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So I wanted to briefly address the mamamax drama going on right now. I will turn this into a thread and give my own thoughts as a bystander, a victim, and a fan of mamamax


From what I can gather, he's accused of abuse and dating a minor at 21-24.
His ex girlfriend came out on tiktok confirming that their relationship was not great, and included: framing corpse husband as the bad guy in the pickasideyoutube video he did months ago, not going with her to hospital visits when she was really sick at the time-

And allowing himself and his friends to treat her like shit. As someone who's been in manipulative, narcissistic, and abusive relationships, I understand what it's like to be in her shoes. It's scary to tell someone, even more so when your partner has so much fame.

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Tools to use if you are an #YouTuber

A thread to follow 🧵

subtitles your videos in minutes.

This reduces the need to manually subtitle videos and you can also choose how they look to be on-brand.

Helps you work with others on your videos.

You can easily leave feedback to make the reviewal process so much faster.
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CROONICLE: How to Find Sponsors for YouTube Channel… #youtubechannel #youtuber #monetize
CROONICLE: Tennis Coaching Tips for Kids… #tennis #coachingtips
CROONICLE: How to Increase Vertical Jump… #sports #tips
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Amerikalı #YouTuber #TrevorJacob,“uçağım düştü” diyerek bir video paylaştı birkaç gün önce.
Pilot, motoru duran uçaktan paraşütle atlayarak kurtuluyor. Uçak yere çakılana kadarki tüm süreç ise, uçağa takılı aksiyon kameraları tarafından saniye saniye kaydediliyor.
#PPL pilot lisansına sahip Jacob’un söylediğine göre, 1942 model bir #TaylorCraft ile tek başına uçarken, uçağın motoru durunca atlamaktan başka çaresi kalmıyor ve ekliyor: “paraşüt takmadan küçük uçaklara binmeyin”
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I’m putting ALL of my services on sale for 25% off to do things from Marketing, Branding, Content Analysis, and more!

Be sure to use my discount code: “LEVEL-UP1121” in checkout ✨✨…

#Vtubers #BlackFriday #YouTuber 25% Off of vtuber marketing.  Support me on coffee
Art made by @/TheArtGun <33
Added a new Ko-Fi goal!

I opted to keep it simple with my baggage fees and eating out while I travel after New Years! 1 new client with current prices and sale should cover most of this!

What the Newcomer Strategy Bundle comes with is both Branding and Marketing consultation!
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I'm trying to get to 1,000 subscribers on #youtube, i have a LONG way to go! If you're my friend & you feel like it, please #subscribe to my channel to help me get to my goal (being monetized), insha'Allah. Thanks and Salaam alaikum!…
Was at 57 and a day after i posted this i went to 59 😉 lets make it to 1000! Insha'Allah
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If you are a #YouTuber or even someone who does SEO for a living, I'm about to blow your mind:

Google doesn't give a sh*t about your title and description when it comes to ranking your content.

You think thumbnails are just for the user? Think again.

A thread 👇 Image
Google's machine learning knows much more than you may realize. It's listening to what you say in your videos, it sees what your videos are about, and yes, it knows @whatsinside your thumbnail. (Sorry, I couldn't resist)
To demonstrate, I'll be using Google's Vision AI API. You can access it (for free) at the following URL and dump any image in and test yourself:

Let's start with some of my thumbnails. Image
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If you are a #YouTube creator, you may have to pay $24 as tax for every $100 you make

#YouTuber #YoutubeIndia…

By @navdeepyadav321 Image
@navdeepyadav321 In a daunting news for the #Youtube creators in India and outside US, the search engine giant #Google said that it would begin deducting US taxes from payments to creators as early as June 2021 from creators outside of the US.

#YouTuber #YoutubeIndia
@navdeepyadav321 The move will impact the earnings of the #YouTube creators' community in India and other countries too. There are more than 1700 Indian YouTube channels with more than 1 million subscribers as per the latest data.

