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🎄🗓️ DAY 1

Here we go Bruce @BNCB of @LloydsofLondon: your first advent scene!

We know how much you ADORE cricket. You're @MCCOfficial Chair after all!

So here’s a miniature🏏pavilion we made especially for you.

Now don't forget to check out the sign...👀🪧

#InsureOurFuture ImageImage
🎄🗓️ #AdventCalendar: Day 2!❄️

We’ve added beautiful #advent trees for you Bruce @BNCB of @LloydsofLondon.

But how much longer until they’re cut down? 😢

Hey, is that a child up there? We love seeing kids climbing trees! 🌳

And great sign kido!🌎

#InsureOurFuture #StopAdani ImageImage
🎄#AdventCalendar: Day 3!

Look @BNCB of @LloydsofLondon the cricket players have arrived!😀

Best get those matches in while you can:

Cricket is one of the sports most affected by flooding and extreme heat caused by the #ClimateCrisis. 😬

Do it for the 🏏if not for the kids! ImageImage
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And as the shepherds went to the starry peaceful fields, where they were sent every dark sacred night, for they were not allowed near the town of Bethlehem, an Angel proclaimed🎺: “Fuck freedom in the afterlife. Freedom is right down the road being born in filth.”
Now a witch, a Babá Awó, and a group of Zoroastrian astrologers all left where it was dope and lush because somebody posted that there was a conjunction over Israel and like either it’s an Archmage or Demi God or some wild af Ruler. So they went on the worse road trip.
It’s always rough rolling to someone else’s hood.

So before acknowledging the one destined to lead, you go see the current leader. Even if the wack AF. Enter this creepy Herod who already is selling his folks out to highest bidder, empire in the form of Rome!
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PredMed_Jer23 #twitterpredigt zum 1. #Advent.
Den Text gibt es hier (#Basisbibel):…
Es geht um die Verse 5-8.
Ein neuer Spross, ein Neuanfang, ich habe sofort Weihnachtsfeier- und Adventslieder im Ohr: Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen, Oh Heiland aus der Erden spring... Es sprießt das neue Leben, es keimt eine neue Hoffnung. Aus dem Stamm Davids, dem Haus der Könige Israels und Judas.
Über aufkeimende Hoffnung könnte man gut predigen in diesem Advent, aber leider auch, wie sie wieder zunichte gemacht wird. Man hatte sich gefreut auf ein Weihnachten ohne Corona, der Krug ausgebucht mit Feiern, jetzt Monster-Inzidenzen und eine neue Virusvariante, geh weg!
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[DAY 23/24]
#ChristmasIsComing 🎄

We are coming to the end of our #advent calendar! Still more space for #fun and #creative resources to spend a nice #Christmas moment with your family and #kids?


#STEAM #creativity #education #programming4kids Image
Get some inspiration for #festive #programming activities around #Christmas


Discover #Christmas #teaching resources and ideas to be performed at #home around the table after a huge Christmas dinner!



Thanks @STEMLearningUK 🙏
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Some incredibly keen insights from Timothy J. Schmaltz as to goings-on in the Church; universal (catholic) not only Roman. From 2017 but maybe clearer now even #CatholicTwitter #ChristianTwitter #Advent…
A great meditation for times of streamed virtual eucharist at home.

An Old Irish poem on pilgrimmage to Rome, scribbled by a monk /copyist in the margins of a manuscript. Paraphrased. If you haven't met the crucified and risen lord at home you wont find him there, Rome or host
Couldn't find the Old Irish. Translation by Kuno Meyer (1911)


To go to Rome is much of trouble, little of profit:The King whom thou seekest here, Unless thou bring Him with thee, thou wilt not find
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#XavierNaidoo ist scheinbar nicht nur #Anhänger der #Reichsbürger Szene, jetzt setzt er noch einen oben drauf. Er trifft sich mit dem aktiven #OCG Sektenmitglied Matthäus W. aka #AktivistMann zum #Interview. Die #Sekte führt #IvoSasek.
#Querfront #Antisemit #Rechtsextrem
Am 2.#Advent, gestern, war #XavierNaidoo im #Livestream von ex #NPD #CarstenJahn zu Gast, der heute #noAfD Supporter ist. Heute dann die Veröffentlichung der Aufzeichnung mit #AktivistMann. Gefährlich. ^^

#Quersenken #Querfront #Antisemitismus #Rechtsextremismus
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1. Tomorrow begins a new Church Year, with the #FirstSundayinAdvent. Yes, the seasons of the Church Year are human inventions, but useful ones. #Advent
2. #Advent is a time for repentance and renewal, as await not just Christmas, but the return of Christ, when the dead in Christ will be raised to live in God's perfect eternal Kingdom.
3. It calls us to repent and trust in Christ and to attend to the life our freedom from sin and death through Christ empowers us to live: a life of love of God and love of neighbor, a life of making disciples, a life of seeking justice for the poor and oppressed. #Advent
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Advent is radical precisely because it’s not Christmas, and yet it does serve as a prelude.

