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1/5 Elon Musk is CEO of Tesla. He and Tesla board members have a fiduciary duty to $TSLA shareholders to protect the reputation of the company. Elon is damaging Tesla brand with Twitter #HateSpeech. Tesla board members are liable.

#CorpGov #RiskManagement #Branding Image
2/5 Twitter Head of Trust and Safety Ella Irwin resigned yesterday. Elon is using Twitter to propagate hate, unfettered. Musk is destroying #Tesla brand. $TSLA shareholders are vulnerable. Tesla board members are liable.

#CorpGov #RiskManagement…
3/5 Elon Musk's Twitter is No. 4 most hated brand in America, @CNBC reported. Musk is doubling down, using Twitter as a #HateSpeech platform. Musk is inextricably tied to #Tesla brand. $TSLA shareholders are vulnerable. Tesla board is liable.

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I emailed @Tesla board chair Robyn Denholm and head of investor relations Martin Viecha today with questions about Elon Musk's #Twitter activities and his impact on $TSLA. I will report if I receive a response. Source reporting in thread below. #CorpGov #RiskManagement Image
Tesla approval rating sinks into negative territory, survey finds. $TSLA… via @MarketWatch
Elon Musk Is a Far-Right Activist
One tweet says it all. $TSLA… via @TheAtlantic
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Are asset managers powerful? I'm excited that my attempt at an answer is now published (open access).

1) Exit-based power is down
2) Control-based power is up
3) ...but also more visible: AM power is constrained by politics.

More in 🧵…
We theorize the structural power of finance as being based on exit. But the primary function of finance has been shifting from financing to asset management, which reduces exit options.
-> Financialization and rising financial-sector power are *not* two sides of the same coin. /2
Here's 'The end of exit', told for the US economy in three charts:

1) the declining importance of external financing for corporate investment
2) and especially of the stock market
2) the declining importance of banks & of corporate lending for banks /3
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Board of Salem Media Group has a fiduciary duty to shareholders to manage risk

Salem Media took a financial hit from publisher @Regnery’s recall of @DineshDSouza’s book ‘2000 Mules.’

Do $SALM shareholders want to assume more risk? #riskmanagement #CopGov…
Are largest shareholders of Salem Media Group, parent company of @Regnery, publisher of Dinesh D’Souza’s recalled book 2000 Mules concerned about potential liability risk? $SALM #2000Mules #riskmanagement #CorpGov
“Salem Media Group Inc. ( $SALM) cut its third quarter total revenue outlook, reflecting the postponement of the forthcoming book, 2000 Mules by Dinesh D'Souza, until the fourth quarter.” #2000Mules #CorpGov #riskmanagement via @Nasdaq…
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Charles Schwab, founder of @CharlesSchwab donated $36,500 to the Republican National Committee in July. Chuck gave $1 million to GOP super PACs affiliated with Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy in June.

@ProjectLincoln was right about Schwab. $SCHW

"The Lincoln Project, a group of anti-Trump conservatives, had featured Schwab in a recent campaign highlighting companies that donated to President Trump or the election objectors in Congress."

Chuck Schwab is still donating to GOP groups. $SCHW…
Charles R. Schwab is chairman of @CharlesSchwab. He still owns about 7% of its stock. He is "the single biggest contributor so far this cycle to the McCarthy Victory Fund, a PAC supporting McCarthy. He donated more than $366,000 in March"

Boycott $SCHW… Image
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I have reached out to $FOX Corp. Chief Communications Officer Brian Nick to ask about Brian Kilmeade using an apparently photoshopped image of the judge involved in approving the Mar-a-Lago warrant. #CorpGov
I will report if I receive a response from Brian Nick or from anyone at @FoxNews or $FOX Corp.
Will $FOX Corp.'s largest shareholders hold the company accountable for @FoxNews' Kilmeade showing a photoshopped image? #CorpGov
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Hi @TwitterIR. I'm a shareholder. Looking forward to report of Q4 & FY '21 earnings on Feb 10, 2022. Please address @Twitter's decision to quit taking action against 2020 election lies. Risk of political violence puts $TWTR value and overall economy at risk.
Twitter spox told @CNN that Twitter has not been enforcing its 'civic integrity policy' in relation to lies about the 2020 election. That was the policy under which the company had suspended or even banned users for lying about the 2020 election. $TWTR…
An Open Letter to Twitter CEO and board chair from a $TWTR shareholder -- about Twitter's announcement to quit taking action against 2020 election lies.
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NEW by me: Twitter has quit taking action against lies about the 2020 election: CNN report. An open letter to Twitter CEO and board chair from a $TWTR shareholder.

