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बहुत ही पुरातन नित-नेम की पोथी जिसमें १ॐ ,ੴ में अष्टभुजी माँ भगवती के साथ साथ त्रिदेव ब्रह्मा विष्णु महेश जी के चित्र बने हुए है।

मतलब साफ़ है कि #SIKHISM में हम इतिहास की जितनी खोज करेंगे हमें सनातन ही सनातन मिलेगा। Image
पर पता नहीं म्लेच्छों के साथ मिल कर इन्होंने क्यूँ भाई चारे को बर्बाद कर दिया। आज अगर ऐसा ही चित्र कोई गलती से भी बना दे तो उनके ख़िलाफ़ फ़तवा जारी कर देंगे यह लोग और उस पर RSS के एजेंट का ठप्पा लगा देंगे।
#Picture :-
1- अकालपुरख एक
2- अष्टभुजी
3- विष्णु
4- ब्रह्मा
5- शिव
6- श्री गुर नानक देव जी Image
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Thread on Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj. It’s a long one so grab a cup of coffee.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji, a saint and scholar of rare piety and literary attainments, fourth in succession to Guru Nanak - the founder of Sikh religion, was the first martyr of the Sikh Qaum.
Guru Arjan Dev Ji was born on 15th April, 1563, at Goindwal (Punjab). He inherited his capacity for selfless service, loving kindness and humility from his mother, the daughter of Guru Amar Das Ji (the third Guru), and scholarship and piety from his father Guru Ram Das Ji.
He was fond of the company of saints and ascetics and made friends with Mian Mir, Shah Hussain, Chhaju and Peeloo. Later he left all his property for his greedy, intriguing and unscrupulous brother Prithi Chand & lived ''like a lotus on the water that floats on the sea of Maya.''
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Guru Nanak Dev Ji at Jagannath Temple & origin of Aarti in Sikhism.
Thread. 👇
Guru Maharaj’s visit to Jagannath helped people understand the universality of the Lord as a whole & also added to uniting the heterogeneous cultures of India…
The veteran actor Balraj Sahni,once asked Rabindra Nath Tagore, “You have written the national anthem for India. Why not write an international anthem for the whole world?”

It has already been written, not only for the world but for the entire universe.
It was written in the 16th century by Guru Nanak,” replied Tagore. He was referring to the Sikh Aarti.

Gurudev Tagore was so enamoured of this Arti that he had personally translated it into Bengali.
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Sikh Twitter 🚨We have officially written to SGPC. More than 30 letters have been forwarded to Jathedar Sri Akal Takht Sahib with Request to excommunicate this man who uses Sikh identity to peddle his propaganda. He is a Halal/beef eater & should not be considered as a Sikh voice
Sikh Twitter has repeatedly engaged & countered him for his views but he has failed to apologise & continues to peddle his narrative in the name of healthy ‘criticism’& ‘discussion’.

The letter has been forwarded by more than 35people as of today. ImageImage
Sikhs have repeatedly suggested this man to keep his views to himself & not Project those as views of Panth but he seems to enjoy disrespecting Guru Sahibaan & Sikhism as a whole.

To peddle his narratives he runs a proxy org that encourages the conversion of Sikhs to Christians Image
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Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji. (Thread)

Guru Har Krishan Sahib was born on Sawan Vadi 10, (8 Sawan),Bikrami Samvat 1713 at Kiratpur Sahib. However some scholars say it wasn’t 23rd July but 14th July which is today. He was the second son of Guru Har Rai Sahib and Mata Krishan Kaur Ji Image
Sulakhni Ji). Ram Rai, the elder brother of Guru Harkrishan Sahib was ex-communicated and disinherited due to his anti-Guru Ghar activities, as stated earlier and Sri Harkrishan Sahib Ji at the age of about five years, was declared as Eighth Nanak Guru by his father Guru Har Rai.
Inflamed with jealousy Ram Rai complained to Aurangzeb against his father's decision.The Emperor replied in favour issuing orders through Raja Jai Singh to the young Guru to appear before him. Raja Jai Singh sent his emissary to Kiratpur Sahib to bring the Guru to Delhi.
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Gurdwara Shri Tapyana Sahib, Shalkote,Rafiabad Kashmir.

Gurdwara Sahib is in North Kashmir’s district Baramulla in the village Shalkote. (Not to be confused with Sialkot Pak).

Gurdwara Sahib was made in the memory of Sant Baba Rocha Singh Ji
who stayed in this village on his Image
way from Muzaffarabad to Poonch where Dera Nangali Sahib exists. Mahant Rocha Singh ji preached Sikhi in the Rafiabad area and meditated on naam in a deep cave which still exists near this gurdwara. Mahant Sahib used to help the villagers in the matters related to Gurbani & naam Image
The Gurdwara Sahib even though quite far always has devotees coming in from all over India. ‘Akhand Paath’ is organised by devotees twice a week except in the winter months (nov,dec,jan,feb) due to heavy snowfall which makes reaching there tough. Gurdwara is ably managed by DGC Image
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The Legend Of Beast Killer Bhai Bachittar Singh Ji.

