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#China #EU #Bejing #HPPD #Coronavirus #Summit

Chinese and EU decision-makers met online to share ideas and good practices about how the two forces should work together and discuss common areas of concern.
On Wednesday, the fifth edition of the China-EU High-Level People-to - People Dialogue (HPPD) covered six main areas: mobility for researchers, education , culture, youth, sport and gender.
Among those heading the talks were Vice Premier Sun Chunlan of China and EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel.
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#China @AlibabaGroup #Bejing

China's online giant Alibaba set a record sales during the world's biggest discount battle. As the company announced half an hour after the official start,
it sold goods worth the equivalent of 372.3 billion yuan (about 47.7 billion euros / 56.4 billion US dollars) as part of "Singles Day" . Unlike in previous years, Alibaba has been luring customers this time since the beginning of November
with shopping windows and special offers that are incorporated into the result. The record is therefore not directly comparable with the result of the previous year, when the group turned over 268.4 billion yuan. Alibaba says it offers two million products,
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After live coronavirus was found on the outer packaging of imported cold chain food in three cities in two days, China is now requiring imported cold chain food to be thoroughly disinfected before going to market,
leading to increasing public concerns. In order to achieve closed-loop control and traceability for the entire process, imported cold chain foods will be thoroughly disinfected in order to reduce the risk of bringing in COVID-19 via imported cold-chain food,
China's State Council announced on Monday. The loading and transport carriers and the inner and outer packaging of the cold chain food are also related items that are also needed to be completely sterilized.
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Another inland city in China reported a case of frozen food packaging wich got tested positive for COVID-19. In an imported cold chain food sampling test in Taiyuan, a sample from the outer box of a frozen ribbonfish was tested positive.
Earlier on Sunday, a loader in a cold storage facility in Tianjin tested positive for the virus. Similar cases have been reported in East China's Qingdao and Yantai, South China's Shenzhen, Northeast China's Dalian, and capital city Beijing.
Earlier in September, China suspended imports from 56 cold-chain food companies in 19 countries and regions where workers have been infected with COVID.-19.
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#China #Taiwan #Bejing #Clashes

On Wednesday (Oct. 28), China's Taiwan Affairs Office Speaker Zhu Fenglian (ๆœฑ้ณณ่“ฎ) called the use of a water cannon by the Taiwanese Coast Guard on Chinese fishing boats "barbaric" and "inhumane."
Speaking at a press conference, Zhu said that when Taiwan's Coast Guard "savagely drove them away," the fishing boats were seeking refuge from strong winds.
On Oct. 23, more than 20 Chinese fishing boats were spotted by the Coast Guard Administration (CGA) gathering in the waters off Xiji Islet in the Penghu Islands.
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#China #USA #Bejing #Taiwan #Sanctions

Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon are among the list of U.S. companies and individuals facing Chinese sanctions for weapon sales to Taiwan, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian announced monday.
"The central government decided to take necessary measures to impose sanctions on U.S. entities participating in U.S. arms sales to Taiwan, including Lockheed Martin, Boeing Defense and Raytheon, in order to safeguard China's national interests,"
Zhao told reporters at the daily press briefing on Monday. Zhao added that without mentioning how many in total, U.S. companies and individuals with egregious records in arm sales would also be sanctioned.

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#China #NorthKorea #Bejing #Trade

Data showed that , despite the COVID-19 pandemic, North Korea's trade with China decreased for three straight months.
Trade volume between the two nations came to 20.8 million U.S. dollars in September, down 19.4 percent from a month ago, according to China's General Administration of Customs on Sunday.
At the end of January, when the coronavirus started to spread in China, North Korea closed its borders and imposed strict quarantine measures on incoming cargo to prevent its spread within its borders.
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#China #Bejing #ImportTax #Increase

Following an anti-dumping investigation, China's Commerce Ministry has ruled that EPDM rubber imports from South Korea, the U.S. and Europe were dumped into the Chinese market.
The type of synthetic rubber formed by combining ethylene and propylene is EPDM rubber. It is known for its durability and is used in many industrial fields, including automobile parts.
On Friday, the Chinese ministry argued that the dumping of rubber goods imported from those regions had inflicted a major blow on domestic firms.
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#China #India #Bejing #Taiwan