CC: @paraga @btaylor @nedsegal
Source @ddale8 @CNN:

"Twitter quit taking action to try to limit the spread of lies about the 2020 election... a day after another social media platform, YouTube, removed a Republican congressman's campaign ad because it included a 2020 lie."

Twitter's largest institutional shareholders should be alarmed by Twitter's decision not to enforce policy against tweeting election lies. Repercussions from election lies hurt investments and the economy. $TWTR

CC: @MorganStanley @Vanguard_Group @BlackRock
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Leslie Miller is vice president of government affairs and public policy at @Google, where she leads the @YouTube public policy team. Ms. Miller must address: Were Kelly Loeffler's ads removed for lying / #misinformation? Georgia voters deserve to know. $GOOGL #ESG #CorpGov #CSR
Hi @hannahfrankau You work in public policy at @YouTube and @Google. Since this is a matter of urgent global concern, would you please address: Why did YouTube remove two of Kelly Loeffler’s ads? Was she spreading #misinformation? Georgia voters deserve to know.
YouTube must say why it removed two of Kelly Loeffler's ads. YouTube parent company @Google must do the right thing. $GOOGL #ESG
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Filip Gregor will be providing an overview at a session co-organised by @ShareAction @BHRRC @Global_Witness @InvestforRights & @purposeofcorp

Looking forward to the commentaries of @EU_Finance, @Lysgaard_Signe @ericsson @barbara_bijelic & @thomasoftayler

For those that are not able to follow the event live, a recording will be made available in ERIN's platform

#ERIN2020 @ShareAction
“One ring that binds them all” - @MWachenfeld @ThemisResearch refering to the #sustainablefinance, corporate #sustainability disclosure, and mandatory #due diligence. Where are the gaps & synergies?

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"How can non-financial information reporting work for SMEs?" Looking forward to hearing @larawoltersEU keynote speech at the event organised by @AccountancyEU @ACCANews @EACB_News @SMEunited

.@larawoltersEU "Banks and investors are requiring more information on companies' due diligence and non-financial reporting. This can lead to cheaper loans"

#NFR #UNPG #disclosure
.@larawoltersEU at @AccountancyEU event: SMEs should be covered by #humanrights and #environmental due diligence legislation under proportionality principle and using a #risk based approach; guidelines should be produced & if possible supporting funds could be considered
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What is asset manager capitalism? (How) does index fund dominance change the political economy of corporate governance?

This has taken me forever. It's a first working paper, focused on the United States. Brief summary below. 1/… ImageImageImage
The #CorpGov literature remains in thrall to what I call the Berle-Means-Jensen-Meckling ontology: Shareholders, while dispersed and weak, are the owners and principals of the corporation.

The rise of asset managers has pulled the empirical rug from under the BM-JM ontology. 2/ Image
The table summarizes
- the evolution of the US investment chain
- the hallmarks of historical corporate governance regimes

It shows the similarities (green) and differences (red) btw Hilferding’s late 19th century ‘finance capitalism’ and what I call asset manager capitalism. 3/ Image
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.@BlackRock is the 3rd largest investor in Twitter with more than $1 billion in $TWTR stock. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink warned portfolio companies: Make a "positive contribution to society" or risk losing support. @Jack must honor Mr. Klausutis' request to delete Trump's tweets.
Omid Kordestani is Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors at Twitter. Time to go over @Jack's head. Tell @omidkordestani to #TakeTrumpOffTwitter $TWTR
@Jack and Twitter aren't going to budge on Trump's tweets unless investors threaten to #divest.

Tomorrow is the Annual Meeting of $TWTR Shareholders. Investors: Tell Twitter Board of Directors to take action on Trump's violative tweets.

