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Quand #Macron a nommé "choix funestes" les crimes contre l'humanité perpétrés par #Pétain, ils n'ont rien dit.
Ils n'ont rien dit quand Macron a copié l'ordonnance pétainiste du 8 juillet 1942.
Quand il a viré 20 fois plus de soignants que Pétain, les journalistes n'ont rien dit.
Quand un décret scélérat a conduit à injecter 19842 ampoules de Rivotril en plus que les autres années,en 2020, les journalistes n'ont rien dit.

« Le ventre est encore fécond, d'où a surgi la bête immonde. »

Quand le fascisme est ressorti des poubelles de l'histoire, les journalistes n'ont rien dit.
Ils avaient déjà oublié la charte de #Munich, le procès de #Nuremberg, et le pasteur #Niemoller.
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1. Dear #Russian propagandists, #Ukraine has made clear that we will be using the #Nuremberg model for #warcrimes charges. Helping to dehumanize, cover up and cheer on crimes against humanity is called Atrocity Speech, it is itself a war crime. It is not free speech.
2. All Russian media is part of war machine, they will be held accountable. Those working for Russia in the West will be held accountable.
2. Those of you found to have gotten money from #Russia to help them commit war crimes and have enough influence will be charged. Free speech laws do not protect you from being an arm of government war machinery and war crimes.…
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I am a little late to the party, but after the first two vaxs didn't work and made me super sick, I am pissed af that as a #nurse I am being mandated to take a #booster on threat of firing. Despite having had covid twice and been a loyal warrior working covid units for 2 yrs.
It shouldn't be legal us to force us to take this very controversial shot or loose our jobs. Even if one believes it works and has low side effects, it is hard to deny that most who take it report being super sick after it and that many don't believe it works.
My does allow nurses to give the booster, but I never would even touch that vax. It was one thing to take the risk myself, but I am glad that I never had anything to do with pushing or giving that vax. I would feel like there was a great sin on my soul if I had.
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22nd May 2022 - World Health Assembly meet about the #WHO 'pandemic' treaty

The Assembly 7 observer agencies incl.:

Sovereign Military Order of Malta
International Committee of the Red Cross
International Federation of Red Cross
Red Crescent Societies
South Centre ..
Chairperson of World Health Assembly (WHA) :
Dr Harsh Vardhan #NewDelhi…

New Delhi was created by the British Crown together with the Theosophists of the early 20th century

Needs its own thread
2019 article: "World Health Organization: Gates Foundation Now Second Largest Funder After U.S. Government"…
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As a result of the efforts of Raphael Lemkin, the term #genocide was included in the Indictment for the #Nuremberg Trials of 1945-46 under the category of War Crimes.
British deputy chief prosecutor Sir David Maxwell Fyfe used the term in June 1946 #Nuremberg during his cross-examination of Konstantin von Neurath, former Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia.
Maxwell Fyfe reminded Neurath that the prosecution was charging him and many of his fellow defendants with genocide, “which we say is the extermination of racial or national groups.”
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@ir_rkp Hienoa, täytyykin viestittää @ZelenskyyUaaa'lle että kieltää Suomen vale oppositiopuolueet, siionistien @persut ja Kremlin @kokoomus laittomina.
@ir_rkp @ZelenskyyUaaa @persut @kokoomus Voi kysyä lupaa myrkyttää Suomessakin, epämiellyttäviä kansanryhmiä.
- Esim. Candida albicans on tuottoisin 'sairaus' 100 vuoteen. #BigPharma sanoo sitä 'syöväksi'.
#Candidiasis ei parane 'syöpä'hoidoilla, vaan potilaat menehtyvät tuskallisesti n. 5 vssa.
@ir_rkp @ZelenskyyUaaa @persut @kokoomus #Nuremberg 2.0, #sotarikos ei vanhene.
#VAERS Summary for #COVID19 'Vaccines' through 3/4/2022 | Mar 12, 2022
- Covid -sotarikokset jatkuvat Suomessakin, haavoittuvassa asemassa olevien teurastaminen #BigPharma'n voitelemana.…
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In his closing speech at the #Nuremberg Trials in 1946, British chief prosecutor Sir Hartley Shawcross used the term #genocide to describe the Nazis’ “deliberate and systematic plan” to wipe out peoples and cultures.
Shawcross revisited the evidence about the Einsatzgruppen and Auschwitz.

But he also reminded the Tribunal that #genocide had not been limited to the murder of Jews and Gypsies.
Shawcross emphasized that the Nazis had pursued genocide “in different forms” in Poland, the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, and Alsace-Lorraine.
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Yes, the word genocide was indeed created to describe what is now transpiring in Ukraine. And the term totalitarianism was invented to describe the kind of regime that is now in place in Russia.
To me, this much is obvious.

