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(1) The vaccination, chipping & (Google-assisted) tracking of those "infected" via #5G r an extension of the citizen-targeting & asset-rape protocol run by #FederalBureauOfTerrorism #DOJ #DHS #NSA #DoD thru #FusionCenters.

Citizen-targeting is now making international news.
(2) "Hey, he/she has a virus just like he/she is a "terrorist," yet they aren't,"

Let's track them with a cell-phone application, flash-mob them, target them, provoke them & our militarized, #Stasi-styled, jack-booted, law enforcement & brown shirt teams will join in on the fun
(3) #GangStalking is a disinformation term, like #ConspiracyTheory, created to specifically discredit an individual or group. But for the purposes of hashtag recognition, the whole #COVID19, rapid-#5G installation, vaccination, chipping & tracking is #GangStalking gone mainstream
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We hope you enjoy this thread of #vintage #nudist #advertising as much as we do. Image
Do you feel the need for a change? ImageImage
#vintage nudist club #ads ImageImageImageImage
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Why I believe this will work for @MikeBloomberg. (A thread) brands take notes.

1. Start with a wink, not a marriage proposal.

Too many brands skip the early stages of relationship building and go straight to selling. Consumers put up a wall.
2. Make them laugh with you, not at you.

Self deprecating humor can make you more approachable. It’s a sign of many great leaders. And can disarm your critics.…
3. When working with influencers, know why their followers follow them and the create inline with that.

It is easy spot #ads because they feel off. Great influencer marketing feels natural. Be willing to adapt your voice to the situation.
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(1) .@EricTrump .@DonaldJTrumpJr .@IvankaTrump

Why does .@POTUS .@realDonaldTrump talk about being a #Patriot + #MAGA + #KAG when the Israelis - who developed the cancer-causing #5G Active Denial (Weapons) System (#ADS), refuse to let the tech be deployed in Israel?
(2) Why have the residents of Palm Beach County - where Mar a Lago is located -
refuse to allow #5G to be installed?

Why are dozens of fire stations and police departments filing lawsuits as a result of cancers, tumors, genetic mutations and death of embryos due to #5G?

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1. A year after Jamal Khashoggi’s murder in Saudi Arabia, the US seems to be returning to business as usual there… MbS has not taken responsibility or been held accountable for Jamal Khashoggi’s murder. #FII #FII2019 #SPECTRE
2. Pessimism and optimism one year on from Jamal Khashoggi’s death… Global leaders, tycoons to attend Saudi ‘Davos in desert’… Wall Street returns to 'Davos in the desert' a year after Khashoggi killing… #FII
3. Investors still cautious on Saudi Arabia a year since Khashoggi's murder, analysts say… a rather generous take!

Influencers Face Criticism for Saudi Arabia Travel #Ads… are the influencers less cautious than investors? #FII2019
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(1) I spoke to a fellow who works on #cellphone towers the other day and learned a few interesting things.

He told me that a lot of the people working on towers were ex-convicts and former military personnel who were adrenaline junkies, a lot of whom also had ....
(2) addiction problems with illicit substances - such as meth.

He also noted that many of his co-workers had "very short fuses" and were prone to violence. He attributed that in part to some of them being convicts.

Starting pay (he said) is $250 per day, for those lacking ....
(3) any experience.

He also maintained that it was prohibited to take selfies on the #cell #towers, and that most of the time they had no idea of what they were installing, and for who.

Co-workers who had taken photos at work-sites were quickly hit with ....
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Can someone explain how does pricing work for all the eCommerce websites like @myntra First screenshot shows the product which I had bought when not on sale and on sale the price was inflated to almost 3X with 25% off?
Do sellers have control over the pricing or @myntra has it?
@myntra Unlike Uber / Ola which has dynamic pricing on supply and demand. How does this work in eCommerce? The third screenshot shows the pricing of the same product changes almost every day! How is this possible and legal at the same time?
@myntra I understand that every #e-commerce inflates the price around the sale. But @myntra takes it to the next level altogether. Just wanna understand how is legal. What loophole in the system is being taken advantage?
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(1) The #RosensteinParadox:

"Killing random civilians to spread a political message is terrorism .... domestic terrorism .... Many of the killers are .... losers indoctrinated to hate ...."

So Rosenstein, if the #FBI and #JTTF were using #SoftKill methods to ....
(2) covertly "eliminate" (kill) innocent Americans via a classified program, that was say, like a combination of of a tech-enhanced #COINTEL Program, combined with a vicious & lethal counter-terrorism protocol, would you consider that to be #Terrorism?
(3) What if #OperationHammer had never been discontinued Rosenstein & was being coordinated in part thru #DHS-funded #ThreatFusionCenters, with the assistance of classified "pre-crime" technology against hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans who had been denied due process?
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Traditional ads suck, and brands know it. These days, people are more primed to heed the recommendations of social media influencers. The result: sponsored content has spread like a pandemic. This a look at the booming sponcon industry 1/
Here’s a non-shocker: No platform is used for shilling more than Instagram. Influencers posted more than 3.7 million #ads to it in 2018. That's 43% more than the year before. And these numbers only include the properly disclosed ads 2/
Sponcon life isn’t always easy. PR Consulting paid actor Luka Sabbat $45K to wear Snap Spectacles in posts and stories for his 1.7M followers during Fashion Week, then filed suit against him alleging he shortchanged them by 2 posts. 👀 his schedule 3/
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Inside the partnership of VICE and Philip Morris International. Three years and millions of dollars.
2/ Earlier today, @FT reported part of the story. Initially I was bummed... but then again it's nice to have the someone else report some high-level, legally risky details. (I heard PMI / VICE deal was "nine figures," FT reports £5m)…
3/ There are so many crazy details and rabbit holes to look into when writing about Philip Morris. Going in I knew cigarette companies were shady and they kill people but somehow it was so much worse.

