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How to build #mvp for #Deskimo? Deskimo is a coworking space company. One step above Starbucks and one step below wework. It is a marketplace. So you have to convince both property owners and paying office goers to work with them. For finding people who need office space,
1) Talk to companies you know who would be remote workers, Tell them you will provide office space for their eployees. 2) Advertise on freelancing websites. 3) Linkedin/Faceboook/Google ads.
4)Build a nice app for frontend stuff like search for nearby co-working spaces, manage checkin/checkout, do billing etc.
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Water Protector sentenced to 8 years in Federal Prison for actions to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. Contact:
Des Moines, IA –On Wednesday Federal Judge Rebecca Goodgame Ebinger sentenced Jessica Reznicek to 8 years in prison, followed by 3 years supervised probation, and a restitution of $3,198,512.70 paid to Energy Transfer LLC for the actions she took in 2016 to stop the #DAPL.
“My spirit remains strong, however, as I feel held in love, support and prayer by so many near and far. Regardless of my sentence I am hopeful that movements to protect the water live on in the struggles against #Line3 & #MVP. ”
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Jessica Reznicek, an immensely strong & courageous Water Protector, was sentenced on Wednesday to 8 years in federal prison for her actions to stop #DAPL. (1/7) A photo of Jessica smiling. Her shirt reads “You can jail
She said, “I am saddened to be preparing for spirit remains strong, however, as I feel held in love, support & prayer by so many near and far. Regardless of my sentence I am hopeful that movements to protect the water live on in the struggles against #Line3 and #MVP.” Jessica writes “water” on a board that is part of a bloc
The judge sided with Federal prosecutors and applied a domestic terrorism enhancement to Jessica’s case, saying it was necessary to discourage others from taking similar actions. (3/7)
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1/ I think saying that NIH financially sponsored #WuhanLab is same as saying that #China, a #world superpower, could not afford it. So who did the #money really go to? Let's look at the interests of the main #actors here. Just a thought #experiment based on insufficient data. 🧐
2/ Enter "A" (the U.S.), "B" (#China) and "C" (NIH/UNC/EcoHealth GoF Network):
- A is all high-tech and #scientific breakthroughs;
- B (naturally) partially emulates that and got a permanent hard-on for blueprints;
- C loves grants, fundraising, publications, #fame and new toys.
3/ C reaches out to B and says "how about we get you bleeding edge #virus #design #tech and make it look completely legit?" What was #China supposed to say? "No, thank you, we're good?"
What's in it for A? Well, the U.S. can provide grants to C to work on how to get more grants. Image
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I'm a big fan of writing down what I plan to do, and how I plan to do it (in detail) before I get going.


Because sometimes I realize as I am halfway through writing things out that there is a fundamentally better approach

then I can skip a ton of needless work!
Folks have asked for more videos of how I use Roam - here is a VERY concrete example - you can ignore the technical details of the problem I'm working on and might still find helpful.

Uses #.Falsified tag + one line of roam/css to crossout work I avoided…
Ok, so... turns out one of my main reasons for writing things down is because I want to find out if there is work I can safely avoid.

Laziness is a virtue!!!

Another example: in a big project with a lot of moving pieces - always looking for smaller chunks that can stand alone
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A thread on Derrick Henry and the reasons that he deserves to be the 2020 NFL MVP(or Co-MVP)
@KingHenry_2 had one of the 5 best rushing seasons of ALL TIME.
2027 rushing yards
17 Touchdowns
5.4 YPC
126 YPG