We've seen it before. I've spent my career as a historian studying it.
Yes, we will need war crimes trials and a new #Nuremberg to try the Putin regime, Putin's generals, and rank-and-file Russian soldiers.
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Crimes against humanity as defined in the #Nuremberg Principles of 1946
"Atrocities and offenses, including but not limited to murder, extermination, deportation, imprisonment, torture, rape, or other inhumane acts committed against any civilian population…”
Russia hasn't broken "western" rules of law. It has violated universal principles.

These were principles that the jurists and diplomats in the Russian Empire and in the Soviet Union had once had a major role in formulating.
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After 11yrs of sustained, brutal war crimes & crimes against humanity -- and 48hrs after the @nytimes published evidence of #Assad's mass graves, concealing 10,000s of murdered prisoners.

We have more evidence against #Assad than we had against #Hitler at #Nuremberg.
@nytimes From late-'21 to early-'22, a sustained pressure campaign from the U.S put a big obstacle in the way of regional normalization with #Assad -- & the "Small Group" was restructured accordingly.

#Russia & #Ukraine appears to have dissolved that delay altogether -- full speed ahead.
@nytimes To millions of Syrians, having #Assad visit the #UAE on March 18 -- the anniversary for many of the uprising -- is a gut punch of a the highest order.

The timing just cannot be a coincidence.
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#war #Kyiv #Ukraine #Russia Collecting all reports thread; Ukraine's operational command says "cruise and ballistic missile strikes are underway at the control centres in Kyiv" from @lukeharding1968 Friends report explosions in #Kyiv, #Odessa #Kharkiv #Mykolaev thread, add info
Targets include airfields and military headquarters, operational command says
"Distant crumps - soft explosions - reported from west Kyiv, towards the airport. Not Cruise missiles, i think, but sounds like an attack on the airport." @JohnSweeney
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I sympathize. But let's distinguish effective protections from deficient & arguably captured PH directives.
Much (most) of our successes were voluntary--our official failures through trust loss--via "noble" lies & nudges, soft then hard coercion, wishful thinking on vaxx superspreaders (Go Leafs, BC Hug Day), avoiding inconvenient data #aerosols, then division --
The West (BC) turned a triumph of voluntary compliance (80-90%) vaxx rate, into a fiasco of coercion for the remaining fraction; scandalously stalled or obstructed early treatment--theirs is a colossal, comprehensive PH failure.
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#Refugees [many were camping in #Dresden at the time of the raids]

Wikipedia: "On 13 February 1945, bad weather over Europe prevented any USAAF operations, and it was left to RAF Bomber Command to carry out the first raid. It had been decided that
>the raid would be a double strike, in which a second wave of bombers would attack three hours after the first, just as the rescue teams were trying to put out the fires.[De Bruhl 2006; pp. 203–206]
As was standard practice, other raids were carried out that night to confuse
>German air defences[:]..bombed ..oil plant in #Boehlen, ..97 km..from Dresden, while 71 ..Mosquito..bombers attacked #Magdeburg [and further] Mosquitos carrying out nuisance raids on #Bonn, Misburg near Hanover and #Nuremberg
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@HuuhtanenPanu Tasokasta ja analyyttistä kommentointia #hallitus'ksen koheltamisesta, lain 'säätämisestä'.
- Siksikö tilinsä on deletoitu, @MattiMuukkonen…
@HuuhtanenPanu @MattiMuukkonen #hallitus'ksen sutturat eivät siedä arvostelua. Nämä taatanaa palvovat täyspakanat, #WEF #marxist'it polttaisivat Perustuslain roviolla jos uskaltaisivat.
- Aika pian tämän twiitin jälkeen, Muukkosen tili deletoitui.
@HuuhtanenPanu @MattiMuukkonen Kansallismieliset | 10 Sep at 11:26 am
- 'Viher-fasismista on tullut yhteiskuntamme riesa. Sanoista saa sakkoja ja maastapoistumisveroakin jo suunnitellaan. Pieni klikki yrittää määräillä, mitä saa syödä ja millä lämmittää saunan kiukaan.'…
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So, the #UAE is the first to meet in-person, in the open with #Assad -- the 21st century's #Hitler.

Not a good look for a foreign ministry that in its own words, was established to "support internationally recognized morals & ethics."
As I wrote several weeks ago, the path towards #Assad's normalization may have been partially paved, but the ambiguity of the #Biden admin's #Syria policy & its inaction has provided an opening.

Green or orange light is irrelevant -- the effect is clear.

Some suggest the recent surge in engagement with #Assad is an implementation of the often discussed "step for step" approach.


#Syria's regime is giving nothing in return for normalizing moves by the #UAE, #Jordan, #Algeria & others -- it remains as brutal as ever.
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💥💥 This testimony may substantiate a theory pondered behind the scenes...

