******* Q-Thread 2/21 ******* 2844-

Drop 2844
📁- Tweet tying together the @paulsperry_ tweet about McCabe claiming [RR] Tried to boot @DevinNunes from the Capitol SCIF during a Gang of 8 briefing, Re: Trump Investigation to D-643
What is the process to enter a SCIF?- Extreme Security measures, no electronic devices allowed entry.
What security level must exist in order to gain entry? Top Secret
Can non-security-level person(s) be invited to participate?- Not supposed to.
Do logs exist for each designated meeting?- YES
Do logs record time in/time out/who in/who out?- Supposed to.
Ability to enter (arrange) w/o paper trail?- Not without breaking the rules and corruption of the process.
:RT Jan 29 2018 - IDEN [not for anons]- D-643 portion- REAL TIME: [7] Congressional members + [3] Senators + [2] former O-senior officials + [4] OUTSIDE CONTRACTORS [NO C/TOP/SENS-LEVEL CLEARANCE] @ SCIF [DC-CAP]. IDEN not intended for us to figure out.
IDEN Jan 29 2018 & run back 1-2 [not for anons]- Q is telling someone to check logs for the 1-2 days prior to Jan 29th as well. [not for anons]
SCIF logs can be 'very' revealing.- Shows what clans are gathering (connections), the contractors (operatives) and timeline construction
HUSSEIN's USSS codename: RENEGADE - The USSS gets to see a LOT and they are pretty spot on with their nicknames.
Define 'Renegade'.
1. a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles.
synonyms: traitor, defector, deserter, turncoat, betrayer
Reporter from Tampa Bay Times hits Q up:
Doing on a balanced story on Q for this Sunday's paper. Wanted your input on the biggest thing that happened this week. Will be a fair article. Been following this board somewhat, so save the flaming comments and give honest input.
Instead of letting the Anons answer her, #QAnon goes direct. So what is the biggest story of the week in Q's eyes?

What is happening in the UK government. Think about that and let it sink in.

With EVERYTHING we are witnessing here at home, the transformation in the UK is bigger
📁- Another example of #QAnon hitting the mainstream TV shows. Some neutral, mostly bad- look for this to change in the next couple of months to way more inQuisitive positive.
Be ready for the 'Q', Anon(s).- #QAnon is telling us that it will NOT be long before [The Question] is asked to @realDonaldTrump - 'Is Q associate with the WH?'
Eyes on increasing +each day.- Patriots searching for TRUTH, People who are curious to know more, AND shill TROLLS.
You are the news now.- Thousands of people per day are looking to us for information to evaluate the legitimacy of #QAnon. They are paying attention to all factors of our message and this is why for the past few weeks Q is being more clear in direction.
Handle w/ care.- We have to be on top of our game. Now is NOT the time to be testing the waters on reptilians and flat-earth- Just sayin. We need to stick to the facts of what we know and hammer the truth incessantly. Keep the woo-woo stuff to a minimum and BE THE NEWS!
This is rare. #QAnon goes back in time and pulls intel from a drop without any real prompting or major breaking story drawing it out.
Q re-posts D-113 Re: Child health risks from floor chemicals.


You have more than you know.
5:5?- Understood?
miamiherald.com/news/state/flo…📁Judge Marra has determined that the Epstein Plea deal violated federal law. While it is not likely for THAT sentence to be overturned, this CERTAINLY speaks to not only the corruption of the past, but also the NEW day- Equal Justice.
Equal justice under the law or RIGGED SYS?- [OLD GUARD]- Rigged System. [NEW GUARD] Equal Justice under the law.
Being a Clinton donor really pays off!- It used to. Right about now I think they wish they would have never gotten involved with the Clintons.
HATE HOAX by [SMOLLETT] [FF designed to pass anti-lynching law] gets wall-to-wall FAKE NEWS coverage?- LOOK HERE 👀
REAL HATE [REAL VIOLENCE] [& FASCISM] carried out by members of ANTIFA gets ZERO coverage?- Have you even heard about it? Today:
Reconcile.- It does not EQUAL
1=1?- Hellz no- 9:1
When will the FBI conclude their investigation into ANTIFA?- Umm #QAnon, they won't tell me, will you? It will be before the end of 2019.
What happens if the phone records of SMOLLETT leak?- We will see POL careers end quickly.
Who did he talk to multiple times prior to turning himself in?- Michael Monico, crisis firm, C. Booker, K. Harris?
Political forces @ work?- Dual purpose, push legislation and attack @POTUS supporters.
ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.- #FakeNews #Traitors #DeepState
foxnews.com/us/jussie-smol…📁- WOW- Accountability and Justice NOW.

