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ISPR released a song for #KashmirSeigeDay


Is Army only capable of doing this?

By just releasing a song can we get Kashmiris freed from Indian oppression and occupation?

Many such questions came to the minds of youth, and rightly so

So let’s unfold that..

Why there is a need of releasing songs for any such occasion?

Generally, it is the job of media specifically mainstream media to keep up the morale of oppressed people, to give them support, to give a message to the world, to get help in driving...
the public diplomacy and more importantly aware the unknown about the happenings but after 90s our mainstream media didn’t do any substantial work for Kashmir (may it be a song or a documentary or a movie or a drama) in 90s we have seen Angar Wadi (a drama)...
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The political system is not rotten as we are made to believe. The political system has been and is manipulated at will and with impunity.This is the reason why new and dynamic leadership has not risen with the years. Pakistan must become a Country governed through rule of law
Nearly all of Pakistan’s life has been under direct martial laws or under controlled democracy like in the period 1947-58 and then again from 1988 to 99 and in the period 2002-08.All of this must change if Pakistan has to secure a respectable place in the world as a solid Nation
People like FM Ayub Khan, CJP of the 50s Justice Muneer(infamous for the Law of Necessity), Gen Yahya,Gen Zia, Gen Musharraf and all the Pakistani politicians that have been in Pakistan’s political scene are to be blamed for Pakistan’s predicament.
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Those who rule Pakistan must realize that suppressing freedom of expression is NO LONGER AN OPTION AVAILABLE. Some TV hosts were gagged by stopping their shows.Some were rendered jobless.The owner of Pakistan’s Jang Group is in jail for 3/4 months now without a conviction
I have seen enough of life being a war veteran and my youth being spent in the Army. Seen war and operations;their miseries and adverse fallouts.Been part of Pakistan’s highest echelons when I worked directly under the PM of Pakistan in the field of National Security decades ago
Seen a decade of active politics as part of the decision making body of PPP and VP of PPPP.Contested two MNA elections unsuccessfully.Been through the dirty mill of horrible political victimization.With ALMIGHTY ALLAH’s Will brought peace to Karachi(95-96) and won Hilal e Shujaat
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Everything said in the Supreme Court of Pakistan Judgement granting bail to @KhSaad_Rafique and his brother is very noteworthy. The Supreme Court of Pakistan Judgement has synchronized its voice with that of the #PakistaniSilentMajority who have always stood for rule of law
The State of Pakistan prohibits the power of the State and it’s laws to be misused against its citizens and others who get engulfed in any kind of legal process in Pakistan.Nothing written anywhere in the Constitution,or any law book of Pakistan,empowers anyone to do injustices
All along, everything has been going wrong in the ‘rule of law’ sector of Pakistan’s national life. Laws have been twisted, turned and disfigured to maneuver politics, political parties, making and breaking of Prime Ministers and legally constituted Governments of Pakistan.
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My response to the "Miraasi" who just attacked me, in an attempt to "seek attention":

"میرا مقابلہ تواڈے نال نہیں، تواڈے چوہدری نال اے"😎😁

And I'll fight against your Chaudhary (Mafia) damaging #Pakistan till my LAST breath, Insha Allah & my nation stands right beside me! 😍🇵🇰
Context of the tweet:

PPP Media Cell is SCARED of me EXPOSING Zardari Mafia & their corruption, so, they began to report my tweets.

I responded to @TwitterSupport & explained that it was their vindictive POLITICAL VICTIMIZATION👎

The next day, PPP reported my tweet where 1/2
I had quoted @sufisal 's post on Bilawal in womanish attire (زنانہ لباس).

I condemned Salman & shared his tweet & @CMShehbaz 's tweet where Shahbaz called #ImranKhan 's wife, جادوگرنی

I asked our "situational liberals" WHY they never condemned Shahbaz as they criticized Salman?
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#PakistaniSilentMajority is a hashtag I have been using for the last few days. The simplest connotation of that hashtag is that there is an overwhelming majority of Pakistanis, voters and would be voters,who have to-date been silent spectators in the shaping of Pakistan’s destiny
In 2018,Pakistan had 106 million voters.That translates to 10 crores and 60 lac voters.A total of 51.1 % of them actually voted in 2018 for three major political parties ie PTI,PMLN and PPP plus a dozen or so smaller parties.The three major parties took approx 3.5crore votes ONLY
This actually means that about half the registered voters did not bother about what Pakistan’s destiny may be in the post elections period.For them all,me included,it was like thinking that it was the common rural Pakistanis’ job to make a Govt in Pakistan for the next five years
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1. It seems they have decided to oppose it by all means. They are doing it to avenge the demolition of #Baburi Mosque in India, back in early 90s.

