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We’ve reached a point where the explicit graphic content warning is before you listen to a public school board meetings content.

Some suggesting the alphabet soup conduct is only happening in big cities & #Texas would be 3rd in overall education if we could ignore them.
To add insult to injury, it is a problem with @GregAbbott_TX leadership standards that must be addressed to protect teachers pay or #Democrats will.

The standard is not about educating kids to read, write or be proficient in math (more about that later).

It is about their pay.
In this episode one family relocates to #Fredrickburg TX to escape Houston’s school district only to find it’s everywhere in Texas.

A former teacher herself says she thought it was only going on in big cities or on the evening national news.
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.@speakerbowers @GaSecofState @GabrielSterling I want to thank you all for what you did to protect the Constitution and our vote. As I like to tell Trump and his following, they are the RINOs, what you see are real Republicans standing up for the Constitution. >
Real Republicans stand up for things that Trump does not. The 6th should have shown them that. A President trying to overthrow the Constitution and did do and has done everything he could to "cancel" our votes. >2
A President that sends his hordes to the Capitol to kill anyone he was against... like Mike Pence... to destroy our REAL electors' votes. A President that was happy that the police were getting beat the sh*t out of them by "his people." A President that condemned our> 3
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Did you know the @TheGrayzoneNews story about #PaulMason is tied to the #LabourParty? Here is a thread that explores the anti-left / abusive outfit Labour have outsourced lots of former staffers work to: #ValentProjects

The report by @KitKlarenberg displays secret communications between #PaulMason and various intelligence community wonks, in a coordinated effort to smear indy media, and 'take down the left' - Corbynites especially. Because apparently, 'anti-imperialism' is BAD. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤡

Mixing deplatforming, "full nuclear legal" (we've had a taste of that from the #LabourParty), and various other abusive and dehumanising techniques, this 'intel contractor' was happily working with #PaulMason and others to put leftists at risk.

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June 1, 2022. Happy Pride Y'all. You are loved by so many - please never forget it. A special WHAT THE FLORIDA 🧵to kick the month off. Are you angry yet? 1/11 Image
Florida #Democrats seem to be apathetic to the idea of running candidates against the #cult right sycophants that stand behind Governor DeFascist. 2/11
#FionaMcFarland, a cult-right state house rep, is running relatively unopposed in a seat that was previously held by a dem. 3/11
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90% of the funds raised by Fiona McFarland, FL House 72, came from out of state last election. She voted yes on:
Election Crimes & Security 🙄
Don’t Say Gay 🙄
Stop Woke 🙄
Anti-trans in sports bill 🙄
Restricting VBM drop boxes 🙄4
Forced birth post 15 weeks gestation 🙄 1/4
The only person who has filed against her? A local teacher who has no website and hasn’t raised any money. McFarland has raised over $120K already. @jacobogles reported about her funding sources last election but why even bother in what is essentially an unopposed race? 2/4… Wonder if there is still a ton of out of state money for this term? 3/4
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With #Raisina2022 in full swing, @orfonline is delighted to announce the #RaisinaEdit— a selection of commentaries that unpack, interpret, & problematise contemporary global developments.

Edited by @anahitakhanna95 & @PreetiLourdes.

#Putin has clearly underestimated the resolve of the #Ukrainian leadership & citizens to fight back, while also receiving widespread criticism in the form of major sanctions from the broader European community and beyond: @AlicaKizekova
Julia De Clerck-Sachsse: Beyond #Europe’s immediate allies, support in defending the current order will be hard to come by. But convincing these countries is crucial if its geopolitical awakening is to translate into a more prominent geopolitical posture.…
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So some interesting things have surfaced in the last few weeks that I want to share. Be patient with me, I’m slow & get interrupted a lot. But, I think it’s worth it to share this information before the mid-term elections.

😃 Please don’t forget to vote in November…💙
This article from 04/06/2022 has been weighing on my mind…it’s regarding the #RockbridgeNetwork, defined as a coalition.

