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2⃣ Wusstet ihr, dass Lektine eine antivirale Wirkung haben können? Und welches Potenzial in Rotalgen steckt?

Nachgewiesen ist die antivirale Wirkung von Lektinen bei Infektionen durch: HIV (AIDS), das Cytomegalovirus (Herpes), das Respiratorische Syncytial-Virus (Atemwege) ...
3⃣ ... Influenza A (Grippe), mehrere Coronaviren (Erkältung bis Schweres akutes Atemwegssyndrom).

Von mehr als 20 verschiedenen Lektinen ist bereits bekannt, dass sie wirksam gegen SARS-CoV sind.
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✨Update from @UKHSA on #monkeypox cases

- 4 additional cases have been detected (3 in #London and 1 linked case in NE #England)
- These cases have NO connection to those announced on 14 May and the imported case from 7 May

Full details and more info👇…
- The four new cases all appear to have been infected in #London and are gay, bisexual, or MSM
- Common contacts have been identified for 2/4 cases
-No link to travel to a country where #monkeypox is endemic
-All have West African clade of virus
-Further investigation is ongoing
- #monkeypox is spread by close contact
- Typical symptoms are fever, headache, muscle aches, backache, swollen lymph nodes
-Rash can develop and spread to other parts of the body including the genitals - it may look like #syphilis #herpes #chickenpox
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Wie hängen eigentlich
#MCAS und

Oder warum #MCAS ein gemeinsamer Nenner sein könnte:
1. #PostCovid & insbesondere #LongCovid sind an sich keine Krankheiten, sondern rein beschreibende Begrifflichkeiten.

Das zu verstehen ist elementar, für alle weiteren Überlegungen, fürs Verständnis & wichtige (therapeutische) Entscheidungen.

#pwMECFS könnten davon profitieren
2. Post (nach) Covid und Long (langes) Covid beschreibt also erstmal „nur“, dass Beschwerden „nach“ einer Covid-Infektion auftraten, bzw. „lange“ anhalten. Es sagt nichts über die Krankheit, die dahinter steckt und deren Pathophysiologie aus.
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1/20 #LongThread/continuation but worth it! Again sorry for type-errors (I am glad that I survived it) Excerpt/Quote about Viral persistence & consequences to reactivation other pathogens! @microbeminded2 ♥️💐💙

“To me it is, yes (viral persistence as simplest explanation)…
2. because then it can start to explain so many of the other things that are measured. So we could explain some of the #autoantibody production by persistence of the virus, we can certainly explain how other pathogens may themselves be reactivated.
3. That’s definitely I think a trend that haven’t described as much … but all of us are seated with other organisms. Other pathogens that are #herpes viruses, Epstein-Barr, CytomegaloVirus but also sometimes for example #toxoplasma is a parasite that one third of the world …
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O herpes orolabial (HSV-1) tem cada dia acometido mais a região genital, que antes era predominante pelo HSV-2.

A porta de entrada é o sexo oral. Preservativo e evitar sexo nas crises ajuda, mas não previne totalmente.

Conscientizar, tratar e suprimir crises é essencial. ❤️‍🩹
Taí um fato que tenho observado no consultório e que estudos científicos têm corroborado. Coloquei um no final.

O vírus herpes simples tipo 1 (HSV-1) é uma infecção altamente contagiosa e duradoura, com alta prevalência e rápida aquisição durante a infância .
O vírus é transmitido através do contato com lesões labiais ou através do contato com secreções orais durante a eliminação assintomática, como quando as crianças compartilham utensílios ou alimentos.
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Kollegin, weiblich, Mitte 40, Niedersachsen
Impfstoff unbekannt, ich nehme an biontech, Datum der Impfung leider unbekannt ( ich wollte die Menschen nicht so viel ausfragen)
Keine bekannten Vorerkrankungen,
Grund für die Impfung: Arbeit, aber auch Unbefangenheit, Glaube daran.
Gesichtslähmung und schlimmer Herpes mit Augenbeteiligung relativ zeitnah nach Impfung, Krankenhaus sah zwar, dass das Immunsystem sehr angegriffen war
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Von: Corona Impfschäden Deutschland

#Epilepsie #Herpes
Nun lese ich schon so lange hier mit, danke für diese wertvolle Arbeit. Ich dachte, sowas hat nichts mit meiner sehr gesunden Familie zu tun.
Doch es hat meinen "kleinen" Bruder erwischt, er hat Trisomie 21, ist jedoch bislang körperlich ungewöhnlich gesund gewesen, geradezu robust, halt ein paar Zipperlein wie Unterfunktion der Schilddrüse, obwohl er bald 60 wird.
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Do better @nypost - you should be ashamed. I didn't think I'd have to add "vaccines don't cause Herpes" to my disinformation slides, but here were are.... a thread 🧵....…
1.) As with all stupid disinformation tactics, there is a kernal of reality wrapped in screaming layers of inflammatory nonsense here. The grain of truth involves #shingles, known clinically as #Herpes zoster. All of us who have had #ChickenPox ....
2.) are permanenetly infected with the virus, called Varicella Zoster virus (#VZV). During times of stress (physical, emotional, immunological, et cetera), it is possible for #VZV to reactivate and begin replicating again. When that happens, a painful rash can appear...
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Let's spend some time on a #dermtwitter #tweetorial on all things....


