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#Brexit meltdown 'has made momentum for independence unstoppable'.
Where does it end? If #remain get no airtime and politicians are still reluctant to back ⁦@peoplesvote_uk⁩.
Brexiteers have turned the UK into a heathen state. Media agenda rules..…
Social media has allowed a rabble to lead movements that defy democratic process ..
A vote, won by cheats, sensationalising and radicalising opinions that appealed to the most base instincts of an already fearful populous.
Mass media is taking its lead from the loudest voices with the most money. Oversimplifying and exaggerating the voices and agenda of key players who represent the richest and most powerful.
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I get that Quitters don't like us. I get that the rest of the world doesn't like the Quitters. But for goodness' sake, rest of the world, please don't take it out on us Stayers.

You may be convinced that UK is leaving the EU on 29th March but we are still fighting to #Remain /1
So when we Stayers say that we are hoping for a long extension to Article 50 that will enable us to vote in the EU elections, please don't cut us off with contempt and say you don't want us. What we want most of all is to #RevokeArticle50 but realistically our best hope is a /2
long extension of Article 50 that will enable us to have a #FinalSayForAll - a vote put to the people including @the3million and ALL @BritishInEurope . Please don't tell us that we are wasting our time and it's too late. /3
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To @jeremycorbyn, Repeat after me

A customs union will not get the UK frictionless trade

A customs union will not get the UK access to the EU services market

Only full EU members get frictionless trade Only EU/EEA members get access to the EU services market

= #remain
Only full EU membership will get the UK the things you promise in your Labour Brexit deal

Your proposed deal will not deliver what you say.

Basic knowledge of trading with the EU makes this clear.
A customs Union that delivers frictionless trade?

This simply is not true, only full EU membership get frictionless trade

Even EFTA members faces some friction
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Here's a thread on the #MaySummons issue, which is hidden away in a conversation with @ElaineLovesLife. You may find it helpful /1
@ElaineLovesLife As I understand it, there’s no element of relitigation between the Wolchover action & previous cases like Wilson. They are in different areas of law. And each one has very different criteria & consequences. The Wolchover case is very much more serious in it’s consequences /2
@ElaineLovesLife Sue Wilson sought a declaration from the High Ct’s civil branch, that TM's decision was merely unreasonable, but didn't allege breach of trust / bad intent. If court had given declaration would have been embarrassing & inconvenient for TM & a hitch for Brexit, but not terminal /3
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🎀Another thread about #cancer and a #nodealbrexit🎀
I remember when I was recalled after my mammogram, and told I had #breastcancer
Your whole world stops
Right there.
Your plans, your future, your hopes, your dreams.
Stopped in a heartbeat.
And replaced by cold fear
You go away, and you try to remember what you were told, about the treatment, what will happen, what will happen after wards, and all you struggle to do is get through the next breath ... and the next... because #CANCER is such a BIG word that it is crushing you
And you look into your partner's face, and he (she) is white, and frightened. And you phone your son/daughter, and there is THAT SILENCE for a few seconds before they speak.
That is what #cancer does: it destroys your body, & your family.
None of you walk on the same ground as BC
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Victoria Atkins MP Email: voted #REMAIN in #EURef.

Unlike Victoria her constituents in Louth & Horncastle voted overwhelmingly to #LEAVE EU by 69.4%.

Victoria stood at the 2017GE on a @Conservatives manifesto promise the UK would #LEAVE EU, SM & CU.
Victoria Atkins MP for Louth & Horncastle polled 33,733 votes in 2017GE

