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Russia is the number 1 beneficiary of ALL American Foreign Policy under Donald Trump.

Trump capriciously orders the removal of American troops from #Syria—imperiling our allies, the #Kurds, to death, displacement, and ethnic cleaninsing by #Turkey.

#Russia takes over American bases and has a strategic holding in the Middle East.

Trump extorts election interference on #JoeBiden by withholding military aid from besieged ally #Ukraine, currently at war with #Russia.

Ukraine has lost 14,000 lives in that war, and been subject to cyber attacks including blackouts of hospitals and homes.

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@POTUS has set them up yet again with his 4D Chess
Mark My Words!

♟”No one is above the law!” [they] continue to yell

♟Our President will be repeating this words back to EACH of these #DeepState Circus Clowns 🤡

It’s All They Ever Say👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
♟He waits as they back themselves into corner...AGAIN

♟Will he then release THEIR CALL TRANSCRIPTS?

♟Can you just imagine their reactions?🤯
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[1] Carlos Damaso Siegert Wuppermann was born in 1887. He did died April 15, 1919, in battle in World War 1.
[2] "C. D. S. Wuppermann" attended Columbia University, ans was on the same Peithologian society at Columbia as Simon Pelham #Barr , the paternal grandfather of #AG #BillBarr
[3] C.D.S. Wuppermann was also the brother of Francis Phillip Wuppermann (June 1, 1890 – September 18, 1949), known professionally as Frank Morgan.

Frank Morgan played the Hollywood role of The Wizard of Oz.…
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I'm unimpressed with the #impeachment process thus far.

Trump should have been impeached in January for his crimes and abuses.

#Kavanaugh and #Barr should be impeached too. And those defying subpoenas should be arrested.

Anything less is soft-pedaling.
Let's be real:

The day Trump and Miller started kidnapping babies was the day Trump should have been #impeached.

In fact, he should be tried for crimes against humanity.

And if you think I'm exaggerating, ask the last surviving Nuremberg prosecutor...…
And to the Dem leaders who pretend a #Ukraine phone call is "easier to understand" than torturing migrant children, I call b.s.

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Thank you @agentrevolt for helping me locate a picture of Simon Pelham #Barr , the paternal grandad of #BillBarr . This is from his Columbia U yearbook.

Added it to my page on research Simon Barr -…
@agentrevolt [2] I have a suspicion that Simon Pelham Barr's wife - Estelle DeYoung Barr - worked with the early US intelligence service

Her 1934 Columbia U paper " A psychological analysis of fashion motivation" is widely cited for decades afterwards

