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A running thread of things that @Twitter could do to unlock value for users. Will add to overtime. Please feel free to retweet and reply with your own, most of these below I have just taken and summarized from others. In no particular order. 1/♾ #JustKidding 🤔 or am I?
@Twitter I drafted a tweet on my phone but of course, can't access "draft's" on the desktop. So lets maybe start there. The desktop and @Tweetdeck version should be MORE robust than the mobile app not less. Tweetdeck, for example, has no bookmarks, emoji's, live video, polls, gif's, etc
@Twitter @TweetDeck There are SO MANY great meaningful quotes, threads, replies, and conversations that vanish into the Twitter ether, drowned out by hot takes, snark, and 280 character riffs on what some influencer or politician just did. Find a way to collect and resurface this treasure trove.
@Twitter @TweetDeck Make profiles interesting and useful. Allow users to share things there. If they were a destination instead of just an afterthought they could be monetized by both Twitter AND the users. An example of what they could is something like is attempting to do.
@Twitter @TweetDeck Relaunch Vine and onboard 100M+ probably. Twitter can beat both #TickTok and Facebook if they integrate Square (@CashApp ) or Bitcoin (lighting network or something like allowing creators to FINALLY get compensated DIRECTLY by their fans and supporters.
@Twitter @TweetDeck @CashApp List's are great but users' actual Timelines are still the ultimate lists. Allowing users to not just follow other users but to follow another user's entire timeline would be a voyeuristic delight, break everyone out of their self-curated filter bubble, and onboard new users.
@Twitter @TweetDeck @CashApp "What gets measured gets managed." Want to reduce Trolling and encourage good behavior? Display metrics. Give users settings to filter on. Tweet you're about to reply to, Likely a bot? Currently muting by how many? Number of users are blocking it, reported for abuse lately?🧐
@Twitter @TweetDeck @CashApp The best content on Twitter is bookmarked but there is no counter like the replies, retweets, and likes have. Give us a counter! (It can remain anonymous but what are people bookmarking? That’s the quality long-tail content I’m here for!) Let users filter timelines on counters
@Twitter @TweetDeck @CashApp Let users filter on timelines and lists. Short on time and only want to see things a minimum level of engagement if more than a few hours old? Where's that option? Only want to see linked articles, tweets with replies, tweets with at least a few bookmarks? Filters and Settings.
@Twitter @TweetDeck @CashApp Mark links behind paywalls (yellow?) so we can all stop wasting time clicking on them only to find out their paywalled when they load up. Partner with additional publishers besides @medium to lower the paywall or enable micro-transactions so users can purchase a la carte content.
@Twitter @TweetDeck @CashApp @Medium Twitter Polls stink. Where’s the option to just view the results? And what is Twitter’s obsession with minuscule character counts? Is someone there still using an iPhone 3GS? Phones are twice the size they used to be. 160 character profiles, 25 character Polls? We need ROOM.
@Twitter @TweetDeck @CashApp @Medium We're still following people one at a time? Incredibly tedious and frustrating. Partner with @Audible @ApplePodcasts @Pocketcasts @OvercastFM @Spotify @hearluminary @goodreads @TheAthletic et. al. so we can click one button and batch follow talent we enjoy not our contact lists.
@Twitter @TweetDeck @CashApp @Medium @audible @ApplePodcasts @pocketcasts @OvercastFM @Spotify @hearluminary @goodreads @TheAthletic Encourage and Incentivize shows, networks, events, publications, communities, to curate lists/groups that users can FIND (a directory) and just subscribe to. So much friction to follow all the writers, actors, showrunners, from a favorite show (@SHO_Billions) that are on here 😣
@Twitter @TweetDeck @CashApp @Medium @audible @ApplePodcasts @pocketcasts @OvercastFM @Spotify @hearluminary @goodreads @TheAthletic @SHO_Billions While a welcome addition, the bookmarks need folders and much better search and sorting. The bookmarks also signal tweets that tend to have the longest half-life. They should be given a counter (but remain anonymous) so that users can filter and focus on the great content there.
