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बीते कुछ वर्षों में अमेरिका में अचानक से "Caste" एंगल पर चर्चा होने लगी हैI अभी हाल ही में #Google में Caste के नाम पर कंट्रोवर्सी करने की कोशिश हुई, कुछ समय पहले #Cisco में भी यही केस हुआ थाI पर दोनों ही केसों में एक संगठन कॉमन था –

Investigation Thread:
वो संगठन जो अमेरिका में अचानक से "Caste" वाली fault-line का झंडा बुलंद कर लिया है उसका नाम #EqualityLabs है, जिसकी फाउंडर Thenmozhi Soundararajan बताई जाती हैI ये अमेरिका में ही पैदा हुई और वहीं पली बढ़ी हैI

लेकिन जैसे ही हमने Equality Labs के बारे में इंटरनेट पर ढूंढना शुरू किया, हमको कई आर्टिकल्स और रिपोर्ट्स ऐसे मिलने लगे जो इस संस्था के एक बड़े नेटवर्क का हिस्सा होने के सबूतों की तरफ इशारा कर रहे थेI

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According to the report published in 2022 by Identity Theft Resource Center, 1,789 data breach incidents have been recorded. #WorldPasswordDay
According to the White House Council of Economic Advisers, the United States economy loses approximately USD 57 - USD 109 billion each year to harmful cyber activity.

#cybersecuritytips #WorldPasswordDay2022
In Dec 2021, a huge security breach at Bitmart, a crypto trading platform, resulted in hackers removing about USD 200 million in assets. A stolen private key was the major source of the security compromise, which affected two of its #Ethereum and #Binance smart chain hot wallets.
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موضوعنا اليوم عن:-
◀️شهادة (CyberOps) وتجربتي فيها▶️

جيب قهوتك واستمتع بالقراءة ☕️

#CyberSecurity , #Cisco Image
اسم الشهادة:
@Cisco Certified CyberOps
تركز الشهادة عالأمن السيبراني
بالأخص مراكز العمليات الأمنية (SOC)

تنقسم الشهادة الى مستويين :

يغطي كل مستوى مجموعة من المهارات بشهائد منفصله
في هذا الثريد بنتكلم عن المستوى الأول. Image
المهارات والمنهج المتمحور حول الشهادة:
Attack Methods
Computer Forensic and Malware Analysis
Data And Event Analysis
Endpoint Threat Analysis
Host-Based Analysis
Incident Response
Network Intrusion Analysis
Security Monitoring
SOC Metrics

وغيرها موضحه فالصورة: Image
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Reflecting on #dghconference, this was among the most disturbing moments. The same speaker @CeMIS_unigoe who made that repulsive phallus metaphor, put up photos of two men named in the #Cisco case with a casteist slur. They were rendered mute victims of a public spectacle.
Activist-scholars like the one from @CeMIS_unigoe & those in the US pushing for a caste category actually believe that Hindus are so entirely abhorrent that they should be marked a suspicious class and targeted based on their race, national origin, ethnicity, & religion.
It crystallizes for me why we're seeking intervention in the #Cisco case. If caste activists succeeded, companies, states & counties could police one community --Indians & Hindus -- tar them & internationalize names based on allegations alone. This is our formal stance👇
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How to buy #dividend-paying Stocks
If you’re looking to collect #dividends from your #stock purchases, it's safe to be thinking of large corporations
Large firms like #Cisco, AT&T, #Stanbic, #Dangote, #GTbank, #ZenithBank, #Apple have a long history of financial stability and low volatility
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Αντί να μειώσουν, αύξησαν πρωτοφανώς τον αριθμό μαθητών στα τμήματα. Μετα τους έδωσαν δωρεάν ένα παγούρι μικρότερο απο μπουκαλάκι νερού. Και κάτι μάσκες σαν αλεξίπτωτα που τις έφτιαξε μια εταιρεία αλουμινίου.

Μετά έλεγαν ότι μεταξύ μαθητών δεν κολλάει..
Αφού τους έσκασαν χιλιάδες κρούσματα μαθητών επέμειναν στο ψέμα τους ότι δεν κολλάει αλλά αυτή τη φορά έκλεισαν γυμνάσια και λύκεια - μην ξεκινήσουν και ζητάνε γονεϊκές άδειες οι γονείς των μικρών.
Τώρα εφαρμόζουν την πιο αποτυχημένη τηλεκπαιδευση ζητώντας σου να μην κάνεις χρήση του ίντερνετ γιατί τάχα μας εσύ ρίχνεις το δίκτυο. Όλα αυτά με πρωτοβουλία Κεραμέως. Την σύμβαση της οποίας συνεργασίας (με την εταιρεία #Cisco) αρνηθηκε να δημοσιοποιήσει.
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"But, in the US the lines between the private and public sectors have all but disappeared & the level of integration between the federal government, the largest American corporations..."
by @hijodelcuervo… #tech #technology #Microsoft #Cisco #IBM
"...with #AI being just the latest excuse to assert its power over aligned nations and launch threats of economic warfare and tease #military action against non-aligned countries."
by @hijodelcuervo… #China #technews #technology #Tech
"The coalition of companies that form part of the “broad coalition” include tech giants like #Facebook and #Microsoft, transnational behemoths like #Philips, as well as U.S. #pharmaceutical retail chain #CVS #Health."… #technews #covid19
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Here is a post where I will aggregate all the guides I used to setup my SD-WAN lab.