This man claims Barbados' form of government has been overthrown. He further states that the current leadership, in league with the *IMF*, has declared: compensation packages may be available for anyone
... that has died from #COVID19 -- unless that ☠ person has been vaccinated.
If this is true, it could mean Governments & global organizations (foreign powers) may recognize the magnitude of some mass liability, and the vaccine (big pharma) is providing a shield of sorts..
It would explain the push to balkanize or secede (e.g., Soros playbook; See Ukraine, Color revolutions). It would explain the coup (replacing the current form of govt to absolve liability), the subsequent erosion of rights, the incessant push for debt⬆️ (IMF) + for new forms of..
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The next time you witness "irregular marketing" of the #Covid vaccine, show them this.
Bill & Melinda Gates; forced vaccinations and uninformed consent 💉
"The Gates Foundation funded experimental malaria and meningitis vaccine trials across Africa and HPV vaccine programs in...
"[T]hey are increasingly shaping the agenda of international organizations and governments." -Encouraged by the UN
Philanthropic #P3 well suited in addressing "sustainable development challenges... in implementing a post-2015 development agenda." [Agenda 2030, Sust Dev G]
"Recent reports of human rights abuses" "from Gates Foundation funded vaccine trials in Africa and India."

Why in the hell are we doing this?? 👇🏼

GF, Microsoft, WHO...
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🇬🇧 Le journaliste Shayan Sardarizadeh @Shayan86 (BBC) a fait un #thread sur le rassemblement conspi #antivax qui s'est tenu hier à Trafalgar Square (Londres).
L'ex-infirmière complotiste Kate Shemirani a expliqué que les vaccins étaient "sataniques".
Elle prétend également que les masques sont "des outils d'assujettissement utilisés par les francs-maçons"...
... ou encore que "la #5G est une arme à énergie directe" injectée avec le vaccin : "Dans vos injections, l'hydrogel est un conduit, il a une antenne qui vous relie. Il émet et reçoit. C'est de la technologie de surveillance."
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A vaccine cannot be compelled without confirming to the #Nuremberg Code (1947).
There must be substantial risk of severe harm to enact an inoculation 💉 mandate [Data does NOT support].
Since treatments and "Use Cases" exist, the Emergency Use Auth (EUA) IS NULL AND VOID.
Trump was the "Use Case" for methylprednisone treatment of #COVID19.
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On the morning of May 23, 1946, Soviet assistant prosecutor Nikolai Zorya was found dead in his hotel room in #Nuremberg. Zorya, below, had presented key parts of the Soviet case.
Zorya’s death was reported to Moscow as a suicide. In Nuremberg, the Soviets put forward another story: Zorya had accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun.
No one really believed that Zorya’s death was an accident—especially in the wake of the public exposure of the secret protocols to the Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact.
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On May 22, 1946 the St. Louis Post-Dispatch published a full transcript of the secret protocols to the Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact (Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact) of 1939, accompanied by an article by the paper’s #Nuremberg correspondent Richard L. Stokes.
Stokes explained that this “purports to be the authentic text of the famous ‘Secret Protocol’ for partitioning Poland and disposing of the Baltic states which was signed by Foreign Commissar V. M. Molotov and Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop at Moscow on... Aug. 23, 1939.”
Stokes further noted: “It is followed by an amendment transferring Lithuania to Russia with recompense for Germany in Poland which the same statesmen executed at Moscow on Sept. 28, 1939.”

Image of Molotov and Ribbentrop at the September 1939 meeting.
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On May 20 in #Nuremberg the Soviets finally had the chance to cross-examine Admiral Erich Raeder. Deputy chief prosecutor Yuri Pokrovsky (below) approached the witness box and began to challenge the defendant’s claims to have favored a peaceful relationship with the Soviet Union.
Hadn’t Raeder known in 1940 that Hitler was planning to attack Russia? Pokrovsky began. No, Raeder responded. Hitler had not said that he wanted to go to war, just that the German military must “be prepared.”
Pokrovsky then handed Raeder part of the memorandum that he had produced for the NKVD while in Soviet custody in Moscow: his “Moscow Statement.” Pokrovsky asked Raeder to read a highlighted passage aloud.
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On May 18, 1946 the International Association of Penal Law held its first postwar session at the Palace of Justice in #Nuremberg. French judge Henri Donnedieu de Vabres had organized the gathering--and had personally invited his fellow Nuremberg judges and prosecutors to attend. Image
The Nuremberg judges and prosecutors were joined by other international law experts, like Romanian jurist Vespasian Pella, who had come to Nuremberg expressly for the occasion. The attendees discussed the postwar peace and the creation of a new organization of criminologists.
The postwar world, de Vabres maintained, needed a “global collaboration of criminologists” that could work toward the development of an international criminal code. The new system of simultaneous translation that was being utilized in Nuremberg, he added, had made this possible.
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