1. This is a Malaysian Dead Leaf Mantis.

One of the over 2,400 Mantis species.

This starts an interesting thread with some great mantis videos.

Stay tuned.

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#insects #nature #wildlife #mantis #NaturePhotography #science #photography #videos

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3/11. If you see an insect with a triangular head, bulging eyes, sitting upright with arms folded like in prayer, it is likely a ‘praying’ mantis.

Here is an example. It is not praying, but eating a bumblebee.

#bees #mantises #insectphotography


4/11. Some mantises are masters in camouflage. This is for instance an orchid mantis, also known as walking flower mantis, you can easily see how it got its name.

It lives in the rain forests of Southeast Asia, from parts of #India to #Indonesia.


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This is an Ambivia undata, Asian Twig Mantis, another master of camouflage.


7. The photo in tweet 5 was posted by @scitechnature9, see under the videos for other sources.

Now about their sex life…

About 90 percent of the predatory species of mantises exhibit sexual cannibalism.

(The first time I use the hashtag #sex)


8. There is a lot that scientists don’t understand about the mantises sexual cannibalism.
Females on a poor diet are known to more frequently eat their male lovers.

The like to start by biting off the male’s head… 😨

Which makes sense because…🧵

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Then back to the mantises 🧵

10. Once the male’s head is bitten off, the duration of copulation increases significantly, and so does the chance of fertilization.

Clever men: studies show that hungry females attract fewer males.

Now you know why. 😉

#Nature #mantis #insects

11. That’s the end of the thread 🧵

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12. Just one more (this thread never ends): a praying mantis in California washing its face, or drinking the water from its head.

#insects #prayingmantis #California #nature #mantis

13. This thread never seems to end.

One more: some people keep mantises as pets, I remember seeing it in the town where I lived in Indonesia in the late 1980s.

#nature #insects

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25 Sep

1. I took this photo yesterday during a beautiful sunrise while driving early in the morning from my village to Rotterdam. You can see one of the wind turbines in the eye of the rising sun.

This starts a thread about wind turbines 🧵

2. The Netherlands has a reputation as a country of windmills to mill grain or pump water, and we still have some 1,100 of the classic types.

But the Dutch were not the first to harness the wind: Ancient Babylonians started some 4,000 years ago.


3. At the end of the 19th century, modern wind power was first developed in Denmark, where the first horizontal-axis wind turbines were created in 1891, and a 22.8-meter wind turbine began operation in 1897.

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1. The U.S. sees a vital role for the Security Council to tackle the negative impacts of climate on peace and security.

U.S. Secretary of State Blinken said this when he addressed the U.N. Security Council on the impact of climate change on security.

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3. Blinken said: "The consequences are falling disproportionately on vulnerable and low-income populations. And they're worsening conditions and human suffering in places already afflicted by conflict, high levels of violence, instability".

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22 Sep

1. Yesterday, the UN Secretary-General warned: "We face the greatest cascade of crises in our lifetime."

World leaders gathered at the U.N. General Assembly, where the climate crisis and other 'Great Divides' are on the agenda.

➡️ RT

Thread 🧵

#UNGA #ClimateCrisis #peace

2. Unlike just five or ten years ago, it's now only the odd one out who is not alarmed about the climate crisis.

Especially the younger generation doesn't need to be convinced of the seriousness of our global challenges.

#youth #schoolstrike

3. Being alarmed doesn't always lead to concrete action.

Nobody can ignore the daily news about extreme weather disasters or the latest scientific report about the climate crisis.

But our leaders still don't treat the new reality as a crisis.

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21 Sep
1. Firefighters in California are in a desperate battle to defend giant sequoias

Like glaciers or coral reefs, it is another example where climate change threatens some of the most beautiful sights on our planet.

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2. The changing climate changes the planet, including some of the most beautiful sights that you may see in your lives.

From the magnificent glaciers in the mountains to the coral reefs in the oceans, we destroy the most iconic examples of nature.


3. I remember how amazed I was in the 1990s when seeing some of these enormous trees in California.

Standing on the forest floor and looking up, they seemed to grow into infinity.


#nature #forests #SequoiaNationalPark #California #hiking
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19 Sep

1. Climate anxiety: the climate crisis is even scarier from a child's perspective; 6 out of 10 say they feel betrayed by their governments.

40% of young people worldwide are hesitant to have children due to climate change.

Thread: How can you help? theplanet.substack.com/p/climate-anxi…

2. Recent research found that anxiety of the youth is related to perceived government inaction.

#climatecrisis #youth #anxiety #climateanxiety #mentalhealth #environment #nature #climatechange #ClimateAction


3. A UNICEF report published last month provides some context to understand these perceptions of young people better.

The report found that approximately 1 billion children live in one of the 33 countries classified as "extremely high-risk.”
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18 Sep

(1/…) Love them, don’t eat them.

🐮 🐷

#animals #love #vegetarian #vegan
Via (and follow) @TheHappyHerd @TheHumaneLeague and @molesuk

(2/…) Together, we can make this a better world, where we respect animals, nature, each other, and our planet.

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(3/…) Buttercup's first steps on grass after being liberated from a dairy farm brightens your weekend.

Many years ago, I stopped eating meat on Mondays, soon the other days of the week followed.

It’s easy, just start this Monday (also: try oatmilk)
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