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Longish Thread 👇

Recently, the Uttarakhand State Government issued a ban and subsequently revoked its order prohibiting Patanjali Ayurved from manufacturing five products to treat blood pressure, diabeties, glaucoma and other diseases.…


This punitive action was the result of a complaint filed by @drbabukv alleging violations of the Drugs and Magic Remedies Act by Patanjali Ayurved.…

Is this the first time Patanjali has been held responsible for misleading consumers?
Does ‘Coronil’ ring a bell?
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1/ An article from @TheEconomist claiming that India's true #covid19 mortality maybe 5-7 times than the reported numbers has really irked GoI so much so @MoHFW_INDIA has now published a rebuttal that is short on substance but abundant on rhetoric.
2/ After using words like "speculative", "misinformed", "unsound" etc. to describe the article, the rebuttal interestingly says "there is no peer-reviewed scientific data available" for some studies used in that report.

I'm glad GoI takes scientific peer review seriously.
3/ Then why has it made claims on the safety & effectiveness of Covaxin without backing up with peer-reviewed scientific data?

What was the peer-reviewed scientific data based on which #Coronil got Ayush Ministry certification?

Thi list is actually long. So, I'll stop.
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Delhi High Court will today hear plea by Delhi Medical Association against Baba Ramdev.

Plea seeks to restrain Ramdev from disseminating false information on Coronil.

Hearing before Justice C Hari Shankar.

#DelhiMedicalAssociation #BabaRamdev

Bench has assembled.

Is this a section 91 suit? You can't be canvasing anything of public interest here. You say OMG Ramdev has said something.. you people should be spending time of finding cure for the pandemic instead of wasting court time : Court

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#Medtwitter #ClinicalPearl

This thread will tell you how Quackery works...
Step 1: Quacks understand the market needs. If patients find oncology treatment painful and expensive, they will 'create' a product for cancer. Quacks understand entrepreneurship
Step 2: Once the "area of need" is identified, quack delivers a product that is relatively cost-effective (and largely ineffective). It could be a mixture of "herbs", "natural product", some fancy-sounding "diet"
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The CEO of Patanjali, a quackery company in India wants to debate the IndMedAssoc (on live TV) the 'science' that led to the approval of #Coronil for C-19.
A Q&D tweetorial on why that's a bad idea.
The crux of the issue is a 'RCT' on basis of which the 'medicine' was approved. The shortcomings of this study have been dissected by @EdzardErnst ( and @GorwayGlobal ( as PubPeer comments keep piling up.
And while #Coronil and its tall claims were endorsed by two central govt. ministers at the circus, the IndMedAssoc issued a strongly worded objection to the approval ( to which said CEO challenged them to a 'live debate'. A number of people feel why not?
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பாபா ராம்தேவ்(பதஞ்சலி)#Coronil என்ற மருத்து கொரோனாவை குண்ப்படுத்த பயன்படுவதாகவும் இது DCGI & WHO Certified என மத்திய சுகாதாரதுறை அமைச்சர் Dr. Harshvardhan முன்னிலையில் அறிவித்து இருக்கிறார் இது ஒரு அப்பட்டமான பொய் என IMA அறிக்கையில் விளாசி இருக்கிறது.
மேலும் இது பொய் என WHO சொல்லி இருக்கிறது.இதில் கேள்வி எப்படி இப்படியான பொய்யை ஒரு மத்திய சுகாதார அமைச்சர் முன்னிலையில் சொல்ல முடிந்தது? அதுவும் அந்த அமைச்சர் ஒரு டாக்டரும் கூட என IMA விளாசல்.

