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#UraniumOne Smoking Gun. The Mysterious owners of the Kazakhstan Deposit.

This morning I started here.

Looks like a lot of I don't know going on here.

#Giustra from Vancouver. Hooks up with Jeffcott (who has no idea how they acquired the Kaz deposit. But I will find out.
Dates are important. Clinton and Giustra went to Almaty

Remember UrAsia and Jeffcott sealed the deal 11 days before Almaty.

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Yo! @HillaryClinton. I have a question.


Why at 6:00 am on THE MORNING OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2012 were you asking #miuslimBrotherhood sympathizer #HumaAbedin for A COPY OF A MOVIE?

Were you already looking for someone to blame for that night's attack?
Because when you were for some crazy reason looking for a #VIDEO the brave men in #Benghazi were getting very afraid.

You were up early and just 2 HOURS earlier Christopher Stevens ASKED FOR HELP.

INSTEAD. You ask #Huma fora f***ing Video?

#qanon #DrainTheSwamp #Benghazi
His last entry. ....."Never ending Security threats"

The cable Stevens sent did not say. "Look for a video to blame this mess on!"

#qanon #Benghazi #TheStorm
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To bad @BillClinton Here is the #Email from your buddy #DougBand to @JohnPodesta claiming your sticky fingered satanic loving daughter used #ClintonFoundation $$$ for her Wedding Dress. Your outburst today speaks loudly of the guilt! #qanon #thestorm #DrainTheSwamp!
Hey @BillClinton can you show us these cool gifts? Why did Doug have to sign but not you?


And @BillClinton Why does Doug Band hate your Daughter So much?


I think so

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Sen Dick Durbin. Lets see what we got #Dick Durbin #qanon
Good buddy in the Senate with #qanon
Hey #Qanon people guess who is in this picture? Chicago 2016 board member Marty Nesbitt, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.). #ChicagoCrimeCartel #LoopCapital
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(1) What a great January 2018 we are having! Team Trump #PhotoThread below, please read & retweet.

Last week's 60-tweet thread:

Page of links to all 19 photo threads:…

#MAGA #Vote2018 #GOPunity #TaxCuts #BuildTheWall👷‍♂️🇺🇸
(2) The above photo is from the joint press conference with the PM of Norway. We'll get to that a bit later. First, let's look in on the Very Stable Genius' winning move of keeping the live TV cameras rolling while he demonstrated the #ArtOfTheDeal on immigration reform.
(3) The usual WH routine is to have the media record a few remarks at the start of the meeting, then they leave so the participants can conduct the meeting in relative privacy. But this President doesn't always do things the routine way. Esp. when it's to his & our advantage.
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The #ClintonEmailScandal Timeline.

January 20, 1993–January 20, 2001: Bill Clinton is the president of the US for eight years and Hillary Clinton is the first lady. #qanon #draintheswamp
June 9, 2000: Clinton says she doesn’t want to use email, due to the many times she’s been investigated.

Home video footage from a private fundraiser shows Senator Clinton talking about how she has deliberately avoided using email so she wouldn’t leave a paper trail.
November 4, 2005:
The State Department decrees that “sensitive but unclassified” information should not be transmitted through personal email accounts #ClintonEmailScandal…
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#FollowTheMoney #Qanon #PayToPlay. #ClintonFoundation. #Uranium1

This might be the biggest find I have ever had.
See the bank? Kotak Mahindra Bank. Found and ran by Uday Kotak #DrainTheSwamp #Qanon
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#Qanon #DrainTheSwamp
How long has @FBI #Mueller been mucking up everything he touches?

Maybe around the time he was in school with John Kerry.
I am going to say more like 2001. That was when he was #FBI director.

So I guess he was doing everything he could to stop the bad guys. Right?

#Qanon #DrainTheSwamp
Hey, hold on. Are you serious? You got nominated ONE WEEK EXACTLY before 9-11?

Absolutely NO #coincidence here. smh

#Qanon #DrainTheSwamp
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#Qanon Did the Bush's and Clinton's steal $27 Trillion from #America?
This is pretty big people. Look close at the words and who is at the bottom. #Qanon #DrainTheSwamp This is a note to Trump being told of the $27 Trillion THEFT!
Bare with me #qanon. this is a crazy find! Putting stuff together now.
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#Qanon leads for #AUS from this morning. $88 mil was given to Clinton Foundation from #AusAID Here is a story by @zerohedge…
#Qanon You see here so did Norway cut the funding. The theme here is this. WHY STOP DONATING TO THE FOUNDATION JUST BECAUSE HILLARY LOST?
The thing is aren't they just "helping" a good cause? Or is it with out #CrookedHillary in office no more #PayToPlay?…
#QAnon You can see wiki has tons of AusAID material. We need to find out why.

Since #AusAID stopped funding Clinton Foundation when she lost. Lets check the Clinton category.
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#qanon This might be HUGE!! Why is @SenJohnMcCain helping #CrookedHillary ?

Why did he do the #Dossier?


Do you know this lady?
Back in 2008 election she was rumored to be #McCaine mistress #qanon #DrainTheSwamp…
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Hey Saddam! I thought we were done with you. Who is that dude you be with.
Oh OK. Just the Father of Nuclear stuff in Iraq. Cool, no probs #qanon #DrainTheSwamp
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