But you're hear to know why @VICE would partner with Big Tobacco...
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(1) I inadvertently ran a human-targeting field test of the oblong, tower-mounted transmitters while crossing nearly 900 miles of the US in the past two days.

Last night they fried me for nearly 10 hours. It is obvious they r monitoring brain-wave patterns, and when ....
(2) entering Theta & REM stages, they dialed up.

My cat, which normally wants to hide under the covers of the bed when we travel, was mewling and bouncing off the walls.

I had to wrap her in wet towels.

IMHO they r using something other than #5G, because today while ....
(3) driving I could feel the hits, tingling and heat BEFORE I could see the tower.

It appears to be quasi-directional, and I can feel the hits from 2.5 to 3 miles out, from transmitters mounted at approx. 100-120 meters above the ground.

Even in very rural areas, I still ....
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(1) While .@fairfaxcounty .@ffxfirerescue .@FairfaxCountyPD personnel are getting paid extra as #TerrorismLiaisonOfficers to stalk innocent members of the public, the towers erected by FedGov for #Surveillance and #ActiveDenialSystems are frying their ovaries and testicles.
(2) The IAFF International Association of Firefighters has published several documents.

The gamete-production capability of #LE #Fire # EMS working near these towers, rapidly diminishes, causes cancer and impacts fetus formation - in addition to mutating organic molecules.
(3) These are #ADS #ActiveDenialSystems. Communication comprises only a portion of their functions.

They also mount magnetrons on these towers to "selectively& extra-judicially target" citizens who have been labeled as "potential domestic threats."…
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The Situation:
Ordering food online on a Sunday in Kingston, Jamaica at 7:00 pm.

A Jamaican Digital Marketer's rant.

By Adrian Anansi.

Step 1.

Called all the people I knew that were less likely to cook on a Sunday:

Solutions offered:
1: Order from the restaurant, get a taxi pick it up.
2. Use Cut di Line.

1. No Cash
2. I'm a 21st Digital Marketer that still doesn't trust online food delivery in JA
Step 2.
Logs on to Cut di Line:

- Not user-friendly (and I'm a digital marketer that can break down any site functionalities)
- I don't know where is open or closed
- I just don't trust spend my $$$ here and I'm uncomfortable in the first 15 secs of browsing the site
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(1) .@POTUS .@realDonaldTrump .@EricTrump .@realDonaldTrump .@IvankaTrump .@SaraCarterDC

#DOD or #DOJ developed an #encrypted #PokemonGO-styled #smartphone app, which is utilized by #DOJ-funded #SurveillanceRolePlayers & #FEMA-compensated #CitizensCorps members to ....
(2) extra-judicially target innocent Americans, with said targeting operations being coordinated through #ThreatFusionCenters with the support of #NSA #DIA & #CyberCommand.


The #BushCheneyCabal's #PatriotAct opened the door for multi-trillion dollar #racketeering ....
(3) operations, in which patriotic Americans are labeled as #threats (and by #FBI as #NonInvestigativeSubjects) & then targeted for profit - by Private Intel Agencies & Private Security Contractors - which organize #CitizensCorps members & #SurveillanceRolePlayers into #MILITIAS
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(1) So while #TerrorismLiaisonOfficers AKA Militarized Fire & #EMS r getting extra $$$ to target innocent Americans, the very technology - extra-judicially deployed - is harming them as well.

#KarmaSandwich - #FairfaxCounty

Bye-bye Gonads!…
(2) What is mounted on towers around schools, fire departments & #LE facilities @ffxfirerescue?

10G (classified)
"Non-lethal weapons" #NLW's ("Non-lethal?" - They impact fetus & sperm development)
Millimeter Weapons Systems
Microwave-generating Magnetrons
(3) #2G #3G #4G r fine for data-transmission. Everything else is an active-denial weapons system or #ADS.

#DeepState has figured out how to track the world population 24/7 via remote, satellite (+ aerostat-, drone-, tower-mounted) remote #biometric reading & analytics platforms
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(1) What the Federal Government has not told #ThreatFusionCenter personnel, LE personnel and Fire/#EMS, is that all of those nasty transmitters for #Microwaves #5G #10G #50G that they have mounted on towers above their buildings, to illegally surveil & target the population ....
(2) with #ADS AKA #Active Denial Weapons Systems, is that those radiation emitting systems, also negatively and severely impact their health as well, in addition to the rest of the population.

Some of these #ADS utilize #DNA or #BiometricSignature targeting mechanisms ....
(3) so that individual targets can be selected out of the population.

HOWEVER, the radiation is still lethal to all over a period of time; including to the operators & other individuals working in facilities with these transmitters & #magnetrons mounted on towers or buildings.
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the problem with Savannah “Sav” Soutas and Cole Labrant: a thread
so honestly there’s a billion small reasons to dislike these people. they consistently act holier than thou while being a bunch of hypocritical, orange county, beverly hillbilly idiots
savannah soutas basically spent her life with a crazy ass stage mom who forced her into modeling and being “picture perfect” so it’s not surprising she got pregnant young with her boyfriend of three months 🤷‍♀️
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