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1/ 🤰What can we learn about pregnancy form 45 million lab tests? We present a dynamic atlas of pregnancy and postpartum based on measurements from over half a million pregnancies at a one-week resolution. @biorxivpreprint @AlonBar10 Image
2/📈The atlas spans 20 weeks pre-conception, 38 weeks of pregnancy and 80 weeks postpartum, providing unprecedented insights into the systems physiology of pregnancy #PregnancyDynamics Image
3/ 🕓We shed light on the mostly unknown world of postpartum adaptation. About half of the tests take months to a year to recover., highlighting the prolonged physiological changes that occur after childbirth . #PostpartumRecovery Image
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Did you know that pregnant people with #antiphospholipidsyndrome (APS) have an increased risk of adverse maternal & fetal outcomes? (1/4)
APS is characterized by #thrombosis and/or obstetric morbidity in the presence of #antiphospholipid antibodies. For pregnant people, this means increased likelihood of severe #preeclampsia, preterm birth, & #neonatalmortality. (2/4) Image
Studies show that complement activity plays a key role in aPL-mediated #thrombosis & obstetric complications. And fortunately, complement inhibitors, like #eculizumab, offer promise of improved outcomes for pregnant people living with APS. (3/4)
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Today we've released #RaisingTheBar for Maternal Health Equity&Excellence, a practical guide made to support healthcare provider institutions in taking a comprehensive, tailored approach to providing high-quality care that realizes #maternalhealth equity.
With #RaisingTheBar, institutions and advocates can improve quality of care and reduce health disparities by implementing actions that strengthen their clinical care and institutional policies.
#RaisingTheBar employs 4 strategies to improve maternal health outcomes:
🔘Providing whole-person care
🔘Employing and supporting a diverse maternal health workforce
🔘Engaging and collaborating with impacted communities
🔘Advocating for and investing in maternal health equity
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We are so PUMPED to be back at House Judiciary committee to hear HB23-1187 Alternative Sentencing for Pregnant People #copolitics

HB23-1187 will ensure that #pregnant people have the opportunity to #alternative sentencing 🔥

@S2SSisters @elephant_circle
We know that pregnancy is contraindicated towards a #healthy pregnancy & being incarcerated while pregnant is harmful to both the pregnant person and the child - #reproductivejustice is what we are fighting for today #copolitics @elephant_circle @S2SSisters
Correctional facilities are not mandated to track or report pregnancy-related data & most facilities do not have any routine process for collecting such information - another reason why we are saying YES on HB23-1187 #copolitics #leadership #reproductivehealth
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So here I am minding my own business when Gov Kemp mentions #TANF for pregnant women/[persons].
What's Temporary Assistance for Needy Families? More below 1/
#SOST #gapol
TANF is the nation's cash assistance program for families w/ very, very low income. In order for them to receive monthly benefits they have to meet work and other requirements. And they can only receive assistance for a limited period of time, 48 mos. in GA. 2/
What is Gov. Kemp proposing?
Currently in GA, if you are a pregnant person w/ no other children, you are not eligible for TANF cash assistance. Kemp's proposal would allow for these pregnant persons to access the program if they meet other eligibility requirements. 3/
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15 minutes until we get started! Tune in to see PRH Board Member @unbossedmd, @TexanHispasian, and @michelebgoodwin testify before Congress! We'll be live-tweeting the action so that you don't miss anything. #BansOffOurBodies #LiberateAbortion
Three more minutes! Yall ready? We are so excited to hear from an abortion provider, an abortion storyteller, and an abortion rights expert. These are the voices we should be listening to. #BansOffOurBodies #LiberateAbortion
Let’s get started! Thank you Chairman @RepJerryNadler and Members of the Committee for organizing this important panel on the abortion access crisis we’re facing across the country. #BansOffOurBodies #LiberateAbortion
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🧵@AmerMedicalAssn⁩ wrote to ⁦@RepBarragan⁩ ⁦@RepLBR⁩ ⁦@RepLarryBucshon⁩ ⁦@RepYoungKim⁩ in support of HR 4217, “Taskforce Recommending Improvements for Unaddressed Mental Perinatal & Postpartum Health (TRIUMPH) for New Moms Act of 2021”

#maternalhealth Image
2/ If passed, the bill would create a task force on maternal #mentalhealth which would identify, evaluate, make recommendations to coordinate & improve federal responses to maternal mental health conditions, create a national strategic plan for addressing mental health disorders.
3/ Part of an ongoing effort to address crisis of #maternalmortality in the US.