Her majority is 19,641

Over 41,000 people in Louth & Horncastle voted #LEAVE in #EURef

Over 7.000 more than voted for Victoria in 2017

Over twice as many as her majority

Word is that a great many people were calling for Victoria Atkin's deselection at a packed meeting of Leavers for Lincolnshire at the Bull Hotel in Horncastle last night.
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@mrmarchee @garrygreen888 @moonhare77 @carolecadwalla Report here is obfuscation. Issue isn't the total collective campaign spending, it’s about who broke the law & how. #Remain campaigns were fined for failing to submitting returns correctly. They didn’t act fraudulently to overspend. The largest fine was to Lib Dems, £18K. 1/
@mrmarchee @garrygreen888 @moonhare77 @carolecadwalla Carole Cadwalladr & others have reported extensively: The #Leave campaigns have been found guilty of serious breaches of the law by the Electoral Commission and the ICO and are now under criminal investigation for other offences. 2/
@mrmarchee @garrygreen888 @moonhare77 @carolecadwalla Vote Leave – Official Leave campaign: Fined £61K by Electoral Commission for colluding with BeLeave & overspending the £7m limit by £500k. They paid #AIQ this amount for Facebook ads in the name of BeLeave. Vote Leave now referred to Met/NCA for further suspected fraud. 3/
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1. Neither I nor #Remain millions R Extremists but #Brexit's marginalised the Centre to the point we've become extreme
Extremely Angry
Extremely Politicised
Extremely Determined

Govt/Opposition/#Brexiters/#Lexiters thought we'd just Suck It Up, Get Over It, Move On.

2. We no longer see Tories or Labour, PM or Corbyn as the only alternative to each other. That's a false conceit you want us to swallow. Tactical voting & social media played out in GE2017. #Brexit is toxic & will continue to be if U don't #RevokeA50. A plague on both your houses
3. This is an Existential & Generational Crisis sucking the life & soul out of our Country..there is No Good..No Viable #Brexit nor #Lexit..both = #BrexitShambles
Both Remove Rights w/o Consent & leave us Worse Off.
There is NO COMPROMISE between IN or OUT beyond the one we have.
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What the hell is @jeremycorbyn doing?
Why is he enabling #Tory #Brexit?
Is this the final betrayal?
No, it isn't.
It's the predicted effect of decisions taken 2-3 years ago. All things considered, it's not as bad as it could have been (thanks to #StopBrexit crowd).

To understand why, I need to outline 2 important mechanisms that most people, politicians and commentators seem to ignore, dismiss or simply don't get. They have different and somewhat opposite consequences, but are both decisive in the current & foreseeable predicaments.
1st and foremost: the biggest constraint that applies to political decision-making comes from the past decisions & policies.
It is a massive constraint.
Cameron COULD NOT convincingly campaign for #Remain, because his own policies CREATED the discontent channelled by #Leave.
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@10DowningStreet @theresa_may Dear Mrs May,

Dear Rees Mogg, Baker, Fox, Duncan Smith, Davis, Patel, Leadsom, Johnson, Hoey, the ERG, the Tufton St. group, and the IEA, et al.

@10DowningStreet @theresa_may Dear Jeremy Corbyn, and the handful of Labour Brexiters, supporting Brexit in spite of the vast majority of Labour membership rejecting it absolutely.

@10DowningStreet @theresa_may This letter is for YOU.

You well realise that the ‘sunlit uplands’ Brexit that was promised is not and cannot be the Brexit that will be delivered,

From the start the Brexit that was promised was an epherma, a mad dream, an illusion, built with the sand of lies.

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A (not so pleasant) Europhile on Twitter suggested I read the Fact Sheet of the Treaty of Lisbon. Me being me found another document of "adopted texts" for the Treaty which made interesting if not dull reading. My next few tweets will mention what I found.
EUs adopted texts suggests the creation of;
European Treasury for tax coordination
European Defence Union for common defence policy
Common asylum & immigration policy
Energy Union
European Energy Agency
European Bureau of Investigation & Counter terrorism
On energy... integrate energy markets combining national reserves..."EU policy constraint on State's right to determine conditions for exploiting its energy resources, choice of different sources and
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@thatginamiller Hi Gina, thanks for taking the time to reply.