What is a “political coalition” in the US?
Not much. It’s basically a verbal, non-regulated agreement to finance an agreed upon political agenda.
While #RockbridgeNetwork is being considered a “new GOP coalition”, it isn’t, think #CambridgeAnalytica. Plus, it is not the only “new GOP coalition” popping up before mid-term elections. #ChestnutStreetCouncil has been started by Matt Schlapp, think #KochNetwork
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America, we have to talk about this:…
This poll compared #Republican #Democrats & Independent opinions related to the #Russian war on #Ukraine and the results are shocking.
When asked to name the two national or world leaders they dislike most, GOP:👇
MORE Image
2/ #Democrats had a very different list of dislikes, predictably. If you combine their 1st & 2nd choice top picks, 76% of Dems rank #Putin at the top.
MORE Image
3/ Only one question found Americans, regardless of Party affiliation, in near-unanimity -- fear of nuclear war with #Russia .
MORE Image
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You know what I would love to say to her "Who do I turn to, to be compensated for all the pain & suffering I have experienced for the past 2 years?" I was carjacked & shot by a STL gang banging thug! See more below! #innocentlivesmatter #dobetter #stl…
2: The day my life changed forever all because of failed policies, plea bargains & sympathy for violent THUGS!…
3: If @saintlouismayor thinks I would even consider “donating” my money for reparations she has lost her damn mind. I’m not responsible for 💩 that happened years ago! However people like her & other democrats are responsible for what happened to me! #stlmayor
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@whatkindofhell1 @johncardillo You don't know what happened either. No one knows because the media will never tell the whole truth, left/right, it doesn't matter. The media is always going to skew a narrative in one direction or another in support of the preferred agenda.
#Democrats #Republicans #Fakenews
@whatkindofhell1 @johncardillo In case you missed it over the last year, the only thing happening in America was decline and unrest. The Democrats continuously herald radically unsustainable and unconstitional ideas aimed solely at lining their own interests and fraudulently holding power indefinitely.
@whatkindofhell1 @johncardillo Nothing has improved under Biden. America isn't secure. Whether you can't see past the medias protection or not; the truth is within your reach.
Biden isn't respected and holds next to zero political influence; Biden was only an already paid-for asset installed through wide
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Thank you everyone for a great night at #FBCG22! Here's the speech I gave: I think many of you were surprised to see that I was not on the Secretary of State’s unofficial list of candidates who filed for Governor. 🧵 #idpol #idaho #Democrats
I can assure you that you are not as surprised as I am! Although I’ve served as a non-partisan Mayor for two terms, let me be clear, I am a Democrat. We are taking all necessary steps to ensure I’m on the ballot. And I am confident we will be successful.
Now let me tell you why I’m running for Governor. It seems that everywhere we look in the world we see a battle going on. A battle between freedom and totalitarianism. A clash between the rule of law and corrupt power. A struggle between democracy and dictatorship.
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Okay, listening into the #RHEA the Reproductive Health Equity Act testimony, and listening to folks that haven’t given birth or could have opinions about #reproductivehealth is just always disappointing and unnecessary.
This guy on this panel basically said “why does birth need to constitute a human right”, um, sir, what in the what? LIVING HUMANS don’t have human rights yet.
All this commentary coming to you is really actually inspired by @Justa_Jus ‘s incredible commentary 🤣
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From January, but still relevant...

A little background from @LeeSmithDC…

"#VladimirPutin didn’t need the green light that #JoeBiden gave Russian forces during his marathon press conference last Thursday for a “minor incursion” into Ukraine.

The Russian president already knew the U.S. commander in chief couldn’t stop him even if he wanted to.
Sure, Putin has seen the polling and knows foreign entanglements won’t help a Democrat hemorrhaging support from his own party.
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For months we saw approval ratings of @POTUS shrink & a Red wave was predicted by poll pandits. What followed aftermath is real game changer. #JoeBiden’s tough stance on #Russia, imposing sanctions, undivided support to #Ukraine might go well with Dems in upcoming midterms. #SOTU
@POTUS’s #StateOfTheUnionAddress clearly hints at Democrats pushing Russia-Ukraine as their agenda in the midterms.

A sizeable European & #Ukraine population reside in key battleground states (Ohio has country's 5th-highest population of Ukrainians) who can swing this election
But its not going to be a cake walk. A Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey found 37% of Americans were confident in the administration's ability to effectively counter Russia, while 63% said they were not confident. Long road ahead for #Democrats
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This graphic is a joke.
❌"control" is spelled w/ 1 n.
❌ Do #Democrats believe in Liberalism, Communism, or Socialism? Which is it?
❌ The horror of letting people vote!
❌ Increase taxes on the wealthy 1/

#VoteBlue2022 #DemVoice1 #BlueVoices Image
❌ Why is the military weak? Is it because anyone who wants to join can?
❌ Sure, #Republicans want babies to be born. Then they and their families are on their own.
❌ Tax breaks for the wealthy only.
❌ Gun rights over human rights every time for the #GOP. 2/

#VoteBlue2022 Image
❌ Free speech-is that why Trump called the press the "enemy of the people?"
❌ Humping a flag at a convention or putting a flag sticker on your car does not a patriot make.
❌Constitution - Trump constantly went against it. I guarantee he never read it. 3/

#VoteBlue2022 Image
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🦉: 👌 SPIRIT #Cooking 👇:

🦉: ¿Quieres aprender a preparar un ritual satánico como mi amiga Marina #Abramovic?. ¿Has oído algo sobre #spiritcooking?. Hoy voy a hablaros sobre el maravilloso Arte de una de mis Altas Sacerdotisas predilectas: la polémica #MarinaAbramovic 1⃣/2⃣5⃣.
🦉: 👌 SPIRIT #Cooking 👇:

🦉: El Arte culinario de Marina Abramović nos sumerge en una experiencia culinaria excepcional. Cada menú esta diseñado con una performance ritual única, cuidando hasta el más mínimo detalle de la presentación y la calidad del "producto". 👇2⃣/2⃣5⃣.
🦉: 👌 SPIRIT #Cooking 👇:

🦉: Marina Abramović propone un menú degustación compartido para grupos de mínimo tres comensales. Apuesta por "dejar hablar" al producto, y, evita el uso de cualquier tipo de especia, que adultere el sabor original de la "carne". 👇3⃣/2⃣5⃣.
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another so called activist demasked as a chud BLOCKED #chudwatch
so fucking sick of you fake bamboozled so called activists who act like corrupt gov/police chiefs and MSM!!!! FAKES FAKES FAKES!
KEEP PROPPING UP SUPER PREDATOR BIDEN AND RACIST #Duopoly #Democrats!!!! see what that gets you and us and everyone!!! dumb fucks!
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New Followers. Let me share with you my idea for reaching new Dem voters and crushing every election.