As we know, the CIA "defines culture"
@agentrevolt [3] "Social Change and Social Control" (1997) by Rajendra K. Sharma - She was still be quoted 63 years after her paper !
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1/ In the early morning hours, Nicole Wallace reported that an advisor close to Trump told him that he’s going to be impeached and the only thing standing in the way is 53 Republicans... @POTUS @JMichaelWaller @T_S_P_O_O_K_Y @SidneyPowell1 .@kmitchell0071 @BarbaraRedgate
2/ It sounded like the kind of warning that an old west outlaw would have issued warning people to get on board or get out of town. @GoJackFlynn @TamaraLeigh_llc @ThyConsigliori @rsultzba
3/ #Barr and #Durham’s announcement yesterday seems to have rattled a few cages. Might be a good time to beef up on security. I wonder what Sun Tzu would advise?
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#Qpost #777
"Why was Blackberry destroyed?"
Q post #777
Per my search, this is the ONLY Q drop with "Blackberry" in any Q drop to date. And it's Q drop 777.
777 > Jackpot
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Letter today from @SenatorCollins says #Mueller left it to #Barr to decide whether Trump obstructed justice. In fact Mueller EXPLICITLY said he would've exonerated Trump if he could have & laid out SUBSTANTIAL evidence for MULTIPLE counts of obstruction.
For 6 months, I've asked #Collins 2 yes/no Qs: Did she read Mueller's Report & did she agree w/ his finding that Trump would've been indicted for obstruction if he weren't president? From her answer, I don't know if she read the Report & didn't understand it or didn't read it.
Impossible to look at #Mueller's Vol 2 table of contents & think he didn't determine whether Trump obstructed justice. TRUMP OBSTRUCTED JUSTICE. Mueller explicitly states he didn't charge Trump because of DOJ/OLC policy, not because Trump is INNOCENT.
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Huge! Democrats are telling Intelligence to disobey presidential declassification orders. Tell me this isn’t a coup.
#ukraine #spygate #Ukrainegate
1. It’s real, I loaded the short code and got the file name. See next tweet.…
2. This site has the complete letter. My next tweet will show it’s real.…
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Et si on faisait 1 synthèse de la situation de #Trump après 1 semaine d'enquête en #impeachment et de révélations folles. Dernière en date, selon le @nytimes: 1 2nd agent du renseignement confirme sur l'#Ukraine et pourrait lui aussi lancer 1 alerte.…
@nytimes 2) La 1ère chose à dire est que #Trump, pour la 1ère fois peut-être dans sa carrière politique, n'est pas parvenu à "arrêter le saignement" (comme on dit aux #EtatsUnis) provoqué par le lancement d'alerte sur l'#Ukraine puis l'ouverture des vannes de l'enquête en #impeachment...
@nytimes 3)… il y a depuis 10 jours une cascade ininterrompue de faits révélés par le début de l'enquête en #impeachment de la Chambre et des infos de la presse qui accablent #Trump au point d'avoir fait bouger l'opinion. Substantiellement.
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⚡☔ 'NEVER land' #decode thread:
POTUS tweet "NEVER"➡ #QPOST search "never"
Many themes currently in the news.
👉#civilwar #Schiff #treason #Rudy #Barr #snowden #EricHolder #impeachment #cia #msm etc.
#MAGA #TheGreatAwakening
@realDonaldTrump #Qposts #qmap #Qanon
#futureprovespast #Qanon
#civilwar talk has ramped up ever since @poyus shined a light on reality of D-party divisiveness. Anons had no illusions long ago of the evil we face.
searching for #Never also brought up posts about @potus being insulated from #impeachment scams.
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1.) #Qanon #Barr #Duhram decode thread. #DNC breeched by #SethRich, given to #Wikileaks, #Google funded Crowdstrike to analyze DNC server and report it was a Russian hack 2 illegally form the #Russia collusion narrative. In the #MuellerReport they don’t question #Crowdstrike
2.) Then #DebbieWassermanSchultz ordered the hit on #SethRich by two MS13 members who we're then murdered themselves after #WikiLeaks given the emails.
3.) #HillaryClinton had cut a deal with #LorettaLynch to take #AntoninScalias #SupremeCourt seat in exchange to exonerate her at the #DOJ. Coordinated with #JimComey, #AndrewMcCabe, #PeterStrzok and others
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#Ukraine call, AG Barr, US Atty Durham, #Spygate & #ItalianSpygate

1. This article is very important to me, because it gives us a glimpse on what's REALLY happening.

AG Wiliam Barr is actively supporting US Att. Durham probe:
(cont. >)…

2. Why did #POTUS45 ask #Ukraine President #Zelensky about #Biden's illicit activities?

For the same reason he asked #Australia's PM re: matter related to #Mueller probe:


US officials can't go directly...


3. contact foreign authorities without an introduction by #POTUS.

Why did AG Barr do that?

Because he's supporting US Att. Durham's probe.

Hold on, it's wider than we think.

What is Durham investigating?

#Spygate #ItalianSpygate
#Ukraine #Italy #WWG1WGA
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The fear of a return to tyranny post-Revolution and “what sort may come afterwards” motivated the framers to limit the president’s power (i.e., no absolute veto) and to include an impeachment clause.

Trump’s Ukraine Intervention May Violate FCPA, Arms Export Laws

Trump’s personal intervention was "highly improper," one arms export expert says, concluding that the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act "appears to have been criminally violated here."

The FCPA forbids “any offer, payment, promise to pay, or authorization of the ...

Payment of money or anything of value to any person, while knowing that all or a portion of such money or thing of value will be offered, given or promised, directly or indirectly, to a foreign official to influence the foreign official in his/her official capacity,
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Something's up. Peter #Strzok added Jessie Liu to his #SpyGate lawsuit.……
2. Chairman @LindseyGrahamSC sent a letter to AG Barr urging him to work with Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz on declassifying key materials related to the FISA abuse investigation.…
3. Judge Sullivan held a sealed #SpyGate hearing with Flynn and his defense counsel today to hear out their demand for security clearances. He told them he'd deal with their broader motion demanding more evidence from prosecutors before deciding the clearance issue. #QAnon #Q
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Time to think and then do some home work.
#DontBeASucker US War Department film 1943

70+ yrs ago, the US govt released a film warning against fascist

Here we are today. 2019

Trump follows the plot, word for word.