இதற்க்கு முன்னாடியே இதே பிரச்சனை நீதிமன்றம் சென்றது. நீதிமன்றம் என்ன சொன்னது தெரியுமா?
#Coronil என பெயரிட்டு இது, கொரோனாவை குணப்படுத்த கூடிய மருந்து என பதஞ்சலி நிறுவனம் விளம்பரம் செய்ததை ஏற்றுக்கொள்ள முடியாது!
மக்கள் செத்து மடிந்து கொண்டு இருக்கும் பொழுது,அவர்கள் பயத்தை பயன்படுத்தி பதஞ்சலி பணம்,பணம்,பணம் என லாபநோக்கத்தோடு எடுத்த முயற்சி இது!
-சென்னை உயர்நீதிமன்றம்
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1/ Comments on:
"Randomized placebo-controlled pilot clinical trial on efficacy of ayurvedic treatment on COVID-19 positive patients"

?data faking
No clinical end points
Paper advertised 2 sel product

Pr Thomas Efferth @univ_mainz
Pr Susana Zacchino @UNRoficial
2/ Research was advertised as @WHO certified product on visual, print and social media. This was fraudulent practice. Which has now been corrected

Comments on @PubPeer which the authors have to clarify, the editorial board must review and come clean.
If not, this calls for further scientific rigor

To comment and review comments
See -…
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I was sent these samples from a #hospital in #Chennai after the #physician caring for a patient wit abnormal #liver test found he was on these for #COVID19
#Coronil by #Patanjali Batch A-CNT305
#Liv52 by #Himalaya Batch 72900775
We performed ICP-OES, GCMSMS analyses
Heavy metals
1. Lead
Values higher than prescribed @US_FDA➡️, #India
Lead in drugs unheard of in developed countries. #India is developing (currently underdeveloped), hence an excuse. Lead limit in paints 90mg/kg.
Heavy metals
2. Cadmium
C @US_FDA list beneficial & harmful metals in humans ➡️
Cadmium prolonged use cause multiple organ toxicity sometime wrongly diagnosed
Indian herbs R sources of Cd
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मेरी कोरोना की पॉजिटिव रिपोर्ट आई थी और मैंने पतंजलि की करोनिल दवा शुरू किया। अणु तेल सुबह-सुबह नाक में डाला,करोनिल खाया और साथ में योगाभ्यास किया और दूसरा टेस्ट मेरा नेगेटिव आया।धन्यवाद स्वामी जी हमारे इस आयुर्वेद को जन-जन तक पहुँचाने के लिए
- श्याम सुन्दर, हरियाणा
मैं #करोनिल_श्वासारी दोनों टेबलेट का नियमित सेवन कर रही हूँ और इसका सबसे बड़ा जो लाभ हुआ कि मेरे शरीर में ऑक्सीजन लेवल 98-99 तक मेन्टेन रहा। मैं पूरी तरह से आत्मविश्वास से भरी हूँ की कोरोना मुझे छू भी नहीं सकता।
-श्रीमती पूर्णिमा पांडेय, नवी मुंबई
प्रत्यक्ष को प्रमाण की जरुरत नहीं होती है

देखिये कैसे महाराष्ट्र के भाई चम्पालाल जी ने कैसे #कोरोनिल_विजय का सेवन कर अपनी और अपने परिवार की #Immunity बढ़ाई
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I have deliberately tweeted nothing about #RheaChakrobarty. I happened to catch a film called "Under Suspicion"(2000); Police captain Morgan Freeman relentlessly questions prominent lawyer Gene Hackman until he confesses to 2 murders. Turns out someone else did it. Type 1 error.
A Type 1 error in criminology is when you reject the null hypothesis. In a criminal investigation, the Null Hypothesis is that the accused is innocent. In a clinical trial, that the drug under investigation is equivalent to placebo.
The ferocity and persistence with which the media in #India are hounding Rhea Chakrbarty is on a par with the efforts being put in by #BigPharma to convince us that their product (#Coronil, #Favipiravir, #Itolizumab etc) is THE magic cure. Both may be guilty of a Type 1 error.
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Everyone in #India know #Homeopathy and #ayurvedic interventions for #COVID19, #Corona is government's biggest #fraud and #quackery on people. Confused #media will playback whats been told. It's a #Cancer eating the community, sponsored by the some local governments. Real BS.
Don't expect the #government to do its people any good in these times. Either they favor big #pharma to rush untested molecules forcash in, or peddle nonsense #pseudoscience. Either way the people lose and it is upto compassionate #publichealth well wishers to educate otherwise.
See what happened with #coronil #itolizumab and #Tocilizumab and all the other stuff being broadcasted without any proper evidence. For some, the pandemic is a way to get their pockets big. This includes educated well trained doctors like @zev_dr and quacks like @drbrcofficial
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Forget #Coronil. Forget #Itolizumab.
There is a new player in town for #coronavirus and #COVID19 treatment. Introducing #Zingivir @Pankajakasthuri made from some herbs and mercuric and arsenic sulfide to fight the #pandemic. Sounds too good. But there are issues.
They claim to have tested the product for safety in animal and cell lines. However, no data shown, only media mouthing. Half of the ingredients look like they make a good sambar chutney. But the drug manufacturer claim the following 👇#herbal #pseudoscience
In a letter 😳😳😳 the CEO of the company asks the President of India @rashtrapatibhvn to start trials and clinical studies. This was in April 2020. Now fast forward to July 2020. Let's see how things went.
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Restricted Use of #Itolizumab for CRS in moderate to severe ARDS patients due to #COVID19. No peer-review.

