Clausewitz said, in his famous work “On War” (as often cited as it is little read), that war is the continuation of diplomacy by other means, well it says a lot more things, but i will keep just a few as i do not wanna write too long.
In his chapter 1, Clausewitz refers that "war constitutes... an act of force that is carried out to force the adversary to comply with our will." War, therefore, is a duel of wills, which, in itself, is not enough, since wanting is one thing and power is another.
Does not intervene who wants but who can, as it is said in #InternationalLaw

To impose our will, we need resources, in an amount that exceeds what our adversary can muster, first of all energy.
Thucydides, in his magisterial History of the Peloponnesian War (perhaps the greatest war manual ever written), says and repeats that wars are, above all, a matter of money: "war is not a matter of weapons, more than times, but of money, thanks to which weapons are effective and
especially some continentals against some sailors". Sparta was the land power; Athens the maritime power. Halford Mackinder summed up this rivalry in 1904, but it was Thucydides who portentously narrated the advantages of land power over sea power 2,400 years ago.
2,400 years later it is necessary to adjust Thucydides.

In his time, and before, during and even today, it was necessary to have money basically for two things:

1- to guarantee the supply of the troops, because, after all, food is nothing more than energy.
Without food -energy- it was not possible to move troops and animals, just as today it is not possible to move armored vehicles without fuel.

2- to guarantee, bribe or buy allies, since wars are, in general, ruinous, and it was necessary to ensure, at least, the replenishment of
their resources (this is what #NATO is doing with #Ukraine so that they do not flee the servile).

That’s why the anthropologist Marvin Harris wrote, in his delicious book Good to Eat (it is not a recipe book, i must clarify😉), that the control of energy is the control of power.
That said, i can return to the 21st century, more precisely to this year 2022, reminding us of recent and hot events.!!

#Russia had INSISTENTLY asked to negotiate a new European security framework (remember?), to which #NATO (actually, the #US), responded with a political slap,
saying that Ukraine was free and sovereign to join the Atlantic organization and that there was nothing to negotiate! Wow just WOW!

When the path to politics is closed, the path to war opens. In that we are now!!
Atlanticism, from arrogance and a suicidal cerebral incapacity, underestimated the will and resources of #Russia and overestimated their own.!! Pap!!
#Russia went to war, but it turned out that NATO could not go to it.
No one goes to war against a nuclear superpower unless they want suicide!!

It is an elementary and basic question, which only the very stupid evade.
Like threatening someone with a machine gun with a stick.🤣
The facts have shown that unfortunately we are full of those stupid.!!

The Atlanticist response has been to shower Ukraine's puppet government with money and weapons, which is much ado about nothing.
If they believe that #Russia will be defeated with this, it is urgent to give
them a psychological and neural evaluation (by the way, the Polish 'brothers' are buying the new crop of Ukrainian barley at 30 dollars/ton, five times below the real cost of product). Aha! …

The reality of the facts is that the chicken coop has entered an economic crisis,
inflation, economic stagnation and, in a few weeks, cold, very cold, while in Russia they make fun of the Atlanticist anxieties.

They even released a video (Time to move to Russia -it's on YouTube), in which, recalling Game of Thrones, they warn that Winter is coming, 🤣🤣🤣
so, in order not to be cold, you have to go to #Russia, where there are not, nor will there be, gas restrictions.!!

It is true, because in this atrocious heat that #Europe is suffering, governments are in a hurry to apply restrictions on energy consumption, so as not to be cold
next winter.

Well and the party is just beginning (they just found out that sanctioning the titanium produced by Russia would paralyze Airbus).
Russia, meanwhile, will have an almost historic monetary surplus …
from here i modestly and formally ask for the Nobel Prize in Economics for chicken coop strategists!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Let's travel to the China Sea … aaaiii the #US, since 1949, has made #Taiwan its largest aircraft carrier off the coast of #China, while China could not,
nor should it, change things, maintaining such a status was possible.

In recent years, as part of its strategy of military supremacy in the Pacific Ocean, the #US has been supplying #Taiwan with weapons, as well as #Japan and #SouthKorea.
It recently brought #Australia and #Britain into its containment strategy against China.

But what was possible a few years ago is no longer possible today.!
China has built a military, economic and commercial power that in many fields has surpassed that of the United States.
As a consequence of the change in the correlation of forces, the Asia-Pacific countries have shifted their position from obedience and loyalty to #Washington to a position of respect and neutrality with #China.
Only a blind man would not realize the momentous change in the most important region of the world (which is NOT #Europe) and what it means.!!!
Much speculation has been made about China's reaction to the visit of the president of the House of Representatives, Nancy #Pelosi, to #Taiwan, but for those who have followed the changes in that region, there is an obvious answer.
Xi Jinping personally expressed to #Biden that this visit was a red line (Russia said Ukraine was, make comparisons).

Mrs. Pelosi did not care.
It has been argued that Congress is independent of the Executive, which is true,but it is no less true that Biden stated, not long ago,
that the US would defend Taiwan, although his Secretary of State later qualified the statement.

