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Socialist AOC was created by Democratic Socialists of America, Brand New Congress, Justice Democrats, & George Soros's "The Media Consortium."
We all know AOC was promoted by DSA as an open, self-declared socialist.

This may be the group we are the most familiar with, but NOT the driving force behind this movement!

"DSA shows their muscle in New York congressional upset" news.yahoo.com/democratic-soc…
AOC was created mainly by Brand New Congress, Justice Democrats, & George Soros's "The Media Consortium." BNC, co-founded by Saikat Chakrabarti, began as 20 Bernie 2016 Staffers, trying to organize mini-Bernie canidates for 2018 Midterm primaries, for all Congressional districts.
The BNC candidates must sign on to uphold Brand New Congress's selected Policy issues:

Medicare For All, Green New Deal, Women's Rights, Tax Reform, etc.

Saikat Chakrabarti is also listed as an Executive Director for a similar group - The Justice Democrats PAC. Furthermore, the Justice Democrats PAC was co-founded by Cenk Uygur, from MSNBC & The Young Turks.

In 2016, Saikat Chakrabarti & Cenk Uygur's "The Justice Democrats PAC" & BNC put out a nationwide casting call - asking for nominations that will uphold BNC & JD policy stances. Out of 10,000 nominations, they found AOC - nominated by her brother.
Brand New Congress (BNC) & Justice Democrats (JD) created 79 canidates for 2018!
AOC explicitly admits who's behind her campaign here, in an interview with Cenk Uygur on The Young Turks. Notice how Cenk acts as if he knows only a little bit about her campaign - as if he wasn't directly involved in her campaign creation.
The NYT reported that AOC was only able to defeat Democrat Incumbent Joseph Crowley due to her online presence.  nytimes.com/2018/06/26/nyr…
AOC also admitted The Media Consortium (TMC) helped her reach a big audience as well, which is George Soros' media network including Cenk Uygur's "The Young Turks," "Mother Jones," "Democracy Now," and dozens of other outlets - all funded by #Soros.
According to the Media Research Center, The Media Consortium reaches 300M people a month!
It's very important to understand exactly how much #GeorgeSoros influences our political landscape by with his media empire & political influence campaigns, which have real consequences in our daily lives and our communities!
Now, Justice Democrats are supposed to be canidates that agree to JD's progressive policies AND accept no corporate money. Yet, it seems money from certain billionaires, like George Soros & Tom Steyer, is accepted.
For those not familiar with Tom Steyer, he's spending as much or more than George Soros to promote left-wing policies and is currently focused on impeachment of Trump.
These campaigns have real consequences on our daily lives and Communities! In fact, AOC has already hurt her community, costing her district 25,000 jobs, when she forced Amazon to pull out of building their second headquarters in New York.
Furthermore, AOC's already been slapped with many FEC complaints & seems to be involved in financial corruption schemes, like paying her boyfriend with campaign funds...

FEC complaint: AOC paid boyfriend thousands thru PAC onenewsnow.com/legal-courts/2…
...and AOC helped her top aide, Saikat Chakrabarti, from Brand New Congress & Justice Democrats, illegally funnel $885k - $1M!

Plus, she has gotten in trouble for campaigning on our tax dollars and using her government platform to campaign!!
In fact, AOC & her Chief-of-Staff - the co-founder of Brand New Congress & Executive Director of The Justice Democrats - Saikat Chakrabarti, could be facing jail time, "...If Their Control Over PAC Was Intentionally Hidden," Former FEC Commissioner Says.
Yet, Brand New Congress & Justice Democrats have already begun their 2020 campaign and called for nominations a month ago! They intend to run as many mini-Bernie/AOC canidates as possible in 2020, with Bernie Sanders as their desired Presidential Candidate!
JD & BNC have already identified some districts for 2020 to target- people they intend to remove, like fellow Democrat, Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar, and "are vetting possible recruits for a race against him."

Justice Dems: group aiming to create many AOCs 1newsday.com/politics/justi…
Brand New Congress & The Justice Democrats do not care if their actions and campaigns undermine compromise, hurt America, or split the Democrat Party.

In fact, they want to get rid of all moderate canidates and explicitly say so, here:

You can download the Justice Democrats report, here:
JD & BNC movement is antisemitic, anti-Israel, & pro-Palestine. Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan Omar are ALSO Justice Dems. We have heard all 3 of them discuss "Israeli Occupation of Palestine," support the BDS protest, and promulgate blatant antisemitic rhetoric!

In fact, Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan both support designated terrorist organizations like CAIR & Hamas, campaign and fundraise with/for them, and promote their ideologies.
Here is Rashida Tlaib speaking at a  CAIR (Muslim Brotherhood / Hamas) event.

