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1/n Higher/rising rates $TLT & 2023/24 unit deliveries have weighed on #multifamily #REITs $AVB $CPT $EQR $ESS $MAA $UDR over the past year. I see the credit events $SIVB $FRC $SBNY $KBE of the past week being a positive for the sector as:
2/n Small/Med banks are a key lender to developers. Last week (prior to bank crisis), at Citi conf $MAA CEO said that new MF permitting had come to a halt due to rising rates/spreads/const costs. Bank crisis will further curtail development. LOWER SUPPLY
3/n 10y now below 3.5%. MF REITS are low leverage (sub 30% LTVs) and primarily access debt financing through corporate bond market. While banks will be reticent to lend, I see debt costs for the REITs heading lower
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Dividend Zombies are stocks that have been paying #dividends for over 100 years🧟

Here are the Top 8 Dividend Zombies 🧵👇
Colgate-Palmolive Company - $CL

Has been paying dividends since: 1895
Consolidated Edison - $ED

Has been paying dividends since: 1885
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My plan is to retire from #dividends at 35. 🆓

(I am now 32 years old). 👴

My current annual dividend income is $28k. 💰

I need $50k. 💸

These are my top 5 dividend growth #stocks that I buy 👇
$ADP - Automatic Data Processing, Inc.

Sales Growth (5Y): 5,90%
Earnings Growth (5Y): 12,00%
Dividend Growth Rate (5Y): 12,78%
Dividend Growth Years: 23 Years
Dividend Yield: 1,89%
$TXN - Texas Instruments Incorporated

Sales Growth (5Y): 6,50%
Earnings Growth (5Y): 18,90%
Dividend Growth Rate (5Y): 17,21%
Dividend Growth Years: 17 Years
Dividend Yield: 2,80%
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I am gonna share 3 Equity model portfolios. Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive. Some one who is new and dont want to take much risk can buy following stocks.

Asian Paints
Bajaj finance
Hdfc Bank
Hdfc Life
ICICI lombard
Portfolio of Stocks for people who wants to take moderate risk

APL Apollo
Bajaj Finance
Divis Lab
Torrent Pharma
Sona BLW
PI Industries
Astral Poly
Shree Cement
AU Small Finance Bank
Page Ind
#investing #StocksToBuy
Model Portfolio for Investors who wants to take more risk in the markets.

Atul ltd
Apollo tricoats
Deepak nitrate
Sapphire foods
Lemon Tree Hotels
Federal bank
Ion exchange
PI Ind
Praj Ind
Suprajit Eng
Garware Tech

#investing #StocksToBuy #Multibaggers
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July Passive Income Report

Final numbers received, happy with the results. #thankful

Dividends - $3,581.04
Options - $2,492.23 (Covered calls and Cash Secured Puts)
Total - $6,073.27

#Dividends and Selling #Options is a powerful #income combination!

Here are the details 👇
Dividends received:

Dividends Received, cont. -

Grand Total$3581.04
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Companies that have the highest dividend yield:

Vedanta 21.03%
NMDC 13%
Rec Ltd 12%
IOCL 11%

But what if I tell you dividend-paying stocks are bad😎

Let's understand this through a detailed 🧵⤵️

#stockmarkets #dividends
When we invest in a company we hope that the management is going to use that money for the growth of the company.
But, don't you think giving dividends is like returning the investors' money, which indirectly shows that the company is unable to manage the invested money efficiently.
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Dividend yield of some #stocks is inversely proportional to price (in case the #Dividend value remains constant). At times the #yield becomes so high that at some levels prices don't fall further.
RT for max reach. Will reveal 5/6 good names tonight.
#HighDividend Image
What is Dividend Yield of a Stock. Please Understand.
#Dividend #dividends #dividendyield #highdividendstocks Image
#Dividend #dividends #dividendyield #highdividendstocks #powergrid
High Dividend Yield Stocks 1: Power Grid CMP 191.1.