This is a gentle request to them, please don't forget that your brutality, hate against your people, the minorities of Pakistan,
2. Pakistani Hindus, won't chang anything, it won't hurt them, neithr produce anything gud 4 any1.

If u want to build a #Baburi Mosq at d site of the #Mandir in Islambad, u r free. But trust me, it won't chang anything in India, rathr weaken our stance at d international levl.
3. It would disturb interfaith #harmony in our country, it would stop us from #progress, it would damage #Peace and #prosperity in our country, Pakistan.
It is better to make religion our private matter, and accept the difference rather than imposing our belief on others.
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We are all patriotic Pakistanis.But then there are those who tend to give more of blind loyalty to one, or another,political party. To be true patriotic Pakistanis to me means that, come what may,we should think of ONLY Pakistan-above parties and leaders #PakistaniSilentMajority
#PakistaniSilentMajority accounts for the real Pakistan and it heavily outweighs all political parties put together,in numbers and power.This silent majority has so far let itself be ruled in whatever ways it has happened over the past 73 years. How long more?Its anyone’s guess
My guess is that the silent majority is presently very concerned about Pakistan’s overall well being. It is now short on patience.Prudence dictates that the rulers of today must feel Pakistan’s pulse diligently and sail Pakistan to safety before the silent majority asserts itself
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'Ram or Rehman'

"Rama" or "Ram" is a major diety in Hindu mythology. He is the 7th Avatar of Lord 'Vishnu' and considered as the 'Supreme Being' and most caring towards other creatures. The famous story of 'Ram & Ravan' is about the same 'Ram'.

Very few people know that instead
of #Ayodhya, where #RamMandir is being built replacing vandalized #BabriMasjid in order to highlight it as Ram's birthplace, a place astride Indus Highway in Pakistan's South Western District #DeraIsmailKhan #KhyberPakhtunkhwa is believed to be the actual birthplace of Ram, by
many in sub continent.
Earlier known 'Ram Dheri' & now as 'Rehman Dheri', the site dates back to almost 3300 years from now, predating #Harrappa (3000 years) & #MohenJoDaro (2500 years). Though utter disenchantment at first sight, the hidden glory lays buried in the sands of time
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I have always believed in the Pakistani Dream. I have waited all these decades for this Dream to come about. Sometimes it would appear as if it is just around the corner but then it would not materialize.
At times one would see it like a mirage in the desert and then it would just fade away. One day, IN SHAA ALLAH, the Pakistani Dream will be realized but it does not look likely to happen in the near future. What is the Dream I call ‘The Pakistani Dream’?
This Dream basically sets out the basics for the Pakistani Nation. It contains hope to some day see Pakistan being ruled by the Constitution it has and not a soul in Pakistan be he,or she, from any religion, caste, creed, color or ethnicity feels threatened.
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Pakistan is set to demonstrate to the world that it is not a MUST for a modern State in this Century to have schools, colleges, universities,hospitals, an enviable communication infrastructure, railways,airlines,steel mills,good public transport etc. That we can do without it all
BUT,if the Pakistani nation,as a whole and from every walk of life and profession,comes together Pakistan can resurrect itself into a solid,united,coherent,harmonic, cohesive,energetic,enterprising, vigorous, integrated and a rapidly developing nation and Country in a short time
Choice of what we want to make of our beloved Pakistan lies crystal clear before the political, judicial,bureaucratic and military leaders of Pakistan.They,together, MUST stem the rot and remember that ALMIGHTY ALLAH is watching and so are the people of Pakistan-patiently for now
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*The Dilemma of My Motherland🇵🇰*



Government: Bans Flights from China

They: "Be-Hiss Imran Khan, Pakistani Students ko Wuhaan main Marnay chor diya”

Government: Facilitates Pakistani Zaireen stranded in a Desert like Taftaan Border

They: "Imran Khan ke Shia Dost Wazeer ne Zaireen ko Pakistan main anay kiu dia?"

Government: "Pakistan so far has only 20 Positive Cases"
They: "How is it possible, Government is Hiding numbers, this virus is unstoppable"

Government: "Virus has begun to spread&will spread further"
They: "Why is virus spreading, why are their so many positive cases?"