@Twitter @TweetDeck @CashApp @Medium @audible @ApplePodcasts @pocketcasts @OvercastFM @Spotify @hearluminary @goodreads @TheAthletic @SHO_Billions Bring the serendipitous and insightful @Tweetdeck activity column to mobile/desktop as a toggled choice beyond the latest tweets, top Tweets (and hopefully many future choices). || The Activity Column Is The Best Part Of Twitter, And You're All Missing It
@Twitter @TweetDeck @CashApp @Medium @audible @ApplePodcasts @pocketcasts @OvercastFM @Spotify @hearluminary @goodreads @TheAthletic @SHO_Billions Brevity's naturally baked in here. If Twitter showed 280 characters then “…”🤔Almost nobody's expanding tweets unless genuinely intrigued. Who doesn't like a little intrigue? No? well for "conversational health", then? At least in the replies. Reference:
The best sports highlights are on @instagram The reason is simple. Short form video is inherently higher quality, better curated, longer shelf life. @HoHighlights, best example of this. Global timelines of just sports highlights anyone can easily subscribe to, onboard millions.
@instagram @HoHighlights Ultimately there's got to be an improvement to the big 4: Reply, Like, Retweet and Bookmark. Some sort of improved reactions that are less ambiguous, more nuanced and help users express themselves. (Also to give Twitter's ML a chance to surface higher quality, long-tail content.
@instagram @HoHighlights The “Cashtag” i.e. putting a dollar sign before a stock ticker is HUGELY useful for #FinTwit to follow stock-specific news but is often hijacked by users tweeting out something with 25+ random ticker symbols over and over. Limit it to ~5? “ $SPY $QQQ $IWM $TWTR...just kidding.
@instagram @HoHighlights Hashtags are HUGELY useful but they also often get hijacked by users (especially bots) tweeting out unrelated stuff with most hoping to pick up some engagement. Limit it to ~5 Alternately, if the user only used ONE, consider not counting it against their 280 characters. #Twitter
@instagram @HoHighlights Additional timelines I'd be willing to pay for (Twitter Pro): Tweets that accounts I follow bookmarked lately. Ability to clone/subscribe to others TL. Timeline of the Tweets my default TL is engaging with the most. Global (regional) engagement timelines (what's everyone up to?)
@instagram @HoHighlights If @Twitter's not going to verify those that request it by ID or credit card, or even jack's other company @CashApp (obvious synergy's here) or partner with Apple or Amazon (to verify millions) then at least indicate if the account verified a phone number. Even that's helpful.
@instagram @HoHighlights @Twitter @CashApp 100M+ won't but a few million of us would pay for an ad-free Twitter Pro. Throw in a few more additional features, settings, customizations (such as verification, additional timelines, ability to easily add/remove lists from main timeline) and you've got a subscription business.
@instagram @HoHighlights @Twitter @CashApp Twitter should be a huge distribution network for live video but the average users can't even find the live content. 😣 Occasionally you'll see something at the top of the mobile app (but not on the desktop, not on @Tweetdeck, and not on a 3rd party app) Build a guide/directory.
@instagram @HoHighlights @Twitter @CashApp @TweetDeck When auto-scroll goes live on mobile and desktop it should be followed with a setting where users can delay the timeline by a select number of seconds. Critical for live sports where if you're streaming an event, you may be a few seconds behind everyone else with 5G, cable, etc.
@instagram @HoHighlights @Twitter @CashApp @TweetDeck Who designed this? 👇🤷‍♂️ Think it through @TwitterDesign What's intuitive? What is pressed the most to the least often here? Order it that way. i.e. Share, (add) Add to List, Mute (for "some duration, that expires so you don't forget about it!!!) Block, then finally Report.
