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Trailinga Swami was an Indian Saint from Banares who was recognized as an Avadhuta, a great Saint, by Ramakrishna ,Yogananda, and other Saints of his time.

According to his biographers and believers,his birth date and the accurate period of longevity always vary.
According to some disciples, his birth date was 1529 but some says it was 1607. People called him generally by his premonastic name, the Shivarama. He lived his whole life after 40 as a recluse in a cottage after the death of his parents.
He did a hard spiritual practice for twenty years and he then got sannyasa by the initiation of his Guru Bhagirathananda in 1679. After getting sannyasa he went on a pilgrimage and reached at Prayag in 1733 and finally he got settled in the Varanasi in 1737.
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A jobless man applied for the position of "office boy" at a large company.

The employer said. ”Give me your email address, and I’ll send you the application to fill in.”

The man replied, “I don’t have a computer, or an email.”
“I’m sorry,” said the employer, “if you don’t have an email , you can't have the job.”

The man left with no hope.

With only £10 in his pocket, he went to a supermarket, bought a 10 kg tomato crate, then sold them door to door.
In two hours, he doubled his capital. He repeated this 3 times and returned home with £60. The man realized that he could survive this way. He started to go everyday earlier and returned late.
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One time in the kitchen, I was making egg stew. My aunt came over (whose name I cannot mention because I don't want a family meeting😅) and said, "let me tell you a story".

She is the wife of a missionary and so often hosts people in their home. She said one of those days, late at night, they had visitors. It was past dinner time and there was no cooked food, so she went into the kitchen to figure out what to quickly fix for her hungry guests.
After searching, she got some rice, few stew items and just a tin of sardines, nothing else. When the stew was halfway, she remembered she had a few eggs kept for breakfast and decided to add them up directly into the stew.
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One day I visited a friend of mine,Thomas Mouko, who is blind. And because it was night he did something that taught me a lot.

Upon entering the house, Thomas switched on the light.
And I asked him "Thomas, why did you put on the light yet you can't see?"
Thomas laughed for a long time, switched off the light and went to the kitchen, after a short while he came with a pot of tea and eggs, placed them perfectly well on the table and switched on the light again

What Thomas said made me shed tears because he said to me, Jay Jay!
I did not put on the light for my own sake or because I needed it, I did it for you because you needed it since you are not blind like me".
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A lecturer wanting 5 rounds to pass a female student. A policeman demanding 500k for bail. A judge demanding 5m for judgement. A public servant demanding 50m for a contract. A voter demanding 5k for his/her vote. A clergy demanding 5-500k for “blessing"
A leader(s) close their eyes to corruption and nepotism. A parent offering 50k for ward’s admission into school or paying for exam questions. A society rewarding incompetence. A society closing its mind to murder. A society shutting down common sense.
A society designed to allow the worst to emerge to the top, in many respects. A society that justifies all things in the name of politics, tribe, ethnicity and individual benefit. A society that blackmail others for difference in thinking.
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As a small child , I was very selfish, always grabbing the best for myself.

Slowly, everyone left me and I had no friends. I didn’t think it was my fault and I criticized others.

But my father gave me 3 sentences to help me in life.
One day, my father cooked 2 bowls of noodles and put them on the table. One had an egg on top while the other bowl had none on top.

Then he asked me to choose a bowl of noodles.

Because eggs were hard to come by those days, I chose the bowl with egg!
I was congratulating myself on my wise choice/decision and decided to wallop the egg. To my surprise, I saw that my father's bowl of noodles had two eggs at the bottom beneath the noodles!

With much regret, I scolded myself for being too hasty in my decision.
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I asked my dad this question. Why are we like this 59yrs after?

His answer..

You need to be here 59yrs ago! This place was a Bush!