Notice a TREND by LIBERALS + D's?- Hate, TDS, when real events don't support the #FakeNarrative, they fake the events.
Memes, memes, and more memes!
Why are memes so important?- A picture is worth 1000 words- Never been more true.
📁- Congrats to follower @cleveburgher8 for being Q'd!!! You deserve it! #MemeWar
forbes.com/sites/thomasde…📁- Top 4 attached

They know what's best for our Country?- What a joke
Pelosi > CA rep since 1987
Waters > CA rep since 1991
Schiff > CA rep since 2001
Feinstein > CA rep since 1992
Harris?- >Political Prostitute
Lieu?- > For Sale
Lead by example?- More like do as I say and not as I do.
CA estimated $2T in debt?- Spending problem?
Homelessness population on the rise?- Highest in the Nation.
Highest tax rates in the Country?- By FAR
Undocumented Immigrants in California vs Nation?- Highest BY FAR.
Uncontrollable state gov spending?- OTP, Other People's Money- Spend Spend Spend.
If you can't fix your own home state, what makes you think you can fix the Country?- It is all relative- In their eyes, they HAVE fixed their state. Their goal is total socialism and gov't control.
"If you are living in one of the 49 other states, you should learn from the lesson that is California. If you are living in California, there is always the lesson of how Michigan came to be governed by a more centrist government.
Of course, that came after the failure of the prior government. For now, however, for all its concern for sustainable foods and products, California is on a high-speed rail to unsustainability."
North Carolina’s elections board on Thursday unanimously ordered a new election for a U.S. House seat after officials said corruption surrounding absentee ballots tainted the results of last November’s vote.
Welcome to the Democrat Party.- Ends JUSTIFY the means.
THEY WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO REGAIN POWER.- Residents said Dowless & his paid workers collected incomplete absentee ballots, falsely signed as witnesses & filled in votes for contests left blank.'
Time to adopt VOTER ID LAW?
Forgot the Drop-2855 SS.
[Soft Push of New Narrative - Example]- Summary- Mueller report would mark the end of the beginning, not the beginning of the end.