Borrow conceptually from others. Yes you reading this may only want your simple chronological timeline you built yourself but many of the people that signed up for @Twitter and left, would have stayed if they could have just viewed whats interesting on Twitter today like this.👇
Experiment with different user interfaces. Not everyone likes the scroll. Older, less tech savy people often gravitate to Flipboard and Pinterest because its formatted and presented more traditionally. Below my last few Tweets output to @Flipboard It’s Improveable @TwitterDesign
@Flipboard @TwitterDesign It's a long-running joke that if an older celebrity is trending, we're all forced to click on it and waste time scrolling around for a minute to see if they died. But jokes aside, why not pay just ONE editor at Twitter to write a sentence or two as to why the topic is trending?
@Flipboard @TwitterDesign One concept Twitter should consider borrowing from Reddit is some type of "Karma". "While some...cheekily refer to it as "imaginary internet points"... It’s the best metric regular users have available to them to determine, at a glance, if someone is a valued member of the site"
When exploring accounts that other users follow @Twitter should help you understand which might interest you most 🤷‍♂️ Start with how many of the same accts you both follow and what %. But then enable dynamic sorting. Who are they interacting with, who did they follow recently....
@Twitter @ArtDeVany @collision @StewartalsopIII One way to onboard users & encourage engagement is to run global Twitter Polls occasionally. Ex. Who won the debate? Vote on Twitter's NFL Power Rankings,... Drudge site traffic spikes when he runs a poll. (Sure bots will manipulate results but may help ML better identify them)
@Twitter @ArtDeVany @collision @StewartalsopIII The day new users can come to Twitter & just subscribe to a few topics that interest them, onboarding & user growth accelerates. Everyone reading this takes great pride in the timelines they curated, but Joe in Alabama may just want to easily follow all the #FoxNews contributors
Podcasts below I originally found because of Twitter. Many episodes worthy of threads & discussions where Listerners & Podcasters could engage in healthy conversations. Again I point readers to @AlexCartaz thoughtful article: on what Twitter could do here.
@AlexCartaz @briankoppelman @jaltucher @JordanHarbinger The UX is so terrible with tweetstorms that if you need to edit something & add a word (that now won't fit) say a dozen, 280 character blocks earlier, you can't just add it and have everything after it auto-adjust. You have to manually spend time, oh hell I'm out of room already
Twitter could do so much with visualization. Even a simple world cloud of a users last 50 tweets could quickly tell you what’s had a users attention lately. A visual heatmap of tweet engagement would be fascinating but Twitter does nothing with it.😖

The “long press” on a tweet should probably include the option of just copying the text from a tweet to the clipboard. There’s no efficient way to do this currently. Copying the link is often great but sometimes you just want to save a quote or fwd only the text (no link/media)
Below are but two of many examples of the synergy that Twitter and Podcasting would have if they were brought together. @OvercastFM and @breaker have figured it out, will @Twitter eventually? Absolute layup here for Discovery and Healthy Conversations.…
@OvercastFM @Breaker @Twitter @Snowden @DanTGilbert Consider partnering with Amazon (Bezos) to verify those that want to. Prime members could get Twitter Verified and Twitter gets help with all their advertising problems. A WinWin, Paywall to @washingtonpost articles from Twitter could go unmetered as @ev did with @medium $TWTR
@OvercastFM @Breaker @Twitter @Snowden @DanTGilbert @washingtonpost @ev @Medium One of Twitter's strengths is as a recommendation engine but they have not innovated well around it at all. The noise too often buries the signals here. @nuzzel does do a great job of capturing some of the best article links. Twitter should take note 🗒️
@OvercastFM @Breaker @Twitter @Snowden @DanTGilbert @washingtonpost @ev @Medium @nuzzel Circling back to this because it's so important. Integrate bitcoin, @lightiningnetwork or @CasApp into Twitter so users can donate a small amount to an article's author, or other contributors like a video/tutorial/Vine they made that others got value from. Even direct to charity
@OvercastFM @Breaker @Twitter @Snowden @DanTGilbert @washingtonpost @ev @Medium @nuzzel @casapp If @Twitter is FINALLY taking a stand on some big issues, especially opposite of Facebook, then throw some Twitter weight behind #Bitcoin finally @jack. You more than almost any CEO seem to get it, so do something here & let Twitter embrace it while Facebook's libra goes nowhere.