Each year ~700 women die during or within a year of their pregnancy d/t pregnancy-related/associated complications despite studies that show >1/2 of pregnancy-related deaths are preventable.
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New research from @JohnsHopkins about maternal health!

Vaught AJ, Minhas A, Boyer T et al. Incidence of essential hypertension but not echocardiographic abnormalities at four years with a history of preeclampsia with severe features.

#ph260720 #Moms
In this new study, we followed up with women four years after they were diagnosed with preeclampsia during pregnancy. What type of research study is that?
#ph260720 #Epidemiology
Preeclampsia is a pregnancy-specific disorder that causes high blood pressure and evidence of damage to the kidneys and/or liver. Preeclampsia and other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy impact between 5-8% of births in the US.
#ph260720 #preeclampsia
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Today, @EnergyCommerce is considering the #BuildBackBetter Act, legislation that makes historic investments in #maternalhealth including some of @ACOG’s top priorities and #CLC asks. @ACOG enthusiastically supports the following policies within the bill. 1/
The legislation includes @RepRobinKelly #MOMMAsAct mandate that states extend postpartum #Medicaid coverage to 1 year after the end of pregnancy, as recommended by @ACOG & other maternal health experts. The data are clear that this policy will improve outcomes & save lives. 2 /
This means that every indiv. who relies on Medicaid for pregnancy-related care will have coverage in the critical postpartum period to see their primary care clinicians & be referred to specialists, incl. for cardiac & mental health, as needed to address their health concerns. 3/
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From 2015-2017, Black women were 5x more likely to die in pregnancy & childbirth.

Tomorrow Parliament will debate the petition we started to try and change this - signed by 187,519 people.

What do we want from MPs? THREAD #BlackMaternalHealthDebate…
According to the latest MMBRACE #MaternalHealth figures:

Black women are 4x more likely to die in pregnancy & childbirth.

Mixed heritage women are 3x more likely to die in pregnancy & childbirth.

Asian women are 2x more likely to die in pregnancy & childbirth.
UK maternity care is rife with unequal health outcomes.

We want decision makers to acknowledge the disparities between Black women and their white counterparts in their experiences of pregnancy and childbirth within the NHS and commit to closing these gaps #protectblackwomen
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Year after year, the data on maternal health outcomes tell a similar story: Rates of pregnancy-related mortality in the US are among the worst of high-income countries, and are more than 3x higher among Black women than among white women. #BMHW21…
At their root, these disparities result from systemic racism and discrimination & reflect broader societal inequities. They have also been magnified during the #COVID19 pandemic. Policymakers and medical institutions must acknowledge this reality & take action. #BlackMamasMatter
Improving the quality of #maternalhealth care & ensuring full access to it is critical to addressing these unacceptable outcomes. Many US states are working to do this by establishing committees to investigate maternal deaths & by expanding maternal health services. #BMHW21
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One Black person dying during #childbirth is too many. During this #BlackHistoryMonth, and every other month of the year, we’re resolute on the goal of improving access to high-quality health care for Black women. Image
FACT: When it comes to health care in the U.S., Black pregnant people experience the worst outcomes. The time is now: we must prioritize Black maternal health. So… how do we do it?
Access to health coverage, from birth control to maternity care, is crucial for a lifetime of good health for mother and child. #AbortionJustice Image
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: Protecting Native American Health & Protecting and Promoting Maternal Health
Only one party has a specific plan for ensuring EVERY American will be able to have high quality, affordable healthcare options.1/15
Native American tribes have for too long been forced to cope with insufficient access to health care and mental health services, nutrition services, and modern infrastructure. 2/12 #DemPartyPlatform #healthcare #Dreamcatcher
#Democrats are committed to pursuing environmental justice and climate justice, including for Indigenous peoples and communities 3/12 #DemPartyPlatform #ClimateJustice #EnvironmentalJustice #NativeAmerican
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We are looking for a social worker or clinical psychologist to VOLUNTEER their time and expertise on a case we are working on.

We have a 12 year old girl who is 8 months pregnant and refuses to speak on her pregnancy and refuses care.(1)
Sadly, the Police hit her on her palms (while pregnant) as a way of corceing her to divulge who raped her. It didn't work but she is further traumatized by that event.