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Got served the “Tabdeeli” that I volunteered for & it feels amazing. Sharing my experience on @pid_govt ‘s initiative of bringing home stranded Pakistanis. Hats off to all leading Covid-19 initiatives especially @Asad_Umar @sayedzbukhari @YusufMoeed @zfrmrza @mophrd (see thread)
First a little background - been wanting to come to Pakistan since March 20 as family was here , but couldn’t reunite due to travel bans. Was extremely depressed for the last two weeks, then heard about these limited PIA flights - booked right away & came to Islamabad via Toronto
Social distancing was practiced on PIA flight, masks were required and all staff followed safety procedures. Upon arrival, we all had to register for the Covid-19 tests.
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زیر نظر تصاویر تیل کی دولت سے مالا مال ملک شام کی ہیں. یہ وہ شام ہے جو کبھی ہنستا بستا اور مسلم امہ کا ایک قدیم اور ممتاز ملک تھا جسے دیکھنے دنیا بھر سے لوگ آتے جس کی خوبصورتی اور طرزِ تعمیر اپنی مثال آپ تھا. پھر یہ شام اپنی اندرونی رنجشوں میں ایسا پھنسا کہ آج اس شام پر گہری کالی
شام کے سائے ہیں.
اس پہ تباہی و بربادی کا بھوت ایسا عاشق ہوا کہ یہ ملک آج خاک و خون میں لت پت ہے جبکہ اس کی رونقیں اور خوشیاں اب ماضی کا حصہ بن چکی ہیں.
یہاں اب صبح ہوتی ہے تو دھماکوں کی گونج سے، شام ہوتی ہے تو دھماکوں کی گونج سے، رات ہوتی ہے تو دھماکوں کی گھن گرج سے، وللہ ایک بھی
شام میں رہنے والا باسی آج رات کو سکون کی نیند نہیں سو سکتا اس یقین کے ساتھ کہ صبح وہ صحیح سلامت اٹھ پائے گا یا نہیں.
وہی شام جس کی روشن راتیں آنکھوں کوخیرہ کرتی تھیں مگر آج اس کی رات روشن ہوتی ہے تو دھماکوں کی چکاچوندروشنیوں سے. آج اس شام کے باسیوں کو نہ معیشت کا پتہ ہے، نہ کھانے
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A Thread Dedicated To Some Of My Favourite & Respectful Journalists:


1. Why has the Journalists brigade always praised billions coming into #Pakistan Stock Market which is more
Dangerous than Hot Money ? Lack of understanding perhaps or an agenda ? Allah knows better.

2. How is FIPI more dangerous ?

Well when billions come into Stock Market (SM). Those billion create a buying frenzy. It creates a euphoria. It makes stocks go up. That induces
Other local investors to buy as well looking at the potential upside. This creates a follow the beard mentality and a investor stampede is created. Pakistani SM is so small that for example a $1 billion in FIPI can literally cause the SM to go from 30,000 level to 45,000
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ففتھ جنریشن وار اور کفار کی قدیم حکمت ِعملی
زیر ِنظر تصاویر واضح طور پر ایک مضبوط اتحاد کو ظاہر کر رہی ہیں ۔ٹرمپ مودی اتحاد سے پہلے مودی اور نتن یاہو اتحاد کھل کر سامنے آیا اور اس کے بعد ٹرمپ نے پوری دنیا کے سامنے خود کو ہندووں کا سب سے بڑا فین قرار دیا ۔ کیا یہ اتحاد مسلم امت کے
لیے نیا ہے ؟؟ ہرگز نہیں! یہ ہنود ،یہوداور نصرانی اتحاد اسلامی تاریخ میں بھی ملتا ہے ۔جب اس اتحاد نے مل کر مسلمانوں کو ختم کرنے کی کوشش کی اور قرآن میں برملا طور پر ان گروہوں کی جنگ کا ذکر کیا گیا اور پوری سورت سورة  احزاب کے نام سے موجود ہے ۔ سورة  احزاب کی آیات اور اس میں موجود
تفسیر کا جائزہ لیں تو اس جنگ کے پس منظرسے پتا چلے گا کہ یہ تینوں مشرکین ،یہود اور نصرانی ہر بار آپس میں موجود اپنے شدید ترین اختلافات کو بھلا کر ہمیشہ مسلمانوں کے خلاف صف آرا ہوتے ہیں ۔غزوہ احزاب میں بھی مسلمانوں کو ختم کرنے کی نیت سے مشرکین مکہ نے قریش اور دیگر قبائل حتی کہ
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