#YouTuber #YoutubeIndia
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0/ Leider sind nun auch die wunderschönen #Fildern & #Filderstadt #verschwörungsideologisch verschwurbelt. Aufgrund seit Anfang Februar 2021 stattfindender Demos lokaler #Pandemieleugner werden wir hier die gute Berichterstattung der @StZ_NEWS zur Situation vor Ort ergänzen. Image
I/1 Seit 5.2.21 wird nun auch in #Filderstadt im Ortsteil #Bonlanden jeden Freitag öffentlich auf der Straße geschwurbelt in einer Mischung aus stationärer Kundgebung & Spaziergang. Bei der 1. Kundgebung am 5.2.21 & miserablem Wetter waren 20-30 #Querdenker & #Schwurbler vor Ort. Image
II/1 #Filderstadt #Bonlanden 12.2.21
Bei der 2. #Demo waren es auch aufgrund der Mobilisierung via Telegram bereits einige #Schwurbler & #Querdenker mehr - dieses Mal begleitet von ca. der gleichen Zahl an kritischen Gegenprotestanten (unangemeldet) & entsprechenden Diskussionen. Image
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Der umdekorierte #Putschpanzer ist heute in #Dortmund #do0912
Die #Querdenken Crew wird von ca. 10 Teilnehmenden erwartet. Der #Umsturz steht bevor ^^
Da wird die #Spendenbox vom #coronalovebus wohl leer bleiben.
#Coronaleugner & #Coronazis
Die 900 Euro pro Tag für den #Putschpanzer werden wohl vor 10 Leuten kaum einzutreiben sein. Also packt #EvaRosen von der #Querdenken #Frauenbustour noch einen oben drauf. Ohne #Quellen oder #Belege behauptet sie, dass sich bereits 16 #Busunternehmer das Leben genommen hätten.^^
Und wieder #Opferrolle von #EvaRosen in #Dortmund. Sie leiert die immer gleichen #Querdenken #Narrative herunter. Der "#Anschlag" von gestern auf den #Putschpanzer sei von #Faschisten & Opfern der #Medien verübt worden.^^ Es kommt einem schon zu den Ohren raus. #Coronazis #do0912
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Die Vorbereitungen in #Leipzig #le2111 laufen. Der #Gegenprotest der #Antifa sammelt sich bereits und scheint zahlreich Präsenz zu zeigen. 👍

#Querdenkenstoppen #noAfd #Covidioten #Coronazis
Super #Transpi in #Leipzig "Für eine #feministische #Staatskritik mit #Abstand zur rechten #Querfront"
Themen: Zurückdrängen von Frauen ins Private, zunehmende #häuslicheGewalt, #Unterbezahlung im #Pflegesektor. totgespartes #Gesundheitssystem"
#Querdenkenstoppen #noafd #le2111
Super, lautstarker #Antifa #Gegenprotest in #Leipzig auf dem #augustusplatz. Danke euch!
Es wird sich warm gesungen.
#Querdenkenstoppen #Covidioten #noafd #le2111
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The Kerala High Court is shortly expected to pass orders in the #Youtuber assault case. #bhagyalakshmi
Three women, Malayalam film industry dubbing artist Bhagyalakshmi, and two others, Sajna N.S. (Diya Sana) and Sreelakshmi Arackal approached the High Court seeking anticipatory bail in a case registered for assaulting controversial YouTuber Vijay P Nair.…
The three rushed to his home and poured ink and nettle oil over him in response to an offensive video uploaded by Nair on his channel.

In the video, Nair made derogatory remarks against one of the women and offensive remarks against 'feminists' in general.
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In #Berlin feiern die ersten #Querdenken-Demonstrant*innen ohne MNS in der @SBahnBerlin. Morgen soll eine Großdemonstration der #Maskenverweigerer und rechtsoffenen Verschwörungsgläubigen durch die Stadt ziehen.

#Querdenker #Coronaleugner #b2410 #b2510 #StefanBauer
Die #Maskenverweigerer sind inzwischen im Ringcenter angekommen und pöbeln weiter gegen Menschen die MNS tragen.