I used Google Cloud to host the SD-WAN lab. It consumes a lot of resources for a few WAN edges. I recommend setting up a GCP VM with 12 cores/24GB minimum.

I used the EVE-NG Pro cookbook to set up the lab.… pages 41-50.

Once I set up the VM, I uploaded all the images to the GCP instance.

I then used this guide to get all the controllers up and runnning:…

3/3 Once I got all the controllers up, I then used the next blog post to get the WAN Edges (vEdge & cEdge) to communicate with the controllers. The post also walks you though on how to create a smart account.…
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State of California sues Cisco and two Indian origin employees for caste discrimination in USA [Read Lawsuit] @Cisco @CiscoSecurity #Casteim_In_Cisco #cisco…
The Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) has filed a lawsuit in the Federal District Court of Northern District of California alleging caste discrimination on the part of Cisco and two of its Indian origin employees @CAgovernor
The suit alleges that a Dalit employee at the IT company (referred to as John Doe) was discriminated against by two of his fellow Indian origin colleagues, Sundar Iyer and Ramana Kompella beginning in November 2016.
@Cisco #Casteim_In_Cisco #DalitLivesMatter
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We are #pleased to #conclude our marathon of 4 consecutive #IMF #TechnicalAssistance #missions with productive outcomes for #IslamicFinance, despite the very challenging constraints and limitations.
The first six months of the year under #COVID19, a #NewNormal", have been fantastic intellectually and fulfilling.
The support of colleagues from the #IMF and Central Bank of #Djibouti; Central Bank of #Yemen; Central Bank of #Iraq, and Central Bank of #Libya have been excellent for #Islamicfinance IMF missions through #Cisco #webmex.

Now it is time to have a little break!!
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#NewNormal" continues. After #CentralBank of #Yemen and #Iraq, we are having mission with #CentralBank of #Libya. Concluded a very productive #meeting with colleagues from #CentralBank and #IMF for a #Islamicfinance IMF mission through #Cisco #webmex. #riskmanagement #Libya Image
Other than #Sudan and #Iran, #Libya is going to be #third #country in the world to have full-fledged #Islamicfinance system after #transition is completed. It requires a significant progress on Islamic finance #regulation and #supervision, which is #underway.
Happy to be part of last three years engagement, through IMF, with them on various topics. Many thanks to my good friends supervisors Haithem Elyacoubi, anwar tantoush, Hatem Salem, Abdulhamid, Dr. Mukhtar for excellent discussion. I hope this will be a very good #IMF mission.
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@niubi 🇨🇳 🇺🇸 #China Hints U.S. Blacklist Imminent in Threat to #Trade Talks - Bloomberg

@niubi 🇺🇸 🇨🇳 Here’s What Happens to Markets If U.S. Tariffs on #China Kick in Dec. 15 - Bloomberg…
@niubi 🇨🇳 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 #Huawei plans to shift research center to #Canada from U.S.: Globe and Mail - Reuters…
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Analysis: #Cboe BZX $CSCO

Case 61 #Cisco Systems Inc

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

Thread 👇👇👇

#CSCO 1/8
Cisco recovery appears to have stalled and sellers have taken control of the short and medium term but the long term is still bullish.

CSCO 2/8
Chart 1
Monthly Chart: The steady climb up has been stopped dead in its tracks at monthly #pivot resistance 56.94. Price has broken and closed below the #SMA 20 and the 2 year .....

CSCO 3/8
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@niubi 🇨🇳 🌎 🇺🇸 #China to Raise Penalties on #IP Rights Violations - Bloomberg
*Guidelines (Chinese):…
@niubi 🇺🇸 🇨🇳 Another reason for #Trump administration to reach a partial trade deal with #China soon.

@niubi 🇺🇸 🇨🇳 US moves closer to resuming chicken exports to #China as #Beijing approves processing plants - SCMP…
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Une audition attendue dans la tech: Weiliang Shi, directeur général de Huawei France, dans quelques minutes. Il sera entendu par les sénateurs cc @publicsenat #5G…
@publicsenat Le DG est venu avec son monsieur sécurité. Objectif: convaincre les sénateurs que les produits de l'entreprise ne servent pas à des manoeuvres d'espionnage.
@publicsenat Première question à l'entreprise, accusée d'être trop proche des milieux militaires chinois: qui contrôle la société? Deuxième question: @HuaweiFr peut-elle garantir l'absence de vulnérabilités utilisées par l'Etat chinois?
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#Cisco Small Business Routers still vulnerable to remote code execution & configuration export due to incomplete patch 🚨 #RCE #RV320 #RV325 New advisories:
this should be @TheHackersNews of course 😉
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