I'm sorry, but I don't believe your response is adequate. As you know is an initiative of Centrum Campaign Ltd of which you are the sole director.
As such what LnL promotes reflects on you

@thatginamiller The campaig website shows you photographed with Lord Saatchi and Helena Kennedy QC as co spokespeople of the LnL campaign.

Lord Saatchi's speech was promoted as a download until last night on the web page.

@thatginamiller I cannot imagine a scenario where content would be added to the official website of the campaign initiative of your company without you having approved the content.

I also struggle to believe that you wouldn't have discussed this with Lord Saatchi before it was delivered 3/
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A short thread on things I am NEVER going to subscribe to as a #remain campaigner. & why
#peoplesvote #FBPE #Stopbrexit #RevokeA50
7/10 - no - not this one - I give the EU 10/10 - we have been lied to for years about what the EU does for us, from Freedom of Movement (which is excellent for us) to money for deprived areas.

"Remain and reform" - not this message either. "This is a brilliant house to buy - just needs the back wall rebuilding". Wrong message. Untrue message. The EU is constantly reforming & evolving, the so-called democracy that isn't doing so is the UK parliament 2/n
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1. A short story of #Brexit in four acts. Act 1) in 2010 Coalition comes to power and presses on with dramatic #austerity, wrecking the UK's social compact... causing massive economic harm...leading to 2015 General Election
2.... in which Cameron promised an #EUref, while secretly speculating on another hung parliament with #LibDems blocking such a referendum… Yet, Act 2) lots of #austerity disgruntled #LibDems & 2010 non-voters, along with some Cons voters switched to..
3. #UKIP in 2015 General Election. #LibDems got wiped out, #Cons gained 27 seats from LibDems (out 28 overall seat gain), while #Labour lost massively to #SNP -- allowing Cameron to go alone, being pushed by #Brexiteers in #Conservative party to go ahead with #EUref.
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1. #Brexit sec: EU may not agree to #ExtendA50

ME: to prevent this #BrexitShambles protect Rights & stop the haemorrhage of wealth & jobs we need to #RevokeA50 #StopBrexit & #Remain in Control in the EU with our current Best Possible Deal. #FBPE…
2. And B4 you spout the usual #Brexit BS. It was not the largest vote in History if you consider the proportion of the Electorate.
Either way the opinion of 51.8% Voting still =
37% Voters
26.5% of the Ppl
Compound that with
Lost Mandates
3. #Brexit is a Far Right Tory CON the tragedy is that too many Labour MPs are making themselves COMPLICIT.
Any version of #BrexitShambles
#Lexit doesn't exist..
The ECJ protects US from THEM
#LeaveLies #ABTV
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I’ve paid, marched & fought for #PeoplesVote but I work amongst a hundred Garys &, #Remain friends, from here in the dark heart of #Brexit land, I’m here to tell you we haven’t got the numbers to deliver a knock out blow &, if we don’t do that, it all gets far worse.
A poll by ICM conducted after last week’s government defeat asked voters what should happen next.

The most popular option, backed by 28% of voters, was a no-deal Brexit.
Gary is an extreme but I know dozens of much brighter people who, spoon fed by their papers & Facebook, now see this as a straight fight between us plucky Brits & dastardly Johnny Foreigner.