#CorpGov #ESG #TakeTrumpOffTwitter
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As alavancas de controle (ou levers of control) foram desenvolvidas numa perspectiva integrada entre diversos pontos de atenção que os executivos precisam monitorar. Esse modelo foi desenvolvido pelo prof. Simons da HBS. É um modelo bem interessante, pois une ... Image
os construtos teóricos de vários estudos e suas ferramentas para aumentar a efetividade da estratégia empresarial. O autor não deixa de lado implicações da importância dos controles internos no processo de geração das informações contábeis-financeiras... #contabilidade #gestão
... Se as infos geradas não tiverem qualidade, como os KPIs ou scorecards ajudariam a melhorar as decisões? O próprio desempenho medido poderia estar "furado". Então, ele coloca em cada alavanca o que se deve prestar atenção, integrando código de ética/conduta com a inspiração...
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Thread in which I try to give some perspective to BlackRock's and State Street's sustainability reports. Firstly, there is a qualitative difference in their approaches: State Street to me is the leader, BlackRock is finally starting to move, and Vanguard is missing in action 1/9
But we wont really know where we stand until we see how each of them vote this proxy season. We have had grand statements before. What is really important is to read between the lines and not to expect too much from the asset management industry 2/9
The industy faces all sorts of valid fiduciary concerns, has issues in not really being able to ascertain their ultimate investors' views, faces big corporate resistance, particularly in the US, and also regulatory threats, look at this from the SEC:… 3/9
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Vejam que interessante. A importância de se debruçar sobre os fundamentos e entender a governança das companhias. Selecionei algumas empresas aleatoriamente para compará-las: mercado tradicional x mercado digital. Observem que o market-to-book das empresas de tecnologia é maior.. Image que as cias de mercados tradicionais. Dois pontos importantes p/ vasculharem: a plataforma tecnológica/industrial/comercial/logística etc está pronta? Quais são as oportunidades de crescimento da empresa? Pode ser uma característica setorial? Para reflexão. O outro ponto...
.. é o famoso ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) index. Como as cias estão atendendo certos critérios de gov, compliance etc. Agora a situação inverte. As cias do mercado tradicional atendem muito mais o ESG do que as cias de tecnologia. Alguns pontos p/ reflexão: ... Image
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Compartilho a palestra que ministrei no #XVIICCRS organizado pelo CRC RS. São reflexões s/ as revoluções da tecnologia na contabilidade e auditoria, mas é possível fazer a ponte p/ outras profissões. Só que os slides não aparecem. Agradeço a oportunidade!
Por volta dos 27min eu pergunto sobre #investimentos #mercadofinanceiro #investidor
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@EricTopol serves up a treasure trove of data and links to credible scientific research reports that are MUST READ
re: the current sad state of American physicians

🙏Why Doctors Should Organize…
#PatientCare #Healthcare
@drjudymelinek @choo_ek
Doctor-patient relationship is crucial and I wonder if a patient is aware of the hospital’s policy (not the doctor) for a visit time allotment (in minutes).

Building More Trust Between Doctors and Patients… @HarvardBiz #empathy #trust #PatientCare #IBD
“Administrative tasks have become so burdensome ....only thirteen per cent (13%) of a physician’s day, on average, is spent on doctor-patient interaction” Dr. Topol… #PatientCare #AI #Health #Healthcare #IBD #IBS #Hospital #Corpgov #Safety #MedEd #Doctors
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Earnings Management/Manipulação da #contabilidade
1) Uma boa parte dos números #contábeis, principalmente das grandes corporações, é baseada em julgamentos. As escolhas contábeis dessas empresas podem ajudar a aumentar a relevância dos números ou reduzí-la. #mercadofinanceiro
1.1) Por relevância, consideramos a capacidade do número divulgado em alterar expectativas e afetar a #decisão (utilidade).
2) As escolhas contábeis também podem ser interpretadas por práticas de gerenciamento de resultados (earnings management - EM), momento em que existe inteferência intencional dos #executivos para alterar os resultados (lucro ou prejuízo).
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1/ "The federal government is relying on secret shelters to hold unaccompanied minors, in possible violation of the long-standing rules for the care of immigrant children, a @Reveal investigation has found."…
2/ "Acadia has been publicly traded on the @NASDAQ for nearly a decade."

"a critical investor detailed a litany of abuse allegations at Acadia-run facilities, including Rolling Hills." $ACHC #CorpGov #ESG
3/ “The SEC’s Code of #CorpGov for publicly traded companies puts the onus on a company’s board to ‘identify the legitimate needs of their stakeholder’ and to be ‘mindful that their decisions affect stockholders, stakeholders, and our entire society." - M. Gordon @MichiganRoss
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What are the primary revenue sources of a hospital? Wouldn’t more wRVU demand from the same doctor (in a “physician service cost deflationary environment) increase providers’ #burnout rate and/or decrease the quality of patient care?…
U.S. patients have lower mortality rates with foreign-trained doctors

💲Research on Compensation Equity and Transparency in the Field of Medicine…

#inequality #doctor #news
On average, female doctors made $105K less than male doctors ... gender pay gap actually increased…

💊Who’s the better doctor? Try a woman…

🏥Patients Treated by Male vs Female Physicians…
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