1. In 59 Years, we have at least a fairly looking city of Abuja. Note, Abuja was a thick forest 59yrs ago.
2. 59 yrs ago, we have only one university. The. UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN.. Today, we've 154 Universities just in 59yrs

3. 59yrs ago, we've less than 200 qualified Doctors in the whole country. 59YRS after, Unilag alone, produces 250 Doctors per annum.
4. 59yrs ago, in fact 30 yrs ago, Lekki Peninsula was a mangrove. Today, it ranks among the fastest developing estates in the world.

5. There was no Nigerian Pliot 59 yrs ago. Today, we have female Nigerian Pilots flying planes with international airlines.
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Rudra veena , is a large plucked  string instrument, originating from the  Indian subcontinent, used in  Hindustani classical music, one of the major types of  veena  played in Indian classical music.
It has a long tubular body made of wood or bamboo with a length between 54 and 62 inches. Two large, round resonators, made of dried and hollowed gourds, are attached under the tube. Twenty-four brass-fitted raised wooden frets are fixed on the tube with the help of wax.
There are 4 main strings and 3 chikari  strings.

As  Rudra  is a name for the Hindu god  Shiva,  rudra vina  literally means "the veena dear to  Shiva". Shiva is also said to have created the Rudra veena, inspired by his wife, Devi Parvati.
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The vichitra veena came into the limelight towards the beginning of the twentieth century. Though its structure, quite similar to the rudra veena, appeared for the first time in the early years of the twentieth century,
the technique used to produce the notes is ancient.Thus it can be propounded that it is a developed and modified version of an ancient instrument.
In general appearance and structure, vichitra veena looks similar to rudra veena or the been.
The main difference lies in the production of sound. The been has frets whereas the vichitra veena is a fretless zither. While playing, the rudra veena is held diagonally across the body of the player in such a manner that the upper gourd rests on the shoulder
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#Copied Source - @ttindia
Fossil fame chases Samaritan scientist - Priceless find named after Indian Geologist: A pioneering Indian scientist who gave up a career in the to build a school in India has had the world’s oldest fossils of multi-celled animals named after him.
The 565 million-year-old fossils will be called Fractofusus misrai after geologist Shiva Balak Misra, who had discovered them in 1967 while studying in Canada.
Misra had spotted the imprints of the ancient soft-bodied, jelly-like creatures at a place called Mistaken Point in Newfoundland after other students had turned down the opportunity to explore a remote and hostile terrain.
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This could mean something to a fellow young king/queen.

1. Popcorns are normally fried in the same pot, in the same oil, at the same time and under the same heat conditions, But they do not all pop at the same time.

2. When flood comes, fish eat ants and When flood recedes, ants eat fish, Only time matters.

3. To make soap, oil is required and to clean oil, soap is required. This is the irony of life.
•Everybody needs somebody at any one point in time.

•Do not despise or treat anyone with scorn when they are excelling or failing more than you.
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(a THREAD culled from SM)

Are you among those that think by giving a name to financial institutions (bank for example) as next-of-kin you have chosen that person to automatically inherit your wealth in the event of your demise?
In other words, do you think by merely picking someone as your next-of-kin you have made that person a beneficiary to your wealth or entitlement(s) in the event of your death? Let us attempt a little legal analysis based on two factors: whether the deceased has a Will
(a document written by a deceased when he was alive that prescribes how his property is to be shared when he dies) or whether he dies without a will

In law when a person dies leaving behind a will, he is said to have died testate. In such a circumstance, Issue of next-of-kin
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The "#Copied" Social Media Plagiarism Plague-THREAD

