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The daughter of multimillionaire Old Etonian, Ben Goldsmith, died in a quad bike accident when she was 15, a reminder that those we may judge harshly, or disagree with, can face tragedies & difficulties. Ben seems decent, & is a dedicated environmentalist.…
The son of financier James Goldsmith & Lady Annabel Goldsmith, Ben is founder & CEO of London-listed investment firm Menhaden, which focuses on the theme of energy & resource efficiency.

He's been a funder of the Green Party, including giving them £20,000 in 2004 & 2010.
In subsequent years, Goldsmith has also contributed to the @Conservatives, as well as individual candidates, including Conservative MP Michael Gove.

Goldsmith is chair of the Conservative Environment Network (CEN) which he co-founded in 2010.
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Have you read the @LancetCountdown’s new report on health and climate change? Check out @UHF_groups’ key takeaways 🧵👇 Image
1) Climate change is impacting weather, #ecosystems, and human systems. This poses a threat to human #health. For example, young children, older people, and marginalized communities are more susceptible to health risks associated with high temperatures and #heatwaves. Image
2) High temperatures can reduce the frequency and duration of physical activity. Without #exercise, people are at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other #NCDs. Image
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I am perplexed how #RogerChou can not only sit on the #CDCOWG but is a lead author. He recused himself at the #CDC meeting due to #COIs bc of his work as ‘expert witness’ in Purdue litigation but is lead author 🤷🏻‍♀️ @CDCDirector @CDCInjury could you explain how this is ethical? 1/
Listening to the #CDCOWG from perspective of #caregiver & advocate was disheartening. For me @CDCDirector assurances that #patients voices were heard was meaningless. She may say that we’ve been heard but then how are so many feeling as we haven’t been? Why are the #legislation 2
of these guidelines continuing? Why are those who have benefitted from #opioid #pain medications being removed, shamed & stigmatized? Why is care not individualized? It’s very clear our #voices have not been heard. There is nothing that was said that eased my concern for 3/
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Dear Fellow White People,

I am a gay woman of Jewish ethnicity living in #Texas and have faced discrimination in my life. However, my experiences are through the lens of a white woman, someone who doesn’t face the daily #SystemicRacism embedded in our society and institutions.
Let’s be clear. The USA was built on the backs of slaves, human beings who were considered property for no other reason than the color of their skin, and the institutions within this country were both developed and implemented by, and for, white people.
By virtue of this fact, white people have the inherent privilege of living in a world that was created for their benefit.
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1/ In reflecting on my work this year I have just realized that everything I published concerned climate change: here is a roundup of my 2020 writing on #climate #justice, climate #reparations, climate #debt, climate #displacement, climate #mobilities & #disaster #recovery
2/ My most recent online piece is on #Arctic #Mobilities, #climate #displacement and #Indigenous rights, originating from a great workshop @PennLaw_CERL…
3/ Last month I also wrote about #climate #displacement and the case for #climate #reparations and #open #borders for those fleeing climate disasters…
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How India became global leader in #polioeradication efforts?

This was enabled by world class surveillance system for detecting Acute Flaccid Surveillance in India. Districts which were detecting less than expected minimum of AFP rate per unit population were strengthened. 1 of N
In response against #COVID19 in #India, we seem not to use our own successful model. Instead, I see districts and states with poor reporting of cases (and therefore missing many deaths) are celebrated as success models. By now, if your are not reporting, there is a problem. 2of N
There should be a revised strategy. Define number of cases/million (CPM) as a standard unit. Compare metros, urban areas & districts based on a minimum CPM. If districts are not detecting cases, review & strengthen. A huge #inequity issue for now; vulnerable suffer more. 3 of N
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Over the next month I'll be sharing thoughts from the 32 articles in our new special issue of @PXJournal: Sustaining a Focus on #HumanExperience in the Face of #COVID19.

Generous contributions of action & hope from authors around the world. Stay tuned: Image
Starting my review of @PXJournal special issue with our editorial "A Commitment to Hope" co-authored by our Assoc Editor Geoffrey Silvera of @AuburnU.

"In this moment, the humanity of healthcare continues to shine."

Read more:…

#HumanExperience #COVID19 Image
Next in @PXJournal: #Leadership matters: A conversation w/ Dr. @JamesEKHildreth

Need to start having honest conversations. They're difficult to have about who we are, what motivates us, but the results could be really powerful.…

#COVID19 #humanexperience Image
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“Although there are many
similarities between our vulnerability to
infectious diseases and that of our ancestors,
there is one distinct difference: we have the
benefit of extensive scientific knowledge” (7).
True enough, but Who are “we”?
Those most at risk for emerging infectious diseases
generally do not, in fact, have the benefit of
cutting-edge scientific knowledge. (I)nfections pass easily across borders—social and geographic—while resources,
including cumulative scientific knowledge, are blocked at customs".
This paragraph from a '96 paper by Dr. Paul Farmer, director of @PIH is absolutely devastating in how much truth it contains.
We're not really "one world": far from it.
But also many worlds *within* each country: think @Gapminder @HansRosling percentiles, not averages!
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So grateful that @javeedsukhera accepted my invitation to speak on #bias #implicitbias #oppression to @MacAnesthesia

Live tweeting some pearls!

Stigma has a negative impact on clinical outcomes
Shame is not an effective pedagogic strategy in calling out stigma. Shaming and calling out may actually make problem worse

Education may be helpful but it also isn’t enough alone
We often have conversations about #equity that are blaming (“us” vs. “them”)

Blame has an inverse relationship with accountability
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Today at SFI:

External Professor @DaniSBassett (@Penn) on addressing #inequity in the scientific community caused by #bias in #citation practices—focusing on the evidence of a growing #gender imbalance in the reference lists of #neuroscience research.…
The proportion of #neuroscience papers with woman first or last authors grew from 1995 to 2018, but the undercitation of female authors actually *increased* in that time.

SFI's @DaniSBassett (@Penn) on #gender #inequity in the scientific community:
Undercitation of #neuroscience research with first or last woman authors appears to be driven predominantly by the reference lists of papers written by male-male teams.

This is not to say, however, that all men undercite women, or that women do not also undercite women:
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The problem with who or what owns a service or utility for public use, is that it may be a pervasive censoring force The far-right cultists'
2: warping spins on the USA 'free speech' ideal have all been aimed, manipulatively, towards a reflexive censorship, double paradox,a try to
3-distract, reframe, confuse, upset, provoke, hurt the 1 thing that anybody can do which is a brake on attempts at authoritarianism #SpeakUP
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