❗️Phase III clinical trial exempted, to go for Phase IV.

Wordings of SEC meeting & Dr Sandeep Athalye, Chief Medical Officer, Biocon Biologics, have similar tone. 👇
To understand how HUGE scientific rationale can be, check her discussion w/ @SadhguruJV, a repeat offender. She speaks on DATA as well.

Both spewed lot of misinformation & judgement that could endanger public health & lives.

How are major arguments used by @kiranshaw here not different than arguments made by @yogrishiramdev on #CORONIL? Both playing on emotions like "made in India", "used since ages", "rigorous clinical trials not so relevant in pandemic". @CDSCO_INDIA_INF

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Vedic Mathematics a Deprived book !

Published in 1965 written by monk Bharati Krishna Tirtha

contains 16 mathematical techniques, which he claimed retrieved from Atharvaveda

Scholars Rejected the book by saying that no such mathematics is available in Vedas

1/n ImageImage
Tirtha claimed that no part of advanced mathematics is beyond his book and asserted that studying it for few hours every day for a year equated to spending 2 decades in any education system to become professionally trained in mathematics

Rejected as compendium of few tricks

Tirtha claimed that they were not included in the standard editions but only in a hitherto-undiscovered version of Parishishta of a standard edition of the Atharvaveda

He wrote the book in 1957

First Published 1965

Republished 1975 and 1978 to correct typographical errors

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The irony of it all. Let me, an Allopathic (your term) correct you.
Cassia angustifolia NOT Cassia angusfifolia
Syzygium aromaticum NOT Fyzygium
Nigella sativa NOT fytiva
Boswellia serrata NOT Bofwellia sarraca
Pistacia lentiscus NOT lendiscus
#alternativefacts #Science Image
But I'm OK with all the typos as long as my blood and mucus is purified through stool. In real medicine, its called Ulcerative Colitis and its pretty bad.
#herbal #mislabelling #Ayurvedic #Ayurveda #HerbalRemedies #livertwitter #medtwitter #India #coronavirus
What we do find are enough heavy metals to defend our borders and plant based anthraquinones and sesquiterpenes enough to damage the #Liver This patient who consumed this and more, is advised to be listed for liver transplantation
#coronil #evidence #pseudoscience #ayush
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Open Thread to Babaji @yogrishiramdev !

The Pandora of standard bu$iness mistakes committed by your #Patanajli in branding, marketing, endorsing, 'settings' and overall launching of the new & 'now' controversial medicine #Coronil & #SwasariVati.

Read On... Babaji..

1. Hype: First of all, Babaji, your R&D was working on the most need-of-the-hour medicine but you miserably failed to create that much needed big bang hype like 'The wait is over.. Coming soon.. Trial Success' buzzing all channels everyday by at least 02 months in advance.

