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🧵A thread:
1/ #Metaverse can provide a virtual environment for #healthcare professionals to collaborate, share knowledge and ideas, and even perform surgeries!

This virtual collaboration can help eliminate barriers like distance and time, making healthcare accessible to all. 🌎🚫👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️
2/ Virtual reality can also help medical students and professionals train in a safe, immersive environment without risking any harm to real patients.

This can help them learn and practice complex procedures and techniques more effectively. 🎓💻👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️
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A major barrier to optimizing care delivery across the health system is the status quo bias that exists within the medical community.

Simply comparing #telemedicine to prior care models (hint: not exactly crowd-pleasers) won’t get us very far.…
3 points:

1️⃣Agreed✅: “The most important element of connection is the ability to connect at all.” Telemedicine can ⬆️ access.
2️⃣Telemedicine may actually be the “bedrock” of care for certain specialties or types of care.

It’s 2022. Let’s leverage 2022 technology.
3️⃣Incentives matter. If payers reward value, then ultimately it’s the outcome that matters; not the medium used to communicate.

Care redesign that improves population health won’t occur in a fee-for-service system.
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So the problem of MD shortages is so very real. ❤️ the timely article, agree with so much of it, but only partial solutions discussed here. A thread for some more color to this 🧵 1/8…
As the MD numbers don’t add up from supply-demand curves, we started a “fellowship/residency” for NP/PAs in critical care & then pulmonary @RKleinpell is a pioneer in this space.…
At some point #Telemedicine has to be considered to leverage technology & scale expertise. @ADVISSOR_One is trying to lead this on a national scale…
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Yesterday at #TargetedChat we talked about a challenging case of a young individual with recurrent UNRESECTABLE colon cancer after adjuvant.

Here’s a 🧵 on the questions/answers. No one right away. What would you do differently?👇🏾Read/reply along #ColorectalCancerAwarenessMonth Image
It was interesting to see the distribution on the chemo backbone options.

👇🏾With the doublets and triplets discussion, a little bit of art 🖼 to the science 🧪

Have to see and individualize in each patient which tools 🛠 from the toolbox 🧰.

#TargetedChat #CRCSM #ColorectalCancer #ColorectalCancerAwarenessMonth Image
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#LTTS Q3 Highlights:

Won a USD45 mn deal along with
two other deals greater than $10 million.

Won two significant empanelments-

the first with one of the world's largest technology companies and the second with a global aircraft manufacturer.
These empanelments mark the strengthening of #LTTS relationship with the customer as the co become their preferred partner. 

There is potential of $50 mn revenues in each
empanelment over the next few years.
Engagement in high-end research projects aimed at expanding electrification to the Heavy Equipment and Aero segments.
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Why is there so much talk about ambulance offload delays? A look into the process, challenges, and solutions (a 🧵).
While not a new problem, there has been increased conversation on ambulance offload delays as we weather this latest COVID surge. Systems all over the world are struggling to get ambulances back in service in a timely manner after transporting pts to the hospital.
@NEMSISTAC nationwide data shows offload times (elapsed time from the arrival of an ambulance with a pt to the ED until the ambulance is back in service) have increased and spiked at various times in 2020 & 2021 (red + purple lines) compared to 2018 & 2019 (blue + green lines).
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Leaving my primary care practice:
a thread 🧵 Image
In March 2020, my practice of 13 years closed to protect our patients and staff. Thanks to the #telemedicine platforms I put in place a year prior, we overnight converted our 70+ provider practice to telemedicine for the next 2.5 months.
After years of hustling in clinic, full-time #telemedicine provided time to skillfully coordinate care and provide thorough counseling. Working from home without the frenetic churn of the clinic, I was living my best life and delivering the best medical care of my career.
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Cancer or stroke patients need more than primary care. Extending that doctor driven care at home is @Ubiqare's USP!

Hear @sundararajans21 @psridhar360, CCAMP #telemedicine startup Ubiqare founders speak on #StoriesOfHopeHour
@AIMtoInnovate @Startup_Kar @BIRAC_2012 @Taslimarif
"Ours is a patient-centric & protocol based collaborative platform where patients can connect with their doctors remotely"

Started with palliative care, @UbiqareHealth is filling gaps by positioning itself as a unique hybrid platform
@sundararajans21 @psridhar360 @Ktech_biotech
While the world was grappling with the pandemic,
C-CAMP played an important role in helping this startup repurpose to help bring hospital care to the comfort of home & create SOPs for RWAs across apartments in Bengaluru