@OvercastFM @Breaker @Twitter @Snowden @DanTGilbert @washingtonpost @ev @Medium @nuzzel @casapp @jack Again $CashTags and #Hastags are hugely useful here but it's ruined by accounts spam tweeting with dozens of them. 😣 Limit them to a reasonable number so they retain their usefulness. Also, allow users to mute on hashtags and hashtags as well. #Features #Settings #UserControls
@OvercastFM @Breaker @Twitter @Snowden @DanTGilbert @washingtonpost @ev @Medium @nuzzel @casapp @jack While they probably won't be looking like this 👇😆 Reactions are an extremely helpful input for machine learning to figure out WHY a tweet is getting engagement. Take the "Wow". If following "NBA Basketball" further filtering just on "wow" likely yields incredible highlights.
@OvercastFM @Breaker @Twitter @Snowden @DanTGilbert @washingtonpost @ev @Medium @nuzzel @casapp @jack How great would it be if users could see a song on @Twitter and with a single click add it to their @Spotify @AppleMusic? Same with adding a podcast tweeted about to your podcasting app. Tweet about an interesting Netflix movie? One-click, it's in your queue. All of that. 🙏📝
@OvercastFM @Breaker @Twitter @Snowden @DanTGilbert @washingtonpost @ev @Medium @nuzzel @casapp @jack @Spotify @AppleMusic When a topic is trending, and we click on it. We know @Twitter is incentivized to keep us scrolling and on the app longer but please just pin a tweet (or write a brief explainer) at the top that tells us why it's trending. Save us all the 3 min of detective work. #designtwitter
@OvercastFM @Breaker @Twitter @Snowden @DanTGilbert @washingtonpost @ev @Medium @nuzzel @casapp @jack @Spotify @AppleMusic Through a simple series of questions, many dating apps can tell how similar one user is to another. This would be a useful metric here. i.e. When following someone how similar is their timeline to yours? Is adding them reinforcing your echo chamber or diminishing it? #Diversify
Below are the engagement metrics for this thread after 5 days. 😖🤷‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ I will continue to suggest improvements (some mentioned are in the pipeline) Link to one of my two medium articles below as well: If anyone could amplify thread, I’d appreciate it. TY!
Give users a dedicated place to post #DesignTwitter requests🌿(beyond tweeting into the Twittersphere ether 🍂Let @TwitterDesign engage with regular users. Consider letting users upvote & downvote on the most needed features & settings (or most desired new topics to Add 🤓) $TWTR
Woooohoooooooo! 🥳😀Finally @jack @kayvz @dantley @TwitterDesign come through! 👏$TWTR #designtwitter #FollowTopics 😎😎😎😎
Does anyone have the full list of the ~300 Follow Topics that Twitter is launching with? (found NFL, NBA...) but curious what the rest are. No #Crypto or #FinTwit? Would generate tremendous engagement if they let users vote on what gets added going forward. #DesignTwitter $TWTR
My number one Follow Topic would probably be #Podcasts i.e (PodcastRecommendations) Followed by #Nutrition or #Physics, and yes maybe some #LifeHacks. What topics do others want to see added next? Has @Twitter asked everyone yet? Glad they are staying away from Politics for now.