The news that India is considering trade talks with the island of Taiwan has recently emerged. According to an Indian Economic Times article on Wednesday,
India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi 's administration has no plans to enter into negotiations with the island of Taiwan for a trade agreement.
A source told the same Indian media outlet that it is speculative and unfounded to report that India may launch trade dialogues with the island.
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#China #Bejing #Coronavirus #Tourism #Ban

Due to the possibility of a resurgence in coronavirus cases this winter, China will continue to suspend outbound group tours and prohibit travel agencies from allowing inbound tours, authorities said.
In a notice published on its website on Wednesday (Oct 21), the country's Ministry of Culture and Tourism made the announcement.
As part of strict pandemic control steps to curb the spread of the virus that first appeared in the central city of Wuhan, China first suspended all domestic and outbound tours in January.
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#China #NorthKorea #USA #Bejing #KoreanWar

Chinese People's Volunteers (CPV) army veterans who fought in the Korean War to fight a U.S. lead coalition and Aided North Koreas regime (1950-1953) have been granted memorial medals
as China marks the 70th anniversary of the CPV army entering the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) in the war. The medals were presented to living veterans and other personnel in the name of the Communist Party of Chinas Central Committee,
the State Council, and the Central Military Commission. Bearing the image of a CPV soldier and featuring various elements including a dove and five-pointed stars, the medal symbolizes
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#China #Bejing #Coronavirus

Chinese lawmakers have imposed new biosecurity laws to adopt disease and risk management programs following months of international backlash. In order to report any potential health threats, health workers are encouraged.
As part of wider measures to strengthen its management of disease outbreaks, Beijing passed a new law on Saturday to protect whistleblowers who reveal knowledge about public health emergencies. It is also hope that the new biosecurity law would correct structural shortcomings,
such as those that hindered China's initial response to the coronavirus outbreak, Chinese lawmakers said. The new legislation, which comes into effect next year on April 15, calls on people to report "events that threaten biosecurity."
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#China #USA #Bejing #WARNING

In reaction to the indictment of Chinese military-affiliated scholars in the USA by the Justice Department, Chinese government officials are warning their American counterparts that they can detain U.S. citizens in China,
according to individuals familiar with the matter. Chinese authorities have repeatedly issued threats to U.S. government officials through various channels, the individuals said, including through the U.S. Consulate in Beijing.
The Chinese message, according to what the sources said, was blunt: the U.S. should drop prosecutions in American courts against Chinese scholars, otherwise Americans in China might find themselves in breach of Chinese law.
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#China #USA #Bejing #technology

On Saturday (Oct 17), China passed a new law to limit sensitive exports of vital technology to protect national security, helping Beijing win reciprocity against the United States as technological tensions rise.
The National People's Congress Standing Committee, the highest legislative body of the country, adopted the measure that applies to all companies in China, including foreign-invested ones.
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#China #USA #NorthKorea #Bejing

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War. With the deterioration of US-China relations, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has recently deliberately raised the "Resistance to the US and Aid Korea" propaganda,
which is considered to be emphasizing that "China will not submit." China Global Times wrote earlier that if the United States "provokes and attacks" China, China "will also not hesitate to fight a bloody battle with the US military."
Some experts believe that the high-profile commemoration of "Resisting US Aggression and Aid Korea" aims to warn the United States that the two sides have fought each other in history, but China has not yielded.
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#China #Italy #Bejing #Rome #Embassy #Coronavirus #Warning

Chinaโ€™s embassy in Italy has warned its citizens against โ€œblind optimismโ€ about the spread of the coronavirus after nearly 100 Chinese citizens contracted the pathogen in the country.
Italy was and possibly remains one of the hardest-hit countries in Europe as the continent enters its second wave of coronavirus cases.
โ€œRecently, there have been many cluster infections in the Chinese community [in Italy], related to the gathering of people as work and production resume,โ€ the embassy in Rome said in an alert on Friday.
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#China #Bejing #Coronavirus