I'm calling this idea "peer to peer" politics. I live in Garland Texas and during our door to door knocking, I've taken notes on how voters get their information.

(a thread)
Garland is very similar to the working class cities around Texas (Amarillo, Midland, Lubbock, Plano).

Only 2% of the people I surveyed have Twitter.

Almost everyone has Facebook and that's a problem because their news comes from Facebook and fake news that's being shared.
Facebook is a problem because the information shared is shared within a small circle of friends and family who have the most pull within their own circles.

And to top that off, 57% of voters age 55+ watch Fox News. We're battling misinformation everywhere. And that's a problem!
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Oops they’re doing it again. Republican members of Congress want to be seen as voting in lockstep with their party but they also want credit when the legislation crafted & passed by #Democrats pay huge dividends for their constituents. #WeSeeYou👀 1/20 #DemocratsDeliver
This article, from Jan. 20, 2022 By Steve Benen tells the story of the double-dealing, mealy-mouthed, two-faced, weaselly, yellow-bellied, two-timing, lying Republican swine. The article doesn’t use those words but draw your own conclusions. 2/20…
“Around this time 12 years ago, as investments from Barack Obama's Recovery Act started reaching communities nationwide, Republicans who opposed the economic package started showing up at ribbon-cutting ceremonies.”3/20 #RepublicanHypocrisy
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"A @Quinnipiac poll found a majority of Americans – by a 58 to 37 margin – believe 'the nation’s #Democracy is in danger of collapse.' Some of that is right-wingers who think the 2020 election was stolen, but it’s 56 to 37% among #Democrats, too."…
Critic @froomkin noted >1/2 of, "Americans consider it very likely (19%) or somewhat likely (34%) that there will be another attack like the 1 at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021."
Then he asked, "Where are the interviews w/regular Americans terrified for our democracy?"
AND Image
Twitterrati amazed @froomkin:
"I was struck by how many people responded by telling me that not only are they terrified, but that everybody they know is terrified, too."
I also hear this from most of my natl security cohorts, wondering why U.S. citizens aren't panicking.

MORE Image
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You do realize that your telling the truth about why #VoteBlue is pointless when even the #Democrats get a Supermajority, they won't get anything done?

Because that's what your admitting here, your saying "You shouldn't vote for us, because we still won't get anything done!"
We could've had #MedicareForAll or a #PublicOpinion under the @BarackObama Administration. But what we've gotten was a Right-wing #Healthcare Plan by the the @Heritage Foundation that kept the For-profit #HealthInsurance Companies in Control!
That was @MittRomney's Plan & it was supported by Right-wing idiots like @ChuckGrassley & @newtgingrich.

If @BarackObama cared about #SocialJustice, then he would've gone the Franklin D. Roosevelt & Lyndon B. Johnson route to make Democrats pass his Bills! But no.
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You know what would help Students that I know who are dealing with #StudentLoan/#StudentDebt?

Actually use #Executive Order & Abolish All #StudentLoanDebt with a swivel of a pen.

That's what would help them & strengthen the #Economy!

Seriously #Democrats, it's not hard to do!!
Seriously! The only time he Eliminated #StudentDebt was for #ForProfit College Scams & other stuff, yet he promised to eliminate $10,000 #StudentLoan Debt he didn't do! But put aside $10,000 to Abolish, We have $1.73 Trillion of Student Debt in America which can all be abolished.
The @POTUS can use #Executive Order to Eliminate #StudentDebt with ease to help Americans who are being held back from debt that's god knows how long.

So forget abolishing just $10,000 of #StudentLoan, abolish all $1.7 Trillion of the #StudentLoanDebt!
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Opinion Editorial: Time For Change at the #Courthouse
In the flurry of enthusiasm for top of the ticket candidates, in 2018 #Democrats voted overwhelmingly straight ticket in #HarrisCounty. Unfortunately, officeholders doing a good job were swept out in the wave—replaced by (1)
...less than optimum alternatives. Witness how quickly two separate County #Clerks resigned or did not seek reelection, mainly due to errors and incompetence regarding multiple elections under their charge. Witness the judges who fail to run timely dockets, leaving plaintiffs (2)
and defendants languishing for years to see justice—including several judges who haven’t held a single trial since taking office! Witness further the dramatic rise in crime due to a misapplication of the fundamentals to practical #criminaljustice reform and non-functioning (3)
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