The most interesting #Ratio for many of us would be The number of times a Tweet was Bookmarked vs Retweeted. That would likely surface super interesting (longer form) content that users want to circle back to and potentially READ or THINK about, not just react to. #designtwitter
This thread on possible ways to improve @Twitter has received 816 Impressions and 57 Engagements. Were I to click: “Promote Tweet”, the ONLY location I can promote it to from here is Vietnam, perhaps another reason Twitter has advertising problems 🤷‍♂️ Where are the other choices?
For anyone that has read this thread all the way down this far: @TwitterEng @TwitterResearch maybe? 🤷🙏🏻Congrats 😅 And, Thankyou. 🤓 A break from the suggestions to give everyone a look at Fanspain Point in Northern #Vietnam on Monday. #DesignTwitter 😀
Never understood why @TwitterEng @TwitterDesign didnt do more with geolocation. 🤷‍♂️ Am hiking in Vietnam and @tweetcaster still has the geolocation so you can see what others are tweeting about nearby. Its fun. Local biz can tweet out happy hours as well 🍻🍸 #designtwitter $TWTR
Many non-Twitter users: “I dont know who I’d want to follow on it but I’d sign up to follow some interesting topics. Can i just do that?”
🤔🤦‍♂️ No you gotta follow people first for now but maybe soon. “Ok well tell me when I can do that and I’ll sign up then.” #designtwitter
With Libra on the ropes (but a chinese digital currency coming in 2020) will @Twitter possibly step up, embrace Bitcoin and help mainstream it by integrating it into their network via lightning, tippinme, or @CashApp? 🤔🤷 #Bitcoin $TWTR $SQ Do Humanity a solid here please @jack
Wait LeBron HIMSELF is a Topic!?!?🏀⛹🏾‍♂️🏀⛹🏾‍♂️ How did I miss this?!?! 😀 Oh yeah, I havent seen the list of the full ~300. Has anyone reading this? If so please reply and link me. TY #NBA #WashedKing #Lakers #Lebron $TWTR
@KingJames 👀Twitter Topics should FINALLY allow Twitter advertising to become robust and relevant. I speak for many @dantley @TwitterResearch when I say, I have seen SO many ads on @instagram that I'm actually interested in. On @Twitter, almost never. cc: All Twitter Investors. $TWTR📈
Have to reiterate, ads on instagram are so unbelievably good that i end up ‘favoriting’ 1-2 a week. Kickstarter stuff, travel gear, gadgets, etc. Next level microtargeting (I assume) Twitters? Ads for bottled water and an airline id never fly 🤷😖 So much opportunity here $TWTR
Were @Twitter to display 280 then “...” > 95% of the Tweets would probably still be < 280 characters (brevity is baked in, few would expand longer tweets unless really intrigued) Why not enable some intrigue @jack? Real conversations. Not every topic is so concise. #designtwitter
Cant believe @Twitter hasnt figured out how to market and monetize around Twitter Rankings/Charts of all kinds of things. #Music, #Podcasts, #Sports, #Books, #Movies, etc. Top Podcasts my timeline is listening to would have HUGE value for me. Same with Books.., Music? 🤔🤷‍♂️ IDK
I follow this wonderful woman on @Twitter & @instagram but notice quite often that her et. al. ‘go live” on insta where they have larger followings and its more signal less noise. Hope @TwitterResearch is putting real thought into incentivizing creators to use Twitter more $TWTR
@Twitter @instagram @TwitterResearch @melrobbins Pure speculation on my part but what are a few things in the product pipeline that could positively impact Twitter's stock price over say a week's time? Best guesses: Working auto-scroll +1-2%, Minor UX tweaks +2-3%, Expanded profiles/Improvements to lists? +3-4%, anything with
Podcasts +4-5%, Topic Directories (imminent?) +5-6%, ability to follow other accounts full timelines? +6-7%. A subscription-based Twitter Pro? +7-8%, any type of bitcoin integration for micropayments ~+10%, A relaunch of Vine, >+10%, mass verification > 10%, buyout offer > 40-50%
Wish @TwitterResearch showed counters on how many times an account is muted, blocked, been suspended (what gets measured gets managed) but also hope they show counters on how many have subscribed to each "topic". If so, I predict a #TikTok will be the most followed Topic. #Vine
The single most important thing @Twitter could do to improve its utility for me is to partner with publishers on micropayments for single articles that I click on from here but are paywalled. I’ll happily pay, I just dont want full on subscriptions to a dozen plus publications.