Ilhan has also been accused of corruption & scandal, like the possible FEC Violation:

FEC Violation: Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar's 2018 Campaign Spent Nearly $150,000 In Raised Funds AFTER Election Day
Plus, evidence suggests that Ilhan committed Marriage Fraud to help her brother get a Green Card.
More here:
We must fight back NOW to save America - or face 400+ radicalized, Socialist Commucrats, brought forth by JD, BNC, & Soros, that genuinely think America is "garbage" & seek to "transform" our Country into a socialist, failed state; literally dismantling our entire infrastructure!
Side note: Cenk Uygur, while still involved through The Young Turks & The Media Consortium, stepped away from Justice Dems in 2017.

He remains a host on TYT, despite gross comments.

Lets remind the Liberals screaming #FireTuckerCarlson today!

@threadreaderapp unroll please.
Something to keep in mind, regarding the anti-American, anti-Israel, HAMAS/CAIR advocates being placed in American politics by Justice Dems, Brand New Congress, Soros's The Media Consortium, & DSA, that support #Socialism & #OpenBorders - Long-Term Agendas
In fact, creeping Shar¡a Law has already begun in NYC, w/ the 1st Musl¡m Community Patrol Squads & Cars (look like NYPD Squad Cars), alarming NYC residents.

This is NOT Fake News. This is NOT fear mongering. I wish it was, but unfortunately, this is real life!

"Residents in New York say they’re alarmed after seeing “Musl¡m Community Patrols” driving through their neighborhoods in what look like police squad cars."

Europeans have had probs with this too.

‘Musl¡m Community Patrols’ have NYC residents alarmed - oann.com/watch-muslim-c…
As proven in the thread 👆, AOC is a Justice Democrats, Brand New Congress, & Soros's Puppet.

AOC simply promotes the radicalized talking points from the Bernie & Soros handlers, positioned as staff!

It's not just AOC - it's ALL JD Candidates & they have a bigger plan for 2020!
Scary Stuff: Saul Alinsky style tactics, Subhash Chandra Bose's combination of Nazism & Communism, coupled w/ anti American hate, & Soros's Globalism, Open Borders, & Socialism.

The horrors behind JD puppets like AOC, Ilhan, Rashida, etc. (Already planning + in 2020):
Watch the Full Video, here:

Same forces behind AOC, Rashida, & other JD puppets are behind the Constitutional Convention movement - to "get money out of politics," & abolish the Electoral College & #2A!

Conservatives are fooled into supporting - not knowing who/what's behind it or endgame!
This is Cenk Uygur, again, with the Wolf-PAC on February 22nd, 2019, in Olympia, Washington for a committee hearing & the passing of SJM 8002, making Washington one step closer to being another state to call for a Constitutional Convention.
Wolf-PAC is not just involved in organizing the Constitutional Convention - they are also involved in Liberal Legislation in many states, like Colorado, Oregon, Nebraska, Maryland, Washington, New Mexico, & more, on many issues, like GA's #HR181 or #HR53.
We must #TakeAction:

1) Make all Americans, especially Conservatives, aware of who & what they're supporting with this movement;
2) Organize counter-protests for each states' events!

Informative piece on issue, here: thenewamerican.com/print-magazine…
Socialist Commucrats/JD puppets do NOT want to "get money out of politics." They want our tax dollars to fund 'Washington bureaucrats' control over what American citizens can say about politics, how we can say it, & how we cast our ballots.' - M. McConnell
Concerned about Commucrats attacks on #ElectoralCollege?

Super EZ - Takes ≤ 3 mins!

Take Action:
1. Click on the Link below.
2. Send the Petition as a letter to all of YOUR elected officials, electronically.

Electoral College & Equal Representation:
WolfPAC took A LOT of money from Google Inc affiliates in 2016 & 2018.

Ask yourself why Google Inc & Silicon Valley would want to change the Constitution. What exactly would they benefit from changing?

What does free speech mean to you?

See more, here:
Justice Democrats seems to still take money from corporations too, despite their main claims. It seems the donations go through individuals of the corporations, rather than from the corporations directly. We've seen JD's Saikat Chakrabarti/AOC $ crimes too
Here's Uygur:

The former MSNBC, #JusticeDemocrats co-founder, George Soros' media puppet - as host of TYT on Soros's "The Media Consortium"...

(the forces behind AOC Tlaib etc)

...launching WolfPAC, to push a Constitutional Convention on 10/19/11. Goals ++changed++ since 2011.
David Koller is listed as the "Treasurer" of WolfPAC - Uygur's super PAC funding & promoting the push for a Constitutional Convention. Koller's also co-founder of The Young Turks w/George Soros's The Media Consortium, & a producer for the show.
Get this!

The address for Wolf PAC is the same address as The Young Turks’ Studio.

Left: TYT's on Contact tab of

Right: The Wolf PAC April Quarterly Report filed with the FEC on 04/15/2018: docquery.fec.gov/cgi-bin/fecimg…

It's Radicalists 🎯 the Constitution!
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