In addition he added another 19 catches for 114 yards
There have only been 8 players in NFL history who have rushed for 2000 yards in a season. Out of them, Henry finished with the 5th most all time at 2027
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1/ Welcome to another edition of West’s Well-Being Wednesday! As a reminder, I’ll briefly highlight papers, topics, questions, etc. related to healthcare professional #wellbeing, with a new entry each week. #wellbeingwednesday #burnout #MedTwitter
2/ This week we’ll touch on the association of racial bias and burnout, prompted by @FutureDocs thread last week reflecting on #DrSusanMoore and so many other victims of systematic disparities and racism.
3/ As a biostatistician, I think it’s interesting that in statistics “bias” is defined as a systematic error or deviation from the truth. This is worth reflecting upon as we debate whether racism and other biases are inherent in our systems – by definition, bias is systematic!
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According to @theleanstartup, the Lean Startup Methodology is focused on the needs of the client, counting on their feedback to gradually modify the product until the final version is developed. We advise 5 main points to take into account.
1. Make a hypothesis
Identify the problem/pain. We need to conduct a series of interviews with our potential clients.
2. Validate the hypothesis
Develop a product or service with the basic minimum characteristics (#MVP) to verify in the market. It is the first validation of the product with the "early adopters".
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NEW AMBASSADOR ALERT! BUT WAIT...There’s 3 of them! We’re so happy to announce that @margbrennan, @IAmAmnaNawaz, and @JessicaYellin are joining the MediaWise Voter Project as MediaWise ambassadors! #MVP2020 Image
.@margbrennan is the moderator for @FaceTheNation and the senior foreign affairs correspondent for @CBSNews. Here’s why she’s supporting the project… #MVP2020 Image
.@IAmAmnaNawaz is the senior national correspondent for @NewsHour and hosts #BeyondTheCanvasPBS. Why is she joining the project? To help empower others to sort fact from fiction in the flood of online information. #MVP2020
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🚨ATTENTION FIRST TIME VOTERS!🚨 Want to know how to prep for the polls as a first-time voter this election season? Step one: take this free text message course from the MediaWise Voter Project! (#MVP2020)… Image
FACT: More than 15 million Americans have become eligible to cast ballots since the last presidential election. But that doesn’t mean anything if they don’t vote. 🤷‍♀️ That’s why #MVP is ready to give you the knowledge and resources you need to cast your ballot. 🗳️
For just five minutes a day for 10 days, you’ll receive messages from MediaWise that will help you unlock your fact-checking superpowers.
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TUTORIAL: A Whole Team Approach to Testing in Continuous Delivery by @lisacrispin & @janetgregoryca is live !
@TestMastersAcad #tmatlc2020
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Wondering what happened at the #DemConvention? During political conventions, speakers make claims about candidates’ records and platforms. To determine what’s legit, read coverage from fact-checking groups like @APFactCheck and @factcheckdotorg. Here’s a thread of some examples:
There was speculation that @JoeBiden pre-recorded his speech, but that speculation was false. @USATODAY proved that he delivered it live.… Image
@BernieSanders inaccurately claimed that raising the federal minimum wage to $15 would give 40 million workers a pay raise. @USCBO projects that it would only increase the wages of 17 million people.…
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I needed a space to deploy simple web page over weekend. Requirements:
- static web page
- custom domain (apex)
- HTTPS enabled.

I gave a try to #Azure storage as a web hosting. Thread: (hint: documentation sucks at least a bit).
Storage: simple, yet useful service in all #cloud. #Azure storage host static website:
Pro: simple, cheap, custom domain
Con: No HTTPS for custom domain
Basic setup:…
- Create storage account
- Enable web hosting
- Change public access level
Done. Works.
I have DNS zone on #Azure DNS. No apex ("naked") domain support. How to overcome HTTPS and custom zone support?
Go for #Azure CDN service - in my case, Verizon premium (rules). It might take some time to provision it.
Basic setup:…
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Yes, it's still an election year! 🗓 In fact, 8 states and Washington D.C. are having primary elections today. 🇺🇸Check out the following links to learn how to vote in your state! 🗳 #DC #Iowa #Indiana #Maryland #Montana #NewMexico #Pennsylvania #RhodeIsland #SouthDakota Image
For those of you who live in Washington D.C.:
#Election2020 #MVP #medialiteracy
For those of you who live in Iowa:
#Election2020 #MVP #medialiteracy
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Some teams will release lean rough mvp to masses fast, some will do mvp as a fragmented feature test in an already validated market to few early adopters. Some will do full products as the viability needs more in already established space.
👉 No #startup will have the same path.
The mpv is to validate a thesis around a problem/solution & marketing/research around it is to test if there is a need, want, desire & at what price point. Many of these things you can find out without building.
On the other end, in crowded market with many sophisticated solutions, rolling out an excel style 3 button app might not give the best step forward, especially if the user is accustomed to 1.better 2.their need is not dire.
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I just sepent 40min on-boarding first teach in y kids school to #office365 @MicrosoftTeams - it doesn't have to be Microsoft, Google has similar offer. As IT we can help. Schools has little staff and might not be prepared.