It used to be that intellectual thieves simply stole people's creative labor and passed them off as theirs. Well, that still happens. But in the frenetic, exhibitionistic world of social media, plagiarism is taking newer, more
insidious, and less explicable forms. Now, people shamelessly pirate other people’s original thoughts, strip the thoughts of the names of their original authors, post them on their timelines (or share them on WhatsApp & other closed forums), and pretend to be ethical by prefacing
the word “#Copied” to their intellectual robbery. But “Copied” doesn’t deodorize your ethical rottenness. It doesn’t minimize your dishonesty in not acknowledging the author of the thoughts you shared. It doesn’t vitiate your intellectual corruption. On the contrary, it
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حرام اور حلال
شادی کے کئی سال بعد ابا اور بھائی اسکے گھر آرہے تھے وہ بہت خوش تھی کئی پکوان تیار کیے تھے مشروب بنائے تھے خوشی سے پھولی نہیں سما رہی تھی خدا خدا کر کے انتظار کی گھڑیاں ختم ہوئیں وہ بڑے شوق سے انکو ڈرائینگ روم میں لیکر آئی باپ نے اسکے سر پر ہاتھ رکھا بھائیوں نے
بھی حال چال پوچھا۔۔ وہ جلدی سے ٹھنڈے مشروب لے آئی۔۔
"ناں پتر ۔۔۔" باپ نے دیکھتے ہی کہا ۔۔ " ہمارے خاندان میں بیٹیوں کے گھر کا پانی بھی حرام سمجھا جاتا ہے ۔۔ اسے واپس لیجا ۔۔ ہم تو تجھے دیکھنے آئے تھے بس اب چلتے ہیں ۔۔" یہ کہہ کر ابا اور بھائی واپس چلے گئے اور اسے وہ دن یاد آگیا
جب وہ دلہن بنی بیٹھی تھی ۔۔ کمرے میں اسکی سہیلیاں خوش گپیوں میں مصروف اسے چھیڑ رہی تھیں کہ ابا اور بھائی آگئے تھے
"دیکھ پتر" ابا نے اس سے مخاطب ہو کر کہا تھا ۔ "ہمارے خاندان کی ریت ہے کہ شادی سے پہلے بیٹیاں اپنی جائیداد سے دستبرداری کرتی ہیں لے پتر تو بھی اس کاغذ پر سائن کردے
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In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold 85% of all photo paper worldwide. Within just a few years, their business model disappeared and they went bankrupt. Who would have thought of that ever happening?
What happened to Kodak and Polaroid will happen in a lot of industries in the next 5-10 years and most people don't see it coming.

Did you think in 1998 that 3 years later, you would never take pictures on film again? With today’s smart phones,who even has a camera now
It will now happen again (but much faster) with Artificial Intelligence, health, autonomous and electric cars, education, 3D printing, agriculture and jobs.

Forget the book, “Future Shock”, welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution.
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1. *Installmentally:*
This “word” is a favourite of many Nigerians, but, sadly, it simply does not exist. You won’t find it any reputable dictionary. The correct thing to say when “installmentally” comes
to your mind is in _"instalments"_ or _"by instalments"_.
*2. Plumpy:*
Nigerians use _“plumpy”_ when they want to say that someone is chubby or slightly fat. The correct expression is _plump_.

3. *Disvirgin:*
This particular “word” is used severally on a daily basis, especially by Nigerian men when they intend saying that a woman has lost her virginity to a guy. The correct word to use, however, is _"deflower"_, because “disvirgin” is not a word.
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I went to GT Banking hall yesterday, as I was about entering the hall, a lady ran ahead of me and pushed me away so she could quickly join the long queue before I will get to the queue.
I did not say anything, she thought I will queue up behind her but I was actually not there to
deposits, I was there to withdr
So I walked to the POS section and I was the only one there. No single person on the queue.
When I finished withdrawing, I was about leaving the hall, when this lady came from the queue and apologized to me for pushing me away from the line.
With "sorry smile on her face" she said: I am very sorry dear for pushing you away, I thought you were coming to the queue to withdraw..............
I smiled and told her not to bother that it's not a big deal.
Friends believe me I learned a big lesson from that incident.
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Many people think that simply because the famous hadith mentions "Deen",so every muslim is now a marriage material!If that was the case then there would be no need for istikharah anymore,we'll just marry just anyone who prays facing the ka'bah, simple
Brothers /Sisters ,
As much as all that glitters is not gold, all that's fade is not also advisable to be purchased, a faded item does more harm than good.
If a man has been practicing Islam for 5years and he still says:"Astanga-fruullah"
Is that a sign of a serious
person who is willing to learn? Such is an unserious students of knowledge and it shows he is far away from the scholars and gatherings of knowledge.

