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@wykop @mihau81 Tym razem przegięliście.
Za usuwanie i cenzurowanie wszystkich wpisó zachęcających ludzi do wspierania #tor w walce o wolność słowa i cenzurę. Każdy wpis na temat #snowflake został usunięty. Bez żadnego powodu!

Jestem idealistą. Tym się zajmuję - walczę.
Walczyłem o wolność słowa. O dostęp do informacji i bezpiecznej komunikacji. Teraz będę walczył z tobą i twoim kurwidołkiem, skoro nie potrafisz nad nim zapanować. Moderacja usuwa każdy wpis na temat pomocy w walce z cenzura, bez powodu
Twój ściek i możesz tam usuwać co ci się podoba -ok.
Tylko postawmy sprawę jasno. Wszyscy się dowiedzą jakie jest wasze stanowisko i co robicie.
Tego nie zamieciesz pod dywan pieprzony komuchu.
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Friday, June 3 | #RussianWarReport🇷🇺
@DFRLab examined:
• Belarusian troop move toward #Ukraine
• Kremlin media claims @NATO officers killed in #Mariupol
#Russia blames sanctions for world food crisis
• Russia attempts to limit #VPN's and #Tor 🧵⬇️:…
@NATO In May, Belarusian President #Lukashenka ordered the creation of a military command center in southern #Belarus on #Ukraine's border. On June 2, videos of Belarusian equipment, including anti-aircraft missiles, being transported via rail appeared online.
@NATO Veterans Today, a US-based site known to circulate antisemitic and conspiratorial content, published an article implying NATO officers were killed in #Mariupol. Pro-Kremlin media outlets in Russia quickly amplified the article from which it spread on #Telegram.
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🧵Tuto: Use #TOR over #I2P !
I2P is a more anonymous and decentralised network, it's better than protect your TOR traffic than what does a #VPN !
-Install and run I2P.
-Wait 20 or 30 minutes, to be integrated to the network because it's peer to peer.
-Go in your internet browser, and type
-Go in the hidden services manager.
-In the hidden services manager, you can disable all client tunnels you don't need, and click on the HTTP Proxy for setting up the OutProxy.
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This talk is 🔥
I mean VERY seriously.
This is basically a talk saying that we might have conducted the "wrong" research in human factors research on automated driving.
And that despite the MASSIVE government funding of HF/E research over the last 5+ years.
How ... ImageImageImageImage
Is that possible?
Okay - of course I phrased this a bit provocatively. Once again the soft way:
In research on human factors of automated driving we very likely did
too little
too late. ImageImageImageImage
To quote the response of Oliver Carstens from @HFS_ITSLeeds to my question after the talk:
Human factors research on automated driving has done a great job in pointing out the problems of automated driving [especially Level 3 automated driving, #TOR] but has maybe failed... ImageImageImageImage
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@vovka3232 #RussiaUkraine
The deputy commander of the Ukr 503rd Independent Marine Infantry Btn has been captured in #Mariupol. He say the remnants of the unit have broken up in small groups to try to make it through the blockade
@vovka3232 #RussiaUkraine
Georgian Dato Gobedzhishvili & Belorussian Dmitry Apanasovich from the "Georgian Legion" have reportedly been killed at #Irpen near #Kiev ImageImage
@vovka3232 #RussiaUkraine
First footage of combat use of the new #ISDM Remote Mining System in the #Kharkov area
More info in link…
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1/ #LAYER2ROUNDUP: Last month, Lightning implementations #clightning and #LND rolled out major updates, and @Liquid_BTC took centerstage at @AdoptingBTC for the #BitcoinBond announcement.

Combined #L2 capacity also reached a new high of 6,661 BTC (~$377M).
2/ We begin at the @TABConf in Atlanta with a #LightningNetwork panel - @alexbosworth, @gkrizek, @niftynei, and @TheBlueMatt - who discussed off-chain scaling, privacy on Lightning, and liquidity ads.

3/ #Liquidityads are a spec proposal that allows Lightning nodes to source inbound capital via the gossip protocol.
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In light of the recent #SupplyChain attack on @KaseyaCorp by #REvil, it is worth paying attention to decoder[.]re included within the ransom notes, used additionally to 'mirror' in TOR network. #Ransomware #Cybersecurity #ThreatIntel #ThreatHunting #Malware Image
Similar to decryptor[.]cc and decryptor[.]top in previous #REvil/#Sodinokibi versions, decoder[.]re is used to grant the victims access to the threat actors WEB-site for further negotiations should their connection be limited via #TOR. Image
To access the page in WWW or TOR - the victim needs to provide a valid UID (e.g. "9343467A488841AC") ImageImage
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This thread brings together all my #infographics until today (2years of work).

