرة القلب

كما أنهم شاركوا في دراسات عالمية
و مثلوا المملكة في مؤتمرات عالمية (الكلية الأمريكية/الجمعية الأوربية)

و ساهموا في كتابة مراجع عالمية و قواعد إرشادية محررة من الكلية الأمريكية للقلب Image
٢ هل تعلم ان أول برنامج تدريبي في مجال القسطرة القلبية العلاجية و الإيكو في المملكة تم الاعتراف به من قبل الحكومة الماليزية عندما ابتعثة أطباء على نفقتها للتدريب في المستشفى العسكري بجدة ابتداء من عام ٢٠٠٣ و ذلك قبل اعتماد الهيئة السعودية لأي برنامج محلي في هذا المجال Image
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