PE Ratio: 8.2 (Price Affordable)
Market Cap in Crore Rs: 133300.9
Dividend Yield at CMP: 9.7%👍👍👍
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📌 #Dividends in favor of budgets of all levels of Russia, based on forecast of financial results in 2021, in RUB bn:

1. #Gazprom 593 $GAZP $OGZD $OGZPY
2. #Sberbank 299 $SBER $SBRCY
3. #Rosneft 210 $ROSN $RNFTF
4. #VTB 120 $VTBR

5. #Alrosa 86 (43 to federal budget and 43 to budget of Yakutia) $ALRS
6. #Transneft 68 $TRNFP
7. #Tatneft 34 (to budget of Tatarstan) $TATN $ATAD $OAOFY
8. #Rosseti 22 $RSTI
9. #RusHydro 19 $HYDR
10. #Rostelecom 8 (to federal budget and VEB) $RTKM
11. #InterRAO 6 $IRAO

12. #MoscowExchange 5 (in Central Bank and VEB) $MOEX
13. #Bashneft 5 (to budget of Bashkiria) $BANE
14. #NCSP 2.4 (to budget of Russia, excluding Transneft and Russian Railways) $NMTP $NCSP
15. #MosEnergo 1.5 (to Moscow budget) $MSNG
16. #Aeroflot 0 $AFLT

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#Gazprom, the Russian #gas giant, could make record profits and generate 15% dividend yield over current price. #ONGT $GAZP $OGZD $OGZPY

Thread 🧵👇
On Monday, $GAZP will publish 3Q financials, which will be highest in company's history.
Record profit = record dividend:
RUB 50 - dividend per share at the end of 2021, 15% per annum (RDV calculations).
RUB 110 - amount of #dividends for 2 years - 33% of current value of shares.
Record reporting by #Gazprom may trigger a rise in shares above historic highs.

According to the calculations of the RDV source, the fair price of Gazprom shares is 455 rubles, the growth potential is +44%.

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Some of You may be already familiar with @standarddefi but If You are somehow not, check what is coming from this #MultiChain #protocol for #synthetic assets. Standard Protocol is coming with lots of goodies for #Dotsama #Defi degens. Check this thread to know what to expect…
1. Standard Protocol Decentralised exchange with own AMM module launching on @ShidenNetwork with swap functions, LP provision and unique #Standard #dividends pool. Users will have a great Opportunity to generate revenue from DAY1 of #mainnet launch on #Shiden
Users will have unique #opportunities to generate #revenue on Standard DEX, with #STND and #SDN @ShidenNetwork tokens. #Defi #degens from #Dotsama ecosystem can try all those on testnet in from of mainnet Launch

You can join testnet Here:
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1/ In this week's Stock Spotlight, I took a look at Kroger (KR).

I actually came away surprised after my analysis.

In this thread, I will be explaining why $KR is the safest grocery stock you can find on the market.🧵👇 Image
2/ History 🕮

The Kroger story actually began in 1883 in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Mr. Barney Kroger invested his entire life savings into opening his store downtown.

Mr. Kroger put his main focus on quality products, while delivering excellent prices to his customers. Image
3/ Mr. Kroger was the inventor of “one-stop-shopping”.

He figured out that if he opened his own in-store bakery, he could lower the prices for customers and keep quality high.

This lead to added convenience and profits for both parties. Image
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1/ In 2021, most investors are unwilling to touch energy companies.

I think this is a big mistake.


Like it or not, we will be using fossil fuels for decades to come.

How can value investors use this to their advantage?

I think I found a company that can deliver. 🧵 🛢️ Image
2/ Quick Disclaimer❗

I am an ardent supporter of green energy, and would love to see fossil fuels phased out.

It is no doubt the future.