These are all infographics about #infosec 🔐

Feel free to share this tweet if you think it may be useful for your #community 📚

Follow me ➡ @SecurityGuill fore more about #security #hacking #news ImageImageImageImage
How does an #Antivirus works? Image
Quick presentation of the different #Bluetooth Hacking Techniques Image
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1- #Dominion
重磅!资深律师、前联邦检察官鲍威尔(Sidney Powell)在佐治亚和密西根州同时提请的 #选举舞弊 独立诉讼中,把中国和伊朗列为通过多米尼(Dominion)点票软件监视、操控包括2020年的多次美国大选幕后黑手…
起诉书中提到作弊的主要涉及公司 #Smartmatic 和 多米尼,前者被委内瑞拉和塞尔维亚人拥有,后者是加拿大公司,办公室在德国

全美50个州中,有28个州使用 #多米尼 选举投票系统

搞评:既然多米尼投票系统是中国和伊朗操控的,只要鲍威尔(Sidney Powell)在佐治亚和密西根州任何一个诉讼取胜,那么28个州的2020年选举结果都可视为舞弊及被外国操控
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## Mastodon-Guide ##

Wenn es um die Befreiung der Menschen aus den Zwängen der heutigen Social-Media Konzerne geht, herrscht auch in unserem Kollektiv allgemeine Unwissenheit. [1/50]
Manche mögen von Mastodon und dem Fediverse bereits gehört haben, andere sind dort schon mittendrin. Letztere dürfen diesen Guide getrost ignorieren.
Den Guide dringend lesen sollen dagegen all diejenigen, die schon selbst auf Problematiken in Facebook, Twitter und Instagram gestoßen sind, aber nicht wissen, dass diese umgangen werden können.
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New: #DoHoT - making & measuring practical use of DNS over HTTPS over Tor

Project, experiment, & results at:… - work in progress.

#DNSoverHTTPS #DoH #DNS #Tor @torproject ImageImage
For those who prefer to read large chunks of text on Medium rather than Github:…
HA! *this* is why #DoH and @torproject make a great pair. Image
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TheTotalConnector#38: Adam Back (PhD) @adam3us -
The Bitcoin Rabbit Hole & The Lightning Conference 2019 in #Berlin.
@LNconf #TLC2019
During the Lightning Conference 2019 in Berlin, I had the pleasure to sit down with Adam Back (cyberpunk, cryptographer, PhD in computer science, CEO/Co-Founder of Blockstream etc.) for an interview.
Adam´s works (#Hashcash used in #Bitcoin #Mining) is cited in the White Paper of #SatoshiNakomoto.
Our fascinating talk deep down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole covers a spectrum of questions and topics:
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Spielen wie den #ÖVPLeak bzw. #ÖVPHack durch. Nehmen wir an die Angaben in diesem Kurier Artikel (Quelle Ende) sind zumindest teilweise valide. "Goldener Schlüssel" ist Nonsense. Wir reden von Username & Passwort eines Administrators wahrscheinlich Gernot #Blümel. [Thread]
Diese sollen laut Artikel von (!) kommen. Das heißt hier wurden die selben Zugangsdaten wie im Intranet verwendet. Das wirft Fragen auf. Es gab vor kurzem einen massiven #Datenleak. (Quelle Unten) Darunter auch Blümels Zugangsdaten dem diese Domain gehört.
Wer beweist uns also dass #Username & #Passwort (ich nehme schwer an von Blümel) durch einen #Hack besorgt wurden? Jemand kann auch durch den Passwortleak oder einen #Insider (Maulwurf) an diese Accountdaten gekommen sein. (Vormals war das nebenbei) 😉
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CIA Latest Layer: An Onion Site

Secure, anonymous, untraceable—traits ever-present in CIA’s intelligence collection mission—and the same is true for our onion site, which is now available over the Tor network at:


#CIAonionsite #Tor
Everything on, from The World Factbook to reporting information to applying for a job, is available on our onion site.

For instructions on downloading the Tor browser, check out the link below.

#CIAonionsite #Tor
Our onion site is one of several ways individuals can contact CIA. For more details, refer to the Report Information tab on either our website or onion site.

#CIAonionsite #Tor
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