Go to YouTube and search for #DontBeASucker and watch the full version. Won't have the edited closed captions, but will explain why.
#Nazist were filling stadiums and theaters with people promoting to overthrow the constitution & install Hitler's Dream.
#CorporateNazim wanted
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Origins TrumpRussia Investigation

FISA Russian Banks & Carter Page

FVEYs, USIC CounterInteligence & FBI’s CrossFire Hurricane Investigations
April (2016) the CIA director was shown intelligence that worried him. It was - allegedly - a tape recording of a conversation about money from the Kremlin going into the US presidential campaign.…
🔑The taskforce included six agencies or departments of government. Dealing with the domestic, US, side of the inquiry, were the FBI, the Department of the Treasury, and the Department of Justice.…
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I'm sorry, we're trusting Barr now? Trump's Roy Cohn? Who exonerated DJT of egregious obstruction? Who lied to Congress? A promoter of conspiracy theories galore from Uranian One to Deep State spying? Whose propaganda & stonewalling undermined Mueller more than anyone? #Epstein
#Barr has earned this distrust. Why didn't he recuse from #Epstein case? To retain control to protect Trump & GOP? To hurt Democrats? He's a Republican operative. A FoxNews-spewing RW wingnut who takes justice into his own hands. Even promoted vigilantism just the other day! ⬇️
An authoritarian operative's arrogance: After engaging in a propaganda campaign to cover up the crime of the century that would take down Trump, #Barr expects public trust that he won't cover up the other crime of the century that could take down Trump. #Epstein #EpsteinSuicide
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1) The latest on the machinations surrounding the many unknowns related 2the #Epstein arrest & where the fallout will hit.
2) #Epstein’s alleged ‘#SexSlave’ reveals the men she claims she was forced 2sleep with
#VirginiaRoberts/#Giuffre, names at least 7 high rollers that she had sex w/as an underaged girl.
#GeorgeMitchell more.…
3) #JefferyEpstein suicided in Manhattan cell [ ! ]

Look, the guy did 13months on work release, & now he's gonna be so depressed, that he's going 2commit suicide when he's working his case?

Who needed #Epstein dead? #WeHaveItAll……
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1. Here’s a link to US Senate impeachment rules. I think @TribeLaw has the right approach: Impeach Trump and then move on to defeat @POTUS @Trump on policy and morality. Don’t hold the trial.…
2. So simply stated, the House just needs 218 votes and they can impeach Trump. I would make it for treason. Go big or go home. Name all @SenateGOP in #2016Class who took Russian money as material witnesses so @senatemajldr will have to think twice about messing with the rules.
3. The evidence of the Russian money is sitting in he #SDNY Natalie Edwards case with a ~recused USA Geoffrey Berman running the case. The @HouseJudiciary needs to move on that grand jury for the 6(e) material. The next move should be to create a massive social media storm
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* Politically Active
* Committed to the #NewDeal
* Professional life started as a CHEMIST
* ALso was a journalist
* Barr was appointed first divisional director for #LibraryBinding
* Cross-industry code for labor, competition, standards
[2] Overseeing book binding standards for the nation. That is akin to having influence of the Google search algorithms today.
[3] A 2005 event - the 70th annual meeting for the LBI (Library Binding Institute), is in search for a photo of the Executive Director of the LBI from 1935 to 1947 - Pelham #Barr

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1. #QAnon drops a new placeholder. It adds holder for exculpatory evidence from FISA telephone surveillance, "wiretaps" illegally withheld from FISA Court soon to be DECLASsified. Placeholders will be populated by future news reports. #Q
2. #QAnon Unrelated but worth noting:
US taxpayers are paying for it all, the Paris accord scam in trillions, the Red Cross scam in billions, Foreign Aid scams in trillions, and WAR scams (trillions).
Slush funds everywhere.
Think G Soros pays for #Antifa from his own pocket?
3. #QAnon The US is funding the very people dedicated to its destruction.
The hole is deep.
Feel sick yet?
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In 1942, [Simon] Pelham #Barr may have been living right next to Columbia University on Manhattan, but he was working at 501 5th avenue - The "Astor Trvst Company" building. Those British intel connections are thickening !
Now this tickles -

The Astor family fortune is known to be real estate, but their initial fortune came from the fur trade in the early 1800s

Philip Barr was a professional fur maker and owned his own business on Manhattan since arriving to the US in 1907
They must not have been a poor family

A point made by @leytedriver- How did a 14 yr old British boy (Simon Barr) who arrived in the USA w/his family in 1907 (actually Ukranian) manage to get into Columbia University by 1910, and eventually become lead editor of their newsletter?
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