@UbiqareHealth on CCAMP #StoriesOfHopeHour
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After 500 days of dodging #COVID19 I tested +VE on June10th My initial reaction was of shock & dismay - Why me? I was careful & #vaccinated
Hospitalized with high fever I took the cocktail #Regeneron therapy within the early window period & it has made a dramatic difference (1/2)
The imp point 2 remember- vaccine dont prevent #COVID BUT help keep symptoms Mild.Timely diagnosis & treatment r key 2 quick recovery
As I go home 2day & continue #self
isolation under Med sup via #telemedicine My heartfelt gratitude 2 R #Nursing, Doc & #scientific com 🙏 (2/2)
Feeling fine 🙏. Thank you all for your good wishes. Prayers. Jokes. Words of encouragement. Truly appreciate it ❤️The human race is indeed a single tribe. Our bonding makes us stronger 👍🏼take care n stay well
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March 2021, UN: "the disruption to #health services provision & access & the rising #food insecurity could lead to additional 253,500 – 1,157,000 #child #deaths & 12,200 – 56,700 #maternal deaths, globally."

#Lockdowns #SavingLives #SouthAsia #Genocide Image
"As a result of these disruptions in South Asia, #child #mortality could potentially increase by 18–40% & maternal mortality by 14–52%, over the next year."

1996, Albright: "We think the price is worth it."

2021, #Bourgeoisie, #together: "We think the price is worth it." Image
"Across #SouthAsia [], an estimated 89,434 additional #stillbirths are anticipated as a result of reduced coverage of essential *SRMNCH services.

...unsafe abortions are also expected to increase [] by more than 50%."

[*Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal, #Neonatal & Child Health] Image
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1/ #WorldHealthDay is also a good day to reflect on the opportunities that many India's health challenges bring. In this thread, we summarise some.
First, investing more in health and recognizing disease prevention and health promotion should be the topmost priority.
2/ Currently, India has one of the lowest allocations to health among all countries of the world as percentage of GDP.
3/ As a result of such a low investment in health and due to high out-of-pocket expenditure (85.6% according to the @WorldBank) millions of people are pushed further into poverty and are unable to escape.

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Flashback. May 2, 2020:

"Emergency wait times at London #hospitals are so low, doctors want to remind you they're still open"

#CndPoli #COVID19…
May 2, 2020 Cont'd: "Doctors at southwestern Ontario's largest hospital are urging the public not to delay seeking medical care in an emergency room, after noticing a decline in emergency admissions since the #coronavirus crisis began."…
May 2, 2020 Cont'd: "On average, province-wide, emergency patients are waiting a mere one hour and 36 minutes to see a doctor in #emergency departments as of Friday, according to the provincial website that tracks wait times at hospitals across #Ontario."
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Tough choice: @GavinNewsom and @JoeBiden speaking at the same time...
Going w/@GavinNewsom budget talk:

"There's no better investment than #teacher preparation."

You have my attention...

Adding funds for Special Ed, Early Childhood and Preschool- "Historic investments".

Of the $13B in deferrals $9.2B will be paid off- if #CaLeg adopts proposal

$2B to support reopening schools for in-person teaching

Go on... #Budget2021
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The IRRESISTIBLE FORCE is patients' rapid uptake & high satisfaction with #telehealth & virtual care.

The IMMOVABLE OBJECT is healthcare incumbents' economic interests that align with the pre COVID-19 old normal.

This thread will be of interest to people who follow a range of hashtags:

3/ PART ONE: Telehealth as the IRRESISTIBLE FORCE:

A. Rapid Uptake
B. High Satisfaction
C. Strong Intentions for Future Use
D. Quality
E. Patient Safety
F. Additional Benefits
G. Glowing Reports
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1 / Well, this is it, my final week as medical director of our heart transplant program. Please welcome Dr Andrija Vidic who accepts the new role, and as @UNOSNews #OPTN Primary Transplant Physician, October 1st. (a brief explanatory thread).
2/ More than five years ago @TravisAbicht and I left @NorthwesternMed @NMCardioVasc to begin a journey of developing a new comprehensive HF and heart transplant program @KUHospital making history reported by @KCStar in early 2017.
3/ We are presently at more than 40 LVADs implanted and 30 transplants for calendar year 2020 and we have enjoyed some excellent outcomes every year.
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#Telemedicine Pitfalls Thread

Rhea Chakraborty filed an FIR against Dr. Tarun Kumar of Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital under the provision of IPC 1860, the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Drugs Act, 1985, and Telemedicine Practice Guidelines, 2020.
Dr Tarun apparently Prescribed Drugs to Sushant Singh Rajput which are listed in the Schedule of NDPS Act as Psychotropic Substances which are not allowed under the Telemedicine Practice Guidelines
Prima facie, the prescription appeared to be fabricated. The medicines prescribed by the doctor are prohibited from being prescribed electronically without consultation with the patient
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WEF's Klaus Schwab: "In all likelihood, unless the #pandemic evolves in an unforeseen way, the consequences of COVID-19 in terms of health & mortality will be mild..."