Once reposted #TickTok’s are a Topic to follow and every 150 or so Tweets I get something like this, that I can scroll right past or enjoy for a few seconds, Twitters a better experience for me. Why @TwitterResearch isnt relaunching a Revamped Vine is forever a mystery to me 👇
Good interview👇but as a shareholder I wish @jimcramer would have asked @nedsegal and @TwitterIR why they run ZERO ads against #Lists, on @Tweetdeck, and there are none on 3rd party clients. 🤷‍♂️ #Monetize or build an ad free #Subscription product. 🤦‍♂️… $TWTR
As of Nov 20th this thread has 1432 Impressions and 114 total engagements. Should I promote this tweet? (thread) Oh #bloodyhell (british accent 💂‍♀️) I cant even attach a poll because I also included a picture 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️😖Come on @TwitterResearch @TwitterEng level this product up! $TWTR
A tale of two ads. (Sure its a snapshot in time today but as most of us know this is EVERY DAMN DAY.) Twitter ad for...🤔 Germany? IDK 🤷‍♂️ Zero relevancy for me. Instagram ad: As usual, Me: well that actually looks kinda cool! 🤙 How can Twitter be this bad with ads?🤦‍♂️ $TWTR
Someone @Twitter has started to ship product recently!!! @jack find this person & give them a corner office please. If this keeps up we all may finally not regret just index investing. 😖 Great job whomever you are. We appreciate the improvements!. Please continue to ship. $TWTR
It would be absolute 👀🔥🔥✨ if @TwitterDesign did some great visualizations like this one below (as but one example) on its incredible data set. 🤩 Maybe give everone a better look into the @Twitter Zeitgeist @kayvz & @TwitterEng $TWTR
Can’t believe I’m typing this but the sports topic timelines @Twitter rolled out are ALREADY so good that maybe @RobertIger does circle back for another look. $DIS near alltime highs, and $TWTR valuation so attractive here. Any thoughts @jimcramer @ReformedBroker @BarbarianCap?
@Twitter @RobertIger @jimcramer @ReformedBroker @BarbarianCap Beyond the #LIveAction sports conversations, new topics could highlight Disney's content, giving @RobertIger a distributed place to showcase and further build communities around #LiveAction #Marvel #LucasFilm #Animation etc. A Disney + verification perk maybe? cc: @readDanwrite
@Twitter @RobertIger @jimcramer @ReformedBroker @BarbarianCap @readDanwrite Not sure what @TwitterEng @TwitterDesign are working on but eventually they have to give users better options for "reactions" to tweets/replies beyond reply, retweet, like and bookmark. Those are just not nuanced enough to curate and optimize the BEST tweets for "FollowTopics"
@Twitter @RobertIger @jimcramer @ReformedBroker @BarbarianCap @readDanwrite @TwitterEng @TwitterDesign It would help #ConversationalHealth if there were a way to show appreciation for exceptional contributions to @Twitter. @Reddit has done some design work there with #Karma and Coins. Ex. If I were @TwitterEng & @TwitterDesign I would be pondering 👇 $TWTR
@TwitterSupport Is there anway we can watch the live videos at the top (not maximize them, i. e. leave them docked) while continuing to scroll (like tweeted non-live videos that we can move around the screen) Thanks. Also someday bring to @Tweetdeck & desktop?🤓🙏🏻#DesignTwitter
@TwitterSupport @TweetDeck @threadreaderapp
unroll 🙄 Well somebody had to try it. 😆
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