#b2410 #b2510 #Querdenken #Coronaleugner #Querdenker #querdenken711 #Berlin
In der @SBahnBerlin pöbelten die #Maskenverweigerer Fahrgäste an, die MNS trugen. Das #StefanBauer #Youtube-Team um #AttilaHildmann-Fan Thilo Polster filmte Menschen gegen deren Willen. Frau versuchte Tocher vor den #Querdenken-Filmern zu schützen.
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Thread : என்னடா புது வகை காயாக இருக்கே சாப்பிட்டு பார்ப்போம் என்று நேற்று வாங்கினேன். பார்க்க பணைகிலங்கு போல இருந்தது. கிழங்கு வகை எல்லோருக்கும் ஒரே விலை என்று போட்டிருந்தார்கள் இந்த காயின் பெயர் கூட சரியாக தெரியவில்லை. #gumbalasuthuvom Image
கழுதை என்னவா இருந்தால் என்ன நம்ப ஊரு சமயல் முறையில் சாம்பார் செய்தேன். கிளங்கோ மெருதுவாக இருந்தது. சுவையை பார்த்தால் பணை கிழங்கு போல இல்லை. ஒரு விதத்தில் பரிட்சியாமான காய் போல தான் தோன்றியது. பச்சயாய் ஒரு சிறிதளவு வெட்டி சாப்பிட்டு பார்த்தால் கேரட் போல தான் இருந்தது. #youtuber
அடேய் எங்க ஊரில் ஆரஞ்சு கலர்ல தான்டா இருக்கும் என்னம்மா இப்படி பண்றீங்களேமமா என்று தான் தோன்றியது 😅😜 நீங்களே சொல்லுங்க கேரட் எல்லாம் நிறம் மாற்றி வைத்தால் என்ன செய்ய 🙄☺️ #tamilyoutuber #ஸ்வீடன் #அறிவோம்ஸ்வீடன் #கேரட் #carrot ImageImage
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(1/x) #Thread zu der „#Corona #Kritik + #Meditieren für das #Grundgesetz#Kundgebung am #Samstag den 16.05.2020 in #Göttingen: Image
(3/x) Die #Kundgebug ist nun doch ein paar Tage her, trotzdem kommt hier noch eine #Einschätzung. Diese kann nicht den Anspruch haben vollständig zu sein.
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@davidicke, a popular commentator and author often labeled a conspiracy theorist by his detractors, recently had his #Facebook page and #YouTube channel deleted for violating site policies by “spreading #coronavirus disinformation.”
By: John Whitehead…
Journalist Chet Bowers explains, “Technofascism’s level of efficiency and totalitarian potential can easily lead to repressive systems that will not tolerate dissent.”
#CincoDeMayo #COVID #YouTuber @Google @Facebook…
In short, we have reduced ourselves to a largely silent, passive, polarized populace incapable of working through our own problems and reliant on the government to protect us from our fears.
In this way, we have become our worst enemy.
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Join me for the premiere on Sunday 26th April at 8PM IST and 10.30AM EST on YouTube! Will share the link soon! Save the date and let's have a blast together virtually! 🤩#youtube #zestynimbu #youtubepremiere…
Ramayana- The Story of Ravana *(Origins)* Join the premiere with the link above and let's have a great time virtually! Save the date! #YouTubeLive #youtube @Srirekhapr
@kannadaveera, @1997Indian , @craziestlazy , @TheRightster ,@memenist_ , @NindaTurtles .
I'm a small channel and I create videos on YouTube. Above is the link to my video. I make videos on Mahabharata, Ramayana and Hinduism. Kindly share with your followers. 🙏 @Srirekhapr
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Cidadão de Wuhan buscando ajuda Internacional. Part.01

Thread com o vídeo completo legendado em português!

O vídeo contém informações que a grande mídia não está divulgando.

Retuítem e marquem o máximo de pessoas.

#coronavirus #WuhanCoronovirus #ChinaVirusSesungguhnya
Cidadão de Wuhan buscando ajuda Internacional. Part.02

O cidadão informa q o grande culpado de toda a proliferação do vírus, desde o início, foram as autoridades, pois estas negligenciaram a saúde pública, e pouco se preocuparam em alardear sobre a infestação do vírus na cidade.
Cidadão de Wuhan buscando ajuda Internacional. Part.03

A cidade está em quarentena, e n há condição d exames e tratamento p/ todos os suspeitos d estarem infectados, os poucos q conseguem receber atendimento, estão recebendo medicamentos q n são competentes p/ com o tratamento.
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Wahlbeeinflussung von #Rezo und seinen 80 YouTuber Freunden.
Hier werden Menschen klar aufgeordert die #CDU, #CSU, #SPD und #AfD NICHT zu wählen.
Warum sagt er nicht direkt wählt die Grünen?

Ich entscheide selber
wen ich wähle!

Und hier sind die Autos dieser Co2 Klima YouTube Heuchler…
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I'm going to be making this video soon, and essentially this video is going to explain a lot of my "mistakes" even though I don't view them as mistakes, I view them as me being less of a #YOUTUBER" and more of educator/businessman

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@fernandokrammer 1)todos #países tem #StrangersThings
2)nem todos podem escolher
3)qdo fazemos nossa parte c/ #Empatia ,colaboramos p/ o lugar ficar melhor Image
@fernandokrammer depois do silêncio adotado ao observar que NÃO foi nada inteligente apoiar o #Golpe feito na democracia #brasileira, é incoerente se acovardar diante as manobras direcionadas nos diferentes sistemas
#justiçabrasileiraPartidária 😱
👇 ImageImageImage
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