Europe is no longer a holiday destination, it’s an actual enemy.
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The most powerful person in the UK is now Jeremy Corbyn. If #brexit happens it will be on his terms; if we remain it will be because he has backed a referendum and, if remain is to win it is likely to have been led by him. Remarkable.
And the penny may soon drop- his pathway to power is not through competing with the Tories to own #leave but instead by turning #Remain into a socialist cause. #brexit
What's more, #remain will have to accommodate the fact that Corbyn is their best path to victory. And Corbyn is not going to dance to a centrist tune. (And thanks for all the gifs and emoticons- appreciated).
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Sulla #Brexit Theresa May ha commesso molti errori quasi tutti evitabili (segue)
Ha iniziato con un peccato originale. Votando e sostenendo il #Remain nel #referendum sulla #Brexit (segue)
Arriva al governo credendo di aver messo al tappeto l’unico vero kingmaker nel Partito Conservatore @BorisJohnson senza il quale al referendum sulla #Brexit i #Leave non avrebbero prevalso sui #remain (segue)
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What the referendum has shown me – thread, please add your own tweets to it: 1/11
The referendum has shown me that none of the three major UK parties and very few of our politicians, especially on the #Left either care about or even understand what the real definition of democracy actually is & why we voted to leave the #Left also hates the working class. 2/11
The referendum has shown me Parliament has for too long been allowed to ignore the wishes of the British people and more importantly without any real consequences to them, from expenses to lying under oath there has been one rule for us and a different one for them. 3/11
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1/11 For a long time we didn't have the money to apply for #citizenship. Now we can manage, just barely, as long as we don't use a lawyer, so we started the process in earnest last June. I had friends fill out all the reference pages (two different friends for each of us).
2/11 We worked out when all of us had been out of the country&started to fill in the forms. Soon it became clear we had a better chance if we applied as a whole family. My EU husband applied for& received Settled Status, then took&passed the Life in the UK test, then
3/11 took&passed the spoken English test. Finally we were ready. Now we discover the passport checking service has been privatised. My husband hasn't been able to get in touch with them to find out how we can submit our applications without losing all four of our passports
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I actually have his book on the desk behind me. Much like Machiavelli's The Prince, it's a manual on how to be a complete and utter bastard (and win). Many of the chapters point to why Leave won, others to why Remain lost. Based on its content, #FBPE need to get its hands dirty.
The article is very different, and it's Leavers that are the narcissists - they hold a belief in something and won't accept being called up on it, deny any facts they're shown as fake news and propaganda, while never questioning their own sources.
I have #FBPE in my bio, and it's because I value Freedom of Movement. I have benefited from it, as have my friends and family. I want to keep it, I want my fellow UK citizens to keep it, and I want EU residents in the UK to keep it too.
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@terrychristian On assumption a genuine Q, I was recently has discussion w/ 6 leavers ( lucky me ! ):

#Leaver1 - Doesn’t mind immigrants here already but doesn’t want anymore: lives in a town with 0.3% immigration .

Is dependent on medication & horrified to find we’re stockpiling & didn’t
@terrychristian understand why it would be necessary until I explained. Became more quiet as convo progressed & asked for info.

#Leaver2 Wants to make own laws . Accepted govt admitted we never lost sovereignty , didn’t know we had veto or how law was made in E.U. with U.K. as participants.
@terrychristian Went on to say lost job as co he works for outsourced to Poland : he was employed in a different way . Was not aware of JIT which the co relies on , now concerned the co will be affected by that & cld lose job .

#Leaver3 unhappy E.U. can make laws U.K. don’t want & used eg of
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1/ I've just spent today catching up with an old school friend I haven't seen since last Christmas. She is in her final year studying medicine at uni - she's a smart girl. Yet, she told me that she is bored to tears by Brexit and she's sick of hearing about it on the news.
2/ She said she's stopped listening to Radio 4 because all she ever hears about the #IrishBackstop. She admitted she didn't know what it is, but is sick of hearing every man & his dog interviewed for their opinion. She prefers listening to "calming music" on radio 3 instead
3/ classic example of media boring people to death with politico's opinions rather than providing simple, factual information.
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I think it is time to address this nonsense that remainers position on Corbyn implies are somehow anti Labour. They aren't.

Remainers draw from a very wide pool. In general the remain project is apolitical though we very much stand against right wing extremists. The rise of
xenophobia and fascism should be a concern to us all and the leave campaigns have very worrying connections in that direction.

Apart from that, as we include people from across political divides our driver is not a specific political ideaology. It is the wish to continue with
a relationship that has secured peace, enhanced all our lives in one way or another and allowed us to benefit from the greatest "collective bargaining" experiment in history.

With that foundation laid I turn to the 'Corbyn' issue.

This is our greatest sadness. We truly needed
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