And that prelude is full of firebrands like Isaiah and John the Baptist, their screams for justice piercing the ancient Middle Eastern skies.
“Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?”

Subversive prophetic witness is a prelude to a baby being born under oppression and on the run as a refugee — a child who would end up changing the world.

This is #Advent.
Mary’s Magnificat from Luke’s Gospel — her ‘song of praise’ — is the height of subversion and treason, in the eyes of Rome.

And it *anchors* the ancient Advent season.

Mary knew so much. And she sang it loud and proud.
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I genuinely believe that we can only enter into grief to the extent we have entered into grace.
Until then, everything with threaten us with guilt rather than invitation.
Prayer is at the heart of transformation.
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A few theological reflections on the proto-evangelium in Genesis 3:15, in advance of my first time ever preaching on it @trinityIPC
The rich history of Christological interpretation has some surprises; Calvin is hard pressed to see any connection to Christ other than in Christ’s headship over the church (and this upsets me!)
Luther is better: “This text embraces and contains within itself everything everything noble and glorious that is to be found anywhere else in the Scriptures”
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Today is the 4th #SundayMorning of #Advent. The traditional reading for this day comes from Luke 1, the prophetic sermon of the pregnant Mary regarding Jesus.
I grew up Methodist, so, other than at Christmastime, we didn't pay much attention to Mary. That was, back in those days, something that Catholics did. (And I was a little girl just as Vatican II met--things were very different btwn Prots & RCs then.)
So I didn't know this sermon.

Although some people refer to it as a "song," it really is an extemporaneous sermon. Because Mary preaches -- she brings it!
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Today is the Third Sunday of #Advent. There's a custom of lighting a pink candle on this day (instead of purple), to remind us of the theme of Advent 3: Joy. #SundayMorning
It is also called "Gaudete Sunday," from the Latin word for "rejoice," and an ancient prayer based in these words of scripture: "Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, rejoice."
Years ago, at a particular church, I showed up on Gaudete Sunday and was not "rejoicing." Indeed, I was struggling with two life crises -- divorce and job loss -- at the same time.
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What a beautiful, enchanting season we’re in. (Advent, that is.)

I’m sure many of you have already sent out your highly-anticipated Advent cards, and received some from friends. You’ve probably heard more than once the classic “We Wish You A Merry Advent” ringing out.
No? Yeah, the season of #Advent takes a major backseat to its substantially more popular cousin, Christmas - sadly, even in Christian communities themselves.
Advent stories don’t really roll off the tongue. It’s a far cry from Linus standing alone on a stage, reciting from memory in good, ole-fashioned King James English.
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Today is the #Advent2, the 2nd Sunday. The reading is Luke 3:1-6, a passage where the Gospel writer quotes the prophet Isaiah: "Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight. Every valley shall be filled & every mountain & hill made low..." Beautiful, isn't it?
You might be thinking of Handel's Messiah right now . . . Comfort ye, my people.
But you should probably be thinking about building highways.
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Today is the first Sunday of Advent, the first Sunday of the new Christian year (yes, today not Jan 1) and the first Sunday in the cycle of sacred time that leads to Christmas.
In the northern hemisphere, all this "newness" and the anticipation of birth occurs as the days grow short and the world darkens. Indeed, the shortest day of the year is just two days before Christmas.
Text for today: "Jesus said, "There will be signs in the sun, the moon & stars & on earth distress among nations confused by the roaring of the sea & waves. People will faint from fear & foreboding of what is coming upon the world, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken."
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This was the first video I ever put together for @OFOCBrexit.
1st of December seems like a decent time to re-share it... (Merry Christmas... Brexmas?🎅🏿)
You can watch the full version here.
#1stDecember #Advent
It is frankly ridiculous that almost every word of this still rings true, over a year after I first wrote the script!!
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Maybe we all needed to lose faith in our country just in time to pick up the story of a refugee baby born into corruption and slaughter so we could lift our eyes and place our faith in something more worthy.
Maybe we needed to feel the darkness and danger - in our bones - in order to fully grasp the gravity of the baby who survived genocide and grew up to lead a revolution of Love. #Advent
Maybe we needed to experience the curtain being pulled back so our disillusionment would cease to exist and righteous anger + spirits of mercy-loving justice would rise in complacency’s place. #Advent
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Conscience Accounting

After violating a moral norm, people have an increased likelihood to act prosocially. Can you provide an outlet for the good behavior? Can you remind people of previous bad deeds to encourage a good deed?

#Convert2Good #advent 1/24
Vicarious Moral Self-licensing

We see our actions as more prosocial if we regard ourselves as part of a group with a good prosocial record. Even onlookers do. Be careful about how you talk about group membership.

#Convert2Good #advent 2/24
Social Inclusion

Social exclusion reduces a wide range of prosocial behaviors. It increases aggression, risk taking & procrastination and reduces cooperation and analytical reasoning. Can users feel included or excluded in your system? What cues exist?

#Convert2Good 3/24
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