New week-end thread w/ @spencerlatu

#Covid19 as catalyst for #WEF #greatreset
Written by Klaus Schwab & Thierry Malleret, Geneva, July 2020.

"Until 2011, Mr. Malleret was a senior partner at the Geneva-based IJ (Informed Judgment) Partners, an investment boutique for ultra-high-net-worth individuals."

#WEF #GlobalRiskNetwork…
"Malleret is the co-founder & principal author of the Monthly Barometer, an analytical and predictive newsletter on macro issues for high-level decisionmakers." - "Relevant to all; read by the influential"
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Over the next month I'll be sharing thoughts from the 32 articles in our new special issue of @PXJournal: Sustaining a Focus on #HumanExperience in the Face of #COVID19.

Generous contributions of action & hope from authors around the world. Stay tuned: Image
Starting my review of @PXJournal special issue with our editorial "A Commitment to Hope" co-authored by our Assoc Editor Geoffrey Silvera of @AuburnU.

"In this moment, the humanity of healthcare continues to shine."

Read more:…

#HumanExperience #COVID19 Image
Next in @PXJournal: #Leadership matters: A conversation w/ Dr. @JamesEKHildreth

Need to start having honest conversations. They're difficult to have about who we are, what motivates us, but the results could be really powerful.…

#COVID19 #humanexperience Image
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Adventures in #telemedicine. Why it's important to have an Emergency Plan. I was seeing an elderly patient this morning with chronic medical problems for an annual visit. Pleasant visit, nothing exciting, refilled medications, ordered labs. As we are about to wrap up visit.../1
...patient says "I suddenly don't feel so well." What? "I feel like I'm going to pass out." Then BOOM. Face plant. Patient is home alone, I am the only witness. I yell out the door to my assistant to tell my next patient that I will be late. /2
Patient regains consciousness after 10 long seconds. Please call 911 now. "I don't want to call 911. I'm fine." She loses consciousness again and falls off screen. I can't see her. I call 911. /3
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#IndianPolice | Recently, @IDFCinstitute and @IPF_ORG jointly hosted a #webinar on ‘Pandemic Policing: Heath, Well-being, Morale & Motivation of #Police Personnel for Operational Continuity & Resilience’. Panelists included central & state police leaders & medical experts. (1/n) Image
The timeliness of the webinar can be gauged by the increasing number of #COVID19 related infections and fatalities within the police force. Data captured by @IPF_ORG as on 30 July 2020 is indicative of this: (2/n)
#covidwarriors Image
The importance of maintaining #Mentalhealth & morale was a key highlight of the webinar. Notable measures undertaken include setting up buddy systems, encouraging testimonials from officers who had recovered & focussing on personalised vis-a-vis mass communications (3/n)
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Bird’s-eye view 👁 on what to look out for @WCGIC #WorldGI2020.
Opening remarks on important data 📺 @myESMO - by Dr. Eric Van Cutsem @UZLeuven.
🟩Good to see more #PrecisionMedicine🧬
🟥#Immunotherapy #Immuno-#oncology
🟦TNT & other chemo strategies
@Annals_Oncology #OncoAlert
🆕#ctDNA #liquidbiopsies 🩸🧬
👀 👇🏾at the number of #clinicaltrials cropping up in this space‼️
We have 2🇺🇸studies open. #CRCSM #WorldGI2020
#WORLDGI2020 This is 🆒 ☢️ 32-P EUS-guided implantation in #pancreascancer #PANCSM @myESMO @WCGIC @Annals_Oncology.

Still miles to go. OS median of 16 months pointing again to the systemic nature of disease. Need to piggyback these local approaches to better systemic. #OncoAlert
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Great opinion piece in @statnews co-authored by my colleague @Ateevm re: why #telemedicine is already losing it's precarious foothold in the U.S. healthcare system. Below is a summary of their line of reasoning in 3 tweets 🧵💡…
1) In any business, uncertainty in future conditions dampens interest in investing resources 💰 to establish a new, long-term capability.

2) Most US healthcare organizations are run as businesses that have limited resources and must make a profit to survive.
3) TEMPORARY regulations ⬆️⬆️uncertainty.

4) Regulations re: telehealth payments 💸 in the #COVID19 pandemic have been explicitly TEMPORARY.⏱️

5) As such, it would be misguided to expect US healthcare organizations to invest the significant resources 💰necessary to establish...
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