I truly think it is the future and that in the long run, electrification and renewables will dominate the energy landscape...eventually.
3/ However, thanks to fossil fuels, we have an abundance of food thanks to gas-produced fertilizers, high/low tech plastic gadgets, and quick and efficient delivery of the goods to your local supermarket.

They are ingrained into our modern lives whether we like it or not. Image
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Thanks to @steve_sedgwick & @cnbcKaren for having me on #CNBC #SquawkBox this AM.

What did we discuss? Well, #inflation of course!

I prepared some slides for the show which I'm happy to present in this thread.
#macro #Fed #Yellen #JeromePowell #bankofengland #QE
Are people in denial or is the #centralbank money flood just drowning all the signals?
#Commodities, #freight, #carbon - and a whole lot besides - sure do cost a lot more, these days.
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PayPal Holdings, Inc. ( $PYPL)

$1 trillion Company by 2028


• Alternative Payment Method
• Earnings are Increasing
• Rise in online Activities
• Reinvests Capital
• Cashless Society
• Constant growth
• User growth
• Scalable
• Crypto

(Thread) 👇🏽 Image

#PayPal is an American company that operates an online payments system. It’s widely accepted across the globe and supports money transfers.

It serves as an electronic payment system which is an alternative to the traditional paper method.

Currently, 4 US Companies enjoy the trillion $ valuation, in a few years $PYPL will too.

Market Cap: $340bill

It’s a 3x company in my eyes.I see double digit growth over the next decade as digital payments become ubiquitous.

Let’s look at their financials👇🏽 Image
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How to buy #dividend-paying Stocks
If you’re looking to collect #dividends from your #stock purchases, it's safe to be thinking of large corporations
Large firms like #Cisco, AT&T, #Stanbic, #Dangote, #GTbank, #ZenithBank, #Apple have a long history of financial stability and low volatility
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#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity in the age of #globalization, #information & #connectivity has now become an all-encompassing notion. Surely it is not solely a function of the #ArmedForces anymore.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity also includes providing a conducive environment in which aspirations of human #security, national #progress & #development could be realized.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
#PakistanArmy #COAS Gen Bajwa: #NationalSecurity has now become an all-encompassing notion, wherein besides various elements of national power, #global & #regional environments also play a profound role.
#IslamabadDialogue #IslamabadSecurityDialogue
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$KRC CEO John Kilroy says he believes the stock is trading at a 1/3 discount to NAV on $C Citi Property CEO conference. Kilroy Oyster Point Ph 2 (Life sciences $ARE) to start this summer. Will also start development of new life sciences project in San Diego. KRC has plenty of $
for development. May also repurchase shares/pay special dividend. #reits #dividends #dividendstocks Great track record of value creation via development - should trade at a premium to NAV. I think this is worth $100-120 per share.
I estimate today's $1.1 bn sale of The Exchange was done at a ~4% cap rate. Tenant is $DBX who has leased space until 2023 but is looking to sublease.
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Inflation $TLT worries=opportunity to invest in single family rental leader Invitation Homes $INVH. At $28/sh implies 4.8% 2021 cap rate. Trades at ~5-10% discount to NAV.
$AVB $EQR $CPT $MAA $ESS $VNQ $AMH $XLRE #reits #dividends
SHOULD trade at premium to NAV->Platform value:
2/While anyone can buy a home and become a landlord, this is a scale/density business. To effectively manage single family homes bigger is MUCH better. Scale allows for in-house provision of services (hire a plumber full time for $200/day rather than pay $150 for each visit).
3/Route density is also critical. On average, INVH owns at 5,000 homes per market. Can cluster maintenance jobs. This has lead to NOI margins of ~67%. Put simply, with scale INVH retains more of each rental $ as profit than competitors.
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Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are a game-changer for investors looking to take exposure to real estate as part of their portfolio.

It allows all investors - big and small - to make investments in property without putting up very high initial investment amounts.