Even though there are 8 herpesviruses that infect humans, I'm going to focus on HSV1 and HSV2 today.

#medtwitter #medstudenttwitter #meded #FOAMEd
You know how we say that everything could be sarcoid? Well, HSV-1/HSV-2 (which I'll refer to as herpes for this #thread) would be a close 2nd, ESPECIALLY on the inpatient service.

While HSV-1 is usually thought to be oral and HSV-2 genital, this certainly is NOT always true.
The class exam finding for herpes is the "dew drop on a rose petal." In clinical speak, that would be a vesicle on an erythematous base. But often we don't see the vesicle intact.

For ex, the photo above shows intact vesicles, whereas here, we just see the resultant crust.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/17/2020-2

Coronavirus has made basic income not just desirable but vital | World Economic Forum…
#Income #UBI #basic
The Invisible Business Risk of the Covid-19 Pandemic | naked capitalism…
#pandemic #coronavirus #capitalism #risk
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New estimates show billions of people 🌐 living with #herpes, incl. about half a billion with genital herpes, & several billion with an oral herpes infection.

Raising awareness & investment to scale up services are essential to prevent & treat herpes.

About 13% of the 🌐 population aged 15 to 49 lived with #herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) infection in 2016. HSV-2 is almost exclusively sexually transmitted, causing genital herpes. Infection can lead to recurring, often painful, genital sores in up to 1/3 of people infected.
DYK? Having #herpes HSV-2 infection makes you at least 3-times more likely to become infected with #HIV, if exposed.

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@VictimsComm it's as if the rapist gets to put your WHOLE LIFE and privacy on the line

it is absolutely not worth reporting

with no sensitivity to victims

the abusers will go on to serial-attack

the system is destined to fail
@VictimsComm this old chap at @coastfamilylaw wanted all my records after his client slammed me down to ram his #herpes infected penis on me, when i thought i was getting a job at @CoastRadio and #MealsOnWheelsMeToo at @SEPRD

it made the judge threaten me, so i would "drop" my stalking order
@VictimsComm @coastfamilylaw @coastradio @SEPRD i thought this stuff only happened in misogynyland, but evidently they threaten women in Oregon if they don't give their records to psychotic sexual attackers & their aggressive lawyers

a bar complaint or two might slow down the abuse by proxy, the judge herself was compromised
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the woman Kim Hazel O'Bryant who infected the City of Seaside Meals on Wheels worker Chris Duffy with #GenitalHerpes

was mad he told me about the #herpes infection

is #MealsOnWheels safe, when their director forcibly subjects potential volunteers to unwanted violent contact?
concerns at #MealsOnWheelsMeToo
when people tasked with care of the elderly, deliberately terrorize citizens with infectious biological agents, in sexual assault attacks
@OregonDHS Mike McCormick knows
forcible groping, forcible genital rubbing of an infected penis, forcible kissing of herpes infected v. noninfected

a disgrace and dishonor to the legacy of #MealsOnWheels and the County of Clatsop must be held to a higher standard
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Amo gente coerente 😂😂 O #anilingus, #anilinguismo ou #beijogrego nada mais é que o sexo oral na região do ânus de homens ou mulheres e é algo extremamente comum e prazeroso. Puxe o fio! Image
Do inglês #rimming, consiste em colocar os lábios e a língua na região ao redor do ânus e até em estimular o próprio esfíncter com movimentos de beijo, fricção ou penetração. 🍑 👄
Que doenças posso adquirir? Bom, principalmente se a pessoa enfiar a língua bem lá no fundo ela pode entrar em contato com resto de material fecal e adquirir uma diarreia infecciosa aguda ou parasitose por Giárdia ou Ameba por exemplo.
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We really need to talk more about #abortion as an option for women.
It's hard to say this and hard to hear it for many, but just because you discover you are pregnant doesn't mean you must carry that pregnancy to term. Your decision will last the rest of your life--and the rest of the life of any child you decide to carry to term.
And no, I am not advocating #abortion.
I'm advocating thinking about parenthood & all it entails.
Because once you have a child, you can't just walk away from that life.
And women/girls are talked into maintaining pregnancies every day.
More discussion would change that.
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