Please inbox us or share the post to a potential therapist and we will make the necessary connections. (2)
UPDATE : #Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 THANK YOU. We have received quite a number of contacts from this post. Selfless proffesionals volunteering to assist. We assure you that we are doing our best to preserve her privacy and to get her the help she needs. Thank you again.(1) #maternalhealth
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Starting off the day at @FtBraggNC’s @WomackAMC discussing my priorities as the Nation’s Doctor. Learn more here:… Image
Talking about the #OpioidCrisis & the road to recovery at @WomackAMC this morning. If you’re reading this, YOU have a role to play in our efforts to address this crisis! Check out & share my digital postcard on 5️⃣ things everyone can do to prevent opioid misuse. #TuesdayThoughts ImageImage
Appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the work of @Fay_DreamCenter. This faith-based community health center supports children in need and serves as a touch point for other referrals based on what might be going on in the child’s life. ImageImage
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(1/4) Good #SundayMorning! This week’s #SundaySpotlight on #PublicHealth is a look back at my visit to New Jersey on Thursday. I joined @FirstLadyNJ at @UnivHospNewark to discuss maternal health in The Garden State. More via @NJBIZ:…
(2/4) This #MaternalHealth listening session brought together patients, doulas, OB-GYNs & other healthcare providers & officials. It was an important conversation, one that stressed that maternal health doesn’t end when a baby is born – sometimes the challenges are just beginning Image
(3/4) #DYK: Black, American Indian, and Alaska Native women are 2 to 6 times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women – regardless of education & socioeconomic status. #SundayThoughts
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At @UnivHospNewark today for a listening session on maternal health. Glad to have the opportunity to visit with hospital leadership and staff this morning to learn more about some of their work in this space. ImageImageImage
@UnivHospNewark .@UnivHospNewark saw a gap and standardized it's neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) protocol - and put it out for all to see! Great work to help address an issue that is a priority for @FLOTUS & @HHSGov! #ThursdayThoughts Image
@UnivHospNewark @FLOTUS @HHSGov #DYK: 60% of all maternal deaths in the U.S. are preventable.

⬇️maternal mortality & morbidity and advancing maternal health is an @HHSGov priority. Image
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Today is the 46th anniversary of the #Helms Amendment. Enacted following the #RoevWade decision, Helms restricts US foreign aid for abortion. This policy has not only limited the reach & effectiveness of US global health assistance, but it continues to threaten SRHR worldwide.
Helms has long been incorrectly interpreted & implemented as an outright ban on abortion. Even in countries where abortion is legal, Helms has deterred providers from offering abortion-related counseling or referrals, providing safe miscarriage management & more.
This has only made existing health system challenges even worse, including by raising barriers to postabortion care, which is essential to reducing negative health outcomes resulting from unsafe abortion. #HelmsAmendment
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#childrenday childhood deprivation is a burden to productive society
Maternal deprivation has cascading effect during &after preg' increasing susceptibility to poor brain growth in early life
Childhood stress &neglect harbinger susceptibility to mental illness throu adulthood1/7
#maternaldeprivation women's loss of independence & limit'n to own choices with opportunity cost in time,rest,food & management ; leading to self neglect
Social construct pressurizes her to enact normalcy
Family construct dictates her to daily grinds except to self freedom
Societal pressure on women to navigate bodyimage event due to physical form intrusion,image consumerism,loss of selfcontrol &women's role under scrutiny
-ve bodyimage affects bonding to baby ⬇️responsive BFeeding
+ve self image & her intellect matter in preg 3
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The #NairobiSummit kicks off today! We have you covered with all things #SRHR, starting with a new Editorial commemorating 25 years since the first #ICPD in Cairo #ICPD25 Image
@NairobiSummit Our Editorial highlights the opportunities for the #NairobiSummit as:
- an important rallying opportunity, in light of upcoming US elections
- a chance for governments to make economic, political & practical commitments to implement the #ICPD Programme Image
@NairobiSummit The Cairo #ICPD was a transformative event, shifting the focus of the development agenda towards sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing, individual rights, and #genderequality. Our Editorial from 1994 marked the occasion Image
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1/thread on #MaternalMortality

@harvardmed Professor Dr. Neel Shah to @HarvardHealth:

American #women today are 50% MORE likely to die in childbirth than our mothers were & “the risk is consistently 3 to 4 times higher for black women than white women...”…
2/x- The disturbing racial disparities in America’s #MaternalHealth outcomes mirror racial inequality among our nation’s infant mortality rates.

The @CDCgov found the infant mortality rate for black babies in our nation is TWICE that of white babies.…
3/x- Per @BrookingsInst:
“this is not just a poverty story. Babies born to well educated, middle-class black mothers are more likely to die before their first birthday than babies born to poor white mothers with less than a high school education”
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