More 👇🏻
The problem with Real Estate:

While real estate is a popular investment avenue, it has its drawbacks. The initial investment amount is very high and it is very illiquid - it’s hard to sell real estate quickly and at the right price.
REITs: What are they?

REITs are a new-age financial #product that allows investors to invest small amounts of money into real estate. The REIT pools in money from many investors and invests the money in income-generating real estate.
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$MAA (2/4) call highlights: 1)demand is strong -now getting ‘normal’ 5-6% renewal rates (2)see supply moderating in 2H (I always take this with a grain of salt in the sunbelt!) #reits $CPT $VNQ $NXRT #multihousing #apartmentinvesting #dividends #cre (3)Valuations are high/cap....
3)Cap rates at all time lows in key markets (mid 3s/low 4s). This makes it impossible for MAA to acquire assets accretively. Instead they will do some opportunistic divestitures and (4)develop new apartment buildings (2,600 underway)- development yields are expected to be around
6% and in-process projects include Austin and Phoenix. While dev yields are appetizing, recall that it takes ~3+ yrs to stabilize/develop AND 2,600 units is ~2.5% or so of MAA's total # of apartments so this doesn't move the needle a ton. That said, I still like it here and...
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Weekly Financial Recap (Part 1)

~@PaytmBank launches Credit Card 💳
~🔬 @intel sells Nand to SK Hynix
~@PayPal launches Trading in @Bitcoin 💹
~Jio launches web browser (@JioBrowser)🌐
~Adidas to sell @Reebok 👟

@dmuthuk @FinKrypt @FI_InvestIndia #StockMarket #scamdemic2020
~Jio & Qualcomm start trials for 5G.📱
~@altbalaji acquires 17.5% stake in Tring📺
~GoodGamer Raises $2.5 million 💰
~Micromax Launches new mobiles📱
~Signzy raises $ 5.4 million 💰

@VidyaG88 @trdessai @FinMedium @ipo_mantra @latha_venkatesh #Scam1992 #market #Investment #jio
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The average #dividend yield of a typical dividend #Portfolio is 4% (non US citizens are taxed 30% on Dividends) this means as Nigerians we need to have a 6% yielding portfolio for a 4% yield (6%*70%=4%).

This is achievable by investing in a Portfolio of #diversified stocks
How much #investments to get paid monthly dividends
#Dividend #yield 6%(4% after tax)
Dividend #tax rate 30% (non US)
#Dividendgrowth rate 6%
#Share #price growth 8%
Duration #10yrs
1. #100k/mnth - #10million
2. #500k/mnth- #60million
3. #1million/mnth #116million
How many years invested to reach goal
with Monthly payments + #reinvested #Dividends

1.#100k/mnth - invest #50k/mnth for 10yrs
2. #500k/mnth - invest #250k/mnth for 10yrs
3. #1million/mnth invest #500k/month for 10yrs.
#onaijainvestor #dividendincome #naija #passiveincome
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#dividends #yield

With interest rates depressed and likely to remain so for years, stocks with ample and secure dividends could benefit as investors search for yield.
One approach is to consider companies whose dividend yields nicely exceed their bond yields
This can be a good way to find high-quality stocks because low bond yields are often a sign of financial strength & dividend stability
The stock of any company whose safe dividend yield is materially higher than its own 10 year bond yield may have a compelling risk/reward profile
The approach doesn’t predict that a stock will outperform, but it has been very effective at identifying stocks with limited risk
Let’s take an example Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), whose dividend yield of 2.7% is more than double the about 1% on its 10-year debt.
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Tech stocks have not been known to be dividend payers -

But there are some established tech companies who do!

Here are 7 tech stocks worthy of consideration:

Cisco has been paying dividends since 2011

Ticker: $CSCO
Price: $46.71
Yield: 3.10%
Intel is THE brand in computer chips, you've probably owned a computer with Intel Inside

Ticker: $INTC
Price: $50.47
Yield: 2.61%
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