@MicrosoftTeams How? It takes 15min to start entire tenant for #office365 education - go here;…

No credit card required, no domain required - they can work for a while on if you ask me

Then go create some users - there are teacher licenses and students licenses. There are ready scripts to do it in bulk.

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DRUMROLL PLS: Excited to announce we are launching a first-time voters media literacy initiative called the MediaWise Voter Project (#MVP)! Standby for megathread … (1/10)… Image
We’ll be teaching students how to find reliable & accurate info on the internet & how to become better informed before heading to the polls in Nov. We want people to feel confident that they are making the important decision of who to vote for based on fact, not fiction. (2/10)
This is a *nonpartisan* project, that’s important to note. @Poynter and @mediawise wouldn’t be a part of anything else. This program is made possible thanks to a donation from @Facebook. Thank you! (3/10)
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MVP. Minimal Viable Product. Minimal Valuable + Salable Product. Minimal Validated + Usable + Salable Product. 🤗 #MVP
Minimilastic + Manageable + Validated + Usable + Salable Product.
Minimum + Launch + Tactics + Manageable + Validated + Usable + Salable Product. ☺️
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When you're building your product, think of it as if you're packing your backpack 🎒.

You need for it to only carry along what is needed for the trip you're going to take.
And you need to take as little as possible because every ounce of extra will make you work harder over time 📈.
This applies one-on-one for building product, too: pack too many features or just that little functionality that you want to put in there quickly.And you'll probably end up carrying its weight - whether it is in the form of fixing bugs, handling support,...
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Now that Mahomes has won #MVP, I'm going to start sharing some of my favorite Mahomes Slander that I've been saving up since he was drafted on 4/27/17.

We'll start the thread with this one:
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1/ Happy Monday Twitter. ⚠️ #tweetstorm 🌪️ #alert ⚠️

My #LegalGeek #FOMO peaked when I missed @nwaisb talk on #AI #hype which is still ALL OVER MY TWITTER FEED. Plus now I have #ACCAM18 #FOMO so here's a bunch of 🤔re #AI, #MachineLearning, #EmergingTech #hype, and #marketing.
2/ As @ZachAbramowitz thinks there's no fun in agreeing: no, I don't think @nwaisb / @KiraSystems & others have benefited (on net) from the AI hype. I'd say hype hurts us all, bc it trades short term gainz to a few players for long-term pain shared by all.
3/ New entrants can feel the need to build #buzz for brand awareness + brand lift. I wouldn't exactly disagree this may help new offerings generate leads + fill their pipeline. Piggybacking on an existing trend with #hype is a shortcut to buzz, BUT with many pitfalls ⚠️
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1/ Nested and Embedded #apps exist, like #Google maps have #Uber embedded in it. #Facebook #Messenger have #games embedded in it. I was thinking, How would we distinguish between mini apps, Nested apps, embedded apps and #plugins, Visually from #UI perspective? Also, I was
2/ wondering that do we use the word Instrument to designate a big app with multiple tools in it? Like #WeChat is an #instrument. #Photoshop is an instrument. Photoshop have something called Pen #tool. There exist many tool in an instrument. Addressing the #Scalability Journey of
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"While figuring out what features to ship is important, knowing which features don’t matter is equally important."
Holy grail advices for product management from startup owners manual by Steve Blank #productmanagement
"In Customer Development the goal is to have a single-paragraph feature list that can be sold to thousands of customers."
Holy grail advices for product management from startup owners manual by Steve Blank #productmanagement
"visionary customers, particularly in corporations, will be buying into the entire vision, not just the MVP. They will need to hear what the company plans to deliver over the next 18 months."
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