The truth is that the congresswoman's visit has served China the opportunity it was waiting for to demonstrate its will to power.!!

These demonstrations are not served cold.
You have to prepare the stage well and then give the blow. China, plain and simple, has wanted to make it clear that it has power & that it is willing to use it.

China has been announcing it for months (this is known by those who visit the Global Times newspaper, of the Chinese
Communist Party). So, surprised, only the uninformed!!

Now the US knows.
Bead games are over and war games have begun.

China has shown its will to power and it's up to the US to pick up -or not- the glove.
To consider, in this case, that China is playing in its pond & that the US is 12,000 kilometers away.
Without ground support, the US has little to do.

It's like putting a runner and a swimmer to compete.
Who would win the race? i know the answer, it is as clear as crystal water.
Now let's look at another issue: the incorporation of #Sweden and #Finland into #NATO.

Atlanticism has celebrated this #fact as a victory over Russia and as the culmination of Atlanticist dominance over the European peninsula, which is true.
Now, to place this question in its proper context, we need to remember this fact: #Europe is a peninsula of Eurasia and this peninsula has a limited territory.

Adding Russia and Belarus, the European peninsula has 10.5 million square kilometers.
Without these two countries (and provisionally admitting that Ukraine will remain as it is), the peninsula remains at 6.3 million km2
But Eurasia has a total of 54.7 million square kilometers, of which almost 18 million correspond to Russia and China. Do you follow the reasoning?
Well, with the incorporation of Sweden and Finland, Atlanticism has reached its maximum possible expansion.

There are no more countries or territories over which to extend their rule (well, North Macedonia and Kosovo, how scary😱).
This means that the summit of Atlanticism marks and defines its maximum limit of expansion.!!

There is no more.
Like the bottle that we fill with whatever, NATO reached its peak and that peak is, at the same time, the beginning of its decline.
To the south is #Africa, to the east #Asia, to the north the Pole and to the west the Atlantic Ocean.
This is as far as we go!!

Let us now look at Eurasia from the angle of #Russia and #China.

Except for the European peninsula, all of Eurasia is within reach.
In fact, both countries have, since June 2001, applied to the task.

On 2001, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan created the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which has NOT stopped growing since then.
Today it is made up of #China, #Russia, #India, #Kazakhstan, #Pakistan, #Uzbekistan, #Kyrgyzstan and #Tajikistan, to which #Iran will join this year 2022.

Its expansion will NOT stop here.
From the SCO it has been reported that "up to ten countries have requested that their
status be considered in the SCO, including representatives of the Arab world: #Syria, #Egypt, #SaudiArabia, #Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

In addition, the UAE requested that their status be allowed "Immediate membership in the group.
As for Southeast Asia, #Myanmar, #Cambodia and #Nepal are seeking membership, and there are also offers from neighboring countries #Armenia and #Azerbaijan. We see an unprecedented level of interest in the SCO."

In other words, NATO has reached its peak, while Russia and China
are nowhere near their peak.

How many countries have approached the European roost to join their anti-Russian crusade? 🤔

Whoever wants to understand should understand, and if not, oh well! Deal with it! 😉
Now let's play #hypotheses, which would be a good mental exercise for those chicken coop of rusty neurons.

Imagine that tomorrow (or ten years from now), the tables are turned and Russia and China impose sanctions on the roost. 🤣🤣🤣
#Power is a CHANGING order and those who are up today will be down tomorrow, the wheel of time clearly tells us.

So they decide not to sell anything, in the first place gas and oil, to the Atlanticist countries, threatening severe punishments to those who violate the sanctions
(that music will sound familiar to them).🤣🤣🤣

If one takes into account that there is a sufficient number of countries allied or dependent on #China & #Russia (fuels, grains, fertilizers, manufactures, loans, markets, etc.), it would be reasonable to think that a good part of
them would join the sanctions. Add the pent-up RAGE of centuries of #imperialism and #colonialism and so there you have the perfect storm!!

#Algeria, a historic ally of Russia, could join in, delighted that the time had finally come to collect the grievances of #Spain & #France
Or #SaudiArabia, every day further away from the West and more linked to Russia and China.

#Kazakhstan for sure, & i can continue and do not finish.

Moctezuma's revenge is spoken of in Mexico!!

Without gas from Russia and with dwindling suppliers from other parts of the world,
what will the chicken coop do? And trade?

#China has been #Germany's most important trading partner for almost a decade.
So much so that the top 30 companies in the German DAX stock index make an average of 15% of their sales to China.
With the Chinese market closed, where would germans place their products? In the US, its commercial rival?🤣

I could continue, but you will all fall asleep, especially now, when the lights of the henhouse are conspicuous by their absence (and i ain’t talking about those that
illuminate the monuments).

I wanna end remembering the first law of thermodynamics, which says that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it only transforms.
What we don't know is in what!!
Don't forget, Winter is coming!!

We have Russia next to us!!

With Tchaikovsky, Borodin, Mussogorsky or Stravinsky, censored in the ridiculous chicken coop.!!

You know Europe? Fuck off!!!

• • •

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