2. Marketing: You cant afford to launch something related to COVID w/out publishing white paper by 'White Skin' researcher, w/out endorsement by Dr. Trehan, Virushka, or testimony frm Tom Hanks on Covid exprnc. & No +ive trial on any celeb? Wat made u think ppl wud believe u?
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#Glenmark #favipiravir grabbed attention for its role in mild cases of #covid
But mild cases dont need much other than supportive treatment
Home quarantine, nutritional supplements in form of vitamin,zinc
Symptomatic treatment for fever,cough,bodyache
Monitor O2 levels,fever
Severe #coronavirus cases develop cytokine storm on a few instances
CRP, PCT, IL-6, ESR, SAA, and serum ferritin are indicators for severity of COVID-19
Inj Methylprednisolone, dexamethasone and inj Tocilizumab are used to suppress the inflammatory response
Inj Tocilizumab developed by Roche, marketed by Cipla in India is being used in severe cases of #covid19 with extreme immune response termed cytokine storm leading to multiorgan failure & death
Inj #tocilizumab slows the cytokine storm by modulating IL-6
@Roche @Cipla_Global
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Good one! Ramdevji made extraordinary claims even for yoga at least initially but have they published solid research to precisely show the effects?

Happy to also hear you dispell myths around homeopathy.
It's one thing to say Ayurveda has embedded knowledge acquired over centuries but the benefits have to be studied using modern methods OF COURSE!
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Smallholder Farmers Need to Become Market Smart.


Be able to forecast, analyze and interpret supply signals and plan effectively.
Are we able to capitalize on consumer preferences and meet them both at local and global level?
Balancing sustainable resource use

#CORONIL ImageImageImageImage
...and influencing market outcome in their favour. Can they overcome challenges n high standards demanded in the market #PostCOVID19 ?
Becoming key players in the supply chain will mean effectively meeting the quality n safety standards that will be required.
Complex Supply Chain
The long and complicated global supply chain means #farmers must come up with solutions.
We must move from self sufficiency to building capacity that would guarantee production and profitability.
Are rural communities able to achieve required resourcefulness and capability?
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रामदेव बाबा के #CORONIL पर अभी मैं भरोसा नहीं कर सकता क्योंकि उनके शहद में बाजीगरी ने हमारा भरोसा उन पर से डगमगा दिया है.
रामदेव बाबा के पास पूरा मौका था देश को शुद्ध शहद खिलाने का कि वह सीधे मधुमक्खी पालक से खरीद कर देश तक शुद्धतम शहद पहुंचाते लेकिन उन्होंने ऐसा नहीं किया
वे रॉ हनी बेचने से बचते हैं और प्रोसेस करके शहद बेचते हैं.
देश का एक एक मधुमक्खी पालक किसान रामदेव से खास तौर से नाराज है.
खैर अब किसानों ने खुद ही अपना उत्पाद लोगों तक पहुंचाना शुरू कर दिया है.
हमारा बीकीपर्स वेलफेयर सोसाइटी देश भर में फैला है और देश भर में कहीं भी किसी के द्वारा भी रॉ हनी मांगने पर अपने सदस्यों के माध्यम से वहां पहुंचा देता है.
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Corona kit... developed by Patanjali in association with NIMS (national institute of medical sciences, jaipur) The kit includes CORONIL, SWASARI VATI and ANU TAIL
#Patanjali #PatanjaliAyurved #CORONIL #patanjalicoronil
@PypAyurved @yogrishiramdev
Ayurveda once again👏👏 Image
The kit has a very minimal price in comparison to other players in the market..The whole kit costs 545 INR. The results and the drug had proved itself groundbreaking by giving more than 80% effectiveness in COVID 19 patients Image
The Basic components of #CORONIL includes Ashwagandha which prohibits RBD of #COVID19 to bind with other cells; Tulsi inhibits the multiplication of the virus; Giloy protects from infection by increasing the immunity of body
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India develops world's first 100% efficacious and 100% safe anti-viral for #COVID19. A THREAD

Its fully #Ayurvedic, undergone imaginary 'clinically controlled' trials. It was difficult, but they pulled through. Here is how they did it #fakescience Image
a - A team of scientists were appointed after #Covid_19 outbreak (no details of #Scientists given. They should be named for appreciation)
b - The the appointed scientists performed simulation (details unknown, but researchers think, #Xbox or #PlayStation could have been used) Image
c - After simulation, compounds that kill #coronavirus was identified [again, no details, but lead researcher confidently (see confidence below) mentions phytometabolites and powerful phytocompounds in product launch interview] Image
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Since the BHAKT magazine from @bigfatphoenix has become a periodical it may be useful to collect all the covers. One day we will look back, just as we discuss @TIME covers.
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