What happened to the Mueller hype?- Empty- Controlled from the inside
What happened to the Mueller will take down POTUS threats [@JohnBrennan]?- Duck/Cover
Was MUELLER the 'insurance' policy aka BLOCKADE designed to limit/restrict POTUS' ability to enforce the law?- SC investigation into Trump campaign was the 'insurance' policy/Blockade
[TRAITORS]- Get a rope
New talking points being pushed backing away from Mueller as the savior re: excuse A, excuse B, excuse C?- Desperation.
Why are *new* investigations by [AS] being started, if, as he's stated for almost (2) years, 'evidence' exists that ties POTUS to Russia?- Insurance renewal.
If they had evidence, do you think it would have leaked?- Absolutely
If they had evidence, would they be backing away (playing down) the Mueller report about to be released?- No way
First they pushed for a SC.- Played
Now they claim the SC didn't look deep enough?- #FakeNews
IF THE SC REPORT IS CLASSIFIED - HOW DO THEY KNOW WHERE, WHO, WHEN, WHY, AND HOW DEEP EACH CASE …………..?- #demos internal, BUT they know there's no THERE there, so if Mueller is going away, they're losing their insurance, therefore the MUST replace with new controls- renewal.
Are *new* investigations designed to be an 'insurance' extension?- Policy renewal.
Designed to prevent POTUS from CLEANING HOUSE?- That's the plan, but the DECLAS "Brings down the House"
Attack on political opponent(s) who is/are actively conducting (leading) investigations into the President for XYZ charges beyond Mueller for XYZ reasons (zero evidence to support) - OBSTRUCTION TRAP?- That will be the claim until the DECLAS happens.
[SDNY] opening 'private' investigation for the sole purpose of FINDING A CRIME?- Yes around concocted 'evidence'- Sound familiar?
Evidence to support?-No
Evidence presented?- Conjecture from the fake Buzzfeed article- Sound familiar?
Does [SDNY] report to AG BARR?- YES.
Watch the news.- Match the news against what Q is telling us- Reconcile.
[MW] opening *new* investigations into the 'finances' of POTUS and/or his family?- Yes- trying to get tax returns.
Why did D's state 'things will calm down if we retake the House' prior to the midterm elections?- Talking to their people Re: They will start investigations to bolster the blockade.
Was their plan to retake the House in order to 'chair' each respective committee in order to start *new* erroneous investigations in an attempt to retain the BLOCKADE?- See above.
Retain the 'insurance' policy?- See above
Retain the optical illusion that a crime was committed?- This is the ONLY thing that rallies their base. They MUST have an enemy, because they have NO ideas.
Retain the narrative?- Attempt.
Retain D_base outrage?- Of course.
Retain D_base obstruction?- Of course
Retain D_base support to block POTUS' agenda?- Of course
If you know your opponents move, what advantages that does present?- You are 5 moves ahead. 5D Chess.
If you have the TRUTH on your side, what advantages does that present?- The TRUTH is irrefutable when all the BS is gone.
If you have full control of the US MIL, what advantages does that present?- POWER & Loyalty to the Constitution.
If you have complete AUTH TO DECLAS, what advantages does that present?- TRUMP card- GAME OVER! DECLAS BRINGS DOWN THE HOUSE (2).
If you have the SUPPORT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE (PATRIOTS), what advantages does that present?- #FAKENEWS narratives don't work. Support is unwavering!
We thank you for your service, BO.- Board Owner (8Chan)
We thank you for your service, Vols.- People from Tennessee. JK- All of us volunteers.
We thank you for your service, Bakers.- The guys that set up the threads on 8Chan.
We thank you for your service, Anons.- Everyone who dig, dive, research, organize, and connect information.
God bless each and every one of you.- All who are participating in this fight.
Patriots, one and all!- Thank you @QAnon
Pepe is proud and has never been more popular.- Pepe is the frog mascot of our movement.
Re: Conservative attacked on UC Berkeley campus-

Attacker = member of local ANTIFA chapter (joined April 2018).- Fascists
Facial scans do not 'hit' directly > 2 jumps downstream req.- Very interesting. Great faceshot too. 2 jumps=Specialized protcl
NSA surveillance allows for "2hops" in the communication chain of any individual (target) they are allowed to survey. Meaning, if they hit a match on facial recognition while observing a crime and get a warrant they can capture all of his electronic communications,...
.... all of the electronic communications of his contacts, and all of the electronic communications of his contact's-contacts. This casts a wide enough net to understand who he is connected to and what his motive was.
📁- Attached

Our reach is a direct threat to their control.- Power in numbers- remember the 'Bugs Life' video?
Would the largest news co's in the world attack us (daily) if we weren't a threat to their narrative/control?- Totally defensive!
You attack those who threaten you the most.- Think sports- what player does the coach game plan against? The most effective player, that's who!
The Deal of a Lifetime?- Getting a SC justiceship vs 'suicide'? Definitely the deal of a lifetime.
[Tarmac] meeting not planned according to [LL] & [BC]?- #FakeNews
Security reports indicate USSS (sec detail [BC] & FBI (sec detail [LL]) planned for meeting?- Security Logs.
SC/[LL] deal presented by BC?- Legit
What actions did [JC] take days after?- see below
Less than a week after the tarmac meeting, [JC] announced that the FBI would not recommend an indictment against [HRC]?- YUP
Returning to the news?- Obviously.

We're talking about it and WE ARE THE NEWS!
Just another coincidence we dropped [LL] was offered a SC seat on Feb 6th and backed up by POTUS on April 15th.- Check out what @maga_swaga thinks about this proof:

Enjoy the show!
Here's some GREAT info Re: [LL] from the OIG report from last year- annotated by @st8blegenius
Q-News today:

Secret SCIF meetings
#QAnon hitting the mainstream
BIG health news coming
Equal Justice
UnEqual media coverage
FBI > Antifa
List of #FakeNews hoaxes
CA. $hi7hole leaders
NC re-vote - Watch margin of V in 2nd vote
New Narrative
[LL] Tarmac is back
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