Bhai Bachittar Singh ji comes from a family with no parallels in Sikh History. He was the son of Bhai Mani Singh Ji.
Bhai Mani Singh was born in a Gursikh family and began his seva as…
a youth in the court of Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib. His Shaheedi is remembered in Ardaas everyday.

Relatives of Bhai Bachittar Singh include his uncle (brother of Bhai Mani Singh) Bhai Dyala Ji who was shaheed with Siri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib, his maternal grandfather Bhai Lakhi Image
Shah Vanjara who cremated the body of 9th Guru Ji in Delhi, his younger brother Bhai Udai Singh who was a general in the Khalsa army & his other brothers Bhai Anik Singh, Bhai Ajab Singh & Bhai Ajaib Singh who were martyred in the battle of Chamkaur Sahib. Bhai Bachittar Singh.
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Guru Ka Langar and what does it mean to Sikhs -A Thread
I am not going to narrate the history of ‘langar’ in this thread. I will be majorly concentrating on why Langar has so much importance in Sikhi & how Sikh gurus, Hindu sages & Muslims have explained it in Garanth Sahib Sahib
“Ann paani Guru ka~
Tehl seva parivar de naukara di, Naukra di thaaye bhaaye”

Akali Phoola Singh Nihung in his Ardaas after langar at a Sikh’s home sought blessings fr servants first & family last. When asked by family about it, he told them that it was servants who worked hard
and food was anyway provided by God, family had a very tiny role to play.
This underlines the fact that when you feed someone, it is not you. You are just a medium.

Bhai Gurdas ji has written about a conversation between Zakaria Khan & Nadar Shah, where Nadar asked Zakaria
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Martyrdom of Bhai Taru Singh Ji.

Bhai Taru Singh ji was born in village Phoole, in Tehsil Kasur of Lahore which was ruled by Zakariya Khan Bahadur who was viceroy of Mughal Empire to Lahore at that time. Many Sikh & Hindu scholars have documented Bhai Taru Singh ji.
The most prominent work that I have consulted for this thread is book Prachin Panth Prakash by Bhai Ratan Singh ji Bhangu Nihung. This does not mean that other scholars haven’t done great job. I am obsessed with the family lineage of Bhai Ratan Singh Bhangu & believe his account
is the best to comment on Shaheeds.
Ratan Singh’s grandfather was ‘Mehtab Singh Mirakotiya’ who beheaded the Mughal tyrant Masa Rangan. His maternal grandfather was Sham Singh Karoariyamisal wale. With that lineage in blood, his account also stands mirror for any distortion’s.
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Sikhi & Guru Garanth Sahib Ji on Mental Health. (A Thread). 👇

Sikhism is a relatively young religion, with Guru Granth Sahib as its key religious text. This text describes emotions in everyday life, such as happiness, sadness, anger, hatred, and also more serious mental health
issues such as depression and psychosis. This thread is an attempt to explore the concepts of modern depression in the Guru Granth Sahib and try and develop some therapeutic strategies that followers of Sikhism may find helpful.
The Guru Granth Sahib is a lengthy religious text
comprising 1430 pages, compiled and composed by the Sikh Gurus from 1469 to 1708. It consists of 19 lines of text per page, with a total of 26,852 lines. The text was first assembled by the fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Arjan Dev, from the hymns of the first five Sikh Gurus. Inevitably
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Since the coming of #Islam to #Kashmir, since 1389 there have been 7 recorded exoduses of Kashmiri #Hindus and #Sikhs due to genocide and persecution at the hands of radical Islam.
The first exodus OF #Hindus from #Kashmir (AD 1389-1413) was under the Shah Mir Dynasty. Tourists may not notice that the iconic Dal Lake has a mass grave of Kashmiri Hindus known as "Bhatt Mazar" or "grave of Brahmins".
The second mass exodus (1506-1585) of Kashmiri #Hindus and #Buddhists was under Ali Shah Chak Dynasty, which made the persecution of Kashmiri Hindus a royal policy.

They boasted that they killed 900 Hindus daily for refusing to convert to Islam.
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Today is #GuruNanakJayanti550 . He taught us to #love #respect all 🙏🏽These #photographs are from the #BanglaSahib #Gurudwara (place of worship of the #Sikhs)It is said that its built on the bungalow (hence #colloquial term ‘Bangla’)of Maharaja Jai Singh, ruler of #Amber #Jaipur Image
8th Sikh #Guru, Har Kishen, helped #smallpox #cholera #epidemic patients in 1664 from here.The #freshwater from the well here quenched many thirsts. He himself succumbed.Later, the #Maharaja built a #reservoir, still revered as it #symbolically links to the water from its #well
The main shrine hall is painted with #gold, motifs here and the inlay work heavily influenced by the reigning #Mughal This Gurudwara is now #plasticfree from #October #gurunanak550 #sikhism #architecture #delhi #pakistan #religion #secularism #heritage #historic #handmade #India Image
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Historical Buddhist statue at the Mes Aynak site in #Kabul, #Afghanistan, #Buddhism
Centuries old "Ekamukhalinga " ( Lord Shiva) in #Afghanistan , now in #Kabul Museum !
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