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Ahead of #wecops tonight, in order to raise #PoliceFamily #MentalHealthMatters: here is my PTSD adventure (in 6 parts). It is brutal, very honest and possibly going to get me in trouble! It was my life and I suspect similar to thousands of #cops. Thanks to @GorillaoJustice.
Part 1
Part 2
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Want to know why it’s so hard for #cops to be ‘good apples’...

It was 2007 and I was assisting a call with an officer I’d never met before. He was from another team working overtime. Right in front of me he broke a kids nose with a punch. The septum was clearly deviated and
blood was everywhere. The kid was handcuffed and the officer enquired of me “what should ‘we’ arrest him for?” “What did he do?” I enquired. “He called me a name.” he said. After 20 mins of him trying to persuade me we should fabricate a crime he had to let the kid go. “We need
to do notes, get our story straight” he then told me. I don’t need assistance in writing what happened. I found a quiet place and wrote the facts. As I wrote I was joined by a female A/Sgt who knew this officer. She spent 20 mins trying to convince me this kid was a “shitbag” &
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Nach Durchsicht diverser Videos und Berichte der rechtsoffenen #Hygienedemos und sonstiger #Querfront bis eindeutig rechter Versammlungen im gesamten Bundesgebiet möchte ich momentan wirklich nicht in der Haut der #Cops stecken. 1/9
Beileibe nicht alle Teilnehmer*innen dieser Demos sind klar rechts, manche verstehen sich ( widersinnigerweise noch immer ) als links und wieder andere haben schlichtweg jeden Bezug zur Realität verloren. Die rechtslastige Ausrichtung wird jedoch zunehmend klarer. 2/9
Bislang fahren die Cops bundesweit überwiegend eine zurückhaltende, deeskalierende, versammlungsfreundliche Strategie ( die völlig unabhängig vom Gegenstand der Versammlung, rein im Interesse der Versammlungsfreiheit grundsätzlich zu begrüßen ist ). 3/9
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(thread on the *end of climate politics*)

(1/x) With the abject failure of not only #COP25, but the entire COP/UNFCCC-process, traditional, Rio-style climate politics is *over*.

The idea that those who cause & profit from the #climatecrisis would somehow find a consensus...
(2/x) ... on protecting the climate with those who suffer under climate injustice has finally been revealed as precisely the illusionist's trick that they always were: we look towards the UNFCCC, all the while the polluters merrily go on polluting, & we do them the courtesy of...
(3/x) sitting down with them, even cheering them on if they meet their measly, insufficient reduction & financing targets.

Enough of this shit.

Ten years ago, we tried to 'Seattle Copenhagen' (where 'seattling' is a transitive verb - you get the idea ;)) (cf. @NaomiAKlein)...
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#DisclosureOnTargeting Remember, no-one in the world can be harmed, can have their basic human rights, their civil rights, natural rights removed from them without a group of absolute MERCENARIES ensconced in govt. ACTIVELY CONSPIRING to make $$$ off their bodies. #HardlyAmerican
2/ That kind of hubris well-shielded by #Secrecy cd. grow only in Secrecy. Wd. anyone believe that extreme-stealth weapons cd be used on you in your own home, your neighborhood, your community by OTHER AMERICANS while your so-called "Peace Officers" looked the other way?
3/ I highly doubt that Air Force Sec. Michael Wynne said that publicly without planned, organized strategy behind him. He was the public face of that strategy, the Hiding in Plain Sight face, announcing PERFIDY by US GOV against its own citizens openly to the world. In 2006.
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The Netherlands:

Fight between police and #YellowVests

Entrance #BanqueDeFrance (French Central Bank) set on fire by #GiletsJaunes protesters

#GiletsJaunes protesters injured in #Rouen

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1) Great Article how the Obama AND Bush adm both prosecuted whistleblowers viciously! Further, we have a rampant #childporn prob at #Pentagon…

#PedoGate #PedoGateNews #QAnon #GreatAwakening @POTUS @realDonaldTrump #InternetBillOfRights #maga #trump

This powerful voice of @ChuckGrassley from Iowa has been a beacon in the storm during an @BarackObama Administration that has targeted #WHISTLEBLOWERS and prevented accountability as never before. #QAnon #GreatAwakening @POTUS
3) The Pentagon is also under @ChuckGrassley fire for failing to examine 1,700 of the 5,200 reports of employees doing child porn. The #Pentagon claimed it “wasn’t a priority.” Senator Grassley and his staff have made it one. #QAnon #GreatAwakening @POTUS
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