Don't think that people will suddenly improve after marriage, the way people are before marriage is the way they will be after
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This #Thread is Inspirational , Calming, Soothing. Enjoy👇!

1). "Last night, I decided to treat myself to a great meal. So I walked into a 5star hotel restaurant. After going thru d menu, I ordered some food & abt 20 mins, a group of men & women walked in & ordered theirs..."
2). "To my dismay, these folks got served first

I watched as they began to eat and laugh heartily. I even overheard one of them bragging about how he is connected to everyone in the hotel, and I felt mocked.

I wanted to leave.
Unable to take it anymore, I called the waiter."
3). "He calmly told me, “Yours is a special order being prepared by the chief chef himself. Their orders were prepared hurriedly by students on attachment because the top chefs are busy with yours. That is why they were served first." "Please have some juice as you wait.”
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Please READ 😢😢😢

Hon. Temitope Sugar: His Rise And Fall*

I advised him but he failed to listen.

Sugar was an average handsome guy when he gained an admission into FCE. He dropped out from one poly in Ibadan due to threats to his life.
He had this natural charms of likeness. Gentle and cool dude. Then he was an innocent guy.

His trouble started when he was aspiring for the Sug post. He was bursted like 3 times before withdrawing from the elections.
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Hijama Cupping Therapy: The forgotten Sunnah.🙄🙄🙄.
A thread
Dr.Inamul Bashir

“Hijama” in Arabic literally means “to suck” and to “return to a normal state” of internal balance. Hijama is a wet cupping therapy in which blood is drawn by local suction from a small skin incision.

A vacuum is created in a cup and placed on the body at .
certain specific points. This vacuum causes a negative pressure and pulls the muscles into the cup and therefore draws the blood to the cupped area. This is known as “dry cupping”. Then the cup is removed in order to make small, shallow incisions in that same area before putting
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The Woman's breasts are filled with hyper-sensitive nerve endings that get stimulated when touched, sucked or licked.

Men love to suck the breast just as women love their breast to be stimulated. But some men avoid a woman's breast.
But some men avoid a woman's breast as soon as she gets pregnant because they believe the breast milk is harmful to Adults.



Breast milk is quite beneficial for adults too... It increases an adult immunity as it does in children.

It helps to balance the cardiovascular system. If a woman breast is sucked for a long period of time, it increases the heart beat rate of a woman to 110 beats per minute. It is a very good exercise for your heart health.

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(A social Awareness message)

• We were discussing about females virginity yesterday and someone was like the only way to know if a girl is a virgin or not is that it's a must every girl bleeds during her first sex and am sure majority have same mindset.

But this is wrong..
Bleeding doesn't determine if a girl is a virgin or not so I decided to release this article to help educate our young men and women on this issue of girls bleeding during first sex ...
THE MYTH ABOUT FEMALE VIRGINITY -why most women won't bleed the first time they have sex. There's a very common myth in South and Central Asia (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan etc.) and Africa (Nigeria and many other nations ) that you can tell if a woman is a virgin
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3 cateogries of Buhari Supporters

1). If you voted for Mr. Buhari in 2015 and you have changed and promised NEVER to have anything to do with him, note that you are a SPELL INDUCED fellow and have received healing.
2). If you are educated, above 40 years, a political influencer and you know that you supported and cajoled people to vote for Mr. Buhari in 2015, but have repented never to support him again, note that you are an IDIOT who has received sense.
3). If you are still supporting Mr. Buhari despite his incompetence, bloodstained presidency and the worst killings, destruction, unemployment, suffering and disunity ever experienced in recent years Nigeria, note that you are a WONDERFOOL irredeemable person.

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