The prospects for the world's largest car market in China are again promising, while global business is falling heavily due to the corona crisis.
"I expect very good sales in the second half of the year," said Cui Dongshu of the Chinese Passenger Car Association (CPCA) at the start of the Beijing International Auto Show.
After the strong slump due to the Corona crisis in the first half of the year, the largest car market in China is noticeably recovering. "For the whole year, that means the decline will be significantly smaller," said Cui Dongshu.
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#China #Bejing #Coronavirus

Chinese state and party leader Xi Jinping has denied allegations about China's handling of the coronavirus outbreak. "All attempts to politicize or brand should be avoided,"
said the Chinese president on Tuesday in a pre-recorded speech for the United Nations general debate in New York. Rather, the world should stand together in solidarity in the fight against the pandemic. "
Covid-19 reminds us that we live in an interconnected global village with common interests." The Chinese president expressed confidence that the pandemic could be overcome. "
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#China #USA #Bejing #IMPORTBAN #Coronavirus

China bans the import of poultry products from another US meat processing plant. The US Poultry and Egg Export Council announced that OK Foods products in Arkansas are no longer allowed to be imported
becausw workers are rept to habe coronavirus cases. The OK Foods plant is the second affected poultry plant in the United States after the Beijing government stopped imports from a Tyson Foods <TSN.N-> plant in June.
"We don't think the ban on either of these two is justified, especially given the fact that the virus cannot be transmitted in poultry meat," said Jim Sumner, President of the Council.
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#China #Bejing #ECONOMY #Coronavirus

Retail sales in China expanded in August for the first time this year. Compared to the previous year, they increased by 0.5 percent, according to official statistics published on Tuesday.
Analysts had expected zero growth after a decline in July of 1.1 percent. Industrial production grew by 5.6 percent for the year in August. Experts had expected an increase of 5.1 percent.
The data signals that the world's second largest economy is continuing to recover from the corona crisis, although tensions between China and the United States are mounting and the global demand outlook remains risky.
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#China #Iran #Bejing #relations #trade #Coronavirus

China is strengthening its relations with Iran. Tehran now announces that it wants to agree on a strategic partnership for 25 years. It's about more than just trading.
Iran claims to have agreed a long-term strategic partnership with China. Both countries are negotiating a 25-year agreement, said Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Sarif in the Tehran parliament.
China is Iran's main trading partner and was a key market for Iranian oil exports before they slumped due to US sanctions.With the announcement, Sarif ended days of speculation about his country's negotiations with another state.
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#BREAKING NEWS ๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ


According to a preliminary study, the Sars CoV-2 virus now circulating in Beijing differs somewhat from the strain that previously affected the country.
This is reported by Zeng Guang, epidemiologist of the health authority, according to the "Global Times". The results are to be compared with analyzes from other countries in order to trace the lineage of the pathogen.
It is normal for the genetic makeup of viruses to mutate over time and new subtypes to emerge. Properties of a virus can change, but do not have to. In the recent outbreak in Beijing, the virus was traced back to a chopping board on the Xinfadi wholesale market,
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#China #NorthKorea #๋ถํ•œ๋ฏผ๊ตญ #Bejing #Pyongyang #KimJongUn #๊น€์ •์€

China's Commerce Department spokesman Gaofeng said on the 30th that "nothing is known" regarding media reports that North Korea is planning to send an economic mission to Beijing this week.
In a press briefing today, Gao denied that the two countries maintained friendly relations but did not know about the North Korean economic mission. He added that he hoped the media would provide responsible reports based on the facts.
Earlier, @Reuters news agency quoted multiple sources on the 28th that North Korea will dispatch an economic mission to China this week to discuss food and trade issues.
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A North Korean economic delegation will visit Beijing this week to discuss food supplies and trade on the 28th.
quoted are two sources as saying that the visit by the North Korean delegation was irrelevant to the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. According to sources, the North Korean government was expected to discuss trade-related issues, such as improving food imports,
with officials from the Ministry of Commerce of China before Kim Jong-un's health ideology emerged. North Korea launched an all-out anti-war campaign to close the border between China and Russia earlier this year to prevent the influx of new coronavirus infections (corona19).
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